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Seeing Objects Description: The proposal is to erect a few pieces of artificial rocks with mirror as the surface in the cage. These nature-resembling installations will be arranged like other artificial rocks in the terrariums of the zoo, with angles designed for the viewers to see reflections of other person around in the row. With an optical manipulation, this work seeks to present the current relationship between animals and human in the urban ecology context, and the translocation of figures creates a dialogue about how position is subjected to the location, and the idea of viewer as the object. Schedule: March: Conceptualization & Paper-prototyping April: Experiments with materials May: Production & Installation June: Exhibition

Technical description: Structure of the work is referred to general artificial rocks scattered around in the cage, as usually seen in the zoo, but with one side unfinished to show the polygonal mesh skeleton, where the mirrors will be mounted.

The size resembles these models as well, except that the height will be taller than a person to show the figure without cropping. there will be one surface of a persons height

The work is composed of the same material for building the rocks and mirrors, and recycled ones are preferred.

Visual References

Mirror Rock Aili Schmeltz 2012

RockStone Arik Levy 2011 Mirror-polished stainless steel L49 x W50 x H160 cm

About Haoshin Chang works across the discipline of art and science. With a B.Sc. in biological science, he explores on the context and ecology of human and nature, and the effect of science and technology on culture and environment. He is in graduate school of transdisciplinary art in Taipei, and currently doing exchange studies at Finnish Academy of Art (KuvA) in Helsinki.

Contact Info Haoshin Chang 0449462330

Seeing Objects  
Seeing Objects  

Proposal for Grey Cube Gallery Haoshin Chang 2014