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Robert Ellis 1050 Barrenjoey Road, Palm Beach. NSW 2108 I am re-nominating for the Board of the Australian Solar Energy Society as I believe that the Society has proven an invaluable contributor to the industry and has an even greater opportunity to deliver value to our members going forward. With the establishment of the Australian Solar Council we can take initiatives as the voice of the industry and, as importantly, the millions of Australians that recognize the value of renewable energy on this continent. Solar has a vital role to play in both the domestic and commercial arenas. While it may have taken the dramatic increases in electricity prices to get companies focused on utilizing their roof space we now have their attention. The ASC has a challenging task influence and drive government opinion and policy down the “right path� and engage the public and private sectors in bringing the appropriate pressure to bear to achieve that aim. I am personally committed to giving the Society and the ASC the time necessary to support the Executive in setting and delivering that agenda as I have demonstrated by my commitment in the past. Sydney 2/11/2012

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