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Paul Riordan – Profile & Vision A member since the 1980’s, I have served on the SA branch committee and I have worked in solar energy and energy efficiency for over 20 years as a researcher and in policy. My degree is in Architectural Studies. Currently I work in local government sustainability planning. My research on solar heat gains in buildings contributed to improvements in the energy efficiency requirements for buildings. I contributed to disclosure requirements for building energy efficiency and co-chaired the phase out of electric water heaters. I also contributed to changes to the renewable energy target that created the large and small scale technology certificates, and the uncapping of small scale technology. My vision is that we tackle future challenges and embrace opportunities without losing our heritage or our appeal to individual members. Other groups have successfully balanced the interests of individual and corporate members, so we can as well. Recent changes have left some members uncomfortable with the changes and the process by which they happened. Unless we are careful, we could be seen as just another industry lobby group. If however, individual members are kept fully engaged, whilst our corporate members are also well represented, then there is mutual benefit. Our broader community will also benefit from greater progress towards sustainability. Contact Details: 0403399439

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