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Minutes of the AGM of the Australian Solar Energy Society. Held at the Manning Clark Centre, ANU, Canberra, on 02/12/2010 Present: Mike Dymond (Chair), Simon Troman, Stewart Martin (Secretary), Bill Parker, John Grimes (CEO), Steve Blume, Rod Sears, Jeff Knowles, Garry Baverstock, Martina Calais, Paul Guignard, Glenn Thorpe, Ian Jones, Benjamin Sovacool, David Ferrari, Trevor Pryor, Robert Ellis, Trevor Berrill, Raymond Miller, Wasim Saman, Dale Siver, Mark Snow, Martin Nikoloski, Wayne Smith, Bernie Hoefer, David Mills, Mark Hancock, Stephen Wootten, Peter Lyons, Monica Oliphant, Pete Gorton, Glen Morris, Gavin Conibeer, Clyde Anderson, Karen Dahl, Bill Dunn, Frank Eden, Bill Gresham, Proxies: Bruce Albrecht, Geoffrey Baldwin, Rodney Insall (votes directed via Mike Dymond), Bob Kemnitz, Steve Lucks, Michael Murphy, Paul Riordan, (Chair or Mike Dymond), Mike Russell, Graham Hunt (Robert Sutton, or chair), Michael Reeves (Mike Dyson or chair), Durmius Yildiz (Martina Calais or chair). Anthony Sachs, (votes directed via John Grimes) Mark Facer (pre – election vote submitted). 1. Opening. The meeting opened at 4.00pm. 2. Apologies: Howard Pullen, Anthony Sachs, Andrew Dyer, Lyndon Frearson. 3. Welcome. Mike Dymond (President), welcomed members to the AGM. 4. Minutes of AGM 2009 Note these minutes were not presented to the meeting and will need to be confirmed at the 2011 AGM. 5. CEO’s Report. John Grimes outlined the major activities of 2010. These included: • The PV inspection programme. The inspection of a total of approx 330 installations has begun and is expected to be completed by March 2011. • Solar Rally in Sydney re the NSW FIT. • PV installer’s workshops. • PV symposia/workshops. • An increase in corporate membership to approx 30. • A move to re-establish the Victorian Branch. Plans for 2011 included: • A further round of another 4000 PV systems to be inspected of which AuSES may get approx 1300. • The PV Installers Best Practice Programme • A public solar day • A further round of seminars/symposia • Support to increase branch membership. John thanked Wayne Smith and George Hardy for their invaluable support during the year. 6. Presidents Report Mike Dymond reported on the following activities: • The Solar seminar series. • SHD

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The PV Installers Best Practice Programme The 2009/10 conferences. The positive response of the industry to the programmes and lobbying instigated by AuSES.

Mike thanked the board and members and John Grimes for their support. A motion that the report be accepted was put (Steve Blume/Peter Gorton) and passed. 7. Questions Did AuSES have any plans to support solar hot water system installers as there was a need for more training and information on best practice for installations (Wasim Saman)? John Grimes reported that he had been talking to leading SHW suppliers with the intention of planning a training programme. 8. Treasurers Report In the absence of the treasure (Howard Pullen) the report was presented by John Grimes. The results for the financial yr 2009/10 were as follows: Revenue $353,925 Expenditure $423,699 Loss $69,774

The motion that the report be accepted was put, (Dale Siver/Gavin Conibeer) and passed. 9. ISES Report Peter Gorton outlined the activities and major priorities of the ISES executive committee, key points were as follows: • Australia has 3 representatives on the board; Peter Gorton, Monica Oliphant and Mahalath Halperin. • The issue of the hard copy magazine Renew published by Elsevier had ceased. The board was hoping to produce an electronic newsletter to replace it. • The board now had 30 members which proved difficult to manage. • There is a need to review the bylaws of ISES. • ISES has a good working relationship with IRENA. • Peter is of the opinion that ISES needs a CEO to lift its profile. Peter thanked members for their support of his position on the board. 10. Appointment of Returning Officer Geoff Knowles was appointed as the returning officer for the election of ISES and AuSES directors. 11. Election of ISES Director The following nominations had been received for one position: Peter Gorton, Steve Blume. Peter Gorton was elected. 12. Election of AuSES Directors. There were 11 nominations for 9 positions as follows: Steve Blume, Glen Morris, Robert Ellis, Bill Parker, Stewart Martin, Paul Riordan, Mike Dymond, Anthony Sachs, Lyndon Frearson, Andrew Dyer and Simon Franklin. The following 9 members were elected: Steve Blume, Glen Morris, Robert Ellis, Bill Parker, Mike Dymond, Anthony Sachs, Lyndon Frearson, Andrew Dyer and Simon Franklin.

The chair thanked the retiring directors; Stewart Martin, Howard Pullen, and Simon Troman for their work on the board over the past 2 years and Paul Riordan for his interest in nominating for the board. 13. WA Branch Revival Garry Baverstock reported on a meeting he had arranged with the help of Bill Parker and for people interested in AuSES in WA. The meeting was a “Solar Beers� event and involved linking undergrad and post-grad students with more senior members of AuSES who would act as mentors for the students. 14. Closure of Meeting: The meeting closed at 4.50pm AEDST

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