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How  to  Offer  the  Customer     Clear  Op2ons  Based  on     Performance  &  Quality  

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A  Lucky  Industry   •  The  2me  bomb…   –  Subsidy  and  tariff  cuts  vs  consumer  confidence  

•  What  was  going  wrong?   –  Overselling   –  No  site  inspec2on   –  Poor  or  no  performance  es2mates   –  Design  problems   –  Installa2on  errors  

The  Causes?   •  •  •  •  • 

Overheated  demand   New  entrants  in  industry  –  inexperience   Inadequate  training   Poor  communica2on   Lack  of  integrity?  

Chinese  Whispers   Quick  Quote  

Customer  in   the  dark  

5pm   Commissioning  

Off  the  shelf   design  

Install  by   assistants  

A  New  Threat   •  The  budget  sellers  

Strategies  for  Sustainability   •  Support  and  dis2nguish   •  Offer  a  prac2cal   high  quality  players   solu2on  to  improve   efficiency  

Solar  Gold  

Cer2fica2on  and  Trust  Mark  

Solar  Best  Prac2ce  Cer2fica2on   •  A  Trust  Mark  

•  Support  for  Subscribers   –  Online  training   –  Webinars   –  Promo2on  to  consumers  

Key  Features   •  Online  training  -­‐  sales,  design,  install   •  Concise  informa2on  –  Standards  demys2fied   •  Prac2cal  solu2ons  to  common  problems   –  Confirmed  by  inspec2ons  

•  Quality  branding  material  for  your  use   •  Solar  Council  promo2on     –  Installers   –  Trust  mark  

The  Process   •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Easy  sign-­‐up   Online  training  modules   Compliance  checklist   Trust  Mark  awarded   Ongoing  training  updates   Webinars   Audits    

Training  Content  &  Time  


Strategies  for  Sustainability   •  Support  and  dis2nguish   •  Offer  a  prac2cal   high  quality  players   solu2on  to  improve   efficiency  

Why  SolarPlus   •  Simplify  workflow:       –  Single  customer,  site,  design,  quote  system  

•  Support  best  prac2ce  design  and  installa2on:   –  Inverter-­‐module  matching,  performance  

•  Speed  up  design  &  sales  process   –  Quickly  develop  op2ons  

Site  assessment  

Design  &  layout  


SolarPlus  Features   •  Workflow:   –   1st  contact  through  to  sign-­‐off  

•  Communica2on  –  customer,  staff   –  Energy  use  as  targets  

•  Online  efficiency:   –  Temperature,  radia2on  data,  STC  zones,   components,  regulatory  changes  

•  Documenta2on  

Flexibility   •  Best  prac2ce  calcula2ons  with  safety  margins   •  Mul2ple  inverters,  roof  areas   •  Efficiently  produce  op2ons  

In  Development   •  Documenta2on   –  Eg.  System  manual,  Installa2on  specifica2on,  STC   assignment  form  

•  Roof  array  configurator   •  SunEye  integra2on     •  Solar  radia2on  views   –  Eg.  daily  profile,  best  angle  of  incidence  

•  API  expansion  eg.  email  marke2ng  

Quality  vs  Budget