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Annual Report 2016

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From the President of the Board, Elizabeth More Dear Colleagues across the Dance Sector, 2016 is my last full year as Chair of AUSDANCE NSW. Having served over a decade in that position, I will be resigning in May 2017 and, following the AGM in May, a new Chair will take over this exciting and important role. However, I will not be leaving the Ausdance family, as I will be involved in the new team running Ausdance National, as Vice-President, following the changes in that team and organisation that have occurred in 2016. I am also further involved in the sector, as I am on the Board of Shaun Parker & Co Dance Company! The new Chair will, of course, be supported by the excellent Ausdance NSW Board and the Sydney team, ably lead by the excellent and indomitable Michelle Silby, and enhanced both by the continuing support of Arts NSW, and the collaboration with Ausdance Victoria and its Board and leadership. In the interim, however, it is important to summarise the many excellent initiatives and accomplishments of Ausdance NSW during 2016, with highlights as listed below • The Waste Not Festival collaboration with Penrith City Council at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre • The inaugural Big Dance Australia 2016, which is likely to be repeated in 2018 and which garnered so much excellent publicity for Dance per se and for AUSDANCE in particular • The launch of the Innovating Dance Practice Devolved Funding Program, made possible by Arts NSW • The DAIR partnerships with The Royal Academy of Dance, Bankstown Youth Development Services, Art in Motion, Readymade Works and ACPE • A new relationships built with DANZ (Dance Aotearoa New Zealand), New Zealand’s peak body for dance based in Wellington • 2 successful Glance at Dance events showcasing the works of NSW based dance film makers nd announcing new partnerships and outcomes • Presenting a showing of Narelle Benjamin’s work Cella, a collaboration with Paul White • Ausdance NSW’s participation in chairing the selection panel for Dance Massive Open Studios Program and Tour Ready Meet & Greet Program • The Director and Chair attending the 2016 Australian Dance Awards held in Perth, representing our commitment to our colleagues in WA as well as the continuation of the Awards (to be held in Melbourne in 2017)


Importantly also, financial stability has continued in 2016, as has the rollout of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan (available on our website) with, as indicated above, much being achieved already in strengthening sector networks; building our capacity and industry and sustainability (including major input into the new Ausdance National formation in 2016-2017); increasing the organisation’s reach and advocacy activities and presence; and ensuring Ausdance NSW’s own organisational capacity and sustainability (including enhancing Board representation planning for 2017); and an enhanced use of our terrific website and our CRM. So congratulations to all involved as stakeholders in Ausdance NSW’s ongoing success in achieving its central goals, thanks to all who support and partner with us in your many diverse guises, best wishes for the new 2017 team and the future, and heartfelt thanks for having me as your Chair for over a decade of exciting challenges and achievements. I look forward to continuing my collaboration from the Ausdance National role, and, especially to celebrate with in 2017 at the Australian Dance Awards in Melbourne, and our 40th Anniversary. Best regards, Professor Elizabeth More, AM Chair, AUSDANCE NSW


Message From Director Michelle Silby

I have now completed my first year of this joint role. Leading the strategic direction of both Ausdance NSW (since 29 Oct, 2012) and Ausdance Victoria (November 2015). Having now had my first full year leading both organisations, I can honestly say that is has been an absolute pleasure to work with all the staff, board, members, the broader dance sector and wider communities of both NSW and Victoria. A great opportunity for innovation in organisational leadership. Two small organisations, with small resources that collectively have a wealth of skills, from artists, staff and board members. Who serve, advocate and enable a host of very, very talented and diverse performers, teachers, educators, choreographers, directors, producers, students, companies, schools, organisations and wider communities. 2016 is the first year of our strategic plan 2016-18 and triennial funding through Arts NSW. After 13yrs of static funding, we were extremely pleased to receive a small increase to our core funding. It is also the first time in my leadership of the organization I have been able to offer 3yr contract positions, which is vital in maintaining and attracting good staff. We have been able to employ a f/t manager position for the first time, a p/t Admin, a p/t Dance Development officer and shared f/t Arts Media & Marketing role across the two states. In 2017 we aim to employ another shared role, f/t funding and philanthropy manager. What a year for the arts sector ‌. The ripple out effect from the government’s decision in 2015 to withdraw funding from The Australia Council for the Arts, has been fully felt in 2016. It has also seen the arts sector unite to challenge this decision, through senate enquiries, petitions, and discussion. Ausdance has been engaged in supporting the arts sector to challenge this decision both publically and privately. (To note this combined effort of the arts sector finally resulted in the Government returning the funds and ending their own funding pot called Catalyst in March 2017). The small increase we received by our state government though Arts NSW is particularly welcomed given the funding landscape at a Federal level has been swayed by ever changing political ideas and directions, leading to instability in the arts sector, effecting independent artists and the small to medium sector most. At Ausdance NSW we noticed the impact on the artists. We saw the amount of requests for advice on grants, finances, managing and producing went up by 150%. Less artists being funded also meant less artists being auspiced by us. It has been a year of challenge and opportunity for the arts sector and all respective arts organisations, particularly those such as Peak Bodies and Service organisations. We have tried to simultaneously support the sector in these times of challenge whilst also delivering a whole range of services, projects, residencies, major community engagement and a devolved funding program for dance, called Innovating Dance Practice. I would like to thank all the artists, members, volunteers and staff for all that you do and all that you bring to the dance industry and the wider communities of NSW. Michelle Silby Director of Ausdance NSW and Executive Director of Ausdance Victoria


The Ausdance National Network The Ausdance network consists of Ausdance National and State and Territory based

Ausdance National works to:

organisations in ACT, SA, WA, NSW, VIC and

•provide leadership in dance education,

QLD. Each organisation is independently

advocacy, policy development and debate.

incorporated and not-for-profit. They each provide advocacy, advice, services and prgorams according to their states needs and policies. Ausdance National represents your interests at a national and international level through political advocacy for dance in Canberra, and through national partnerships and projects such as the National Dance Forum, the Australian Dance Awards and the National Curriculum. Look for information, resources and publications that support and sustain your practice on the Ausdance National website:


•provide a national voice for dance development in Australia. •champion innovation, creativity and diversity in dance. •encourage access to and understanding of dance in communities throughout Australia. •assist in identifying and promoting all dance traditions that exist in Australia, in recognition of their cultural importance. •foster international links with dance and dance-related organisations.

About Ausdance NSW Ausdance NSW has been serving the dance sector for almost 40 yrs. Our primary purpose is to advocate for and develop dance. Dance is a small word that covers a broad scope. We have many services and programs sitting alongside our broader advocacy work. Dance embraces different genres and contexts: training, research, performance, productions, education, youth, social inclusion, health & wellbeing. We also have partnerships and programs that specifically work with First Nations people, integrated dance practice (people with and without a disability). We liaise with Major performing arts companies as well as providing strong support for the Independent and small to medium dance sector.

Mission Statement To create, support and promote opportunities for dance in NSW and invest in its ongoing development.

Overarching Goals • To champion innovation, creativity and diversity in dance. • To advocate and demonstrate high standards of professionalism in the dance industry. • To mobilize cooperation in support of dance development. • To promote dance creation, presentation and participation. • To promote the interaction of NSW dance within the national and international arenas. • Ensure the stability and sustainability of the organization.


Strategic Framework Plan 2016 was the first year of Ausdance NSW’s 2016-2018 KPI Strategic Framework Plan. Ausdance NSW aims to see dance thrive in NSW and all its communities with more people from metropolitan, regional and remote areas being able to access quality dance opportunities. Ausdance strives to achieve this by providing advice, advocacy and dance programs to a range of people, contexts and environments in partnership with others. In order to meet the vast and varied creative and buisness needs of the NSW dance community, Ausdance NSW strives to provide opportunities and platforms for all dance artists and practitioners, participants and enthusiasts, educators and students and those seeking social and community engagement through dance.

Key Priorities for Ausdance NSW: Strengthen Sector Networks & Resource Access • Expand and strengthen strategic partnership initiatives • Develop / facilitate live and virtual opportunities for engagement and participation

Capacity Building & industry Sustainability • Identify and respond to industry issues and needs • Provide programs to support sustainable sector development • Build online communication resources to strengthen sector capacity • Sustain viable revenue streams for the organization

Access, Engagement & Participation • Facilitate and develop programs that enable participation across NSW • Promote the work of members & the organization nationally & globally • Raise membership and E-News subscribers.


Strategic Framework Plan Advocacy & Development of Art Form & Sector • Provide representation for NSW dance to key government figures. • Establish mechanisms & programs to support NSW dance initiatives.

Building Ausdance NSW Organization Capacity & Sustainability. • Strengthening the organization via board & committee’s development. • Secure sustainable and diverse revenue streams for the organization and; explore new income streams. • Ensure operational, financial, marketing & specific plans are in place.


2016 in Review Waste Not Originally termed The Environment Project, Waste Not was a community engagement initiative using Dance, Music and Visual Arts to encourage Penrith City Council residents to reflect on the way they view and engage with the environment, recycling and waste management. Participants of Waste Not 2016 learnt about resource recovery strategies, whilst participating in workshops over a period of 14 weeks. These workshops – delivered by leading choreographers, composers and artists – ran between February till June 2016. The workshop series culminated in an event and artistic presentation on World Environment Day - 5th June 2016, at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith. The artistic presentation featured live performance, workshops and visual installations, engaging an audience of over 500 from the Penrith City Council community. PCC provided information stalls and stands as part of the event. Waste Not Photography: Maylei Hunt


A one day festival on 5th June, celebrating resource recovery and re-imagining waste through the platform of art. A total of 70 workshops were articulated across 5 schools and one performing arts venue, engaging a total of 123 participants, on the day, there were a total of 110 performers, a total of 2 shows, 22 artists were engaged over the course of the project, audience to the shows totalled 546 patrons and approximately an additional 100 patrons were attracted to the event for the stalls who stayed for the performances. Each workshop/interactive installation held on the day was full (drumming, parkour, weaving, dance) accounting for approximately 80 participants made up of both visitors and performers on the day. There were approximately 8 stalls on the day, 4 workshops aimed at engaging children and a total of 6 performances (4 pop up in drumming and parkour and 2 scheduled perfromances of In Our Hands. Artists engaged included: Kay Armstrong, Natalie Ayton, Thomas Smith, James Paul, Omer BackleyAstrachan, Diane Busuttil, Margot Politis, Nicole Barakat, David Capra, Imogen Cranna, Rodney Bertram, Wagana Aboriginal Dancers, Team 9 Lives, Gordo the Drummer, Branching Out. Schools and groups engaged include: Penrith Christian School, Penrith Valley School, Henry Fulton Public School, Wycliffe Christian School, Chifley College, Dunheved Campus (Boys shed). Agile Not Fragile Waste Not dance + sound + art was a free family festival to celebrate the Penrith community’s achievements in diverting waste from landfill. A total of 70 workshops were delivered. A total of 123 participants were involved in the event. On the day of the festival, the Sydney region experienced some of the most torrential rain in 2016. Ticket sales are an indication of attendance to In Our Hands, the performance programed as part of the Waste Not festival. It can be held as indicative of the attendance to the festival. In Our Hands, a dance work directed by Kay Armstrong featured an original sound score and choreography, which was created in collaboration with local community members Agile Not Fragile and students from Penrith Christian, Henry Fulton Public and Wycliffe Christian schools and a vocal performance delivered by young people from the Penrith region. All activities were free and suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Festival attendees enjoyed parkour, drumming, dance and art performances displays and art installations. Penrith City Council staffed all Council stalls with approximately 16 staff and volunteers. Ausdance NSW staffed the event with 4 staff and 3 volunteers across the event and shows, and The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre provided access to connections in programming and ongoing support and subsidized venue. Publicity Jacqui Bonner Documentation BAM Studios, Maylei Hunt and Chris Mifsud


Glance At Dance 5 May and 16 November 2016

Glance at Dance was held on 5th May, in celebration for National Dance Week, downstairs in the Arts Exchange Building and was attended by 39 people. Four short films were shown throughout the evening; Meryl Tankards Michelle’s Story, Deborah Brown and Lucy Phelan’s Hide, Sue Healey’s The GOLDS and Feras Shaheen’s UPHAWU. Ausdance NSW’s second A Glance at Dance event for the year was held on 16 November and provided the organization an opportunity to discuss, alongside members and friends, the year that’s been, exciting things to come in 2017 and also provide two DAIR artists the opportunity to reflect on their residency. The Innovating Dance Practice grant outcomes were also announced on the evening with a few of the recipients present on the night to hear the results. Bronwyn Watkins, the National Director of The Royal Academy of Dance in Australia, spoke to attendees in depth about their organization, the new partnership with Ausdance NSW and also upcoming news on Genée 2016 and the RAD teachers conference to be held over the same weekend. Ausdance NSW members Ryuichi Fujimura and Rakini Devi spoke about their DAIR experiences; Ryuichi performing a monologue and very brief accompanying movement to paint a picture of his own personal development during his residency. There were 25 attendees on the night. To end the night the Waste Not reel was played while attendees were able to network and discuss other topics.

Glance at Dance Photography by Chris Mifsud



Dance Artist In Residence

Ausdance NSW’s Dance Artist in Residence Program (DAIR) connects artists to space. This enables artists to invest in choreographic ideas and/or create new collaborations without the pressure of having to deliver any end product. Space is one of the largest prohibitive factors in ‘making work’ due to cost and availability. DAIR is an overhaul of all previous residency programs. The aim is to develop partnerships with different spaces, including universities, studios, companies and small organizations, to encourage them to provide space at no charge. In return Ausdance connects them with the dance industry and community, artists, choreographers, directors etc., in order to fuel the dance eco-system. DAIR 2016 round one was delivered over May and June at three venues; Readymade Works in Ultimo, Catapult in Newcastle and ACPE in Homebush. Artists offered round one residency’s were Thomas E S Kelly, Miranda Wheen, Yukino McHugh, Rakini Devi, Lizzie Thompson, Angela Goh and Rhiannon Newton. Round two is being delivered from July to December at Readymade Works, ACPE, Art in Motion in Coomba Park and two new venue partners, Bankstown Arts Centre and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in Darlinghurst. A special thank you to all DAIR venue partners, without whom this initiative is not possible. 2016 Successful DAIR Recipients

Round 1

Round 2

Angela Goh – ReadyMade Works

Anja Mujic – ACPE

Lizzie Thompson – ReadyMade Works

Carl Sciberras – Art in Motion/ReadyMade Works

Miranda Wheen - ACPE Rakini Devi – ReadyMade Works Rhiannon Newton – ReadyMade Works Thomas ES Kelly - ACPE Yakino McHugh – Catapult Dance

Ryuichi Fujimura – ReadyMade Works Ghenoa Gela – RAD Thomas Bradley – ACPE Patricia Wood – ACPE Paul Walker – ACPE Laura Osweiller – ACPE Rhiannon Newton – Bankstown Arts Centre


Image from Yukino McHugh’s DAIR Resdiency at Catapult in Newcastle. Photography by Jessica Coughlan



Innovating Dance Practice The Innovating Dance Practice grant is an initiative of Ausdance NSW to assist professional dance practitioners residing in NSW to develop and innovate their practice through funds made available by Arts NSW on behalf of the NSW Government. As part of a three-year initiative, the Innovating Dance Practice (IDP) grant assists dancers and choreographers across the state to provide professional development opportunities around the world as part of an Arts NSW devolved funding program. In this first round of recipients celebrated dance artists from all over the state from Western Sydney to Regional New South Wales are partaking in mentorships and residencies to explore new mediums for research and development.The grant provides assistance to realise an opportunity that inspires new work, knowledge and skills. Ausdance NSW staff faciliate the program and work with artists pre and post application. Ausdance NSW do not select the recipients. An Independent Industry panel assess the applications.


Recipients for projects in 2017: Carl Scibberas: In July 2017, Carl will travel to Malta to be mentored by Francesca Tranter, Artistic Director of Contact Dance Company, where he will participate in her curated summer program Dance Hybrid Malta, participate in workshops, conduct research with local folk and contemporary dancers and develop work with local artists. Ryuichi Fujimura: Ryuichi will spend five consecutive days one on one with Alice Cummins in a studio in country Victoria. He will be able to engage with Alice’s knowledge and extensive experiences as well as her national and international network. Patrick (Lucky) Lartey: Patrick will travel to Ankata in BoBo, Burkina Faso, West Africa to complete a four-week dance residency
 with Serge Aime Coulibaly, the artistic director of Faso Dance Theatre - a creative space for meetings, reflection and research on contemporary choreography in 2017. Lewis Major: Lewis will undertake an intensive period of professional development through one-onone mentorship with acclaimed NSW choreographer and artistic director, Shaun Parker, to develop his choreographic and dramaturgical skills as a dance maker Sarah Houbolt: Sarah will engage in a part-time exploration project and mentorship over four weeks in Feb-March 2017, with Sydney Dance Company. The purpose is to explore her blindness and dance, with particular focus on learning research between stacking of the senses, audio enhancement, kinesthetic touch learning and new technology. Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal: Developing her capabilities in teaching dance technique and directing solo and ensemble choreographic process, from an embodied anatomy and kinesiology perspective Jade will engage in: 1. Aligning knowledge with online course from NYC Breathing Project 2. Engaging local community dancers with free sharing 3. Evolving her choreographic practice during freelance commissions and inter-arts projects. The grant will open again for application in May 2017. Photography of Jade Dewi Tyas Tunngal’s Enfold Photography by Gregory Lorenzutti


Photography of Jade Dewi Tyas Tunngal’s Mantle Photography by Heidrun Lohr

Education, Training and Professional Development

Our Director Michelle Silby is on the following boards and committees: ACFIBS, for Creative Industries (Arts, Communications, Finance Industries and Property Services) NSW Industry Training Advisory Board This board meets to look at the needs of the industry, assess current training qualifications, training packages and funding for people undertaking study. Look to provide further opportunities where there are gaps. We meet two-three times a year, with consultation with the sector in-between. Examples of further opportunities developed and provided free: Marketing and sustaining Your Project or Business Planning and Managing Your Art Projects

National, Independent Reference Committee, IRC, Creative Industries At a National level, a core group of people from around the country, meet to look at the needs of the industry, assess current training qualifications, training packages available and funding for people undertaking courses and professional development. We also contribute to the writing of a four year work plan endorsed by government. This IRC is run by Price Waterhouse Coopers, PWC. This group meet approximately four times a year, with work in-between.

Working safely with children in the performing arts Michelle Silby has championed a key piece of work, that has created two units of competency (training) in how to work safely with young people in the performing arts. This training can be done as stand alone subjects or as part of a larger course, training package or Skill Set. These are due to be endorsed by the government and made available in mid-2017. Michelle Silby also sits on The Victorian Skills Commissions newly appointed, Industry Advisory Group, for business representing Arts & Culture, on behalf of Ausdance and AICV.

Advocacy and stakeholder engagement During the year, the Director Michelle Silby, regularly meets with state and federal agencies, funding bodies, and key stakeholders such as; Arts NSW, The Australia Council for the Arts, City of Sydney, Local Government Authorities, as well as organisations, key individuals and educational institutions. To share information on the gaps, the trends, needs and promote the potential opportunities that for the dance sector that need support. Michelle Silby will also become in 2017, the new Co-converner for The Arts Industry Council of Victoria, who advocate for the arts sector and work closely meeting regularly with Creative Victoria and The Minster for the Arts. Being able to work across two states in both these realms enables a cross state conversation and brings potential shared new opportunities.


Big Dance After a successful large-scale collaboration with the Sydney Opera House in 2014, Big Dance Australia was back and has resulted in two very exciting events for the Northern Territory and Queensland in 2016. Mindil Beach, Darwin – Territory Day July 1st Under the setting sun, on the sands of Mindil Beach, over 75 dancers of all ages and abilities gathered together and performed in front of approximately 6,000 – 8,000 onlookers during the Territory Day festivities in Darwin on July 1st. With a total of 18,000 festivalgoers, Big Dance Australia 2016 not only took its place on the world stage, but also brought together the masses along the Darwin coastline in celebration of dance and community. Such a spectacle was the result of a joint coordination between Tracks Dance and Ausdance NSW. Michelle Silby, Director of Ausdance NSW and Executive Director of Ausdance Victoria, attended the event and witnessed the phenomenal turnout while the dancers performed choreography created by Akram Khan. “We are excited to announce that this year’s Big Dance choreographer is Akram Khan. Khan, originating from Bangladesh and now based in the UK practices intertwined movement rooted in classical kathak and contemporary dance. It is a great opportunity to lead Big Dance Australia 2016 as part of the Northern Territory Government’s signature Territory Day celebration, in association with Big Dance UK.” Creative Team Tracks Dance Company & Big Dance NT Event Producers Big Dance Australia Director: Michelle Silby, Ausdance NSW Big Dance NT Coordinator: Bryn Wackett, Tracks Dance Company NT Dance Animateurs: Kelly Beneforti, Bryn Wackett, David McMicken, Stuart Fong Performers Alex McInnes, Amy Simpson, Andrew John Arthur, Andrew Blundell, Anna Dowd, Annette Brown, Antonietta Vanzella, Ashley Birkin, Alexia Amy, Barry Thomson, Bronte Hewett, Bryn Wackett, Carmel Alderson, Chandrika Munasinghe, Chay Arthur, Christine Murphy, Darlene Wright, Darryl Butler, David McMicken, David Taylor, Demi Poort, Di Sinclair, Eldon Arthur, Ellen Hankin, Eve Rivalland, Gabriele Driver, Gwen Varney, Jack Hewett, Janine Sutter, Jasper Mules, Jenelle Saunders, Jenni Sanderson, Jennifer Warren-Bender, Jo Parish, Joanne Edwards, Jonathan Tan, Josephine Brine, Judy Markwell, Julie Hepburn, Karen Schmiing, Kathryn Lloyd, Kathryn McMicken, Kathy Conway, Kelly Beneforti, Kyle Ramboyong, Kyle Adams, Lani Hewett, Loris Lacy, Mal Hunt, Margaret McGregor, Marge Duminski, Maria Vlastuin, Marita Smith, MaryAnn Hinton, Melea Apps, Molly Kroes, Monika Ostermeyer, Natalie Eerden, Nikki Higgins, Pamela Stagg, Pat O’Neill, Peta Elderson, Piper Mules, Putu Desak Wati, Rebecca MacKrow, Rebecca Patrick, Rosa Norman, Rosemary Scrutton, Sara Scrutton, Sarah Lacy, Sarah Hona, Sarah Harpur, Shirley Somers, Stuart Fong, Susan Smith, Toni Vine-Bromley, Valerie Hristova


Project Partners Festivals NT, Darwin Entertainment Centre, Ausdance NSW, CHARTTES Training Advisory Council Sponsors Darwin International Airport, Southern Cross TV, CHARTTES Training Advisory Council Funding Bodies Big Dance NT is supported by the City of Darwin through its 2015/2016 Community Grants Program. Government Partners Tracks Inc is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government. Brisbane Powerhouse, Queensland – Sunday July 3rd Set on the grounds of the Brisbane Powerhouse on a beautiful Sunday morning, over 50 dancers varying in age and ability gathered to perform Akram Khan’s choreography created especially for Big Dance 2016. The dancers dressed in reds, whites and blacks and put on an exciting show for onlookers, while giving their best performance for the cameras for footage to be uploaded to the Big Dance UK website and also to be shown at the 2016 Australian Dance Awards. There was much enjoyment to be had on the day and Ausdance QLD, in partnership with the Brisbane Powerhouse and in collaboration with Ausdance NSW, coordinated a vibrant and inclusive event in harmony with the Big Dance mission statement. Big Dance Australia Director: Michelle Silby Big Dance QLD Event Producer: Ausdance Queensland Big Dance 2016 Leader (QLD): Nerida Matthaei Ausdance QLD Program Consultant: Lizzie Vilmanis Venue Partner: Brisbane Powerhouse Rehearsal Venue Partner: Expressions Dance Company Assistance: Waw Dance & River City Ballroom



Ausdance NSW Board of Directors Prof Elizabeth More AM, Chair, Joined 2007 Professor Elizabeth More is the Foundation Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business at the Australian Catholic University (ACU), taking up this newly-created position in April 2010. Professor More joined the ACU University following a period as Professor of Management and MBA and Research Director at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Academic Director of Macquarie University’s City Campus, and a five-year period as Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Macquarie and Canberra universities. Prior to these positions she was Director of the Graduate School of Management, Chair of Academic Senate at Macquarie University, and Managing Director of MGSM Pty Ltd.

Peter Seligman, Treasurer, 2014 - 2016 Peter is a qualified engineer with a finance degree. He has diverse experience in a range of roles and industries, from which he brings a considered and insightful perspective to problem solving. Peter started his career as a design engineer before moving into project management roles in the construction industry. Leveraging his experience in infrastructure risk management, and his finance qualifications, he took a role with Macquarie Group that exposed him to large infrastructure investments, structured equity finance and other global banking operations. He also spent time leading a team for Macquarie in London. On his return from London he joined Stockland, firstly with the newly formed Group Risk team and then as the National Manager for Operations, Casual Leasing and Brand Alliance in the Retail business. The Arts, and music in particular, have always been a big part of Peter’s life, having played the violin since he was 5 years old and taking on a number of other instruments over time. Most notably he toured with SBS Television Youth Orchestra through Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia. The Ausdance Board is yet another opportunity for Peter to engage with the Arts community, applying his broad skills and experience to moving Ausdance NSW forward.

Matthew Pethybridge, Treasurer, 2016 BMus (UNSW) MCom (Deakin) MBA(Intl) (Deakin) Matthew has diverse experience from within the Arts, NFP and Education sectors, with over 15 years’ experience in operational roles, most recently holding positions as Operations Manager for Accessible Arts and The Salvation Army. Matthew brings experience in building and leading multi-disciplinary teams delivering corporate services and mission support resources within a NFP context. Matthew provides a thorough understanding of the financial challenges and opportunities within the Australian Arts sector, including grant funding, auspicing and touring. This is enhanced by early career experience within the Music Publishing and Music Products sectors.


Matthew’s creative engagement within the Arts sector is also extensive, having worked as a performer, conductor, composer, and clinician with professional ensembles in both Australia and New Zealand, receiving the RNZAF Medal for Services to Music in 2009 and twice serving as adjudicator for the NZCBA Championships. Matthew has held Head of Faculty positions for Wollongong Conservatorium of Music and has served as Musical Director for over 20 musical theatre seasons in Australia and New Zealand. Matthew has also production credits on over 40 album recordings, including three times reaching double platinum status as executive producer. Joining the Ausdance Board is an opportunity for Matthew to continue to provide service to the Australian Arts sector, by contributing to the future strategic development and sustainability of Ausdance’s thriving dance community.

Margot Branson, Public Officer, Joined 2015 BCOM LLB LAW UNSW. With over 20 years of experience as a lawyer, specialising in banking and financial market transactions Margot brings extensive risk management and legal expertise to the Ausdance NSW Board. Currently a Division Director at Macquarie Group Limited, Margot has worked in premier law firms in both Sydney and London, including Henry Davis York and Allen & Overy and also held senior legal roles within the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. During this time Margot has participated as a senior executive within those organisations, run complex transactions and mentored and managed teams. Margot has a reputation as a commercial and pragmatic lawyer, able to quickly recognise and assess key risks. Margot has also used her legal, governance and commercial skills to assist social venture start-ups through a social enterprise-mentoring program funded by the Macquarie Group Foundation. Margot brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the legal and financial services sectors. Currently a division director at Macquarie Bank she is a key member of the groups legal team. Having worked both in Australia and England, Margot brings an international perspective to the Board and will be a great asset in terms of governance and risk management.

Michelle Phipps (nee Bakar), Board Member, 2014 - 2016 Michelle Phipps (nee Bakar) joined the Ausdance Board in 2014 and offers strategic input to the overall business and organization drawing from over 20 years of retail, education and FMCG background in the areas of human resources, marketing and branding. She holds a PhD in Communications from University of Technology Sydney where she has worked as a Guest Lecturer and a Masters in HR from Charles Sturt University. Michelle has had over 4 years Board experience including membership to the Kellogg Company Board for Australia/New Zealand and Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Kellogg Superannuation Fund Australia (KRF). She has 9+ years in Sales, Marketing and HR at senior level across several national and multi-national and listed companies including David Jones, Ella Bache, Kellogg Company and Coles Supermarkets. Michelle currently oversees the Human Resources Function across Asia Pacific for Brown Forman. Most significantly, Michelle possesses a keen passion for performance, having been a former professional dancer/ singer. She performed with Christine Anu and the Bangarra Dance Company for Christine’s first Album tour around Australia including WOMAD, and performed in several professional musical theatre productions including Miss Saigon, Madame Butterfly, the Australian Tour of HAIR as well as achieving Advanced level in SATD ballet in Melbourne.


Rebecca Taylor, Board Member, Joined 2008 Rebecca Taylor has extensive experience in the arts sector in management, research, policy, learning & development, and as a professional performer. With qualifications in social research and politics, she has worked across government, tertiary and arts sectors, including research for audience and cultural development for government arts agencies. Rebecca has worked as a professional dancer in Australia, the USA and UK, including the English National Ballet, Connecticut Ballet and with independent choreographers. Rebecca also has experience as a ballet and contemporary dance teacher, and has worked with student outreach programs in the USA. Rebecca’s dance career is now focused on training and performance in International Latin Dance. She has performed a Latin Dance Showcase in Sydney in 2009 and has recently travelled to the USA to train with competitors and coaches in New York and Los Angeles. Rebecca currently holds the position of Policy Review Officer at the Sydney Opera House, previously holding positions of Learning and Development Consultant and Manager, Organization Development and Learning with the Sydney Opera House. In previous years Rebecca has worked with Macquarie University, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Council for the Arts and Historical Houses Trust of NSW.

Ausdance NSW honours dance photographer and Ausdancer Gregory Lorenzutti and his contribution to the NSW Dance Community. Photography of Martin del Amo & Paea Leach



Ausdance NSW 2016 Team Director (1.0FT) - Shared Role Michelle Silby continues to lead Ausdance NSW as Director and Ausdance Victoria as Executive Director. This dual role will continue to encourage more synchronicity across the two states and growth of the dance industry in the two cultural hubs of the country.

Manager (1.0FT) The new Manager position introduced in 2016, commenced in February with Kiri Morcombe taking on the role to manage all areas of Ausdance NSW, including program, projects, operations, team members, auspicing services and artist support.

Dance Development Officer (.6FT) Jo Clancy commenced working for Ausdance NSW early in the year, taking on the Dance Development Officer position and has oversees projects including DAIR, Waste Not, Glance at Dance, Innovating Dance Practice, BRIDGE Early Career Intensive (for delivery in early 2017) and individual requests, such as hosting students from NYU.

Arts Media & Marketing Officer (1.0FT) - Shared Role Jonathan Homsey joined the team in the new position of Arts Media & Marketing Officer in August. This positions looks after the media, marketing and communications for both Ausdance NSW and Ausdance Victoria.

Arts Administration Officer (.6FT) Chris Mifsud stepped into the role of Arts Administration Officer in February, handling Ausdance NSW’s general administration, memberships and the bulk of marketing until a marketing officer could be appointed.

Accounts (.1FT) Katherine Dubovenko, a staff member of Keeping Company, has managed our accounts for the last four years and we will continue to maintain this role.

Thank you to the team in 2016: Kiri Morcombe, Manager, Jo Clancy, Dance Development Officer, Jonathan Homsey, Arts Media & Marketing Officer, Chris Mifsud, Arts Administration Officer, Katherine Dubovenko, Accounts, and interns and volunteers that have spent time with Ausdance NSW in 2016: Ebony, Sam, Talisa, Lauren, Claire, Brody, Jess, Natalia and Liz for events and projects.


Ausdance NSW Relationships and Partnerships Ongoing and developing relationships with the following organizations: Accessible Arts ACPE (Australian College of Physical Education) Bangarra Dance Theatre BlakDance Campbelltown Arts Centre City of Sydney Critical Path DANZ Dirty Feet FORM Dance Projects NAISDA ReadyMade Works Regional Arts NSW Royal Academy of Dance Sydney Dance Company Sydney Opera House The Australian Ballet The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre Ausdance Victoria Art in Motion


Dance for Parkinson’s Support for the Dance for Parkinson’s program occurred through regular promotion of their workshops and events in the Ausdance NSW E-newsletter as well as face to face and email engagement with Program Coordinator Erica-Rose Jeffrey. The Manager and Dance Development Officer attended a workshop for the Dance for Parkinson’s community delivered by Erica-Rose and dancers from Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel) at the Sydney Opera House.

Accessible Arts Partnership – Catalyst Ausdance NSW is a proud partner and supporter of Accessible Arts. The Catalyst Dance Residency ran as a national artist development program across two years (2015-16) supporting 14 dance practitioners with and without disability that demonstrated commitment to integrated dance practice.The program comprised a 7-day Skills and Career Development Residency in the first year held at Carriageworks and a 6-day Choreographic Research Lab Residency in its second year (2016) held at Critical Path.The Catalyst program came to an end this year (2016), however Ausdance NSW is still committed to working closely with Accessible Arts to deliver, support and advocate for diversity in dance.

Bridge Dance Intensive The Bridge Dance Intensive was last delivered in 2013. The program will be delivered again in early 2017, with 17 participants already registered. Workshop facilitators will be Shaun Parker, Kay Armstrong, Omer Backley-Astrachan, Dean Walsh, Jo Clancy, Chris Mifsud, Monica Davidson and Jonathan Homsey. A partnership with Dance Aotearoa New Zealand will enable a young dancer from New Zealand to attend the program. Bridge has been developed in consultation with the sector and deliver with the support of venue partner ACPE, based at Sydney Olympic Park.

Partnership with Critical Path The ongoing partnership with Critical Path leverages our knowledge and networks to reciprocally promote support to artists and to facilitate Beyond the Training Workshops lead by International Artists. Meetings between organizations continue to offer a chance to discuss strategic partnership to further support to the NSW dance sector.

Associated Organisations Ausdance NSW has established and continues to develop supportive relationships with 3 dance organizations based in New South Wales: Dance Integrated Australia led by Philip Channells, Murmuration Dance Theatre led by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo and Catapult and Flipside Project, led by Cadi McCarthy. The scope of this support incorporates mentoring and coaching, delivery of programs, marketing of programs, administrative and auspicing services and strategic advice.


Partnership with Ausdance Victoria In conjuction, an ongoing partnership with Ausdance Victoria to work with crossover of staffing, reflecting innovatively the mobilization of the sector. Ausdance NSW will support Ausdance Victoria to deliver key events for the Australian dance sector, including Dance Massive, Australian Dance Awards, and International Dance Educators Workshop (usually delivered in Victoria). The Director is leading this work and both teams from NSW and Victoria are implementing outcomes assessed by the boards from both states.

Birrang In 2017/2018 informed by participation in the National Indigenous Dance Forum facilitated by BlakDance a ‘Beyond Birrang’ program will be developed to provide creative and professional development opportunities for Indigenous dance artists based in NSW. Since it’s initiation in 2013 the Birrang program has achieved significant outcomes for participating artists including the development of new work and new professional networks, guidance in managing and sustaining a professional career and growing the independent Indigenous dance sector across NSW. The program has supported artists working across the spectrum of cultural and creative dance in community, education and/or performing and touring and has helped artists realise their own goals, share creative ideas and practices and gain further skills and networks to help strengthen their careers. Birrang was supported by Arts NSW and coordinated by Ausdance NSW, Regional Arts NSW and Bangarra Dance Theatre in partnership with NAISDA Dance College, Carriageworks and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School from 2013-15. Building on Birrang will need to attract new funding support.

Ausdance 40th Anniversary The Ausdance network celebrates its 40th Anniversary in August 2017, celebrating 40 years of dance and advocacy for dance in Australia. An online project will be designed for contributions to be made throughout the year; contributions will be welcomed from all dance makers and dance enthusiasts. This project will possibly be culminated at the dance awards in Victoria, in September 2017, where online connectivity and communications will be offered/encouraged. A live stream of the event is also in planning. All states will have booths at the Dance Awards, showcasing the work done by the service organizations over 40 years, including opportunities, events and services available in the future.

NAISDA Ausdance NSW continued to promote and support the work of NAISDA Dance College, promote activities, shows and events. NAISDA is a potential space partner for DAIR residencies, specifically for Indiegenous dance artists.

Sydney Opera House Ausdance NSW continued to support the Sydney Opera House’s projects through Dance Rites, while building deeper and stronger connections to access and education programs, including talks, events, and workshops with visiting dance companies.


Beyond the Training with Claire Cunningham Photography by Chris Mifsud

Beyond the Training Beyond the Training is a partnered annual workshop series with Critical Path, purposed for leveraging access to international artists presenting in Australia. In 2016, Critical Path and Ausdance NSW presented two workshops with international dance artists, Claire Cunningham (Scotland) and Liz Aggiss (UK).The workshop lead by Claire Cunningham, at Critical Path, saw attendance of 11 NSW based independent artists. She introduced the participants to techniques that are formative in her own performance practice and when working collaboratively with other dancers with different bodies – building communication, trust, layers of perception, and a body vocabulary. Liz Aggiss presented a workshop titled Mistressclass: Recovering the Body from the Library. 16 independent artists attended the workshop series held at Sydney University’s Rex Cramphorn Studio on Saturday, 16 October. The workshop was aimed at dance, live art, performance art, theatrical types and artists, and those that enjoy thinking and moving outside the box. Mature individuals with their own practice were welcome and encouraged to attend.Liz Aggiss was delivered in partnership with Sydney University.

BlakDance The new partnership with sister service organization, BlakDance, saw Ausdance NSW (and Ausdance Victoria) working to offer advocacy, support and promotion including programming of Indigenous performance works, Indigenous Contemporary Dance Residency for 5 national dance artists at Dance Massive, National Indigenous Dance Festival, Yirramboi and Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival, sharing of the BIRRANG model, reciprocal promotion of organizational projects and program.


Sydney Dance Company Ausdance NSW continued to promote and support the work of Sydney Dance Company, including deepening its partnership into the Pre Professional Year and Schools Education Programs, as well as reciprocal discounted rates for members and class discounts for the company’s SDC Studios open classes.

Bangarra Dance Theatre Ausdance NSW continued to promote and support the work of Bangarra Dance Theatre, including deepening its partnership into program focusing on Youth and Outreach, such as Rekindling and education workshops for schools and teachers.

City of Sydney Ausdance NSW continued to deepen its relationship with COS through ongoing meetings with COS creative team staff to keep abreast of developments and projects undertaken by COS, sharing of sector news. Scoping potential delivery of small scale projects for main events such as Art and About, Chinese New Year. This partnership facilitatesconnections between COS and the Dance Sector.

Regional Arts NSW Ausdance NSW continued to promote and support the work of Regional Arts NSW including ongoing commitment to panel Chair the panel for the Regional Arts Fund for devolved grants program and regional connections via Regional Arts Development Officers

Western Sydney Ausdance NSW continued to promote and support the work of Western Sydney Venues and organisations who develop, program and present dance works in workshops and classes. Campbelltown Arts Centre, The Street University (Liverpool), Casula Powerhouse, Bankstown Arts Centre, Bankstown Youth Development Services, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta Artists Studios, ICE, Granville Youth and Community Recreation Centre, FORM Dance Projects, Blacktown Arts Centre, The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith City Council, Parramatta City Council and Eyeland Productions.

Ausdance National Ausdance NSW continued to promote and support the work of Ausdance National and network. This includes planning for the 40th Anniversary and reshaping National Dance Forum for 2017. The National Network Directors and Chairs meet twice a year for 2 days for planning advocacy.

Internship Program Ausdance NSW is building a strong relationship with Macquarie University, UNSW and ACPE through providing internship opportunities for its students and alumni.


Dance Aotearoa New Zealand In October of 2016, Chris Mifsud (Arts Administration Officer) travelled to Wellington, New Zealand to work with NZAMD. (New Zealand Association of Modern Dance) During this time, brokered a new partnering relationship between Ausdance NSW and DANZ (Dance Aotearoa New Zealand), New Zealand’s peak body for the support and advocacy of dance. As of 2016 Ausdance NSW will connect, cross-promote and support the work of DANZ and develop opportunities to exchange on projects, such as the Bridge Dance Intensive and DAIR (Dance Artist in Residence) program.

“[Ausdance NSW] champion dance in Australia by making [the dance community] visible through their platform, offer opportunities and guide us through the industry with informative forums, articles and events. [My organisation] Groove Therapy can make dance accessible to refugees, dementia sufferers and the everyday person with the support of an established Australian dance platform that respects us and takes us seriously. We are able to push boundaries, apply for grants and practically implement our programs far more easily when respected organisations like Ausdance NSW give us that credibility.” – Vanessa Marian, Director of Groove Therapy, Ausdancer


Artist Support

Ausdance NSW has experienced a rise in requests for auspice and support by means of letters of support for funding and career counselling. The team not only meets with artists, they offer phone and virtual consultations and are also on the ground, with presence at shows, showings and open studios. In 2016 the Ausdance NSW team met with multiple artists including regional artists from Dubbo, Bathurst and Lismore as well as a visitings artist from the UK.Ausdance NSW connects and empowers the dance community by facilitating a comprehensive program that encourages cohesion and growth. We created a number of training opportunities for 2016 that foster connections with the independent dance community.This is a fluid discussion that requires a rigor and investment from the community together with Ausdance NSW. This year we have been able to offer the following training opportunities: One-On-One Meetings Members were given the opportunity to meet with Kiri Morcombe, Ausdance NSW Manager, Jo Clancy, Dance Development Officer and our Director Michelle Silby for career mentorship and an opportunity to receive valuable information and advice on career pathways, progression and general practice. Several Ausdance NSW members made use of this service, finding it beneficial to their individual growth and understanding. General one-on-one meetings are a service Ausdance NSW continues to provide its members as a courtesy and essential resource for those in need of advice, support and information, with different members of the team.

Auspicing In 2016, Ausdance NSW wrote support letters for over 10 members in support for funding. These artists were provided auspice for successful funding applications:

Cadi McCarthy and Flipside Dance


Sarah Vyne-Vassallo




Philip Channells


Narelle Benjamin


Paulina Quinteros


Thomas ES Kelly


Sue Healey


Rhiannon Newton



Marketing Social Media

During 2016, Facebook and Instagram continued to gain traction and extended our reach to thousands of people. Our Facebook page reached 5,500 likes and Instagram page reached 1500 followers. It is during this time we debuted, Ausdancers, a campaign displaying the variety of dancers in NSW such as Amrita Hepi, Vanessa Marian, Lucy Doherty, Robert McLean and Gregory Lorenzutti. Media Ausdance NSW has gained media attention for our services. In November 2016, Richard Watts wrote an article for ArtsHub which reached 26,500 people. Also in 2016, the Ausdance NSW website continued to be a hub for information. Our website includes a member’s only section and a myriad of news, resources and media. We have been working ‘behind the scenes’ on making our infrastructure more user friendly for members and fellow staff members. We are in the process of making our CRM to be a collaboration nationally. We are currently piloting this with NSW and Victorian Ausdance Offices since November 2016. E-News Ausdance NSW’s E-Newsletter continues to be an informative and crucial source of information for the New South Wales dance community. Pulling together the most recent and upcoming details relating to funding, shows and events, seminars, workshops and master-classes, important news and outcomes, as well as updates on the Ausdance Network, over 1,300 recipients benefit from each fortnightly edition. In 2016 we sent out over 30 newsletters including member only updates featuring ticket giveaways, competitions and our upcoming events. We also had a featured newsletter highlighting integrated dance practice within NSW. The newsletter runs fortnightly and has a call of action to visit our website. On Wednesday 8 September, Ausdance NSW hosted Narelle Benjamin’s showing and presentation of her work Cella that was developed in Netherlands with Australian dance artist Paul White.



A membership drive is constantly underway in order to increase members through E-Newsletter readership, brand integration and general outreach. Through making contact with current and expired members, and also non-members, such as private dance studios, cultural dance groups, and secondary school dance teachers. This information is being gathered to survey membership benefits and what members want and need. Working with a detailed benefits assessment, the team is working hard to broker new relationships with different businesses and organizations that will be able to provide discounted or in-kind services to members, in return for advertising, support and more!

Membership Benefits Include: 30% Off Human Kinetics Text Books Access to Ausdance NSW’s DAIR (Dance Artist in Residence) Program Receive One-on-One Career Advice/Mentoring Receive Exclusive Information, Invitations & Offers via Members Only E-Newsletters Create an Artist Profile and Dance Directory Listing on the Ausdance NSW Website Join other Members in Exclusive Workshops & Masterclasses Promote your Shows, Events, Workshops, Classes & other Dance Activities via Ausdance NSW’s E-Newsletters and Social Media Networks Receive Grant Auspicing and have your Funds Managed by Ausdance NSW Discounted headshots with FLUKEmedia Access to Resource Materials Attend Grant Writing Workshops Discounted Insurance through AON Access to meeting spaces at Arts Exchange Building (home of Ausdance NSW) We advocate on behalf of the dance sector to goverement agencies, funding bodies and key stake holders.


Ausdance NSW honours dance photographer and Ausdancer Gregory Lorenzutti and his contribution to the NSW Dance Community.

Photography of Ghenoa Gela’s Winds of Woerr

“It’s really nice to meet people outside the independent industry having met some of the people at [Royal Academy of Dance]. I’m grateful for Ausdance NSW for this opportunity. I would not have been able to get this [remount of my work] completed without this DAIR residency. “

- Ghenoa Gela, DAIR artist at Royal Academy of Dance 2016


Address 10 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay NSW 2000 Website Phone +61 2 9256 4800 Email Image from Shaun Parker & Co Image from ‘Am I’ Photographer: Michelle Aboud

2016 Annual Report