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A comprehensive look at the numerous commercial catering equipment •

Food is the basic requirement for any occasion. When we talk about the food for any occasion, then it should be kept in mind that it should be good in quality as well as in taste. So, in order to maintain the quality of the food, the food needs to be prepared by the professionals and with the help of the commercial catering equipment.

Difference between the commercial and domestic cooking equipment:

Though it may sound that the cooking equipments are same, irrespective of it is being used for the commercial or the domestic purpose. But, in reality there is hell and heaven difference between the two.

The commercial cooking equipments are the one those are especially meant for preparing large quantities of food in a shorter duration of time. When we talk about the commercial catering equipment , then without any doubt probably the best example of it is the Restaurant kitchen equipment.

Different types restaurant equipment:

It is very difficult to familiarize someone with all the kitchen equipments in a small article like this. Let us have a look at some of the most widely used restaurant cooking equipment that are being widely used in the majority of the restaurants functioning all over the world.

Bratt Pans- to start with, let us focus on the Bratt Pans. The Bratt Pans are indispensable entity for any restaurant operations for the commercial purposes.


These special types of pans are of two types. The first one is the gas Pans, which has three major series, the Baron 700 series and the Baron 900 series of 120 L gas Bratt pan and 80 L gas Bratt pan. The other type of Bratt pans is the electric ones. These are also available in three series depending on the capacity, namely 60 L, 80 L and 120 L.

ďƒ˜ Combi Ovens: similar to the Bratt pans, the Combi ovens are also available in two types, the gas and the electric type. In the present day world the Combi Ovens are a very important part of the restaurant cooking equipment. ďƒ˜ Refrigeration : In the world commercial cooking business refrigerators are integral entity. There are different types of refrigerators available now days such as the Countertop freezers, Chest freezers, Ice makers, Open display fridges and so on.


Salamanders/Toasters: to cope up with the needs and necessities of the customers, the restaurant owners usually use different types of toasters these days. Some of the widely used Salamanders or the toasters are the Roller and Grill types, and these are further classified into different categories based on their capacity to work.


Hope, after going through this article you have got a considerable idea about the different types of restaurant equipment usually used for the cooking purposes in the restaurants. Other than those mentioned above there are several other restaurant kitchen equipment such as the Pasta cookers, Pizza ovens, Kebab machines and many more.

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