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Susannah Fullerton is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia and has lectured worldwide on Jane Austen. She is the author of Jane Austen and Crime, a book described by Claire Tomalin as ‘essential reading for every Janeite’. She lives in Sydney, Australia. Her other book for Frances Lincoln is A Dance with Jane Austen.

A Year in the Life of Rutland Derry Brabbs

January 9780711232860 Hardback £16.99 112 pp 267x250 mm

Happily Ever After Susannah Fullerton



Derry Brabbs is regarded as one of England’s finest photographers within the sphere of heritage and landscape, with over 20 illustrated books to his credit.

Somerset and Bristol James Osmond

Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

In 2013 Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice turns 200. Again and again in polls conducted around the world, it is regularly chosen as the favourite novel of all time. Read and studied from Cheltenham to China, there are Jane Austen Societies from Boston to Buenos Aires, dedicated to sharing the delights of Jane Austen’s masterpiece. Here is the tale of how Pride and Prejudice came to be written, its first reception in a world that didn’t take much notice of it and then its growing popularity. As well as discussing the famous characters, Susannah Fullerton looks at the style of the novel – its wicked irony, its brilliant structuring, its revolutionary use of ‘free indirect speech’. Readers through the years have both loved the book and hated it – the reactions of writers, politicians, artists and explorers can tell us as much about the reader as they do about the book itself. Pride and Prejudice has morphed into many strange and interesting forms – screen adaptations, sequels, prequels and updates. Happily Ever After explores these and the wilder shores of zombies, porn, dating manuals, T-shirts, tourism and therapy.

A portrait of Rutland throughout the seasons revealing the landscape, architecture, fauna and flora of this unspoilt and beguiling landlocked county. Despite being England’s smallest county, Rutland accommodates a surprisingly varied landscape – from the rolling hills of the northwest to the open countryside of the east – as well Europe’s largest man-made lake and two internationally renowned public schools. Rutland’s diminutive borders encompass a slice of quintessential England. It may not take long to drive in a straight line from one side of Rutland to the other but for those willing to venture off the beaten track, the rewards are immense, as showcased by this beautifully illustrated book.

February 9780711233249 Hardback £16.99 112 pp 267x250 mm

Somerset is a beautiful historic county with an astonishing range of scenery, from rolling hills and rocky coastline to windswept moors and limestone gorges. There are three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, one UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Park. The historic county incorporates the modern counties of Somerset, North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset. The city of Bristol borders the historic county of Somerset and is the major city of the south-west. The author takes us on a journey through the seasons of Somerset and Bristol in a collection of stunning photographs. James Osmond is a professional landscape and travel photographer. He is a regular contributor to Outdoor Photographer magazine and his photographs have been widely published. He lives in Bristol.




January 9780711233744 Hardback £14.99 240 pp 215x165 mm

Beautiful Tractors

and the High Victorian Dream

Portraits of Iconic Models

J. Mordaunt Crook

Rick Mannen, Clive Streeter & Stuart Gibbard

J. Mordaunt Crook is one of the leading authorities on Victorian architecture and is the author of numerous books on the subject.



William Burges (1827–81) was arguably the greatest of all Victorian architects. More than just the creator of a modest number of fabulous, and fabulously expensive, buildings, Burges dreamed of hundreds more, designed dozens, and in addition created some of the most remarkable furniture and jewellery of all time. Rich, clever and short-lived, Burges was an art-architect and explosively inventive. A brilliant talker, pungent critic and hilarious companion, he was one of Victorian London’s great eccentrics and networkers. The major buildings that he completed include Cork Cathedral, Cardiff Castle and his own astonishing Tower House in Kensington.

March 9780711233546 Paperback £12.99 112 pp 210x250 mm

Wainwright’s Way

Lake District Landscape Photographer Peter Freeman

A Long-distance Walk Through Alfred Wainwright’s Life from Blackburn to Haystacks

Nick Burton

A native Lancastrian, Nick Burton has written numerous walking guides to Lancashire and Manchester.



q March 9780711233218 Hardback £13.99 320 pp 170x112 mm

Wainwright’s Way is a journey on foot through Alfred Wainwright’s life from Lancashire to the Lakes. This walking guide charts a 126-mile long-distance route, split into ten day stages, linking the place where Wainwright was born in Blackburn to his final resting place on Haystacks in the Lakes. The walk follows in the footsteps of Wainwright at work, uncovering the history, landscape and characters of many of the places he sketched and wrote about. This trek unites the two contrasting lives of the master fellwalker, taking you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the North of England.

Beautiful Tractors presents a fabulous variety box of the world’s most magnificent agricultural machines, each primed, polished, and gleaming in all its robust glory. These superb photographs of vintage and modern masterpieces make for an impressive line-up of engineering prowess. Each photograph is accompanied by a directory, offering information on the machine’s history, production and distribution, use and, of course, size. From the elegant early Titan, to the classic ‘big red tractor’ looks of the prosaically named Allis-Chalmers ‘Model U’, there’s plenty here to stir the senses, whether you’re a bona fide petrolhead or simply nostalgic for a simpler world in which a straightforward piece of farm machinery could also be a feast for the eyes.

March 9780711233508 Flexibound £16.99 144 pp 245x190 mm

It is widely accepted that the Lake District has the most beautiful scenery in England, and it is a magnet for the landscape photographer. Drawing on years of experience, Peter Freeman offers a guide to mastering the terrain and the weather to build a meaningful photographic portfolio. Landscape photography is all about capturing the light, and while this guide is aimed at improving techniques, it is mostly about knowing where and when to go and what to do to achieve great results. Covering climate, geography and geology, Peter describes how to plan your visit to capture that special, once-in-a-liftetime shot. Peter Freeman started rock climbing over 50 years ago. His interest and enthusiasm for photography has taken him to some of the finest landscapes in Britain and abroad.



FRANCES LINCOLN February 9780711233492 Hardback £45.00 432 pp 305x250 mm

William Burges



‘A beautiful and inspiring book, bursting with practical suggestions which will appeal to every child’s imagination’

Square Metre Gardening Mel Bartholomew

March 9780711234529 Paperback £12.99 272 pp 254 x 178 mm

Adapted from the 2-million-copy U.S. bestseller All New Square Foot Gardening, this new edition brings the proven principles, easy system and guaranteed outcomes to British gardeners. Thoroughly redesigned and converted to the metric system, plant selections have been adjusted for British climate and growing seasons. The language has been Anglicised to communicate in a precise and natural way with British gardeners, while still retaining the inspirational ‘can-do’ attitude that has made Mel Bartholomew such a gardening phenomenon in his home country. Particularly suited for beginners, or those with poor soil, this is the perfect system for getting huge yields in a small space. Mel Bartholomew, a retired engineer, has developed this method over the last 30 years to international acclaim.

Julia Donaldson

The Wild Weather Book

Covent Garden Then and Now Clive Boursnell

Loads of Things to Do Outdoors in Rain, Wind and Snow

Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield



In The Wild Weather Book, Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks offer 72 brilliant, imaginative suggestions for wild things to do outdoors on wet, windy and snowy days. Imagine jumping in the biggest puddle you can find. Or running barefoot and feeling squidgy mud ooze up between your toes. When it’s wet, or windy or cold, there’s no need stay cooped up indoors: it’s a great opportunity to rush outside for some fun. Go on an animal hunt and find the creatures that come out in the wet. Feel the wild wind and catch falling leaves. Take your camera into a white icy world and see how many different patterns and shapes you can find. There are loads of exciting and creative things you can do in the natural world when the weather’s wild. So don’t wait for the sun: take this book with you and go outdoors for a wild weather adventure! From Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield, authors of The Stick Book, The Wild Weather Book is a fun and practical guide for families.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s Clive Boursnell, then a young photographer, shot thousands of photographs of the old Covent Garden, documenting the end of an era before the markets moved out of central London. Forty years later he has returned and shot many of those same sites as they are today. This book juxtaposes old and new photographs, showing how Covent Garden has changed – and how it has stayed the same.

March 9780711233553 Paperback £14.99 176 pp 213x175 mm

‘Boursnell evokes the unique atmosphere of [Covent Garden] … The life has now changed. That is the unwritten law of London. Yet the buildings survive … the geography, if not the appearance, has been preserved.’ Peter Ackroyd, of Old Covent Garden Clive Boursnell is a renowned photographer of architecture, gardens, landscapes and, above all, people.




March 9780711232556 Paperback £9.99 128 pp 200x140 mm


q March 9780711232785 Hardback £30.00 208 pp 267x250 mm

Amicia de Moubray is a journalist and editor specialising in architecture, heritage and interiors. She has written for Country Life, Vogue (USA), World of Interiors, House & Garden and the Architects’ Journal. She lives in Kent.

Twentieth Century Castles in Britain Amicia de Moubray

Roger Hunt contributes to magazines on buildings and sustainability issues. Marianne Suhr was a co-presenter of BBC2’s Restoration and has also fronted the Discovery series, Project Restoration.

Old House Eco Handbook A Practical Guide to Eco Retrofitting

Roger Hunt & Marianne Suhr The unforgettable silhouette of Eilean Donan Castle at the confluence of three sea lochs in the Highlands, seen against the majestic backdrop of the mountains of Kintail, is an iconic image of Scotland, but not many people realise that the castle was only built in 1932. Along with Lutyens’s slightly better known Lindisfarne of 1906, and Castle Drogo of 1930, it represents the astonishing survival of a nostalgia for the Middle Ages. Beyond the conventional extravagance of the millionaire recreating the grandeur of medieval complexes like Leeds Castle, there were the demented fantasies of the likes of William Randolph Hearst whose St Donat’s in Wales boasted thirty bathrooms and a swimming pool with underwater lighting. Amid all these extraordinary fantasies is a more serious narrative about the conservation and restoration of historic monuments. At the end of the twentieth century there is an incredible resurgence of neo-medievalism with brand-new castles being built in England, Scotland and Wales, often against substantial opposition, but undoubtedly resulting in remarkable and impressive structures. This book tells their story.


Old House Eco Handbook is the essential guide to retrofitting old houses – be they medieval and timber framed, Georgian or Victorian brick built terraces – to be energy efficient. The need for sustainable, energy efficient buildings is non-negotiable and ensuring old houses meet these requirements is high on the Government’s agenda. The question is how should they do this without devaluing the future sustainability, value and character of their homes – this book sets out to provide the answers. A companion volume to the highly successful Old House Handbook published in association with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings was founded by William Morris in 1877. Today it is the largest, oldest and most technically expert national pressure group fighting to save old buildings from decay, demolition and damage.




March 9780711231788 Hardback £30.00 200 pp 295x250 mm

Hellingen A Road Cyclist’s Guide To Belgium’s Greatest Cycling Climbs

Hardback £25.00 192 pages 275 x 215 mm


Brent Elliott can reasonably claim to be the world expert on the history of Chelsea Flower Show. He is librarian and archivist to the RHS and author of numerous articles and books. He has written introductions and captions to the RHS diaries (published by Frances Lincoln) since 1993.

Simon Warren

April 9780711234024 Paperback £9.99 144 pp 160x110 mm

Chelsea Flower Show Brent Elliott



Simon Warren has lived and breathed bikes and cycling for over 20 years and spent seven years working as a designer at Cycling Weekly.

Quiet Paris Siobhan Wall

A Centenary Celebration

Chelsea Flower Show is an annual, world famous and well-loved horticultural and social event. In May 2013 Chelsea celebrates its hundredth birthday. This book is the essential centenary souvenir, and an enduring look at what makes Chelsea special. A learned but accessible text explores how the show has evolved, how it is has formed part of the social calendar and how it has reflected and shaped tastes in garden design and planting over the years. Outstanding personalities are highlighted as well as outstanding gardens. Sprinkled through this stunning book, short pieces by significant nurserymen and nurserywomen, designers, organisers, visitors and patrons describe what Chelsea means to them. Arranged chronologically, Chelsea Flower Show includes chapters on the early shows, shows between the wars and decade by decade to the present day. Illustrations are largely be drawn from the extensive Royal Horticultural Society archive and include photographs in colour and black and white, plans, posters and other ephemera. Many are published here for the first time.

From the author who brought you 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs comes another essential guide to vertical pain. This time Simon Warren has turned his attention to the famous climbs of Belgium and the ascents that define the world’s greatest single day bike races. From the rugged cobbles of the Tour of Flanders, to the jagged peaks of Liège-Bastogne-Liège and beyond, this pocket guide pinpoints fifty climbs that once ridden will give a true appreciation of the races they epitomise. If you thought Belgium was flat… think again.

April 9780711233430 Paperback £12.99 144 pp 162x162 mm

Paris is a beautiful city with astounding architecture and world-famous museums and restaurants. Because of its many attractions, however, it often feels as if there is nowhere to escape from the crowds. Siobhan Wall, author of Quiet Amsterdam and Quiet London, has sought out hidden, tranquil places so that Parisians and visitors can find some respite from the bustle of city life. From formal gardens to small museums, chic boutiques, cafés and gourmet delicatessens, Quiet Paris has over 120 tempting places to savour the quiet delights of this most seductive of cities. Siobhan Wall is a writer and artist. She has worked as a senior lecturer, teaching photography, cultural studies, video production and fine art for over ten years at universities in London and Oxford.




q April 9780711234512

Gardens of Marrakesh Angelica Gray & Alessio Mei

Paperback £14.99 144 pp 200x140 mm


Julia Bradbury is one of television’s most experienced and versatile presenters. She currently co-hosts the BBC1 country affairs programme Countryfile with Matt Baker, and Planet Earth Live with Richard Hammond. She is the presenter of the BBC series Wainwright Walks, Railway Walks and Canal Walks, for which tie-in books are published by Frances Lincoln.

April 9780711233454 Hardback £20.00 128 pp 267x250 mm

Julia Bradbury’s Wainwright Walks: Coast to Coast Julia Bradbury


Angelica Gray is a writer and garden designer. Alessio Mei is a photographer specialising in architecture, gardens and interiors.

Cycling Science How Rider and Machine Work Together

Max Glaskin


The much-loved fellwalker Alfred Wainwright created one of the truly great walking challenges – to walk across the whole of England. The Coast to Coast route was Wainwright’s last great venture and has become his greatest legacy to long distance walkers – a beautifully simple proposition, linking three national parks that lie between the Irish and the North Seas. Accompanying the BBC television series, this book follows Julia Bradbury as she re-traces Wainwright’s grand traverse. The book collects together all six stages of the walk from the TV series, with Julia’s commentary on her experience of the walk accompanied by stills, evocative landscape photography, and Wainwright’s celebrated line drawings. Julia crosses this changing landscape in sun, wind and rain, learns something of its history and meets the people that make up almost 200 miles of northern England’s most glorious countryside.

Nicknamed ‘the rose among the palms,’ the thousand-year-old city of Marrakesh is characterised by its pink-coloured pisé architecture and its deeply rooted tradition for gardens and green spaces. The majority of historic sites are inextricable from their gardens and scores of traditional riads and hotels offer splendid gardens. Yves St Laurent’s Majorelle garden is an icon of modern garden design and attracts tourists from around the world. The first book published on this fascinating subject, The Gardens of Marrakesh champions the city’s relevance in a world of urban development and explores its green heritage, considering twenty gardens both from an historic and cultural perspective.

May 9780711233591 Hardback £20.00 192 pp 250x228 mm

Cycling can represent sporting drama, environmental awareness, an aid to fitness and even political commitment and there are an estimated 13 million cyclists in the UK alone. The simple process of getting about on two wheels contains a wealth of fascinating science. Cycling Science investigates the scientific wonders that keep the cyclist in the saddle. Using info-graphics, text and illustrations, each chapter investigates an area of physics or technology based on a series of questions. What is the frame design? How have bicycle wheels evolved? The perfect way to analyse your own kit and technique by studying the techniques of the professionals, Cycling Science is the ultimate accessory for any cyclist wishing to understand their craft. Max Glaskin is an award-winning freelance science, engineering, and technology journalist with a special interest in cycling.




q April 9780711233805

The Yorkshire Dales Mark Denton & Richard Mabey

Hardback £25.00 144 pp 250x250 mm


Hilary Macaskill is a journalist and travel writer. She was formerly a publisher, a publicity manager for publishing companies and a lecturer in journalism at City University. Her other titles for Frances Lincoln are Agatha Christie at Home and Charles Dickens at Home.

May 9780711232822 Hardback £16.99 112 pp 267x250 mm

Daphne du Maurier at Home Hilary Macaskill


Mark Denton is one of Britain’s most acclaimed landscape photographers, described by Joe Cornish as ‘one of the few … to capture landscape in all its drama, depth and colour’. Richard Mabey is one of Britain’s most eminent nature writers. He writes regularly for The Times, the Guardian and BBC Wildlife and broadcasts on Radio 4.

Best Walks in the Yorkshire Dales John Burland


Daphne du Maurier (1907–89) is the author of Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, Frenchman’s Creek, the short stories Don’t Look Now and The Birds among many others which continue to thrill and fascinate readers worldwide. The daughter of Sir Gerald du Maurier, the leading actor manager of his day, she grew up in a wildly imaginative ‘Peter Pan’ world peopled by London’s leading writers and actors, before arriving in Cornwall at the age of 19. The place and its people inspired her to write her first novel The Loving Spirit. This bewitching evocation of place was to remain a feature of Daphne du Maurier’s writing, and the source of much of her enduring popularity. Hilary Macaskill explores the homes and landscapes of Daphne du Maurier’s life, and how these relate to her work in sometimes unexpected ways. Generously illustrated with little-seen material from the family archive as well as new colour photographs, this is a book that will enrich and transport anyone who has ever lost themselves between the covers of a Daphne du Maurier novel.

Mark Denton captures the drama and beauty of one of England’s most treasured landscapes. From broad, open dales to bleak uplands and isolated high hills, his panoramic camera reveals the ever-changing light on both renowned and unheralded places. An introductory essay by Richard Mabey describes his first acquaintance with the Dales, and his growing understanding and appreciation of this unique landscape. This is the concluding volume in Mark Denton’s popular Yorkshire Trilogy, following Yorkshire Coast and Yorkshire Moors and Wolds.

May 9780711233409 Paperback £12.99 320 pp 170x112 mm

This illustrated guide showcases thirty-two of the best walks in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Yorkshireman John Burland, founder of the Wainwright Society, has compiled this brand new addition to Frances Lincoln’s series of walking guidebooks. With fascinating background detail about the geology, history, flora and fauna of the Dales, this is the perfect companion for visitors to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which attracts over 8 million people every year. Packed with local information and useful maps and illustrated with photographs of places of interest, this guide is a must-have for walkers and visitors to the Dales. John Burland has lived in Wharfedale for 30 years but has been treading the ‘broad acres’ of the Yorkshire Dales for over 50 years.




q May 9780711233720


June 9780711233812 Paperback £12.99 160 pp 180x200 mm

Camden Lock and its Market are one of London’s top tourist destinations, currently ranked the fourth most popular visitor attraction, drawing around 100,000 people each weekend. What is the history of the lock, who founded the market, how did it become so successful, why have so many famous and infamous people made the area their home? Caitlin Davies uses archive images and newspaper reports, as well as contemporary interviews and photographs, to plot the development of the Lock and the Market, its successes and controversies. Londoner Caitlin Davies is a writer, teacher and journalist. She is the author of three non-fiction books, four novels and several short stories. Her other title for Frances Lincoln is Taking the Waters, a book about Hampstead Ponds.

Weeds, Weeding and Darwin

Thomas Hardy

The Gardener’s Guide

The World of His Novels

William Edmonds

J. B. Bullen

A practical handbook like no other, this book offers an original and quietly humorous approach to weeding based on Darwin’s theories of struggle and survival. The core of the book is the individual descriptions of 100 key weeds, each one ending with ‘what to do’, making this an interesting and practical guide for keen gardeners. The connection with Darwin runs deep and the text is peppered with fascinating glimpses into Darwin’s own obsession with weed behaviour. The illustrations are an exciting mixture of archive material, weeds in context and identifying portraits.

Thomas Hardy’s Wessex is one of the great literary evocations of place, populated with colourful and dramatic characters. This ‘partlyreal, partly dream-country’ was firmly rooted in the Dorset into which he had been born. J. B. Bullen explores the relationship between reality and dream, identifying the places and the settings for Hardy’s writing, and showing how and why he shaped them to serve the needs of his characters and plot. The locations may be natural or man-made but they are rarely imaginary, and we can still trace most of them on the ground today. Essential reading for literature students and Hardy enthusiasts who want to gain new insights into his work.

William Edmonds is a former teacher and professional gardener. He is former chairman of the RHS (Rodmell Horticultural Society).


q May 9780711233652 Hardback £20.00 256 pp 230x170 mm

Sandy Price is keenly interested in English collectibles and is the author of The Flea Markets of France.


q May 9780711233416 Paperback £10.99 240 pp 152x152 mm

England is home to many excellent vintage and antiques fairs, from sprawling events attracting buyers from around the world to smaller local markets, from high-end affairs selling fine furniture, porcelain, silver and paintings to more modest gatherings offering everyday collectables and vintage. This guide provides comprehensive information about forty of the best regularly held fairs across England, offering practical advice on visiting, tips on how to bargain and what to see, eat and do nearby. It is a book for everyone interested in the market experience, antiques-loving or vintageobsessed, dealers or dabblers.

Camden Market Caitlin Davies

June 9780711232754 Hardback £20.00 256 pp 210x148 mm

J. B. Bullen is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Reading, where he lectured on English Literature and Art History. He is the author of Rossetti: Painter and Poet.




The Vintage and Antiques Fairs of England Sandy Price

The Potato Book Alan Romans

Easy Walks For All Ages from Alfred Wainwright’s Walking Guides

Alfred Wainwright Edited by Tom Holman


q July 9780711234062 Paperback £9.99 240 pp 170x112 mm

This volume brings together twenty of the easiest and best walks in the Northern Lake District from Alfred Wainwright’s classic Pictorial Guides. Ideal for those with children and those just starting on their Lake District walking adventures alike, it is a perfect, accessible introduction to Wainwright. With an emphasis on the lower peaks and manageable climbs, here is a selection of wonderful fell walks for all abilities. Pages from Wainwright’s timeless guides are reproduced in their entirety for each of the walks, while detailed and up-todate directions and practical tips guide you along some of Wainwright’s recommended routes.

March 9780711234000 Paperback £16.99 144 pp 230x170 mm

Tom Holman lives in the Lake District. He is the author of numerous books for Frances Lincoln books including A Lake District Miscellany.

The Best Gardens in Italy

A New Walk in the Footsteps of Alfred Wainwright

A Traveller’s Guide

Kirsty McLeod Photographs by Primrose Bell Introduction by Robin Lane Fox



David and Heather Pitt, who re-created Alfred Wainwright’s famous 1938 ‘Pennine Journey’, here describe a new 76-mile longdistance walk from Kirkby Stephen to Settle. Handsomely illustrated with maps by Ron Scholes and illustrations by Colin Bywater, this pictorial guide follows a route through a picturesque and undemanding area of Cumbria and North Yorkshire – with a diversion into Lancashire. The book can be used in conjunction with Wainwright’s Walks in Limestone Country and Walks in the Howgill Fells. The route has strong associations with railways. It passes over the Smardale Gill viaduct, and close to the Stainmore Railway, the disused Ingleton and Tebay Railway, and the Settle–Carlisle railway. David Pitt and his wife Heather enjoy all kinds of walking and were founder members of Bampton Amblers.


Former biology teacher Alan Romans is a full-time potato enthusiast, a specialist potato roguer (selector of seed potatoes) and consultant to potato breeders. He lives in Fife.

Howgills and Limestone Trail David Pitt & Heather Pitt

July 9780711234444 Hardback £13.99 224 pp 170x112 mm

Sharing his overwhelming enthusiasm for the humble spud and a lifetime’s experience in the seed potato industry, Alan Romans combines an engaging account of potato growing with an expert guide to over 150 potato varieties. The Potato Book traces the history of the potato from its beginnings in South America to the development of variety breeding. It explains all aspects of growing, from choosing seed potatoes, planting and maintenance, to harvest, storage, and pests and diseases. From scientifically based assessments of yield, to defining characteristics and disease resistance; this book contains everything the potato grower needs to know.

February 9780711234192 Paperback £20.00 264 pp 228x192 mm

Italy’s gardens speak to us all. Their harmony and symmetry are at once inimitable and universally copied. In this pioneering book Kirsty McLeod and Primrose Bell celebrate more than a hundred of the finest Italian gardens open to the public. From Genoa to Sicily, from the Renaissance to the present day, they take the reader with them on a journey which captures the spirit of these gardens in all their serenity and beauty. Historian and biographer Kirsty McLeod is the author of many books, including A Passion for Friendship and The Last Summer. Primrose Bell was a journalist, is a photographer, and has a second life and home in Italy. Robin Lane Fox is a distinguished historian and garden writer.




Family Walks in the Lake District: The Northern Fells

Cleve West’s garden designs have been judged ‘Best in Show’ at Chelsea Flower Show 2011 and 2012. He has written about his allotment for Gardens Illustrated and national newspapers.


q April 9780711233911 Paperback £12.99 192 pp 245x192 mm

‘A very personal book full of warmth about people, food and allotments, which even brought on a few tears’ Guardian The first book from Cleve West, one of Britain’s top garden designers and true allotmenteer. Our Plot is a humorous and humble guide to allotment life, filled with practical advice, troubleshooting tips and recipes as well as West’s insightful take on community values and sustainable living. The book offers essential advice for plot holders and plenty of creative inspiration on how to make the most of your plot. Illustrated with his own beautiful photographs and fantastical drawings by Cleve and his partner, Christine, Our Plot is also a visual cornucopia.

Royal Horticultural Society A Gardener’s Five Year Record Book

April 9780711234178 Flexibound £13.99 inc. VAT £11.66 ex. VAT 136 pp 230x210 mm

The Brontës at Haworth Ann Dinsdale & Simon Warner


Ann Dinsdale is the librarian of the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, West Yorkshire. Simon Warner is a photographer of the British landscape. The books he has illustrated include National Trail Guides.

Royal Horticultural Society Plant Notebook


q April 9780711233980 Paperback £14.99 160 pp 250x250 mm

It was at Haworth Parsonage that the three Brontë sisters – Anne, Charlotte and Emily – produced some of the most memorable, influential and best-loved novels in the English language. Ann Dinsdale paints a detailed picture of everyday life at Haworth in the 1840s, recounting the Brontë family history and providing fascinating insight into the lives of the authors. It is illustrated with numerous rarely seen images from the Haworth archives, including drawings by Charlotte and Emily, together with evocative pictures by local photographer Simon Warner.

Gardeners know how helpful it is to be aware of what is happening in the garden from year to year. This notebook makes it easy to record what happens over a five year period. Structured week by week, with five years to a view, it is flexible enough to choose a personal emphasis and there are sections on Plants to Buy, Plant Suppliers, Useful Addresses and Gardens to Visit. It is illustrated with beautiful botanical paintings from the RHS Lindley Library.

April Flexibound £7.99 inc. VAT £6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp 140x90 mm Blue Notebook 9780711234185 White Notebook 9780711234451 Yellow Notebook 9780711234468

This flexibound Royal Horticultural Society Plant Notebook, available with three different cover images, is pocket-sized and is the perfect place to note what you have seen and where so you can put your planting ideas into practice. Divided into eight sections (Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Climbers, Perennials, Bulbs, Annuals and Biennials and Special Interest), the Plant Notebook is illustrated with botanical paintings from the collection held at the RHS Lindley Library.




Our Plot Cleve West

The new range from the Royal Horticultural Society is illustrated with paintings from the floras held in the RHS Lindley Library. Over the past three centuries, many of the best portraits of plants have been published in floras, and many of the greatest botanical artists have been employed in illustrating them. These diaries and address books feature the work of artists like Ferdinand Bauer and James Sowerby, as well as figures less familiar today, and includes plants selected from England, Greece, Portugal, the Himalayas, and Australia. The illustrations range in date from the second half of the eighteenth century to the nineteenth century. They feature a storage pocket, ribbon marker and they are illustrated in colour throughout. The address books have a stepped, tabbed index.

This notebook is structured week by week to enable a three year comparison of wildlife. Whether your interest is birds, small mammals or insects noticing and recording what is seen when, is a rewarding and useful tool for the wildlife enthusiast and gardener. The book includes colour photographs of British garden wildlife and suggestions on how to encourage wildlife into your garden.


q Desk Diary 2014 9780711234215 Address Book 9780711234246

Royal Horticultural Society Wild in the Garden Three Year Notebook

April 9780711234161 Flexibound £13.99 inc. VAT £11.66 ex. VAT 144 pp 230x210 mm

Royal Horticultural Society Pocket Address Book and Diary 2014

Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234222 Pocket Address Book 9780711234239


The RHS Wild in the Garden Diary 2014 celebrates British wildlife. It is illustrated with photographs of birds, mammals, amphibians and insects that may be found in gardens, plus tips on how to manage your garden to enhance the wildlife potential and thereby add interest and enjoyment. Illustrated with full colour photographs, this week-to-view diary includes an internal storage pocket and ribbon marker.


q May Hardback 112 pp 138x102 mm £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT

The new range from the Royal Horticultural Society is illustrated with paintings from the floras held in the RHS Lindley Library. The illustrations include the work of artists like Ferdinand Bauer and James Sowerby, and includes plants selected from England, Greece, Portugal, the Himalayas, and Australia. The illustrations range in date from the second half of the eighteenth century to the nineteenth century. This week-to-view diary is illustrated in colour throughout and includes an internal storage pocket and ribbon marker. There is also a companion address book with a stepped, tabbed index and ribbon marker and internal storage pocket available separately.

Royal Horticultural Society Wild in the Garden Diary 2014

May 9780711234253 Flexibound £13.99 inc. VAT £11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp 230x170 mm



FRANCES LINCOLN May Hardback 112 pp 230x170 mm £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT

Royal Horticultural Society Desk Address Book and Diary 2014

Desk Diary 2014 9780711234420 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 225x193 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234437 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 135x116 mm


Britain Goes to War These diaries mark the anniversary of the start of the Great War with a collection of black and white photographs and colour posters. The evocative photographs capture life in Britain at the start of the war and the shift from the Edwardian era into the twentieth century; the posters evoke the spirit of a country calling its men and women to defend it. This week-to-view diary is illustrated in colour and black and white and has a ribbon marker.

July Hardback Desk Diary 2014 9780711234314 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 225x193 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234321 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 135x116 mm

The Royal Ballet Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014

English Heritage Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014

The Royal Ballet is Britain’s largest ballet Company and the Royal Ballet Diary 2014 celebrates its history as well as its worldclass status. The diary includes evocative black and white photographs from the 1940s onwards – including images of Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn – as well as contemporary colour photographs of principal dancers and the Company today. Also included are posters, designs and costumes thus offering a glimpse behind the scenes of this world famous ballet Company. This week-to-view diary is illustrated throughout with colour and black and white photographs and includes a ribbon marker and internal storage pocket.

English Heritage champions our historic places – from prehistoric sites to castles and country houses. This diary is illustrated with photographs from their collection which celebrate England’s heritage, past and present. As well as colour photographs of England’s greatest landscapes, houses, and gardens there are evocative black and white images that capture England in the early twentieth century. The diary is a week-toview and has a ribbon marker.


q July Flexibound

The Victoria & Albert Museum is the world’s leading museum of art and design and also the home of the UK’s National Collection of Textiles and Fashion. The Victoria & Albert’s textile and fashion collections are the finest and most comprehensive in the world and this 2014 diary showcases textiles and techniques from cross stitch to screen print, knitted garments to tapestry across the western and eastern world. The diary illustrations include designs and pattern books as well as fabric. This week-to-view diary is flexibound, includes an internal storage pocket and ribbon marker, and is illustrated throughout.


q Desk Diary 2014 9780711234260 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 225x193 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234277 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 135x116 mm

Imperial War Museum Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014

May Hardback Desk Diary 2014 9780711234383 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 225x193 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234390 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 135x116 mm




Victoria & Albert Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014

These Bodleian Libraries diaries are illustrated with images from the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera – one of the most important collections of printed ephemera in the world and generally regarded as the most significant single collection of ephemera in the UK. This year’s fashion theme includes images from advertisements and catalogues from between c.1900 to the late 1930s. The diary is a week-to-view, has a ribbon marker, and is illustrated with colour and black and white images throughout.

These handsome diaries feature the illustrations of Alfred Wainwright and are bound with real cloth, with gold blocking on the cover and spine. They are a weekto-view, include a ribbon marker and are shrinkwrapped.



A. Wainwright Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014

May Hardback

July Hardback

Desk Diary 2014 9780711234345 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 230x170 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234352 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 138x102 mm

Desk Diary 2014 9780711234406 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 172x228 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234413 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 134x92 mm

National Railway Museum Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014

British Library Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 Royal Illuminated Manuscripts

The National Railway Museum Diary 2014 is illustrated with images of posters used by the railway companies to promote travel to all corners of the British Isles and Ireland. The diary is a week-to-view and has a ribbon marker.



July Hardback

July Hardback

Desk Diary 2014 9780711234284 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 230x170 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234291 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 138x102 mm

Desk Diary 2014 9780711234369 £13.99 inc. VAT/£11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 245x192 mm Pocket Diary 2014 9780711234376 £7.99 inc. VAT/£6.66 ex. VAT 112 pp | 147x115 mm


The British Library Diary 2014 is illustrated with illuminated manuscripts originally from the Old Royal Library, given to the nation by George II in 1757, and now preserved in the British Library. These manucripts contain paintings produced by some of the finest artists of the Middle Ages. They reveal the artistry of the finest books produced between the eighth and sixteenth centuries. The diaries are a week-to-view and have a ribbon marker, and are illustrated in full colour throughout.




Bodleian Libraries Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014

The ups and downs of life with the Totterings will keep you amused all year long. The Totterings’ Diary 2014 is illustrated with a seasonal collection of Annie Tempest’s best-selling Tottering-by-Gently cartoons. The desk diary is illustrated in full colour with a week-to-view.


q July 9780711234307 Flexibound £10.99 inc. VAT £9.16 ex. VAT 120 pp 203x127 mm

The London Underground is renowned for its poster archive and the Tube has become ‘London’s longest art gallery’. Historically these eye-catching posters enticed prospective travellers indirectly by focusing on the destination rather than the mode of travel and as the Underground expanded so did its potential destinations – from the inner city, through suburbia and beyond to the rolling countryside. As well as a current London Underground map, Tube facts and trivia, the diary features posters by famous artists and designers. It is a week-to-view with a ribbon marker and an internal storage pocket.

The Totterings’ Desk Diary 2014 Annie Tempest

July 9780711234338 Hardback £13.99 inc. VAT £11.66 ex. VAT 112 pp 230x170 mm

Annie Tempest is the 2009 winner of the Cartoon Arts Trust’s prestigious Pont Prize for the Portrayal of the Britsh Character for her depiction of ‘Tottering-by-Gently’ which has appeared in Country Life since 1993.

Tottering-by-Gently Tottering Hall Recipe Organiser Annie Tempest

q April 9780711234147 Hardback £14.99 inc. VAT £12.50 ex. VAT 144 pp 210x148 mm


Every cook collects recipes: family favourites, ‘must-trys’ from the latest celebrity chef, seasonal suggestions from newspapers… Keeping these in order can be tricky but the Tottering Hall Recipe Organiser is the perfect solution. It is divided into eight different categories so recipes can be sorted by food type. The ring binding allows you to print recipes from the internet or insert tearsheets from newspapers and magazines easily. The flexible binding means you can add as many recipes as you want per category. Additional information is included such as conversion charts and European/American measures. The Tottering Hall Recipe Organiser is illustrated with humorous cartoons from Annie Tempest depicting life in the kitchen at Tottering Hall.




London Underground Poster Diary 2014

Sam Wasson

The Story of the Dig for Victory Campaign

Before Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn was a little-known actress with few film roles; after it she was one of the world’s most famous fashion, style and screen icons. It was this film that matched her with Givenchy’s ‘little black dress’. Truman Capote’s original novel is itself a modern classic selling huge numbers every year. This is the story of how one shy, uncertain, inexperienced young actress was persuaded to take on a role she at first thought too hard-edged and amoral – and how it made Audrey Hepburn into gamine, elusive Holly Golightly in the little black dress – and a star for the rest of her life.

Daniel Smith

Sam Wasson studied film at Wesleyan University and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He is the author of A Splurch in the Kisser: The Movies of Blake Edwards, and Paul on Mazursky. He lives in Los Angeles.

January 9781781310427 Paperback £8.99 256 pp 197x129 mm

After food rationing was introduced in 1940, and German U-boats threatened merchant shipping, the Ministry of Agriculture decided Britain must become more self-sufficient. The result was one of Britain’s most successful propaganda campaigns – Dig for Victory – encouraging every man and woman to turn their garden over to cultivating vegetables. Daniel Smith tells the story of this remarkable time when spades, forks and bean canes became weapons the ordinary citizen could take up against the enemy. It is a war story without fighting, one that shows how even ‘The Little Man with the Spade’ did his bit for Victory. Daniel Smith has written on subjects as diverse as Sherlock Holmes, serendipity and Cockney rhyming slang.

Terry Nation

Pigs Might Fly

The Man Who Invented the Daleks

The Inside Story of Pink Floyd

Alwyn W. Turner

Mark Blake

The Daleks are one of the most iconic and fearsome creations in television history. Since their first appearance in 1963, they have fascinated and terrified generations of British children. They sprang from the imagination of Terry Nation, one of the most prolific television writers that Britain ever produced and the man responsible for cult classics such as Blake’s 7 and Survivors. However, it is for his genocidal pepperpots that Nation is most often remembered, and on the 50th anniversary of their creation they continue to top Saturdaynight ratings. Now, Turner explores the origins of Doctor Who’s greatest villains and sheds light on a strange world of ambitious writers, producers and performers without whom British culture today would look very different.

This history of Pink Floyd – the first for fifteen years – has already been acknowledged as the final word on this remarkable band’s life. Lucidly written and incorporating over one hundred new and exclusive interviews, it covers Pink Floyd from their Cambridge beginnings in the early sixties to their triumphant re-formation at Live 8 in 2005, 24 years after their last live performance together and the death of their troubled founder-member Syd Barrett a year later. Pink Floyd’s albums remain some of rock’s biggest sellers every year and David Gilmour and Roger Waters still do arena and stadium gigs. This edition is fully updated and includes a new chapter.


q January 9781781310410 Paperback £8.99 352 pp 197x129 mm

The Spade as Mighty as the Sword



January 9781781310809 Paperback £8.99 256 pp 197x129 mm

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

February 9781781310571 Paperback £9.99 416 pp 197x129 mm

Mark Blake is a former Assistant Editor of Q magazine and regular contributor to Mojo.

Alwyn W. Turner is an acclaimed cultural historian and the author of Crisis? What Crisis?: Britain in the 1970s and Rejoice! Rejoice!.




Fifth Avenue, 5AM


The Man Who Made the London Marathon

John Bryant



Will Ellsworth-Jones was chief reporter and then New York correspondent for the Sunday Times as well as holding senior editorial positions at the Telegraph Magazine, the Independent Magazine and Saga Magazine. His other book for Aurum is a history of conscientious objectors in the First World War, We Will Not Fight.

Chris Brasher

March 9781781310441 Paperback £8.99 320 pp 197x129 mm

Chris Brasher is one of the most remarkable and controversial sporting figures in British history. It was Brasher who helped pace Roger Bannister to break the 4-minute mile before winning his own Olympic Gold Medal in the steeplechase at the 1956 Olympics. Probably best known for founding the London Marathon, Brasher was one of the founders of the modern sport of fell-running, covered sport for the Observer, invented the Brasher walking boot, and built a successful sportswear chain. John Bryant recounts the extraordinary story of his life. Whether you’re a sports journalist, a Lakeland fellrunner or a marathon runner, Chris Brasher changed your life. John Bryant was formerly editor of the Daily Telegraph, and is the author of books on the London Marathon and the 4-minute mile.


The Real McCaw

The Man Behind the Wall

The Autobiography of Richie McCaw

Will Ellsworth-Jones

Richie McCaw

‘A fascinating history of a wholly likeable art phenomenon’ The Sunday Times 36 NEW TITLES


For someone who shuns the limelight so completely that he conceals his name, never shows his face and gives interviews only by email, Banksy is remarkably famous. From his beginnings as a Bristol graffiti artist, his artwork is now sold at auction for six-figure sums and hangs on celebrities’ walls. The appearance of a new Banksy is national news, his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop was Oscar-nominated and people queue for hours to see his exhibitions. Now more national treasure than edgy outsider, who is Banksy and how did he become what he is today? In the first attempt to tell the full story of Banksy’s life and career, Will Ellsworth-Jones pieces together a picture of his world. Whether art or vandalism, anti-establishment or sell-out, Banksy and his work have become a cultural phenomenon we all have an opinion about.

March 9781781310458 Paperback £8.99 416 pp 197x129 mm

Richie McCaw is the New Zealand All Blacks’ most capped player of all time. When the All Blacks beat France in the 2011 World Cup Final, he crowned a ten-year career that started with a man-of-the-match performance against Ireland in 2001. Unquestionably the greatest player of his generation, he is arguably the most talented rugby player of all time. In his autobiography, McCaw recounts for the first time the roots of his family life that defined his character and how it gave him the strength to emerge from the lowest moment in his career to become the most successful Captain world rugby has ever seen. McCaw has set the standard of what a professional rugby player should be. His story is not just a brutal account of life on the front line, but an exhilarating portrait of modern rugby.



March 9781781310403 Paperback £8.99 320 pp 197x129 mm

Cricket Lives from the Daily Telegraph Martin Smith

A Sightseer’s Guide to the Capital of Crime

Kris Hollington & Nina Hollington


April 9781781310489 Hardback £14.99 256 pp 197x129 mm

Following on from the huge success of Not in My Day, Sir, a collection of the best and most entertaining letters written to the Telegraph on the subject of cricket, comes Cricket Lives from the Daily Telegraph. By turns pithy, affectionate, opinionated, and sometimes hilariously funny, this handsome new volume is a celebration of the lives of the great cricketers of recent years, in a collection of the best obituaries, appreciations, memoirs and tributes to have appeared in the paper, often by the finest writers on the game. Here are the undeniable greats of the game like Bradman, Larwood, Compton and Miller, as well as modern-day heroes like Basil D’Oliviera and Malcolm Marshall, and singular, maverick figures like the Nawab of Pataudi, Sylvester Clarke and ‘Bomber’ Wells.

Greasepaint and Cordite

Once More With Feeling

How ENSA Entertained the Troops During World War II

How Joss Whedon Re-Wrote Popular Culture – A Biography

Andrew Merriman

Amy Pascale

Once the Second World War was declared, it was clear that good morale among troops would be crucial. The Entertainment National Services Association was created to send the nation’s best performers to the troops. ENSA gave a first break to such postwar stars as Tommy Cooper and Frankie Howerd, as well as enshrining the young Vera Lynn forever as the forces’ sweetheart. Andrew Merriman talks to surviving ENSA veterans from Vera Lynn to Dame Beryl Grey, uncovering the extraordinary adventures of the ordinary men and women whose contribution to the war effort was song, dance and laughter.

Ranging across cinema, television and comics, Joss Whedon is a male writer whose most famous creation is a girl-power icon. He deals in classic themes of love, death and redemption, and was one of the first in the entertainment industry to harness the power of the internet to engage with his fans. This revealing biography features extensive original interviews with Whedon himself, as well as many of his collaborators and stars. With candid behind-the-scenes accounts of the making of ground-breaking shows Buff y the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, the book also details Whedon’s contribution to modern cinema, as the writer, and sometimes director, behind hit movies such as Speed, Toy Story and The Avengers.

Andrew Merriman’s other books for Aurum are acclaimed biographies of Hattie Jacques and Margaret Rutherford.


q March 9781845136185 Hardback £18.99 288 pp 234x153 mm

Kris Hollington is a freelance journalist and bestselling author. Nina Hollington is a professional photographer. They both live in London.



March 9781845137786 Paperback £10.99 320 pp 190x106 mm

From Sherlock Holmes’s Baker Street and Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel to the East End of the Krays and The Sweeney’s Hammersmith, London’s streets have played silent witness to countless crimes both real and imagined. Yet, until now, there has been no single guide to its darker points of interest. Criminal London features three original walks and over a hundred locations, including the scenes of infamous murders, watering holes frequented by notorious felons and numerous other locations from London’s rich history of law and order. This is a sightseeing guide for the intrepid!

April 9781845137199 Hardback £16.99 288 pp 216x135 mm

Amy Pascale is a writer and commentator on popular culture based in New York.



Criminal London

q April 9781781310465

Putt Like You Just Don’t Care How to Play Golf with the Mind of a Winner

Hardback £20.00 352 pp 234x153 mm

April 9781781310472 Hardback £12.99 160 pp 197x129 mm

The putt is often the most crucial shot in a golfer’s game. Short, requiring great skill and subtlety, and potentially terminal, it is also one of the most highly pressured. Consequently, players at all levels approach putting with trepidation. In this book, the third in his acclaimed series on the psychological game of golf, leading motivational speaker Robin Sieger dispels the fear that surrounds putting. Drawing on the stories of players both amateur and professional, Robin offers practical advice and shows how his intuitive mental conditioning techniques can be used to master this much-misunderstood skill. We frequently play our best golf when we relax and simply enjoy it. So why not putt like we just don’t care? Robin Sieger is a leading success strategist. He is the author of six books, including the international bestseller Natural Born Winners.

The Greatest Traitor

The VW Camper Van

The Secret Lives of Double Agent George Blake

A Biography

Roger Hermiston

Mike Harding



In 1961 George Blake was exposed as a Soviet spy – a traitor who had cost the lives of dozens of his fellow British agents. Yet his remarkable story touches not only the depths of treachery, but the heights of heroism. During the Second World War, the teenage Blake performed sterling deeds for the Dutch resistance. Post-war, he worked for the Allies and, when MI6 sent him to Seoul in 1949, he demonstrated formidable stoicism following his capture and imprisonment by North Korea. Upon his release in 1953, Blake was viewed as an exemplary British agent. But what MI6 weren’t to know was that they were harbouring one of the worst traitors of the Cold War. When his treachery was finally uncovered, Blake was sentenced to forty-two years in prison, but a dramatic jailbreak saw him escape to Moscow, where he has been honoured as a hero ever since. Drawing on unpublished records from Blake’s trial, as well as original interviews with former spies and the man himself, The Greatest Traitor sheds new light on this most complex of characters, and presents a fascinating shadow history of the twentieth century.

May 9781845136055 Hardback £14.99 256 pp 197x129 mm

Following Aurum’s success with Morris Minor and Flying Scotsman, this is an engaging biography and social history of this transport icon. The VW Camper was invented after the war, in the factory a far-sighted English military man had set up to turn the German economy from making machines of warfare to more pacific products. By the seventies that dream had been fulfilled as it became the van of choice for West Coast hippies, Australian surf bums and Europeans taking the overland route to India. It had also become the first choice for anyone seeking a cheap camping holiday with wheels attached. The VW Camper van had become more than a vehicle – it had truly become a way of life. Mike Harding is the author of A Guide to Tying North Country Flies and eight Little Books for Aurum. He is also a high-profile radio presenter on BBC Radio 2.





Roger Hermiston is a writer and journalist and was assistant editor on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme from 1998– 2010. It was there that he first encountered George Blake when recording an interview with him in 1999. His first book, Clough and Revie, was an acclaimed dual biography of two of English football’s most famous and controversial managers.

Robin Sieger

A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession

Richard Askwith


May 9781781310564 Paperback £8.99 352 pp 197x129 mm

To celebrate the new fell-running season, Aurum are re-issuing Richard Askwith’s classic Feet in the Clouds. It includes an introduction from bestselling author Robert Macfarlane and an epilogue from Richard Askwith. The concept of fell-running is simple: it’s a sport that involves running over mountains. Richard Askwith explores the world of fellrunning by spending a season running as many of the great fell races as he can from Borrowdale to Ben Nevis, an arduous schedule that tests the very limits of one’s stamina and courage. This is a chronicle of a masochistic but admirable sporting obsession, one of the oldest extreme sports and a lyrical tribute to Britain’s mountains. Richard Askwith is Associate Editor of the Independent.

The Eagle of Toledo The Life and Times of Federico Bahamontes – The Tour’s Greatest Climber

Alasdair Fotheringham



May 9781781310496 Paperback £8.99 304 pp 197x129 mm

Federico Bahamontes is rated by many as the greatest climber in cycling history. The first Spaniard to win the Tour de France and a six-time champion of the race’s King of the Mountains classification, he was a national hero. In the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, he couriered black market goods by bicycle before realising that sport offered a more lucrative future. An impressive amateur career led to his Tour debut in 1954, winning the mountains competition on his first attempt. Today, despite his appropriation by the regime of General Franco, he remains the godfather of Spanish cycling and a sporting eccentric of phenomenal will power. Alasdair Fotheringham is a freelance journalist based in Spain.


June 9781781310793 Paperback £8.99 352 pp 234x153 mm


Sinclair McKay writes regularly for the Daily Telegraph and has also written books about James Bond and Hammer horror for Aurum. He lives in London.


Feet in the Clouds

The Secret Listeners How the Y Service Intercepted the German Codes for Bletchley Park

Sinclair McKay Behind the celebrated code-breaking at Bletchley Park lies another secret. Before the German war machine’s messages could be decoded, operatives around the world had to intercept them. This is the story of the – usually very young – men and women sent out to far-flung outposts to listen in for Bletchley Park – the heady nightlife in Cairo, filing cabinets full of snakes in North Africa, and flights out to Delhi by luxurious flying boat. They were part of the ‘Y’ (for ‘Wireless’) Service: the Listening Service – an organisation just as secret as Bletchley Park during the war, but nowadays still little known and unrecognised. In the follow-up to his Sunday Times-bestselling The Secret Life of Bletchley Park, Sinclair McKay chronicles, through dozens of interviews with surviving veterans, the history and achievements of this remarkable group of people. The paperback of The Secret Life of Bletchley Park has sold over 160,000 copies through TCM and major national outdoor advertising will support the paperback publication of The Secret Listeners.


q June 9781845137038

God Save The Kinks A Biography


May 9781845136710 Hardback £20.00 432 pp 234x153 mm

q June 9781781310854 Hardback £16.99 304 pp 216x135 mm


After a little-noticed debut and a follow-up that failed to chart, Pye Records threatened to annul The Kinks’ contract. But in August 1964 they released their third single, ‘You Really Got Me’. It reached No.1 and also entered the US Top Ten the same year, marking the breakthrough of one of Britain’s most innovative and influential bands. Ray and Dave Davies crafted the soundtrack that made London swing again. Pocked by sibling rivalry, furious on-stage violence, walkouts, overdoses, a careerthrottling ban from the US, gross selfindulgence, and the band’s curious rebirth as Eighties stadium rockers, theirs is one of the greatest stories in British pop history.

Sophie Campbell writes frequently for the Daily Telegraph, and is also a Blue Badge Guide in London.

Rob Jovanovic has written about music for over a decade, contributing to Mojo, Q, Record Collector and Uncut magazines among others.

Happy Valley

The Season

The Biography

A Summer Whirl Through the English Social Season

Juliet Barnes

Sophie Campbell

‘Happy Valley’ was the name given to the region of Kenya’s Central Highlands where a community of affluent white expatriates settled between the wars, including Karen Blixen, Beryl Markham and Idina Sackville. The Happy Valley set’s notoriety was sealed in 1931 with the still unsolved murder of the Earl of Errol. What is left now? Juliet Barnes explores Happy Valley in a remarkable archaeological quest to find the homes and haunts of these extraordinary and vanished people. With the help of African guides, and the memories of elderly expats, she finds a revelation of the state of modern Africa that makes the gilded era of the Happy Valley set seem even more fantastic. Juliet Barnes was born and raised in Kenya and educated at St Andrew’s University and The London School of Journalism. She has published books for adults and children.

Every year come April, since the days of the Prince Regent in the early nineteenth century, young men and women have structured their summer diary around a series of showpiece social events all within reach of London that one just must be seen at, darling. The Boat Race and the Cheltenham Festival in March provide the unofficial overture, and then it is the Chelsea Flower Show followed by Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood, the Derby, Henley Regatta, opera at Glyndebourne and Cowes Week. Now Sophie Campbell sets out to tackle the Season – in its modern form, by squeezing her feet into unsuitable shoes and waving the credit card to magic up an unfeasible hat and go to every single event in the calendar, and in its history, by examining why it arose, how it has evolved, and where it is going. The result is a delightful and often hilarious journey through an utterly English institution in the company of a witty, intelligent and determined participant, which builds into an alternative anatomy of Englishness in all its endearing tradition and daftness.



Hardback £20.00 288 pp 234x153 mm

Rob Jovanovic

Paperback 168 pp 210x130 mm

National Trail Guides

Other trail guides

These are the official guidebooks to the fifteen National Trails in England and Wales, published in association with Natural England. Each Guide includes a complete route description, 1:25 000 OS mapping and full-colour photographs. These new editions have been fully revised and completely re-designed.

Aurum is also publishing completely new walking guides to two of the most beautiful stretches of British coastline, The Northumberland Coast Path and the Wales Coast Path: Tenby-to-Swansea.


All titles: Paperback | 168 pp | 210x130 mm

South Downs Way Paul Millmore Runs over the chalk downland of Sussex and Hampshire, from Eastbourne to Winchester. It is one of only two Trails that can be also be used by cyclists and horse-riders for its entire length. January | 9781781310885 | £12.99

North Downs Way Colin Saunders Follows Natural England’s acorn waymarks from Farnham to the coast at Dover. Takes in chalk ridges, river valleys and sections of the Pilgrims’ Way. At the eastern end you can either walk via Canterbury or follow the southern route. March | 9781781310618 | £14.99


South West Coast Path: Minehead to Padstow Roland Tarr From North Somerset to Rick Stein’s Padstow. May | 9781781310601 | £12.99

South West Coast Path: Padstow to Falmouth John Macadam From North Cornwall coast to south via Land’s End and Penzance. March | 9781781310625 | £12.99

South West Coast Path: Exmouth to Poole Roland Tarr

The Ridgeway Anthony Burton Follows one of the oldest ‘green roads’ in Europe from the Wiltshire Downs to the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire. July | 9781781310632 | £14.99

Yorkshire Wolds Way Tony Gowers David Hockney’s magnificent Royal Academy exhibition revealed the Wolds to be a suberbly unspoilt landscape. July | 9781781310649 | £14.99

Northumberland Coast Path Roland Tarr From Newcastle to the Scottish border at Berwick-upon-Tweed, a wild, empty and sweeping landscape of endless beaches of pale sand, a succession of spectacular castles and Holy Island and the Farne Islands. May | 9781781310656 | £12.99

Wales Coast Path: Tenby–Swansea Chris Moss

Devon and Dorset’s spectacular Jurassic Coast, including Lyme Regis.

2012 saw the opening of the entire Welsh coastline as an official longdistance footpath. This stretch includes the beautiful Gower Peninsula and Dylan Thomas’s Laugharne.

May | 9781781310588 | £12.99

June | 9781781310670 | £12.99



q All titles:

jacqui small

Happy Home Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau Foreword by Holly Becker

Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls

February 9781906417833 Hardback £30.00 288 pp 260x228 mm 700 photographs

Bold and Beautiful

Techniques and Inspiration for Upstyling Your Furniture

Easy-sew Clothes

Habibe Acikgoz

Packed full of inspirational fabric and styling advice, yardage charts, upholstery tutorials, and case studies that feature salvaged and inexpensive furniture, Contemporary Upholstery is the perfect go-to-guide to update and transform pieces of furniture. The first section provides an overview of the tools and materials commonly used for upholstery. The second is devoted to fabric, including detailed advice on choosing and working with fabric. Section three provides practical tutorials that range from quick makeovers to simple solutions for processes like webbing and springing. Twelve case studies are included from designers. Hannah Stanton is a London based designer and upholsterer. She recently won the Heico Competition for upholstery and was runner-up at the New Designer Britain Awards 2011.





Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls is a professional calligrapher with over 20 years of experience.

Contemporary Upholstery Hannah Stanton

February 9781906417918 Hardback £20.00 192 pp 246x190 mm 300 photographs

Calligraphy is a sophisticated, authoritative reference book that explores traditional and contemporary styles for a unique insight into calligraphy for today’s artisan. After an overview of materials and tools, the book examines each lettering ‘hand’ and provides examples of the style. Step-by-step tutorials comprise numerals, punctuation and spacing, plus case studies on illumination, decoration and composition. Profiles on contemporary practitioners provide an insight into a range of working methods. Calligraphy also examines digital calligraphy as a design tool. A resources section details the practicalities of selling calligraphy products in today’s market.

March 9781906417840 Hardback+CD £16.99 128 pp 222x222 mm

Bold and Beautiful is a bespoke collection of clothing separates designed for mixing and matching. Each piece incorporates flowing, elegant lines that skim the body to create a bold, dramatic and flattering silhouette. These designs suit all ages, taking elements of traditional dress from the Ottoman Empire and using them to embellish garments that appeal to women worldwide. And these beautiful clothes are as easy to make as they are to wear: patterns may be printed out in the relevant size from the CD, and the step-by-step instructions are comprehensive. This stunning book is filled with inspirational ideas, easy-to-follow instructions and techniques and scaled down versions of all the pattern pieces. Habibe Acikgoz was born in Turkey and studied pattern-making and tailoring before moving to London in 2000 as a dressmaker.



Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau is the founder of RICE and Holly Becker is the founder of the globally influential blog Decor8.

Tools and Techniques for the Contemporary Practitioner


q February 9781906417901 Hardback £25.00 192 pp 250x230 mm 250 photographs

Danish homewares company RICE picked the name of their company because it is a basic survival product for many people in the world. They like to show people how the basics of everyday life can be made more enjoyable by bringing colour and a sense of fun to daily living. Danish design is not all about cool and calm interiors. Happy Home features RICE style applied to a variety of homes, from a contemporary Copenhagen apartment to a simple country retreat, a comfortable family home to an ultra modern studio space. Happy Home is a beautiful demonstration of the RICE ethos, and how its aesthetic can be applied throughout a home.


March 9781906417857 Hardback £40.00 224 pp 280x235 mm 300 photographs Hardback+slipcase deluxe edition £100.00


q March 9781906417727 Hardback £20.00 144 pp 250x210 mm 100 colour illustrations

Nicky Haslam is one of the UK’s most celebrated interior designers. His decorating ethos of traditional comfort lends exquisite elegance to interiors. Simon Upton is a photographer specialising in interiors and portraits. He has contributed to many books and Vogue, Tatler, World of Interiors, Harpers & Queen, and others.

Ruth Cross started her eponymous hand knit company in 2004 following her degree in Fashion Textiles Design with Business Studies at the University of Brighton. Initially designing garments and accessories that sold internationally, the company has started to win awards and get noticed by the press.

Nicky Haslam’s Folly de Grandeur

The Knitted Home

Romance and Revival in an English Country House

Creative and Contemporary Projects for Interiors

Photography by Simon Upton

Ruth Cross


From its humble origins as a Tudor hunting lodge to its present-day status as a protected historic building, Nicky Haslam’s delightful ‘Folly de Grandeur’ is a unique English country house. In this beautifully illustrated book, Part 1 provides a timeline of the house together with an overview of the design aesthetics that characterise Haslam’s look. Part 2 covers wall finishes, soft furnishings, the transition from room to room, furniture form, style and arrangement, classical elements, and creating tableaux with objects and photographs. In Part 3, you will find a year-round appreciation of this remarkable home, which was once owned by John Fowler, co-founder of Colefax & Fowler. By recounting events – from society gatherings to quiet country weekends – stories about the rooms, and details about the decoration and furnishings, Haslam reveals the personal touches that give the folly its unique sense of life, both indoors and out. Finally, in Part 4, Haslam shares unique garden design secrets and outdoor ‘rooms’ that complement his celebrated home.


This book is for people who enjoy exploring the different patterns and textures that hand knitting can create, and who want to use these skills to produce beautiful pieces for their homes. Hand-crafted items always add an extra layer of personality and interest to a room, and a beautifully knitted and designed piece is a covetable and unique accessory. Ruth Cross draws on her experience of designing organic and freeform collections to guide you through the process of making and creating your own items. Taking an experimental approach, Ruth combines traditional stitches with new stitches she has devised herself. She creates desirable fabrics that can adorn many different items around the home, from easy chairs to wall hangings. There are more than 20 complete patterns for you to create these beautiful projects. Ruth also encourages and gives advice on how to experiment for yourself to produce your own designs. Starting with the very basics – simple knitting and purling – and progressing to add further texture and embellishment she guides you through a range of different stitch patterns and techniques.



Foreword by Sue Crewe of House & Garden

Embroidery Traditional Techniques and Contemporary Applications for Hand and Machine Embroidery

Sophie Long

q April 9781906417956 Hardback £25.00 288 pp 279x203 mm 700 illustrations

Embroidery is currently enjoying a revival and this book covers everything from smocking and stumpwork to beading and blackwork, demonstrating a range of styles and bringing traditional skills up-to-date. Opening with an exploration of an extensive range of handwork techniques, Embroidery includes a list of the tools and materials required. Illustrated tutorials allow readers to try out the style for themselves, and there are inspirational galleries of contemporary work. The book also looks at machine techniques, and profiles of contemporary practitioners offer an engaging insight into professional practice. Sophie Long worked on the much-publicised wedding dress of Kate Middleton. She works as a freelance hand embroiderer and teacher.

The Handstitched Home Ideas, Inspirations and Projects for Modern and Vintage Textiles

Caroline Zoob



May 9781906417932 Hardback £20.00 144 pp 250x210 mm 100 colour photographs


This book is about adding personal touches to your home to enrich your environment. It includes over 20 projects for sewn decoration for the home, including a headboard, framed flower pictures, personalised napkins, and a wealth of unique gift ideas. For each project Caroline Zoob shares her inspiration and ideas using a combination of different techniques, including appliqué, patchwork and embroidery stitching. She offers a palette with colour alternatives, showing the reader how to create completely personal and original pieces – demonstrating throughout the book that embroidery truly is a creative art. Caroline Zoob is an embroiderer and designer of china and textiles. Her book Childhood Treasures was published in 2003.


q February 9781908526175 Hardback £14.99 320 pp 216x135 mm

‘Chaudhuri can write better than just about everyone of his generation’

‘Moving, tough-minded, and distinctive, a memoir the likes of which nobody else could write’

Jonathan Coe Benjamin Kunkel, author of Indecision

Amit Chaudhuri is the author of five highly acclaimed novels. His latest novel is The Immortals. He is also a poet, a musician and a highly regarded critic. Amit Chaudhuri lives in Calcutta and Norwich.

Marco Roth helped found the magazine n+1 with Chad Harbach and Benjamin Kunkel. Recipient of the 2011 Shattuck Prize for literary criticism, this is his first book.

The Scientists


A Family Romance

Two Years in the City

Marco Roth

Amit Chaudhuri

With the precociousness expected of the only child of a doctor and a classical musician – from the time he could get his toddler tongue to pronounce a word like ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’ or recite a French poem – Marco Roth was able to share his parents’ New York, a world centered around house concerts, a private library of literary classics, and dinner discussions of the latest advances in medicine. That world ended when his father began to suffer the worst effects of the AIDS virus that had infected him in the early 1980s. What this family would not talk about for years came to dominate the lives of its surviving members, often in unexpected ways. The Scientists is a story of how we first learn from our parents and how we then learn to see them as separate individuals; it’s a story of how preciousness can slow us down when it comes to understanding our desires and other people’s. A memoir of parents and children in the tradition of Edmund Gosse, Henry Adams and J. R. Ackerley, The Scientists grapples with a troubled and emotional inheritance, in a style that is both elegiac and defiant.

In 1999, Amit Chaudhuri moved back to Calcutta, the city in which he was born. It was a place he had loved in his youth and the place he had made his name writing about. But upon his return he discovered that the Calcutta of his imagination had receded and another had taken its place. Lyrical, observant and profound, Calcutta is a personal account of two years (2009–2011) spent in one of the least known – yet greatest – cities of our time by one of our leading novelists. Using the historic elections of 2011 as a fulcrum, Chaudhuri looks back to the nineteenth century, when the city burst with a new vitality, and towards the twenty-first, when – utterly changed – it seems to be on the verge of another turn. Along the way he evokes all that is most particular and extraordinary. From the homeless and the working class to the old, declining haute bourgeois; from the new malls and hotels to old houses being destroyed by developers; from politicians on their way out to the city’s fitful attempts to embrace globalisation, Calcutta brings a multifarious universe to life.





January 9781908526199 Hardback £12.99 208 pp 216X138 mm


q May 9781908526120 Hardback £14.99 336 pp 216x135 mm

‘Fantastic’ Time Out 5-Star Review

‘Hugely endearing’

Elisa Segrave is the author of The Diary of a Breast, about her battle with cancer, and the novel Ten Men (both published by Faber). She writes for many newspapers and magazines, including the London Review of Books, the Guardian, the Independent and The Lady.

Guardian Steve Boggan was Chief Reporter of the Independent and co-founder of the investigations unit. He is now a feature writer for the Guardian, The Times and the Evening Standard.

Follow the Money

Blue Lady Dancing

A Month in the Life of a Ten-Dollar Bill

A Memoir of My Mother

Steve Boggan

Elisa Segrave

What do you do if you want to get underneath the skin of a country – to understand its people and feel its heartbeat? You can follow the rest of the tourists, or you can take the advice of Watergate reporter Bob Woodward’s source, ‘Deep Throat’, and ‘follow the money.’ Starting out in Lebanon, Kansas – the geographical centre of America – journalist Steve Boggan did just that by setting free a ten-dollar-bill and accompanying it on an epic journey for thirty days and thirty nights through six states across 3,300 miles armed only with a sense of humour and a small, increasingly grubby, set of clothes. As he cuts crops with farmers in Kansas, pursues a repowoman from Colorado, gets wasted with a blues band in Arkansas and hangs out at a quarterback’s mansion in St Louis, Boggan enters the lives of ordinary (and extraordinary) people as they receive – and pass on – the bill. What emerges is a chaotic, affectionate and funny portrait of a modern-day America that tourists rarely see.

When Elisa Segrave uncovered a cache of wartime diaries written by her mother, she had no idea that she would be brought face to face with a character utterly different from the troubled woman who had become so reliant on her. Now, on the pages before her, Segrave encountered Anne Hamilton-Grace, a young woman who had grown up in immense privilege and luxury but who leapt at the first opportunity to join the war effort. Through determination and effort, she excelled in the world of secret intelligence. Leaving the world of finishing school and hunt balls behind her, Anne’s journey took her to Hut C at Bletchley Park, to Bomber Command in Grantham and, finally, to a newly liberated Germany. In Blue Lady Dancing, Segrave opens the pages of her mother’s diaries to us and recreates her life both before and after the war. At once a vivid recreation of a dramatic era and a powerful portrait of a mother-daughter relationship, this is an original and affecting work about what it means to come to know someone through their writing; about how Anne unwittingly found a way to link her life with her daughter’s decades after they had given up trying to communicate.





February 9781908526212 Paperback £8.99 304 pp 198x129 mm

Sewing Machine Secrets Nicole Vasbinder

Amazing New Looks and Inspiration from the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist

Scott Barnes



January 9781845434946 Paperback £16.99 224 pp 254x203 mm

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Do you dream of reaching the top of your field? Being a better sister, friend or daughter? A role model to others? World-renowned makeup artist Scott Barnes – the man behind J.Lo’s infamous ‘monochromatic’ look – aims to inspire you to express yourself and reach your full potential using the power of makeup. Based on the philosophy that makeup can help inspire confidence that extends to all areas of your life, Face to Face is designed for the busy modern woman who has everything but time. Learn to approach makeup from Scott’s point of view, get it done both beautifully and efficiently and become the most irresistible woman in the room. Packed with practical tips and celebrity guests, Scott’s invaluable advice will have you looking – and feeling – your best.

February 9781845434816 Paperback £14.99 176 pp 228x205 mm

The Salt Book

The Smarter Player’s Guide to Winning Tennis

A Guide to Salting Wisely and Well, with Recipes

How to Read Your Opponent and Win More Games

Fritz Gubler & David Glynn


Rob Antoun


q January 9781845434922 Paperback £14.99 208 pp 246x190 mm

What does it mean to salt wisely and well? Authors Fritz Gubler and David Glynn advocate a ‘salt wise’ approach to using salt, whether as an ingredient or condiment, advising that we need to be aware of the salt we eat. We need to know how salt tastes, and if we have used too much or too little. We need to use the right salt, in the right amount, for the right dish. To that end this book acts as a comprehensive guide to today’s bewildering array of salts, to help you ‘know your salt’. The authors also state that we need to get rid of the salt shaker when salting food at the table. We need to use better salt more sparingly, rather than shaking table salt with abandon. Being ‘salt wise’ also means eating well, and this book provides all the tools we need to make food that is healthy, tasty and ecologically viable.

Knowing which machine is right for you is a great first step to learning how to sew, but knowing how to use that machine inside-out is crucial in order to get the best out of it. Sewing Machine Secrets is an indispensable resource for sewers of all levels, showing the reader how to choose, use and maintain their sewing machine, and master sewing techniques along the way. From sewing a simple hem or seam, to appliqué, quilting, and sewing on tricky fabrics, not only can you make a sewing machine do everything it’s supposed to, but you can also – where relevant – learn how to ‘fool’ it into techniques that most people think only high-end machines can achieve. This book discusses the functionality of different machine types and their accessories, explaining how to choose a machine, how to care for it and also how you can manipulate it to let your sewing skills excel.

March 9781845434700 Paperback £12.99 144 pp 246x190 mm

Imagine improving your win rate without improving your stroke play – taking the skills you’ve already learned but using them much more effectively. This unique tennis guide explains how to do just that. It doesn’t tell you how to hit a ball, but it will make you a winner. It teaches you how to read your opponent and work out what he’s about to do. Covering all major aspects of play, you’ll learn to anticipate which shot you’re about to receive and be ready to launch a winning return. Organized into five sections covering key game situations – service, returning serve, baseline play, approach and play at the net, and facing an opponent at the net – the book also covers common game styles and their most effective counter strategies.



Face to Face

Popcorn! More than 100 A-maize-ing Recipes

Andrea Robson


March 9781845434953 Paperback £10.99 128 pp 222x222 mm

What’s the best thing to snack on while you watch a movie? Popcorn! The world’s favourite snack has been with us for thousands of years, but Popcorn! brings it right up to date with new and exciting ideas both sweet and savoury. Popcorn! is packed with over 100 original, mouth-watering recipes from dark chocolate and whisky popcorn balls to popcornbreaded southern-fried chicken, from sticky marshmallow popcorn to classic toffee. Each recipe is accompanied by a recommended film and stunning, bright photography. Popcorn is a healthy sugar-, wheat- and dairy-free snack that is set to become the next big food trend. Why buy gourmet popcorn packs when you can make your own a-maize-ing food in minutes at home?

500 Indian Dishes The Only Compendium of Indian Dishes You’ll Ever Need

Ghillie Basan

q April 9781845434786 Hardback £9.99 288 pp 150x150 mm


Fragrant with aromatic herbs and freshly ground spices, Indian cookery is guaranteed to excite the taste buds. Whether you’re after a spicy dish that requires minimum fuss or something a little more involved, the recipes in 500 Indian Dishes all promise delicious results that hit the spot every time. With instructions on how to make the most of popular Indian spices and explanations of the different types of Indian curries and their origins, 500 Indian Dishes will ensure that takeaway menus and the jars of curry paste are a thing of the past.

The Aurum Publishing Group represents the following publishers: Cool Springs Press Creative Publishing International Fairwinds Press Motorbooks Quarry Books Racepoint Publishing Rockport Publishers Voyageur Press Zenith Press Little Bookroom Natural History Museum New York Review of Books O’Brien Press






April 9781589237360 Paperback £16.99 240 pp 275x210 mm

April 9781589237483 Paperback £16.99 192 pp 275x210 mm

April 9781592335534 Paperback £12.99 160 pp 216x203 mm

May 9781592335343 Paperback £14.99 224 pp 234x194 mm

June 9781592335510 Paperback £14.99 192 pp 235x191 mm


All New Square Complete Photo Foot Gardening II Guide to Metal The Revolutionary Jewelry Making Way to Grow More In John Sartin Less Space Mel Bartholomew Gardening innovator Mel Bartholomew has sold more than two million books since the early 1980s. This volume includes all the updates and refinements made since then, including new material on vertical gardening, ways to involve children and new pest control techniques to help you protect your produce. Perfect for all Square Foot Gardeners.


With beautiful illustrations and stepby-step instructions, this how-to book includes all the techniques involved in crafting metal jewellery, from the first steps to applying finishes and everything in between. The book gives easy access to information with straightforward directions and hundreds of color photos. You’ll also find easy projects as well as a stunning gallery of metal jewellery pieces by experienced designers.

Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating Autumn Carpenter

Crash-Course Yoga

Powerful Plant-Based Superfoods

Balanced Raw

Autumn Carpenter draws on three generations of confectionery knowledge to provide detailed, highlyillustrated instructions on techniques such as buttercream icing, rolled fondant, run sugar and egg wash glaze. With easy directions and 400 colour photos, the projects provide fun ways to try the techniques, and a gallery of decorated cookies offers examples and inspiration!

The Essential Hourby-Hour Course You Can Take At Your Own Pace

The Best Way to Eat for Maximum Health, Energy, and Weight Loss

Sarah Herrington

Lauri Boone

This is perfect for the beginner who wants to start practising yoga immediately. Covering all of the essential skills, poses, and postures, this essential guide breaks down the practice into 24 one-hour lessons that readers can take at their own pace. Stepby-step photos, timing instructions, and tip/ caution sidebars take the guesswork out of learning.

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are a fundamental part of a healthy diet, but plant-based superfoods are the power elite. Powerful Plant-Based Superfoods features 50 of the leading superfoods and discusses their unique benefits and how they can be integrated into your diet for incredible health, to prevent and reverse illness, and for amazing taste.

The 4-Week Program that Combines Raw and Cooked Foods for Optimal Health, Weight Loss, and Vitality

Tina Leigh A growing number of health practitioners, restaurants and celebrities are espousing raw food or ‘living food’ diets as a way to stave off disease, boost energy, and lose weight. Balanced Raw contains a four-phase, 30-day plan for making the raw food lifestyle livable for life. Start your balanced raw lifestyle today!



q March 9781591865483 Paperback £14.99 272 pp 254x178 mm

The Art of the Muscle Car Collector’s Edition

David Newhardt & Peter Harholdt





May 9781592335459 Paperback £12.99 176 pp 235x191 mm

June 9781592335480 Paperback £14.99 208 pp 235x191 mm

June 9781592335497 Paperback £12.99 192 pp 235x191 mm

March 9780760344217 Hardback £40.00 240 pp 311x273 mm

Whole Grain Vegan Baking

Great GlutenFree Vegan Eats Gone Global

The Great Vegan Bean Book

Indulge in wholesome, wholegrain vegan baking that benefits the waist, tastebuds and the planet with yeast breads, teacakes, muffins, and more, all featuring the delicious flavors naturally found in wholegrain flours and natural sweeteners.


Allyson Kramer A cookbook for the home chef who likes to explore a world of cuisines, regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions. Step inside and travel the globe while still adhering to a plant-based, gluten-free diet. From European classics like Fig Pastries with Clotted Cream to Caribbean Jamaican Jerk Tofu, the book includes delicious dishes from all around the globe.

Lentils, Legumes, and Peas Galore! More Than 100 Delicious PlantBased Dishes Packed with the Kindest Protein in Town

Kathy Hester Cannellini. Calypso. Edamame. Adzuki. Not only do beans have the coolest names, they’re also one of nature’s perfect foods. Packed with protein, nutrients and flavor, they’re a vegan’s best friend. Here is everything you need to know about the best way to cook – and eat! – every bean you’ve ever seen.

April 9780760344224 Paperback £16.99 192 pp 283x241 mm

When the open road is out of reach, there’s nowhere more exciting for the motorcycle enthusiast than the garage: a place where bikes – and dreams – are housed. Motorcycle Dream Garages raises the garage door on some of the most exciting and unique motorcycle collections in the world, and the wild and wonderful structures that house them. Look inside the workshops where old Triumphs, Hondas, and Ducatis are restored and where wild customs and Harleys come to life. Explore the most incredible garages, from the lavishly finished tin shed to the plain old two car garage harbouring the treasured bike while the family car sits outdoors. Motorcycle Dream Garages examines sixteen palaces of two-wheeled work and play, among them a members-only clubhouse in Chicago housing over one hundred rare and collectable bikes and a sampling of luxury motorcycle garages, illustrated throughout with stunning photography.



Celine Steen

Fantastic, AllergyFriendly Recipes Full of International Flair

Motorcycle Dream Garages Lee Klancher



More Than 100 Tasty Recipes for PlantBased Treats Made Even Healthier-From Wholesome Cookies and Cupcakes to Breads, Biscuits, and More

The American muscle car was never made for such trivial details as comfort and handling. Instead, it was built for straight line speed and quickly became the ride of choice for power hungry racers and serious gearheads. In a country where performance was measured in brute force, a quarter mile at a time, the muscle car was the perfect machine. These these down and dirty, high performing beauties have now earned their place in the automotive pantheon. Classic muscle cars now fetch upwards of a million dollars at auctions and feature in any story of America’s automotive glory days. This lavishly illustrated volume exhibits the art of the muscle car at its finest, with detailed essays and portrait galleries celebrating all-American icons including the Camaro and Chevelle SS, Daytona Charger, Talladega Torino and many more.



The Art of BMW: 90 Years of Motorcycling Excellence presents stunning studio portraiture of the rolling sculpture that BMW has been creating for the past 90 years. Each portrait is accompanied by a concise, authoritative profile of the machine. All the classic bikes are here: the pre World War II BMWs that defined performance in that era, like the R5, the military R12 that carried the Wehrmacht as it blitzkrieged its way across Europe, the R75M that accompanied Rommel’s Panzers in North Africa, the Earles forked R69S that made the perfect platform for mounting a Steib sidecar and the GS (Gelände Sport) series that launched a dual sport revolution. Every bike family is covered – from the side valve machines from the early years through the early overhead valve performance bikes to the latest parallel twins and inline four cylinder sport bikes. From the first model, the R32 that catapulted BMW out of the ruins of World War I, to the latest (and fastest) model, the World Super Bike-dominating S1000RR, this book captures nearly a century of motorcycling excellence.



Peter Gantriis


90 Years of Motorcycling Excellence


The Art of BMW

February 9781592538201 Paperback £16.99 176 pp 254x203 mm

April 9781592538546 Hardback £16.99 176 pp 203x203 mm

May 9781592536986 Paperback £16.99 320 pp 229x229 mm

Raw & Simple

Everything Goes With Ice Cream Koralee Teichroeb

1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas

Eat Well and Live Radiantly with Truly Quick and Easy Recipes for the Raw Food Lifestyle

Judita Wignall Making smart, delicious food choices in a short amount of time is now easier than ever. Raw and Simple provides easy and tasty recipes that will feed body and spirit without requiring hours of prep work. Raw food chef and instructor Judita Wignall integrates her raw food platform with holistic health and wellness. It’s not just about food – it’s about feeding your whole body and fuelling your life!

This has a sweet treat for everyone, from simple homemade ice cream to complex confectionery delights. 176 pages of delicious recipes include summertime snacks and cold-weather treats, with luxurious ice cream-laden desserts in between. Simple projects are scattered throughout, including tiny candles made in tea cups, party pompoms and many more. Cute ideas, a fun layout, and fabulous photography to make you as happy!

A Showcase of Creative Characters from Anime, Manga, Video Games, Movies, Comics, and More!

Joey Marsocci & Allison DeBlasio A detailed glimpse into the ingenious artistry and attention to detail behind some fabulous costumes. Featuring costumes from amateur convention goers to professional craftsmen, this stunning, photofilled book walks you through your favourite comic book and game characters.



April 9780760344125 Hardback £25.00 208 pp 283x241 mm

Cupcake Decorating Lab

An Apple a Day

Techniques, Recipes and Inspiring Designs for Your Favorite Sweet Treats!

365 Delicious Apple Recipes

Karen Berman

Bridget Thibeault

q March 9781937994112 Hardback £16.99 384 pp 222x197 mm

The Soupmaker’s Kitchen

The Art of the Doodle

How to Master the Cycle of Soup and Craft the Perfect Bowl Every Time

Discover Your Inner Artist

Elanor Kwei

Aliza Green


This is a complete guide to making soups, broths, potages, minestra, minestrone, bisques, and borscht. Readers will learn how to set up their kitchen to use make the most of every ingredient – from saving vegetable scraps for stock to tips on freezing finished soups. Explore more than 100 soup recipes, each with delicious variations, from all over the world, from Tuscan Pappa al Pomodoro to Keralan Red Lentil Soup. Aliza Green is an award winning author, journalist, and influential chef whose books include The Butcher’s Apprentice, Making Artisan Pasta and The Fishmonger’s Apprentice. She won a James Beard award for ‘Best Single Subject Cookbook’ in 2001 for Ceviche!: Seafood, Salads, and Cocktails with a Latino Twist (Running Press, 2001), which she co-authored with Chef Guillermo Pernot.




July 9781592538447 Paperback with flaps £16.99 160 pp 254x203 mm

Giving a new twist to a classic ingredient, An Apple a Day is a fresh cookbook filled to the brim with 365 apple recipes carefully selected to reflect delicious, seasonal food for holidays, celebrations and everyday. The traditional favourites are all here, with delicious recipes for apple sauce, baked apples, pies, tarts, muffins and more. Also included are exciting, innovative recipes such as Thai Style Pork Belly with Apples and a Frozen Apple Daiquiri cocktail. Crafty room decor and ambience enhancing projects like seasonal centerpieces and apple scented candles provide all the skills to create a delightful, multi sensory apple experience. Detailed notes give instructions on apple varieties and how to pick the perfect apple for any occasion, while sidebars are laden with tales from literature and folklore, pairing tips, and surprising apple trivia.

March 9781937994174 2 x Wirebound £16.99 224 pp 241x178 mm

This guided journal helps to transform doddles into art with tips on creating doodles, colouring with pencils and markers, and ways to use doodles for note cards, frames, gift bags, and more. Each chapter is dedicated to one of six patterns: paisleys, flowers, letters, butterflies, mandalas and geometrics. Starting with a basic paisley drop, artists learn to stretch it and squash it, interlock it with other drops and nestle them together to make beautiful paisley patterns. In this two-part package, an instruction book includes elaborate colouring activities, as well as simple guidelines to get started on creative doodling pages. The art journal provides an elegant place to experiment with each one of these techniques and, when complete, creates a beautiful, personal keepsake to cherish.



q May 9781592538317 Paperback £16.99 144 pp 216x216 mm

Discover easy, accessible, and fun skills for making beautifully decorated cupcakes with Cupcake Decorating Lab ! This inspiring guide covers a wide variety of exciting decorating techniques, such as how to make sugared and candied fruit and flower garnishes; stamping, stenciling, and piping on fondant; as well as scroll work, writing, and borders. You’ll also find fun ideas for children, weddings, holidays and entertaining, not to mention all of the author’s favourite cake and icing recipes. Create the most delicious and stylish cupcakes imaginable with Cupcake Decorating Lab!

An Indispensable Guide to Fashion Design All the Details Fashion Designers Need to Know But Can Never Find

Jay Calderin & Laura Volpintesta





April 9781592538478 Paperback £16.99 288 pp 199x139 mm

April 9781592538485 Paperback £16.99 288 pp 199x139 mm

April 9781592538492 Paperback £16.99 288 pp 199x139 mm

April 9781592538508 Paperback £16.99 288 pp 199x139 mm

All the Details Industrial Designers Need to Know But Can Never Find

All the Details Architects Need to Know But Can Never Find

All the Details Interior Designers Need to Know But Can Never Find

Dan Cuffaro & Isaac Zaksenberg

Julia McMorrough & Dan Wheeler

A comprehensive handbook of every detail needed to produce design that works time after time. Packed with information for any product designer, this book gives guidance on measurement conversions, setting up files for prototyping and much more. An essential resource for any designer.

This book contains the vital information that’s essential to planning and executing architectural projects of all sorts, in a format that is small enough to carry anywhere. It distills the data provided in standard architectural volumes and is an easy to use reference for architectural information.

Linda O’Shea, Chris Grimley & Mimi Love


This book brings together information essential to planning and executing interior projects of all shapesand sizes and it in a format that is as easy to use as it is to carry. Each chapter is supported by interviews with top practitioners drawn from across the field of interior design.

An Indispensable Guide to Graphic Design All the Details Graphic Designers Need to Know But Can Never Find

Poppy Evans, Aaris Sherin & Irina Lee

April 9781592538515 Paperback £16.99 288 pp 199x139 mm

An Indispensable Guide to Graphic Design should always be next to a designer’s computer. Completely practical with only the most essential information, this valuable book provides designers with all the little details that can make or break a design, such as how much space to leave in the gutter when designing barrel folds, how to layout a template for a box, and the ratios of each part, as well as metric conversion charts, standard envelope sizes in the USA, Europe, Canada and Asia, and much more. This hardworking handbook is compact and accessible and is a must have for any graphic designer.



An Indispensable Guide to Interior Design



An Indispensable An Indispensable Guide to Guide to Industrial Design Architecture

An essential primer for students and a first stop reference for professionals, An Indispensable Guide to Fashion Design takes the fashion designer through the entire design process, from conceiving a garment to marketing it. This valuable handbook contains the information and ideas essential to planning and executing fashion projects of every scale and distills them in an easy to use format that is compact enough to slip into a shopping bag. Linking six central phases in the cycle of fashion – research, editing, design, construction, connection, and evolution – Fashion Design: An Indispensable Guide helps designers develop effective strategies for building a cohesive collection and communicating their vision.

Icelandic Handknits 25 Heirloom Techniques and Projects

Helene Magnusson





May 9780760343661 Paperback £14.99 320 pp 210x165 mm

May 9780760343678 Paperback £16.99 192 pp 254x203 mm

March 9780760342442 Hardback £20.00 144 pp 254x216 mm

How to Create Your Own Gig Posters, Band T-Shirts, CD Covers & Stickers Ruthann Godollei

365 Guitars, Amps & Effects You Must Play

2pac vs. Biggie


Dave Hunter Guitarists love guitars. Few own just one and most are dreaming of their next acquisition. To help them out, here is the ultimate list of guitars. This book profiles the history and technical specs of all of the classics from Fender to Gibson and beyond, as well as creations that are outrageous, rare, and so strange they’re cool. Plus guitar amps, pedals and effects you have to take for a ride.

How Anyone Can Spin, Dye, and Create Their Own Yarn

Jeff Weiss, Evan McGarvey Hip-hop icons and rap innovators, the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur still influence the genre years after their deaths. Despite the controversies surrounding their murders, it’s their art that remains their biggest legacy. In 2pac vs. Biggie, the authors investigate the pair’s famous rivalry through their lyrics, performances and personas, exploring new perspectives that challenge the myths of these hip-hop greats.

Wendy J. Johnson

June 9780760339527 Hardback £19.99 208 pp 235x197 mm

Yarn Works provides crafters with everything they need to know to create their own yarn using a variety of fibres and techniques. This definitive guide includes everything from where to find the best sources for raw wool to instructions on how to properly clean it, card it, spin it, and dye it. Thorough, step by step instructions for all stages of the yarnmaking process are accompanied by colour photos and insightful tips and tricks for how to get the best results. Yarn Works covers natural and other dyes for synthetic, blended, and natural fibres, including wool, alpaca, angora, cotton, quiviut, and more.



Whether your band is just starting out or touring the country, this book provides tips and techniques to forge its identity by making your own unique merchandise. Stepby-step instructions on screenprinting, photocopy art, stencil, and other guerilla art styles will provide an essential armoury of techniques.

The Most Sublime, Bizarre and Outrageous Gear Ever

Yarn Works

Rap’s Greatest Battle



April 9780760343142 Paperback £15.99 160 pp 279x216 mm

Iceland boasts a rich heritage of knitting. Thanks in equal parts to the island’s special wool, harsh climate and the need to battle the elements, Icelandic knitters have developed unique traditions of both needlework techniques, handknit styles, and Scandinavian patterns. Icelandic Handknits collects 25 patterns for folk mittens, socks, scarves, hats, arm warmers, handbags, knapsacks, and sweaters inspired by traditional knits. An introduction exploring the history of Icelandic-style knitting and the stories behind the vintage handknits that inspired the patterns will unfurl the rich textures and tradition of the nation’s knitting, both past and present. Vintage photographs show Icelandic fisherman, knitters and other inhabitants proudly displaying their knitwear, classic recipes, and photos of the artefacts that inspired the designs crown this collection.

The Handbag Book The World’s Most Outrageous, Glamorous, and Tote-ally Gorgeous Bags

Richard H. Graham



May 9780760343272 Hardcover with jacket £25.00 192 pp 276x216 mm


At the height of the Cold War in 1964, President Johnson announced a new aircraft dedicated to strategic reconnaissance. The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird spy plane flew so fast that no other aircraft could catch it. Above 80,000 feet, its pilots had to wear full pressure flight suits similar to those used aboard the space shuttle. Developed by the renowned Lockheed Skunk Works, the SR-71 was an awesome aircraft in every respect. Throughout its thirty-four-year career, the SR-71 was the world’s fastest and highest flying operational manned aircraft. It set world records for altitude and speed on the same day. SR-71 tracks the plane’s development, manufacture, modification and active service from the insider’s perspective of decorated pilot Colonel Richard H. Graham and is lavishly illustrated.


The Complete Illustrated History of the Blackbird, the World’s Highest, Fastest Plane




q July 9780760344248 Hardback £16.99 160 pp 235x235 mm

The Handbag Book brings together a fantastic array of beautiful bags, each designed with the imagination of an artist and constructed with the technical brilliance of an engineer. Ever since the reticule came into style after the French Revolution, handbags have taken on a life of their own. In The Handbag Book, expert fashion writer Clare Anthony celebrates that rich and inventive life through the works of brilliant designers, both those from major labels and those who are new and independent. Each featured handbag is accompanied by a description explaining the designer’s work. From Judith Leiber’s sculpted, crystal-studded metal minaudière to James Piatt’s ‘Peacekeeper’ handbag with a knuckleduster handle; from Lulu Guinness’s red snakeskin ‘Lips’ clutch to Hermès’s ‘Birkin’ bag, The Handbag Book offers something for women everywhere.

April 9781892145987 Paperback £11.99 192 pp 150x150 mm

May 9781936941049 Paperback £13.99 192 pp 190x135 mm

May 9781936941063 Paperback £11.99 200 pp 150x150 mm

The Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children Kim Horton Levesque

The Best, Flea, Antique, Vintage and New-style Markets in America Pamela Keech

The Little Bookroom Guide to New York City with Children Jackie Cooperman

How to see Paris’s most important sights and neighbourhoods in a child-centred way. Organized around places to eat, play, and shop and thoroughly researched, you’ll find family-friendly restaurants, parks near attractions, places to shop with and for children, as well as practical advice and vocabulary for everything. Full colour photographs throughout.

Among the countless flea markets in America, there are those that deserve to be called legendary. Scattered around the country, these are the markets with hundreds or thousands of dealers and whose spectacular settings, covetable offerings, and colorful histories make each an unforgettable experience and a unique adventure. Full colour illustrations throughout.

How to enjoy New York City’s most exciting sights and neighborhoods in a relaxing and childcentred way. This handy guidebook includes all the necessities of travelling with children: food, hotels, travel (both the subways and taxi services), hotels, babysitting, as well as the more fun and cultural activities. Fullcolor photography.



Clare Anthony

The Great Extinctions


What Causes Them and How They Shape Life

Not the End of the World?

Steve Parker

Norman MacLeod

q February 9780565093211 Hardback £9.99 96 pp 278x218 mm

British Mesozoic Fossils Natural History Museum

Steve Parker is an author, editor and consultant specialising in the natural world, biology, technology and general sciences. He has written more than 250 books and has worked on the staff at London’s Natural History Museum. Steve is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

The Art of India Images of Nature

Judith Magee




The Mesozoic era ranged from 240 million to 65 million years ago. 365 species from the Mesozoic era are classified and illustrated with accurate line drawings. This new edition has been fully revised and updated by specialists from the world renowned Department of Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum, London.

February 9780565093198 Paperback £14.99 192 pp 210x135 mm

February 9780565093105 Paperback £12.99 112 pp 253x216 mm


More than 999 of every 1,000 species that have ever lived on the planet have become extinct. As part of evolution, extinction of the old allows emergence of the new. It is integral to the Earth’s continually changing range and richness of life-forms. Published to accompany the major new exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum, Extinction: Not the End of the World? is a highly readable introduction to the causes of extinction, the different types of extinction and what can be done to prevent it occuring.

The Art of India presents many beautiful images from the Library of London’s Natural History Museum, spanning a period of more than two hundred years, from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. They depict the rich variety of animals, birds and insects to be found in India and the magnificent flora of the different regions. The artworks originate from a variety of sources that include individual artists and collectors, as well as organised studies of Indian natural history in the pursuit of science, commerce and politics. They were produced by European and Indian artists who worked to advance the understanding of Indian natural history by recording, describing, classifying and naming the flora and fauna of the country.



q January 9780565092788 Paperback £14.99 208 pp 253x192 mm

For over a century geologists have tried to identify and understand the processes responsible for the complex history of species extinction. The Great Extinctions explores the history of that search, its subjects, its controversies, its current conclusions,and the meaning of those conclusions for our efforts to preserve the Earth’s current biodiversity. It explains what extinction is, what causes it and whether it can be prevented. Published to accompany a major new exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Desk Diary 2014






July 9780565093242 Hardback £6.99 112 pp 138x102 mm


q July 9780565093235 Hardback £12.99 112 pp 230x170 mm

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is the international showcase for the very best photography featuring natural subjects. The Museum’s 2014 weekto-view diaries feature stunning photographs of the natural world from past years of the competition. The perfect gifts for wildlife enthusiasts, each week has a specially selected photograph accompanied by a caption explaining where and how it was taken. There is a ribbon marker for easy reference and there are details of national and religious holidays. Available in a hardback desk format and handy pocket size.

January 9781590175828 Paperback £8.99 272 pp 203x127 mm

January 9781590175842 Paperback £8.99 280 pp 203x127 mm

January 9781590176023 Paperback £8.99 360 pp 203x127 mm

Basti Intizar Husain

Going to the Dogs Erich Kästner

Testing the Current William McPherson

Set in Berlin after the Wall Street crash of 1929 and before the Nazi takeover, the moralist in question is Jakob Fabian, a young man with an excellent education but no prospects. Erich Kastner (1899–1974) was born in Dresden. His first book of poems was published in 1928, as was the children’s book Emil and the Detectives, which quickly achieved worldwide fame. Translated by Cyrus Brooks. Introduction by Rodney Livingstone.

In this remarkable 1984 debut novel, the Pulitzer Prize-winning book critic leavens his wide-eyed protagonist’s perspective with mature reflection and wry humor, creating a scrupulously observed, kaleidoscopic portrait that will shimmer in readers’ minds long after the final page is turned. William McPherson (b. 1933) is a distinguished literary critic, editor, journalist, and novelist. Introduction by D.T. Max.

Basti is the great Pakistani novel, a beautifully written, brilliantly inventive reckoning with the violent history of a country whose turbulence, ambitions, and uncertainties increasingly concern the whole world. Intizar Husain (b. 1923) is a journalist and novelist, widely considered the most significant living fiction writer in Urdu. He migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and now lives in Lahore. Translated by Frances W. Pritchett.

The Story of a Moralist



Wildlife Photographer of the Year Pocket Diary 2014







February 9781590174937 Paperback £12.99 600 pp 198x122 mm

March 9781590175866 Paperback £8.99 256 pp 203x127 mm

March 9781590176139 Paperback £7.99 200 pp 203x127 mm

March 9781590176146 Paperback £7.99 192 pp 203x127 mm

April 9781590176207 Paperback £12.99 456 pp 203x127 mm

The Gate Natsume Soseki

We Have Only This Life to Live

The Diary of a Man in Despair Friedrich Reck

Speedboat Renata Adler

Pitch Dark Renata Adler

The Hall of Uselessness

‘Elegant, funny, vivid, brilliant, luminous, exquisite!’ The New York Times Book Review Winner of the Ernest Hemingway Prize for Best First Novel in 1976. It has been more than thirty-five years since Renata Adler’s Speedboat charged through the literary establishment, blasting genre walls and pointing the way for a newly liberated way of writing. This unclassifiable work is simultaneously novel, memoir, commonplace book, confession, and critique. With an author interview by Guy Trebay.

Renata Adler’s follow-up to Speedboat is a book of questions. It is also a book of false starts, red herrings, misunderstandings, and all-too-fleeting revelations. Told in her celebrated fragmented style, Pitch Dark transcends its parts to come to the kind of wisdom achievable only after a relentless quest. Renata Adler is an American journalist, critic, and novelist With an author interview by Guy Trebay.

This moving and deceptively simple story, a melancholy tale shot through with glimmers of joy, beauty, and gentle wit, is an understated masterpiece by the first great writer of modern Japan. At the end of his life, Natsume Soseki declared The Gate, originally published in 1910, to be his favorite among all his novels. This new translation captures the original’s oblique grace and corrects errors that marred the first English version. Translated by William F. Sibley. Introduction by Pico Iyer.


Selected Essays 1939–1975

Jean-Paul Sartre Philosopher, novelist, playwright, biographer, journalist, and activist, Sartre was also, perhaps above all, an essayist. This new selection draws on the entire ten volumes of his collected essays as well as previously unpublished work. It includes appreciations of writers and artists such as Faulkner, Bataille, and Giacometti and a candid reckoning with his own career. Edited by Ronald Aronson and Adrian van den Hoven.

A moving testament of a decent if sometimes deluded man struggling to do the right thing in a depraved world, The Diary of a Man in Despair was published only after the author’s death in Dachau and after Germany was defeated. It is a stark and astonishing snapshot of life in Germany between 1936 and 1944. Friedrich Reck (1884–1945) died in a concentration camp in Dachau. Translated by Paul Rubens.

Collected Essays

Simon Leys The Hall of Uselessness collects the finest of Leys’s essays. On subjects ranging from China to Orwell and from Quixotism to the sea, Leys feuds with Christopher Hitchens, ponders the popularity of Victor Hugo, and considers whether Vladimir Nabokov’s posthumous novel should ever have been published. An illuminating compendium from a brilliant and quirky writer and an exemplary global voice.




January 9781590175873 Paperback £8.99 264 pp 203x127 mm

The New York Review Abroad Robert B. Silvers





May 9781590176191 Paperback £12.99 480 pp 203x127 mm

May 9781590176221 Paperback £9.99 360 pp 203x127 mm

June 9781590176214 Paperback £8.99 208 pp 203x127 mm

March 9781590176313 Hardback £17.99 432 pp 210x140 mm

The Crisis of the European Mind Paul Hazard

The Skin Curzio Malaparte

Proper Doctoring David Mendel


Selected Poems of Vvedensky

Alexander Vvedensky

May 9781590176306 Paperback £8.99 96 pp 178x108 mm

Alexander Vvedensky was co-founder with poet Daniil Kharms of OBERIU, a small avant-garde collective in late-1920s Soviet Leningrad. Vvedensky came of age under the Soviet system and claimed ‘time, death, and God’ as his main themes. After incarceration from 1931–1933 for ‘literary sabotage’, Vvedensky kept his poetry private, sharing it only with Kharms and others in their tiny underground circle of writers and philosophers. When war broke out in 1941, the authorities rearrested the pair as potential subversives: Kharms died in a prison asylum and Vvedensky in a prison transport. Both were only thirty-seven years old. Their manuscripts were published during the collapse of the Soviet Union, half a century after the deaths of the authors. An Invitation for Me to Think is Vvedensky’s first collection to appear in English. Translated by Eugene Ostashevsky.



David Mendel (1922– 2007) was a British cardiologist, teacher, and writer. For more than two decades he was a senior lecturer and a consultant in cardiology at St. Thomas’s Hospital, London, before retiring from medicine in 1986. He subsequently obtained a degree in Italian and regularly wrote and broadcast for the BBC on Italian topics. Proper Doctoring is a book that is admirably direct, as well as wise, witty, deeply humane, and, frankly, indispensable.

An Invitation for Me to Think



Paul Hazard was one of the master historians of the twentieth century, and this is by common consent his masterwork, an ambitious study in intellectual history whose breadth of learning and authority is widely acknowledged to this day. With clarity as well as a sharp eye for historical detail, Hazard explores the period from 1680 to 1715, a turning point in Western history. Introduction by Anthony Grafton.

“It is a shameful thing to win a war.” The reliably unorthodox Curzio Malaparte’s own service as an Italian liaison officer with the Allies during the invasion of Italy was the basis for this searing and surreal novel, in which the contradictions inherent in any attempt to simultaneously conquer and liberate a people beset the triumphant but ingenuous American forces as they make their way up the peninsula. Translated by David Moore.

For the past fifty years, the New York Review of Books has covered virtually every international revolution and movement of consequence by dispatching the world’s most brilliant writers to write eyewitness accounts. The New York Review Abroad not only brings together twenty-eight of the most riveting of these pieces but includes epilogues that update and reassess the political situation (by either the original authors or by Ian Buruma). Introduction by Ian Buruma.






February 9781847172501 Hardback £16.99 192 pp 280x240 mm

February 9781847174673 Hardback £14.99 288 pp 196x130 mm

Febuary 9781847175243 Paperback £12.99 256 pp 234x156 mm

March 9781847173713 Paperback £6.99 152 pp 196x130 mm

March 9781847173706 Paperback £6.99 128 pp 196x130 mm

Big Jim

Ireland’s Coast Carsten Krieger

Wild Food

Winning a Losing Battle Gary Kirwan

A Short History of Ireland’s Famine Ruán O’Donnell

A Short History of Ireland’s Rebels Morgan Llywelyn

Accessible, informative and insightful history at its best. This condensed history examines why the Great Famine was so catastrophic and explores its effect on Irish society and culture. Aspects covered include the spread of disease, public works projects, disagreements between political leaders in Ireland and England, landlords, emigration and British policy in Ireland.

Ireland’s rebels have come from diverse background, but they share the courage to take on a powerful Establishment and claim their right to self-determination. This condensed history tells the stirring story of eighteen of Ireland’s greatest rebels, from the sixteenth century to today, from Wolfe Tone to Bobby Sands.

Jim Larkin and the 1913 Lockout

Rory McConville & Paddy Lynch


The story of Jim Larkin and the lockout of Dublin workers in 1913 led by William Martin Murphy, told in graphic novel form. On August 26th 1913, the trams of Dublin stopped. The Great Dublin Lockout had begun. Over the next four months, James Larkin led the workers of Dublin against William Martin Murphy and the Employers Federation in a conflict that changed the face of Irish industrial relations forever.


Ireland’s Coast is a visual celebration, which showcases Ireland’s landscape, wildlife and people, interspersed with stories and anecdotes compiled over two years of travel. The result is a unique collection of images of Ireland’s coast in all its splendour.

Nature’s Harvest: Gathering, Cooking, Preserving

Biddy White Lennon & Evan Doyle Foods for free, to enjoy fresh, or preserved for cooking with creative recipes all year round, or given as gifts from your kitchen. Wild Food reveals the secrets of how to indentify, pick, preserve and cook the wild foods that grow in our hedgerows, woodlands, hillsides or seashore.

In January 2011 Gary Kirwan was morbidly obese, weighing over 41 stone. This book tells of his dramatic weight loss. Taking the reader through the beginnings of his weight problem in childhood and early twenties, it follows his story to finally achieving control over his weight. Gary’s inspirational story of his battle will help others to begin to take control of their weight and he highlights weight management as part of a long term plan for a healthy life.



q January 9781847173065 Paperback £10.99 80 pp 297x210 mm







March 9781847172686 Paperback £10.99 256 pp 196x130 mm

March 9781847172907 Paperback £8.99 120 pp 216x135 mm

April 9781847173386 Paperback £12.99 128 pp 259x168 mm

April 9781847173645 Paperback £18.99 192 pp 246x189 mm

April 9781847171382 Hardback £24.99 288 pp 234x156 mm

Edward Daly Helen Litton

Seán Heuston John Gibney


Celtic Warrior

Part of O’Brien’s ‘16 Lives’ series. Edward Daly is one of the legendary revolutionaries who participated in the 1916 Easter Rising. Little has been known about Daly until now. In this intimate and fascinating account, Helen Litton draws on family archives to trace Daly’s life from childhood to commander within the Volunteers.

A fascinating and moving insight into a man who sacrificed his life for his country. Part of O’Brien’s ‘16 Lives’ series, this is a fascinating and moving account of the life of Seán Heuston, an Irish rebel and member of Fianna Éireann who took part in the Easter Rising of 1916 and was executed by firing squad on May 8 in Kilmainham Jail.

The Legend of Cú Chulainn

Food for Friends Edward Hayden

John Hunt

5000 Years of Irish History

Liam Mac Uistin

Will Sliney

Older than the Egyptian pyramids, older than Stonehenge, for 5,000 years the ancient megalithic tomb at Newgrange in County Meath has housed the remains of Stone Age ‘aristocracy’. Modern archaeological techniques have revealed much about the lives of our Stone Age ancestors, but Newgrange still retains many of its secrets. This book uncovers, in words and illustrations, the extent, and limitations, of our knowledge of this world-famous site.

This unique and powerful graphic novel brings to life the legendary figure that is Cú Chulainn. A curse has been cast over Emain Macha, the Boreal land of Ireland, laying all but one man into a deep sleep. Cú Chulainn stands as its lone protector, as an army of 10,000 men set off on forty day quest across Ireland in order to Claim Emain Macha for their own.


Staying in is the new going out! To make your home catering enjoyable and hassle free for you and your guests, Food for Friends shows you how to entertain at home in any situation, from casual brunches and cosy suppers to more formal dinner parties, large family events and festive get togethers. Includes brunches, salads, barbecues, children’s birthday parties and food for family milestones such as christenings, communions and confirmations.

The Man, the Medievalist, the Connoisseur

Brian O’Connell This biography brings together a host of information about one of the most remarkable figures in the 20th century art scene, whose collected treasures can be found in some of the world’s major museums. The author investigates and refutes claims of Nazi profiteering made by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre which hugely damaged Hunt’s reputation.




March 9781847172723 Paperback £10.99 256 pp 196x130 mm




May 9781847173614 Paperback £7.99 128 pp 196x130 mm

May 9781847173638 Paperback £14.99 228 pp 234x156 mm

May 9781847173294 Hardback £7.99 192 pp 177x130 mm

Dublin 1913


Lockout & Legacy

The James Joyce Story

Gary Granville

Portrait of a Dubliner

The Dublin 1913 lockout is often viewed as the most severe and significant industrial dispute in Irish history, between approximately 20,000 workers and 300 employers. Central to the dispute was the workers’ right to unionise. The book outlines the poverty and poor living conditions of Dubliners at the time, setting the scene for the lockout.

Alfonso Zapico


A stunning one-of-akind graphic history of James Joyce’s life. This story is dotted with anecdotes, as well as a captivating and beautifully drawn train journey through the cities of Dublin, Trieste, Paris and Zurich, where this universal Irishman left traces of his life. Translated by David Prendergast.

The Little Book of Celtic Names Loreto Todd A dictionary of over 500 Celtic names from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Brittany. But more than that, it gives the origin and meaning of each name plus traditional stories, myths or poems for selected names. A pronunciation guide and variant names are also included. Ideal for all those interested in Celtic culture, and in particular for anyone choosing a name for their child.

Backlist Highlights Index Contacts

Couture Chocolate A Masterclass in Chocolate William Curley Hardback £30.00 9781906417598

Honestly Healthy Eat With Your Body in Mind, the Alkaline Way Natasha Corrett & Vicki Edgson Hardback £20.00 9781906417819

Love Italian Food Recipes for Friends and Family from a Home in Asolo Maddalena Caruso Hardback £30.00 9781906417758



Flowers Every Day Creative Ideas for Simple, Modern Flowers for your Home Paula Pryke Hardback £25.00 9781906417635

Old House Handbook Roger Hunt & Marianne Suhr Hardback £25.00 9780711227729

Kelly Hoppen Ideas Decorate Creating a Home for the Holly Becker & Joanna Way You Live Copestick Kelly Hoppen Hardback Hardback £30.00 9781906417505 £30.00 9781906417482


Vintage Cakes Tremendously Good Cakes for Sharing and Giving Jane Brocket Hardback £25.00 9781906417734

World’s Best Cocktails 500 Couture Cocktails from the World’s Best Bars and Bartenders Tom Sandham Hardback £30.00 9781906417789

100 Fondant Models for Cake Decorators Designs for Special Celebrations Helen Penman Hardback £12.99 9781845434052

500 Soups Susannah Blake Hardback £9.99 9781845431815




Mich Turner’s Cake Masterclass Mich Turner Hardback £25.00 9781906417963




Gardenalia Sally Coulthard Hardback £30.00 9781906417741


Go Wild! 101 Things To Do Outdoors Before You Grow Up Fiona Danks/Jo Schofield Paperback £16.99 9780711229396


Grow Your Own Vegetables Joy Larkcom Hardback £9.99 9780711219632


The Polytunnel Book Fruit and Vegetables All Year Round Joyce Russell Paperback £16.99 9780711231702




Makeup Makeovers: Weddings Stunning Looks for the Entire Bridal Party Robert Jones Paperback £12.99 9781592332311



Makeup The Ultimate Guide Rae Morris Paperback £16.99 9781845432669



Jemma Kidd: Make-Up Masterclass Jemma Kidd Hardback £22.50 9781906417291



Quilt Love Cassandra Ellis Hardback £20.00 9781906417826



In Search of Paradise Great Gardens of the World Penelope Hobhouse Hardback £30.00 9780711226159



The English Garden Ursula Buchan Hardback £25.00 9780711226388


Quiet London Siobhan Wall Paperback £9.99 9780711231900



Lost Victorian Britain Gavin Stamp Hardback £25.00 9781845135324



Lo-fi Photo Fun Creative Projects for Polaroid, Plastic & Pinhole Cameras Adam Bronkhorst Paperback £14.99 9781845434250

What Makes Great Photography 80 Masterpieces Explained Val Williams Paperback £9.99 9781845434533



What Makes Great Art 80 Masterpieces Explained Andy Pankhurst & Lucinda Hawksley Paperback £9.99 9781845434526



The Making of The Empire Strikes Back The Definitive Story Behind the Film J.W. Rinzler Hardback £45.00 9781845135553



101 Power Crystals Judy Hall Paperback £12.99 9781592334902



101 Dog Tricks Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog Kyra Sundance Paperback £12.99 9781592533251



1001 Low-Carb Recipes Dana Carpender Paperback £12.99 9781592334148


1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cakes and Cookies Sandra Salamony & Gina M Brown Hardback £14.99 9781592536511



Passion is a Fashion The Real Story of The Clash Pat Gilbert Paperback £9.99 9781845134822


Amped The Illustrated History of the World’s Greatest Amplifiers Dave Hunter Hardback £22.99 9780760339725

1000 Steampunk Creations Dr. Grymm & Barbe Saint John Paperback £16.99 9781592536917

Sewing Clothes Kids Love Nancy Langdon & Sabine Pollehn Hardback £16.99 9781589234734

The Granny Square Book Margaret Hubert Hardback £16.99 9781589236387

Hello My Name is Amineko The Story of a Crafty Crochet Cat Nekoyama Paperback £10.99 9781589235717

The Art of Urban Sketching Drawing On Location Around The World Gabriel Campanario Paperback £17.99 9781592537259

Drawing Lab for MixedMedia Artists 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun Carla Sonheim Paperback £14.99 9781592536139

Making and Breaking the Grid A Graphic Design Layout Workshop Timothy Samara Paperback £16.99 9781592531257

Universal Principles of Design William Lidwell, Kritina Holden & Jill Butler Paperback £18.99 9781592535873





Jewellery Making Learn to Play the A Complete Course For Guitar Beginners Phil Capone Jinks McGrath Spiral-bound hardback Hardback £12.99 £14.99 9781845431884 9781845432386



The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating Autumn Carpenter Paperback £16.99 9781589236691



The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet Joni Marie Newman Paperback £14.99 9781592334766



Going Raw Judita Wignall Paperback £16.99 9781592536856



The Pasta Machine Cookbook Gina Steer Paperback £12.99 9781840924077





Wainwright Pictorial Guides Boxed Set Alfred Wainwright 7 x Hardback £99.99 9780711224612

Julia Bradbury’s Wainwright Walks Julia Bradbury Paperback £14.99 9780711233799

Fred Trueman The Authorised Biography Chris Waters Paperback £8.99 9781845137465


Ray Harryhausen An Animated Life Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton Paperback £18.99 9781845135010


The Barbed-Wire University Midge Gillies Paperback £8.99 9781845137779


The Most Dangerous Enemy A History of the Battle of Britain Stephen Bungay Paperback £10.99 9781845134815

Am I Alone in Thinking…? Unpublished Letters to the Editor Iain Hollingshead Hardback £9.99 9781845135027

Not in My Day, Sir Cricket Letters to the Daily Telegraph Martin Smith Hardback £14.99 9781845136260

Barefoot Running Step By Step Roy Wallack & Ken Bob Saxton Paperback £14.99 9781592334650

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs A Road Cyclist’s Guide to Britain’s Hills Simon Warren Paperback £8.99 9780711231207





Real Racers Formula 1 in the 1950s and 1960s Stuart Codling Hardback £27.50 9780760338919



Steve McQueen A Passion for Speed Frederic Brun Hardback £25.00 9780760342480



Moby Duck The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea Donovan Hohn Paperback £8.99 9781908526021



Common as Air Revolution, Art, and Ownership Lewis Hyde Hardback £16.99 9781908526045


Reading Like a Writer Francine Prose Paperback £10.99 9781908526076



The $12 Million Stuffed Shark The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art Don Thompson Paperback £8.99 9781845134075


1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas 71 2pac vs. Biggie 76 365 Guitars, Amps & Effects You Must Play 76 500 Indian Dishes 64 Acikgoz, Habibe 51 Adler, Renata 85 All New Square Foot Gardening II 66 Anthony, Clare 78 Antoun, Rob 63 Apple a Day, An 73 Art of BMW, The 70 Art of India, The 81 Art of the Doodle, The 73 Art of the Muscle Car, The 69 Askwith, Richard 42 A. Wainwright Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 29 Balanced Raw 67 Banksy 36 Barnes, Juliet 44 Barnes, Scott 62 Bartholomew, Mel 9, 66 Basan, Ghillie 64 Basti 83 Beautiful Tractors 7 Berman, Karen 73 Best, Flea, Antique, Vintage and New-style Markets in America, The 79 Best Gardens in Italy, The 21 Best Walks in the Yorkshire Dales 17 Big Jim 88 Blake, Mark 35 Blue Lady Dancing 59 Bodleian Libraries Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 28 Boggan, Steve 58 Bold and Beautiful 51 Boone, Lauri 67 Boursnell, Clive 9 Brabbs, Derry 5 Bradbury, Julia 14 British Library Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 29 British Mesozoic Fossils 80


Brontës at Haworth, The 22 Bryant, John 37 Bullen, J. B. 19 Burland, John 17 Burton, Anthony 47 Burton, Nick 6 Calcutta 57 Calderin, Jay 75 Calligraphy 51 Camden Market 19 Campbell, Sophie 45 Carpenter, Autumn 66 Celtic Warrior 91 Chaudhuri, Amit 57 Chelsea Flower Show: A Centenary Celebration 12 Chris Brasher 37 Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating 66 Complete Photo Guide to Metal Jewelry Making 66 Contemporary Upholstery 50 Cooperman, Jackie 79 Covent Garden Then and Now 9 Crash-Course Yoga 67 Cricket Lives from the Daily Telegraph 39 Criminal London 38 Crisis of the European Mind, The 86 Cross, Ruth 53 Cuffaro, Dan 74 Cupcake Decorating Lab 72 Cycling Science 15 Daly, Edward 90 Danks, Fiona 8 Daphne Du Maurier at Home 16 Davies, Caitlin 19 DeBlasio, Allison 71 Denton, Mark 17 Diary of a Man in Despair, The 84 Dinsdale, Ann 22 Doyle, Evan 88 Dublin 1913 92

Eagle of Toledo, The 42 Edmonds, William 18 Elliott, Brent 12 Ellsworth-Jones, Will 36 Embroidery 54 English Heritage Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 27 Evans, Poppy 75 Everything Goes With Ice Cream 71 Extinction 81 Face to Face 62 Feet in the Clouds 42 Fifth Avenue, 5am 34 Follow the Money 58 Food for Friends 91 Fotheringham, Alasdair 42 Freeman, Peter 7 Fullerton, Susannah 4 Gantriis, Peter 70 Gardens of Marrakesh 15 Gate, The 84 Gibney, John 90 Glaskin, Max 15 Glynn, David 62 Godfrey-Nicholls, Gaye 51 Godollei, Ruthann 76 God Save The Kinks 44 Going to the Dogs 83 Gowers, Tony 47 Graham, Richard H. 78 Granville, Gary 92 Gray, Angelica 15 Greasepaint and Cordite 38 Greatest Traitor, The 40 Great Extinctions, The 80 Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats Gone Global 68 Great Vegan Bean Book, The 68 Green, Aliza 72 Grimley, Chris 74 Gubler, Fritz 62 Hall of Uselessness, The 85 Handbag Book, The 78 Handstitched Home, The 54 Happily Ever After 4

Happy Home 50 Happy Valley 44 Harding, Mike 41 Harholdt, Peter 69 Hayden, Edward 91 Hazard, Paul 86 Hedeman Gueniau, Charlotte 50 Hellingen 13 Hermiston, Roger 40 Herrington, Sarah 67 Hester, Kathy 68 Hollington, Kris 38 Hollington, Nina 38 Horton Levesque, Kim 79 Howgills and Limestone Trail 20 How to Create Your Own Gig Posters, Band T-Shirts, CD Covers & Stickers 76 Hunter, Dave 76 Hunt, Roger 11 Husain, Intizar 83 Icelandic Handknits 77 Imperial War Museum Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 27 Indispensable Guide to Architecture, An 74 Indispensable Guide to Fashion Design, An 75 Indispensable Guide to Graphic Design, An 75 Indispensable Guide to Industrial Design, An 74 Indispensable Guide to Interior Design, An 74 Invitation for Me to Think, An 87 Ireland’s Coast 88 James Joyce Story, The 92 John Hunt 91 Johnson, Wendy J. 77 Jovanovic, Rob 44 Julia Bradbury’s Wainwright Walks 14 Kästner, Erich 83 Keech, Pamela 79 Kirwan, Gary 89 Klancher, Lee 69 Knitted Home, The 53

Kramer, Allyson 68 Krieger, Carsten 88 Kwei, Elanor 73 Lake District Landscape Photographer 7 Lee, Irina 75 Leigh, Tina 67 Leys, Simon 85 Little Book of Celtic Names, The 92 Little Bookroom Guide to New York City with Children, The 79 Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children, The 79 Litton, Helen 90 Llywelyn, Morgan 89 London Underground Poster Diary 2014 30 Long, Sophie 54 Love, Mimi 74 Lynch, Paddy 88 Mabey, Richard 17 Macadam, John 46 Macaskill, Hilary 16 Macfarlane, Robert 42 MacLeod, Norman 80 Mac Uistin, Liam 90 Magee, Judith 81 Magnusson, Helene 77 Malaparte, Curzio 86 Mannen, Rick 7 Marsocci, Joey 71 McCaw, Richie 37 McConville, Rory 88 McGarvey, Evan 76 McKay, Sinclair 43 McLeod, Kirsty 21 McMorrough, Julia 74 McPherson, William 83 Mei, Alessio 15 Mendel, David 86 Merriman, Andrew 38 Millmore, Paul 46 Mordaunt Crook, J. 6 Moss, Chris 47 Motorcycle Dream Garages 69 Moubray, Amicia de 10

National Railway Museum Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 28 National Trail Guides 46, 47 Natural History Museum 80 Newgrange 90 Newhardt, David 69 New York Review Abroad, The 87 Nicky Haslam’s Folly de Grandeur 52 North Downs Way 46 Northumberland Coast Path 47 O’Connell, Brian 91 O’Donnell, Ruán 89 Old House Eco Handbook 11 Once More With Feeling 39 O’Shea, Linda 74 Osmond, James 5 Our Plot 22 Parker, Steve 81 Pascale, Amy 39 Pigs Might Fly 35 Pitch Dark 85 Pitt, David 20 Pitt, Heather 20 Popcorn! 64 Potato Book, The 21 Powerful Plant-Based Superfoods 67 Price, Sandy 18 Proper Doctoring 86 Putt Like You Just Don’t Care 41 Quiet Paris 13 Raw & Simple 71 Real McCaw, The 37 Reck, Friedrich 84 Ridgeway, The 47 Robson, Andrea 64 Romans, Alan 21 Roth, Marco 56 Royal Ballet Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014, The 26





Royal Horticultural Society A Gardener’s Five Year Record Book 23 Royal Horticultural Society Desk Address Book and Diary 2014 24 Royal Horticultural Society Plant Notebook 23 Royal Horticultural Society Pocket Address Book and Diary 2014 24 Royal Horticultural Society Wild in the Garden Diary 2014 25 Royal Horticultural Society Wild in the Garden Three Year Notebook 25

Soupmaker’s Kitchen, The 72 South Downs Way 46 South West Coast Path: Exmouth to Poole 46 South West Coast Path: Minehead to Padstow 46 South West Coast Path: Padstow to Falmouth 46 Spade as Mighty as the Sword, The 35 Speedboat 85 Square Metre Gardening 9 SR-71 78 Stanton, Hannah 50 Steen, Celine 68 Suhr, Marianne 11

Salt Book, The 62 Sartin, John 66 Sartre, Jean-Paul 84 Saunders, Colin 46 Schofield, Jo 8 Scientists, The 56 Seán Heuston 90 Season, The 45 Secret Listeners, The 43 Segrave, Elisa 59 Sewing Machine Secrets 63 Sherin, Aaris 75 Short History of Ireland’s Famine, A 89 Short History of Ireland’s Rebels, A 89 Sieger, Robin 41 Silvers, Robert B. 87 Skin, The 86 Sliney, Will 91 Smarter Player’s Guide to Winning Tennis, The 63 Smith, Daniel 35 Smith, Martin 39 Somerset and Bristol 5 Soseki, Natsume 84

Tarr, Roland 46, 47 Teichroeb, Koralee 71 Terry Nation 34 Testing the Current 83 The Totterings’ Desk Diary 2014 31 Thibeault, Bridget 72 Thomas Hardy 19 Todd, Loreto 92 Tottering-by-Gently Tottering Hall Recipe Organiser 30 Turner, Alwyn W. 34 Twentieth Century Castles in Britain 10


Wainwright, Alfred 20 Family Walks in the Lake District: The Northern Fells 20 Wainwright’s Way 6 Wales Coast Path: Tenby– Swansea 47 Wall, Siobhan 13 Warner, Simon 22 Warren, Simon 13 Wasson, Sam 34 Weeds, Weeding and Darwin 18 We Have Only This Life to Live 84 Weiss, Jeff 76 West, Cleve 22 West Highland Way, The 47 Wheeler, Dan 74 White Lennon, Biddy 88 Whole Grain Vegan Baking 68 Wignall, Judita 71 Wild Food 88 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Desk Diary 2014 82 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Pocket Diary 2014 82 Wild Weather Book, The 8 William Burges 6 Winning a Losing Battle 89

Upton, Simon 52 Vasbinder, Nicole 63 Victoria & Albert Desk and Pocket Diaries 2014 26 Vintage and Antiques Fairs of England, The 18 Volpintesta, Laura 75 Vvedensky, Alexander 87 VW Camper Van, The 41

Yarn Works 77 Year in the Life of Rutland, A 5 Yorkshire Dales, The 17 Yorkshire Wolds Way 47 Zaksenberg, Isaac 74 Zapico, Alfonso 92 Zoob, Caroline 54

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