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The Halogen Oven Cookbook Delicious Recipes for Every Occasion Paul Brodel and Carol Beckerman

Steak can be served with a choice of sauces or plain if you prefer. We have chosen three of our favourite sauces – pepper sauce, blue cheese sauce and herb butter. 1 fillet steak 1 tbsp oil salt and freshly ground black pepper

Brush the steak with the oil and season to taste


with salt and pepper. Place on the round baking

To make a delicious Cajun

tray, set it on the high rack of the halogen oven

seasoning for steak, mix together

and cook at 260°C (500°F) for 5 minutes on each


Filet Mignon with a Trio of Sauces

⁄ tsp ground sea salt

Pepper Sauce ⁄ tsp crushed or coarsely ground black peppercorns 125 ml (4 fl oz) double cream 2 tbsp steak sauce pinch salt


1 tbsp paprika

prepare the sauce you’re using.

1 tbsp cayenne pepper

Blue Cheese Sauce 2 tbsp blue cheese, crumbled 125 ml (4 fl oz) double cream pinch freshly ground black pepper

the cooked steak. Cook for a further 5 minutes

Break the blue cheese into pieces, then mix with

Place the steak in a large bowl with

Herb Butter 2 tbsp butter, softened 2 tbsp freshly chopped parsley

the cream, season with pepper, pour over

1 small red onion, sliced, ⁄ tbsp

⁄ tsp garlic salt Pepper Sauce Mix together all the ingredients, and pour over at 260°C (500°F).

⁄ tbsp freshly ground black pepper ⁄ tbsp ground white pepper ⁄ tsp ground mustard ⁄ tsp pumpkin pie spice

Blue Cheese Sauce

1 tsp dried basil

cooked steak and cook for a further 5 minutes at

vegetable oil and 1 tbsp Cajun

260°C (500°F).

seasoning. Mix well. Allow to

Herb Butter

overnight. Place the marinated

Mix the butter and parsley together. Check the

steak with the onions on a round

marinate for at least 10 minutes or

Serves 1

steak is done and place a dollop of the butter on

oven tray, and cook on the high

top when ready to serve.

rack at 250°C (480°F) for: UÊ,>Ài\Êxʓˆ˜ÕÌiÃʜ˜Êi>V…ÊÈ`i UÊi`ˆÕ“\ÊÇʓˆ˜ÕÌiÃÊi>V…ÊÈ`i UÊ7iÊ`œ˜i\Ê£äʓˆ˜ÕÌiÃʜ˜Ê each side.


Almond French Toast with Crispy Bacon *VIRGLXSEWXEP[E]WQEOIWEKVIEXFVIEOJEWX-RXLMWVIGMTIXLI¾EZSYVSJEPQSRHWFPIRHW FIEYXMJYPP][MXLQETPIW]VYTERHFEGSRQEOMRKEHIPMGMSYWGSQFMREXMSR 8 strips bacon 75 g (3 oz) cups sliced almonds 2 large eggs 70 ml (2 ⁄ fl oz) whole milk 2 tbsp maple syrup, plus extra for serving 1 tbsp dark rum or Grand Marnier (optional) 4 (1 cm/ ⁄ in-thick) slices from a large brioche or challah loaf (or use 8 smaller slices) 3 tbsp unsalted butter icing sugar, to serve Serves 4

Lay the strips of bacon on the oven tray and


cook in the halogen oven on the high rack at

Substitute white soda bread or

190°C (375°F) for about 3 minutes each side,

raisin bread, and serve with

until crispy. Remove from the tray and keep

whipped cream and fresh mixed

warm while you make the French toast. Wipe

berries instead of bacon and maple

any remaining bacon grease off the oven tray.

syrup. You could also substitute

Spread the sliced almonds in a thin layer on




pecans or other nuts for the

a large plate. In a large shallow bowl, whisk

almonds, or dispense with

the eggs and milk together. Add the maple

them altogether.

syrup and rum (if using) and whisk again. Soak 1 slice of bread in the egg mixture and press lightly on top of the almonds. Turn over and press the other side into the almonds. Repeat with the other 3 slices. Melt half the butter on the oven tray on the high rack at 175°C (350°F) for 1–2 minutes, until foaming. Place two of the bread slices on the oven tray at a time, and cook on the high rack for 1 minute, turn the slices over, and cook for 3 minutes. Carefully turn again, and cook for another 2 minutes, or until golden brown and the nuts are slightly crispy at the edges. Watch carefully to make sure the almonds do not burn. Keep warm while you cook the other two slices, adding the extra butter as necessary. Serve 1 slice of French toast per person, sprinkled with a little icing sugar, and with 2 strips bacon.


March 2012 978 1 84543 447 2 £14.99 Hardback 144 pages 222 x 222 mm About the authors

Paul Brodel has worked as a food stylist on TV and for a lot of top TV chefs. Carol Beckerman is a freelance food writer and enthusiastic cook.

• A  comprehensive collection of inventive and delicious recipes • Features tried-and-tested dishes that will appeal to the whole family • Greatly reduces the amount of electricity needed to cook dinner • Halogen oven cooking is also a healthy option as far less fat is required to cook • Halogen ovens only cost about £40 and are a great alternative to using microwaves; they excel at broiling and roasting • Full colour photography throughout

Combining the speed of a conventional fan oven with the instant heat of the halogen to cook food more efficiently, the halogen oven is a boon to any kitchen. With more than 100 delicious recipes that really work, and stunning photography throughout, this book will inspire you to get the most from your halogen oven. A halogen oven is a very versatile piece of equipment, it does everything your normal oven would do, slightly quicker and certainly cheaper. The Halogen Oven Cookbook is a comprehensive collection of inventive and delicious recipes, designed to harness the potential of this wonderful kitchen appliance. With tried-and-tested dishes that will appeal to the whole family, you will be assured of success and you’ll get the perfect potatoes every time, whether baking, roasting or cooking fries. 3

500 Tapas Dishes

500 Ice Creams

The Only Compendium of Tapas Dishes You Will Ever Need

500 Desserts & Sweet Treats

Maria Segura

Wendy Sweetser

Alex Parker

deep-fried stuffed olives see variations page 64

Olives are one of the most common finger foods, but when stuffed, breaded and deep-fried, they are as far from ordinary as possible. 200 g (7 oz) cream cheese, at room temperature 100 g (3 ½ oz) ricotta cheese, at room temperature 1½ tsp lemon rind 20 stoned large green olives, rinsed and dried thoroughly

15 g (½ oz) fresh breadcrumbs 85 g (3 oz) plain flour 1 egg vegetable oil for deep-frying sea salt, for serving

In a small bowl, combine the cheeses and lemon rind. Place the cheese mixture into a piping bag. Pipe the mixture into each olive. Place the breadcrumbs in a food processor and blitz for about 1 minute until they have a very fine crumb texture. Place the flour in a small bowl. Lightly beat the egg in another small bowl and place the breadcrumbs in a third small bowl. Dredge the olives in the flour. Using a slotted spoon, remove the olives and place them in the bowl with the beaten egg. Coat the olives with the egg and transfer them to the bowl of breadcrumbs. Coat the olives with the crumbs. Fill a deep frying pan to half full with vegetable oil and heat to 190°C (375°F). Deep-fry the olives for 2–3 minutes, drain on kitchen paper, place into a serving dish and sprinkle with sea salt. Serves 4 48

tapas variadas (mixed tapas)

chicken cutlet with serrano ham & marsala see variations page 121

Serrano ham or “mountain ham” is a typical dry-cured Spanish ham. This means it is generally served raw in thin slices, but when cooked it crisps up beautifully, creating a rich salty flavour that complements the chicken, zingy lemon and herbs. 1 skinless and boneless chicken breast sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 1–2 slices Serrano ham 2 fresh sage leaves 1 lemon slice

1 tbsp plain flour 1 tbsp olive oil ½ tsp butter 125 ml (4 fl oz) dry Marsala wine

Place the chicken breast between pieces of waxed paper and, using a meat mallet or rolling pin, flatten to a thickness of about 6mm (1⁄4 inch). Season with salt and pepper. Lay a slice of ham on top of the chicken and place a sage leaf on top. Cover the sage with a slice of lemon and secure the whole thing with a cocktail stick. Lightly dust with flour on both sides. Heat the oil and butter in a frying pan. Cook the chicken for about 3 minutes on each side until golden brown and cooked through. Add the Marsala to the pan and quickly bubble down until thickened and reduced by about half. Transfer the chicken to a serving dish and pour the sauce on top.

Serves 4 108 pollo y pato (poultry tapas)

March 2012

April 2012 978 1 84543 459 5 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm About the author

Maria Segura trained at the renowned Leith School of Food and Wine in London and now works as a food writer and stylist.


• A  comprehensive compendium of 500 authentic tapas recipes from Spain • Includes tips on when and how to serve tapas • Features a mouth-watering assortment of tapas dishes, including fish, beef, pork, lamb, vegetables and desserts • A handy introduction covers the history and culture surrounding tapas as well as tapas basics, including equipment and techniques

Also available in this series:

Tapas are an integral part of the Spanish lifestyle. In the sun-drenched streets of Spain, the lively tapas bar hung with smoked Serrano hams provides a focal point for every community. This comprehensive compendium of tapas dishes enables you to bring a taste of Spanish culture into your life with hundreds of recipes to choose from for any occasion. Neither difficult nor timeconsuming to make, tapas can be served as a starter, quick snack, side order or as a complete and exotic meal.

978 1 84543 448 9 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

About the author

Wendy Sweetser trained at the Le Cordon Bleu schools in London and Paris, and has worked as the food editor for several leading magazines.

A good meal is never truly memorable unless it finishes with a spectacular dessert. Whether it’s a mile-high meringue or cheesecake or just a simple bowl of ice cream, few of us can resist a sweet treat before we leave the table. 500 Desserts & Sweet Treats has a recipe for everyone, whether your idea of a perfect pudding is something light and fruity or one that’s a bit more indulgent. Ranging from quick and easy everyday desserts to more elaborate recipes with more than a touch of the ‘wow’ factor, this is the ultimate cookbook for anyone with a sweet tooth.

May 2012

About the author

978 1 84543 467 0 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

Alex Parker enjoyed many years as Cookery Editor of Woman’s Own magazine and the highly successful Prima before launching and editing Let’s Cook magazine.

Ice creams, sorbets and iced desserts are among those childhood treats that you never grow out of, and with the fabulous array of ice cream makers on the market it’s unbelievably simple to make them at home. Learn everything you ever need to know about making iced desserts, and try your hand at making any one of the fabulous 500 recipes. Whether you’re a total chocolate fiend looking for the ultimate comfort fix in the shape of a sundae, or you’re on a low-fat, low-sugar diet and desperate for a treat that won’t ruin your good intentions, you’re sure to find it among these pages.


Ice Creams & Sorbet

Making Sweets

100 Perfect Ideas for Frozen Desserts

A Guide to Making Delicious Confectionery at Home

Carla Bardi

Nina Wanat

March 2012 978 1 84543 443 4 £10.99 Paperback 120 pages 254 x 210 mm About the author

Carla Bardi lives on a vineyard near Lake Bolsena, in central Italy. She is a prolific author who has published more than 20 popular cookbooks.


• Includes more than 100 recipes for delectable ice creams, sorbets and granitas, as well as a luscious selection of semifreddos and ice cream cakes • All recipes are rated 1 (simple), 2 (fairly simple) and 3 (challenging) • Features step-by-step instructions for basic vanilla ice cream for novice ice cream makers • Beautiful full-colour photography throughout

From yummy classics to classy trailblazers, here you will find 100 perfect ideas for frozen desserts. Classic recipes include Rum & Raisin, Rocky Road and Chocolate Chip ice creams; Lemon, Strawberry Yogurt, and Bitter Chocolate sorbets; Coffee and Lemon granitas; and Sicilian Cassata and Black Forest Ice Cream Cake. But you will also find some innovative recipes, such as Nutty Spumone, Basil Sorbet and Mojito Granita. Ice Creams & Sorbets features more than 100 delicious recipes, most of which are simple and require only basic skills and a few minutes to prepare. You’ll get the perfect result every time.

April 2012 978 1 84543 458 8 £12.99 Paperback 144 pages 254 x 215 mm About the author

Nina Wanat apprenticed with professional chocolatiers and, in 2007, founded BonBonBar Confections, which specialises in handmade candy bars, caramels and marshmallows.

• T eaches you how to transform familiar ingredients – such as sugar, butter and milk – into awe-inspiring confectionery • Recipes include a fine selection of chocolate truffles, caramels, toffee, jellies, nougat, lollipops, candied apples, mints, fudge, Turkish delights, pralines, marshmallows and more • Beautiful full-colour photography and step-bystep instructions throughout

Also available:

Welcome to the delectable world of handmade confectionery! From decadent Chocolate Fudge to light-asair Strawberry Lemonade Marshmallows, Nina Wanat makes making sweets easy for everyone. With step-by-step photos, she expertly guides you through readily available ingredients and tools as well as basic techniques such as tempering chocolate, hand-rolling truffles and cooking sugar syrup. Once you learn these simple methods, you’ll be ready to create irresistible sweets in your own kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a traditional sweet treat or a contemporary confection, something for a special occasion or to satisfy an everyday craving, there is a delicious and beautiful recipe in Making Sweets that’s just right for you! 7

Cookie Heaven

food and drink backlist

Hundreds of Divine Recipes to Take You to Baking Paradise Deborah Gray

[ Chocolate Cookies ]

[ Chocolate Cookies ]

Chocolate-Fudge Drops

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crunchy and chewy on the outside, soft and gooey in the middle, these are so easy to make, and so easy to eat!

TIP Turn the cooki e sheet around halfw ay through cooking if your oven does not cook evenly.

Preparation time: 15 minutes + 1 hour chilling Cooking time: 8–10 minutes 1 ⁄2 cup semisweet chocolate chips 1 ⁄3 cup + 1 tbsp. butter 2 eggs 3 ⁄4 cup sugar 4 tbsp. flour 1 ⁄2 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. salt 1

In a large saucepan, melt the butter and chocolate chips, and mix in the sugar, stirring until dissolved. Allow to cool a little, before beating in the eggs. Add the flour, baking powder, and salt and mix to combine.

Huge cookies, the ultimate indulgence, a cookie packed with 3 types of chocolate. Make as large as you dare.

11⁄2 cups flour 1 ⁄2 tsp. baking powder pinch of salt 1 stick slightly salted butter, softened 1 ⁄2 cup light brown sugar 1 ⁄2 tbsp. honey

TIP This recipe can be used to make 6 giant coffeeshop-sized cookies.

Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 18–20 minutes 1 egg 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 ⁄2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 ⁄2 cup milk chocolate chips 1 ⁄2 cup white chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 325˚F. Grease two cookie sheets or line with nonstick baking parchment. Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together into a bowl. Beat together the softened butter and light brown sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in the egg, vanilla, and honey. Stir in the flour mixture and all of the chocolate. Mix all the ingredients together until they are just combined.

Allow mixture to firm up in a cool place for at least an hour. Preheat oven to 350˚F. Grease two cookie sheets or line with nonstick baking parchment. Using a small ice cream scoop, place balls of the mixture on the prepared baking sheets.

Drop about 2 tablespoonfuls of the dough spaced 2–3 inches apart on cookie sheets. Bake the cookies for 18–22 minutes, depending on their size. Transfer them to a wire rack to cool. Once completely cool, store in an airtight container.

Bake for 8–10 minutes, until the outsides of the cookies are just cooked. The insides will be a little soft, like a good brownie.Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. Store in an airtight container for up to a week, or freeze for up to 3 months.

Makes 10–12

Makes about 30


500 Cookies


Philippa Vanstone [ Chocolate Cookies ]

[ Chocolate Cookies ]

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Chocolate Rugelach

A nice late-in-the-day cookie.

A traditional Jewish cookie much loved by children.


Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes 11⁄2 cups all-purpose flour 1 ⁄4 tsp. baking powder pinch of salt 1 ⁄4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 ⁄3 cup light brown sugar 1 ⁄3 cup granulated sugar

1 stick slightly salted butter, softened 1 egg 1 tsp. mint extract 2 ⁄3 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 300˚F. Grease two cookie sheets or line with nonstick baking parchment. Sift the flour, baking powder, salt, and cocoa into a bowl and set aside. In a separate bowl, beat together the sugars and butter until light. Beat in the eggs and mint extract until thoroughly blended. Add the flour mixture and chocolate chips, and mix well to combine. Do not over mix. Drop rounded tablespoonfuls of the mixture onto the cookie sheets spaced 11⁄2 inches apart. Bake for 20 minutes until lightly golden. Transfer to a cool flat surface. When completely cool, store in an airtight container.

t You can buy gourme chips, mint chocolate which would be recipe. delicious in this Alternatively make a bar or your own from chocolate.

TIP Instead of sprinkli ng the apricot preserv es with chopped chocola te, use the same quantity of chopped pecans.

Preparation time: 45 minutes + 1-2 hours chilling Cooking time: 20 minutes 2 cups strong flour pinch of salt 1 stick slightly salted butter, softened 1 ⁄2 cup cream cheese 1 ⁄4 cup soured cream 3 tbsp. superfine sugar 1 egg, separated 2 ⁄3 cup apricot preserve 3 oz semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped 2 tbsp. superfine sugar Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Put the flour with the butter, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, and egg yolk in a food processor. Process until a soft dough forms. Shape dough into a ball and flatten into a disk. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1–2 hours.

978 1 84543 073 3 £9.99 Hardback 360 pages 150 x 150 mm

Preheat oven to 350˚F. Grease two cookie sheets or line with nonstick baking parchment.

500 Cupcakes & Muffins

500 Cakes

500 Pies & Tarts

500 Cheeses

Susannah Blake

Rebecca Baugniet

Roberta Muir

978 1 84543 314 7 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 218 8 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 338 3 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

500 Casseroles & Stews

500 Slow Cooker Dishes

500 Baby & Toddler Foods

500 Salads

Rebecca Baugniet

Carol Beckerman

Beverley Glock

978 1 84543 328 4 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 414 4

978 1 84543 415 1





288 pages

288 pages

150 x 150 mm

150 x 150 mm

Fergal Connolly 978 1 84543 095 5 £9.99 Hardback 360 pages 150 x 150 mm

On a lightly floured surface, roll out one quarter of the dough to 1⁄8-inch thick. Using a plate as a guide, cut the dough into a 10-inch circle. Spread with 3 tablespoons of apricot preserve, leaving a small border around the edge. Sprinkle with the chopped chocolate.

Makes about 18

Cut this round into 12 equal-sized wedges. Starting at the widest end, roll up each wedge jelly rollstyle. Put on the cookie sheet spaced 1 inch apart. Beat the egg white with 1 tablespoon of water, and brush each roll with a little of the egg and water. Sprinkle each roll with a little sugar. Repeat with the remaining dough. Bake until puffed and golden-brown. Turn the cookie sheet around halfway through cooking. Cool on the cookie sheet for a few minutes then transfer to a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

Makes about 60 100

April 2012 978 1 84543 460 1 £12.99 PLC 256 pages 220 x 200 mm About the author

Deborah Gray is a highly experienced writer and editor who lives in Wiltshire, UK. She is the author of The Green Website Guide for Better Living and Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy.


• H  undreds of cookie recipes from around the world - bursting with mouth-watering flavours • All the background information on the art of cookie baking to turn you into a master of the art, including ingredients, making, baking and decorating cookies • Includes a wide variety of savoury and healthy cookies for those with special dietary requirements, or simply less of a sweet tooth • Beautiful full-colour photography throughout

Also available:


Is there anything on Earth better than the smell of freshly baked cookies? Cookie Heaven is filled to the brim with hundreds of divine recipes to provide eternal inspiration. This beautifully illustrated volume explores variations from the classic to the extravagant, quirky and indulgent. With just a few storecupboard ingredients, homemade cookies are the ultimate no-fuss treat, prepared in minutes, and guaranteed a rapturous welcome. From Celestial Cloud Cookies to Fudgy Chocolate Fingers, and from saintly Wheat-free Shortbread to mystical Monkey Puzzles, Cookie Heaven is a baker’s paradise.

500 appetizers

Susannah Blake 978 1 84543 174 7 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

Susannah Blake 978 1 84543 352 9 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm


food and drink backlist

500 Asian Dishes

500 Italian Dishes

Ghillie Basan

Valentina Sforza

978 1 84543 369 7 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

500 Juices & Smoothies

Christine Watson 978 1 84543 261 4 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm


500 Mediterranean Dishes

500 Fish & Seafood Dishes

500 Breakfasts & Brunches

Valentia Sforza

Judith Fertig

Carol Beckerman

978 1 84543 382 6 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 380 2 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 381 9 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

500 Cocktails

500 Beers

500 Red Wines

Wendy Sweetser

Zak Avery

Christine Austin

978 1 84543 271 3 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 337 6 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 331 4 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 368 0 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

500 Soups

The Only Soup Compendium You'll Ever Need Susannah Blake

500 Pizzas & Flatbreads

The Only Pizza and Flatbread Compendium You'll Ever Need

500 Vegan Dishes

The Only Compendium of Vegan Dishes You'll Ever Need

100 Fondant Models for Cake Decorators

Designs for Special Celebrations Helen Penman

978 1 84543 181 5 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

Rebecca Baugniet

Deborah Gray

978 1 84543 270 6 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

978 1 84543 416 8 £9.99 Hardback 288 pages 150 x 150 mm

Barista Coffee

Cake Decorating Motifs

Cake Decorating Skills

The Complete BOOK OF SUSHI

Tracey Mann

Hideo Dekura, Brigid Treloar and Ryuichi Yoshii

Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee and Delicious Cakes to Eat with It

150 Designs for Making Your Cake Unique

Michelle Finn

Sheila Lampkin

978 1 84543 426 7 £14.99 Spiral-bound PLC 192 pages 255 x 160 mm

978 1 84543 173 0 £12.99 Spiral-bound hardback 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

978 1 84543 420 5 £12.99 PLC 176 pages 203 x 201 mm

978 1 84543 405 2 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

978 1 84543 066 5 £16.99 Hardback 240 pages 280 x 230 mm

The Art of Preserving

From Jams and Jellies to Chutneys and Pickles Rick Field and Rebecca Courchesne 978 1 84543 388 8 £16.99 Hardback 240 pages 254 x 216 mm

The complete bread Machine Book

Delicious & Nourishing Home Bake Recipes at the Touch of a Switch Marjie Lambert 978 1 84092 382 7 £16.99 Hardback 240 pages 279 x 216 mm


food and drink backlist

The Connoisseur’s Guide to Coffee

Discover the World’s Most Exquisite Coffee Beans Jon Thorn 978 1 84543 143 3 £12.99 Paperback 160 pages 229 x 154 mm

Food Presenting Secrets

Discover the World’s Finest Whiskies

Cupcake Heaven

Hundreds of Divine Recipes to Take You to Baking Heaven

Helen Arthur

Edited by Jennie Milsom

978 1 84543 275 1 £12.99 Paperback 160 pages 229 x 154 mm

978 1 84543 383 3 £12.99 PLC 256 pages 220 x 200 mm

The Golden Book of Baking

The Golden Book of Chocolate

An Enthusiast’s Guide to Homebrew Beers

Making Ales, Lagers and Unique Hybrid Styles Sam Calagione 978 1 84543 165 5 £14.99 Flexi-bind 176 pages 255 x 205 mm

The Golden Book of Cookies

Creative Styling Techniques

Over 300 Great Recipes

Over 300 Great Recipes

Over 300 Great Recipes

Cara Hobday & Jo Denbury

Rachel Lane, Ting Morris and Carla Bardi

Carla Bardi and Claire Pietersen

Carla Bardi

978 1 84543 335 2 £14.99 PLC 176 pages 203 x 203 mm


The Connoisseur’s Guide to Whisky

978 1 84543 394 9 £20.00 Hardback 704 pages 210 x 160 mm

978 1 84543 267 6 £19.99 Hardback 704 pages 212 x 160 mm

978 1 84543 340 6 £20.00 Hardback 704 pages 212 x 160 mm

The fondue cookbook

80 No-Fuss Fondue Recipes for Fun Entertaining Gina Steer 978 1 84092 202 8 £12.99 Hardback 80 pages 222 x 222 mm

The Golden Book of Desserts

Over 250 Great Recipes Carla Bardi and Rachel Lane

978 1 84543 428 1 £20.00 Hardback 608 pages 210 x 160 mm

The Golden Book of Cooking

Making Fine Chocolates

Over 250 Great Recipes and Techniques

Flavour-Infused Chocolates, Truffles and Confections

Carla Bardi and Rachel Lane

Andrew Garrison Shotts

978 1 84543 418 2 £20.00 Hardback 704 pages 210 x 160 mm

978 1 84543 194 5 £14.99 Flexibind 176 pages 203 x 254 mm

Ice Cream Machine Book

Frozen Delights from Homemade Ice Creams and Sorbets to Sauces and Desserts Rosemary Moon 978 1 84543 099 3 £14.99 Hardback 128 pages 279 x 216 mm

Making Fresh Pasta

Delicious Handmade, Homemade Recipes Aliza Green 978 1 84543 434 2 £14.99 Flexi-bind 176 pages 254 x 203 mm

Jams, Jellies & Marmalades

Step-by-Step Recipes for Home Preserving Maggie Mayhew 978 1 84543 283 6 £8.99 Hardback 132 pages 219 x 165 mm


Delicious Recipes for a Healthy Life Carla Bardi 978 1 84543 397 0 £12.99 Paperback 320 pages 225 x 185 mm

Kitchen Knife Skills

Alison Thompson

Marianne Lumb

978 1 84543 410 6 £9.99 Paperback 86 pages 219 x 200 mm

Techniques for Carving, Boning, Slicing, Chopping, Dicing, Mincing, Filleting


978 1 84543 334 5 £14.99 PLC 176 pages 203 x 203 mm

The pasta machine Cookbook

100 Simple and Delicious Home Pasta-Making Recipes Gina Steer 978 1 84092 407 7 £13.99 Paperback 128 pages 279 x 216 mm

Pickles, Relishes & Chutneys

Step-by-Step Recipes for Home Preserving Catherine Atkinson

978 1 84543 284 3 £9.99 Hardback 132 pages 219 x 165 mm


The Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Homemade Meals in Minutes

More than 170 Delicious Recipes

Torie Ritchie

Patrica Green and Carolyn Hemming

978 1 84543 431 1 £10.99 Hardback 112 pages 210 x 186 mm

The slow cooker cookbook


Quinoa: The Everyday Superfood

978 1 84543 417 5 £14.99 Paperback 198 pages 254 x 210 mm

Smoothie Heaven


Simple, Authentic Recipes for Everyday Cooking Domenica Marchetti 978 1 84543 441 0 £12.99 Paperback 224 pages 244 x 185 mm

steam cooking

Maximum Flavour with Minimum Fuss

Hundreds of Divine Recipes to Take You to Smoothie Heaven

100 Delicious and Healthy Food Recipes for all Steamers

Gina Steer

Wendy Sweetser

Jenny Stacey

978 1 84092 332 2 £12.99 Hardback 144 pages 246 x 190 mm

978 1 84543 384 0 £12.99 PLC 220 x 200 mm

978 1 84092 327 8 £12.99 Paperback 128 pages 279 x 216 mm

Sandwiches, Panini & Wraps

100 Great Recipes Stefania Corsi 978 1 84543 419 9 £10.99 Paperback 120 pages 210 x 254 mm


Sensational Party Cakes

Fun and Fancy Cake Decorating Ideas Romana Gardani 978 1 84543 392 5 £14.99 Paperback 128 pages 290 x 230 mm

Whoopie Pies

The Healthiest Foods on the Planet

Creamy, Dreamy Delights

Tonia Reinhard

Viola Goren

978 1 84543 379 6 £12.99 Paperback 256 pages 240 x 195 mm

978 1 84543 430 4 £12.99 Hardback 144 pages 220 x 203 mm


food and drink backlist

The Wood Handbook


An Illustrated Guide to 100 Decorative Real Woods and Their Uses Nick Gibbs 1110126-RWB p034-041_US-Q7_4c:1


3:30 PM

Page 38

38 WOOD DIRECTORY Wood Selector

Cedrela odorata West Indian cedar Spanish cedar page 78

Cedrus libani Cedar of Lebanon page 80

Chlorophora excelsa Iroko page 82

Cordia dodecandra Ziricote

Cordia elaeagnoides Bocote page 86

Juglans cinerea Butternut page 125

Juglans nigra Black walnut page 126

Juglans regia English walnut European walnut page 128

Kunzea ericoides Kunzea Tea tree page 130

Laburnum anagyroides Laburnum page 131

Cybistax donnell-smithii Primavera

Dalbergia cearensis Kingwood page 88

Dalbergialatifolium latifolia Dalbergia Indian rosewood page 90

Dalbergia nigra Brazilian rosewood page 92

Dalbergia retusa Cocobolo

Larix decidua European larch page 132

Larix occidentalis Western larch page 133

Liriodendron tulipifera Tuliptree American whitewood

Lovoa trichilioides African tigerwood Tigerwood page 136

Magnolia grandifolia Southern magnolia Magnolia page 138

Dalbergia stevensonii Honduras rosewood page 96

Diospyros celebica Macassar ebony page 98

Diospyros crassiflora African ebony page 100

Dyera costulata Jelutong

Entandrophragma cylindricum Sapele page 104

Malus sylvestris Apple

Metopium brownii Chechen

Microberlinia brazzavillensis Zebrawood page 142

Millettia laurentii Wenge page 144

Nothofagus cunninghamii Tasmanian myrtle page 146

Eucalyptus marginata Jarrah

Euxylophora paraensis Pau amarello

Fagus grandiflora American beech page 110

Fagus sylvatica European beech page 112

Fraxinus americana White ash page 114

Ocotea rodiaei Greenheart

Paraberlinia bifoliolata Beli

Paratecoma peroba White peroba

Guibourtia demeusei Bubinga

Ilex opaca American Hollyholly page 124

Picea sitchensis Sitka spruce page 158

Pinus monticola Western white pine page 159

Pinus palustris Longleaf pinepine Southern yellow page 160

page 87

page 106

Fraxinus excelsior European ash page 116

page 108

Gossypiospermum praecox Guaiacum officinale Lignum-vitae Maracaibo boxwood Lignum vitae page 120 page 118

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52 WOOD DIRECTORY Principal Woods


3:36 PM

page 84

page 102

page 122

page 139

page 140

page 134

Nothofagus Ochroma Nothofagusmenziesii menziesii Ochroma pyramidale pyramidale New Zealand silver beech Balsa wood New Zealand Balsa page 147 page silver beech page 148 148 page 147

Peltogyne species Purpleheart page 154

Pericopsis elata Afrormosia page 156

page 150

page 152

page 153

Page 52

Afzelia cuanzensis quanzensis Afzelia

page 94

Alnus Alnusglutinosa glutinosa


DIRECTORY WOODWOOD DIRECTORY 53 Temperate Hardwoo Temperate Hardwood

Common alder Common alder





F(/<C=>+,6/  969<90>2/,/=> 969?<90>2/,/=> F F969<90>2/,/=>

F9+<=/>/B>?</ ?66=>996= F?66=>996=

F 1 Stable F 1 Straight-grained F 1Economical

Some small defects F 1 %97/=7+66./0/->= Fibrous F 1 3,<9?= Only small sizes F 1 !86C=7+66=3D/=


+@+36+,6/ available

1001 Ideas for Bathrooms

The Art of Flower Arranging

The Ultimate Sourcebook

Simple and Stylish Designs

Jerri Farris

Ansia Kohrs

COARSE ALTERNATIVE TO REAL REAL MAHOGANY MAHOGANY ALTERNATIVE TO =98/90>2/7+8CA99.=>2+>3=?=/.>9373>+>/ =98/90>2/7+8CA99.=>2+>3=?=/.>9373>+>/ 7+291+8C+0D/63+3=90>/8?=/.+=+8?7,</66+8+7/09< 7+291+8C+0D/63+3=90>/8?=/.+=+8?7,</66+8+7/09< +66>2/</6+>/.=:/-3/=>3=</6+>3@/6C-9+<=/38>/B>?</ +66>2/</6+>/.=:/-3/=>3=</6+>3@/6C-9+<=/38>/B>?</ +8.89>/+=C>9?=/+=3>-+8.?66>996/.1/=;?3-56C+8. +8.89>/+=C>9?=/+=3>-+8.?66>996/.1/=;?3-56C+8. 2+==97/38>/<69-53811<+38>2+=@/<C9:/8:9</=+8. 2+==97/38>/<69-53811<+38>2+=@/<C9:/8:9</=+8. 29A/@/<.3631/8>6CC9?=+8.79</A366+::/+<=9>2/ 29A/@/<.3631/8>6CC9?=+8.79</A366+::/+<=9>2/ =?<0+-/8//.=>9,/0366/.09<+><+.3>398+6:/<0/->6C=799>2 =?<0+-/8//.=>9,/0366/.09<+><+.3>398+6:/<0/->6C=799>2 0383=2&2/</3=63>>6/1<+38:+>>/<8381,?>+0D/63+=</+6 0383=2&2/</3=63>>6/1<+38:+>>/<8381,?>+0D/63+=</+6 =></81>23=>2+>3>3=@/<C=3736+<38-969<>9>2/,/=> =></81>23=>2+>3>3=@/<C=3736+<38-969?<>9>2/,/=> 7+291+8CSwietenia mahogani9< 7+291+8CSwietenia mahogani 9< 9<S. macrophylla macrophylla 9<S. KEY CHARACTERISTICS

Type&<9:3-+62+<.A99. Type&<9:3-+62+<.A99. &<9:3-+62+<.A99. Other names2+80?>+:9.7+291+8C7+291+8C,/+8 names 2+80?>+:9.7+291+8C7+291+8C,/+8 2+80?>+:9.7+291+8C7+291+8C,/+8 -2+80?>3:/?67+2983+75/2637+5963 -2+80?>3:/?67+2983+75/263 Related species A. bipindensisA. bipindensisA. bipindensis A. pachylobaA. pachylobaA. pachyloba A. africana Sources -<9===?,%+2+<+80<3-+ Sources-<9===?,%+2+<+80<3-+ -<9===?,%+2+<+80<3-+ Color Colour3.</..3=2,<9A8 3.</..3=2,<9A8 Texture 9+<=/,?>?8309<7 Grain %><+312>,?>+6=938>/<69-5381 Grain%><+312>,?>+6=938>/<69-5381 %><+312>,?>+6=938>/<69-5381 Hardness /.3?7 Hardness/.3?7 /.3?7 Weight /+@C 51-?7 6,-?0> /+@C 6,-?0> 51-?7 AVAILABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY

6>29?12A. cuanzensis 6>29?12A. 3=89>63=>/.+=/8.+81/</. quanzensis3=89>63=>/.+=/8.+81/</. </6+>/.=:/-3/=+</-9?8>/.+=@?68/<+,6/>9/B>38->398 </6+>/.=:/-3/=+</-9?8>/.+=@?68/<+,6/>9/B>38->398 +8.3>7+C,/@/<C.3003-?6>>93./8>30CA23-2C9?+</ +8.3>7+C,/@/<C.3003-?6>>93./8>30CA23-2C9?+</ ,?C3810D/63+3=89>A3./6C+@+36+,6/,?>=29?6.89> ,/>99/B:/8=3@/&2/</2+@/,//8</:9<>=90=?::63/= ,/>99/B:/8=3@/&2/</2+@/,//8</:9<>=90=?::63/= 0<97=?=>+38+,6/=9?<-/=,?>>2/</3=63>>6//@3./8-/90 0<97=?=>+38+,6/=9?<-/=,?>>2/</3=63>>6//@3./8-/90 -/<>303/.=>9-5

Key uses

May 2012 978 1 84543 463 2 ÂŁ12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 185 x 145 mm About the author

Nick Gibbs was the editor of Woodworker magazine before he launched Good Woodworking, a ground-breaking title that became Britainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bestselling woodworking magazine.


â&#x20AC;˘ N  ew revised edition â&#x20AC;˘ Clear, illustrated advice on buying and storing timber, and converting your own trees into boards â&#x20AC;˘ Looks at sustainability, with an introduction to key issues and the main certifying bodies â&#x20AC;˘ The authoritative â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;wood selectorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; section features the 100 most widely used woods, with photographs of each

Also available:

Interior Furniture

Joinery General joinery Interior trim

UTILITY LUMBER WITHPINK PINKHUE HUE TIMBER WITH 97798+6./<3=98/90>29=/@/<=+>36/6?7,/<=>2+>+</ Common alder is one of those versatile timbers that 89>90>/8?=/.,C29,,CA99.A9<5/<=9</@/8 are not often used by hobby woodworkers, or even :<90/==398+60?<83>?</7+5/<=,?>3>3=/7:69C/.387+== professional furniture makers, but it is employed in mass :<9.?->398+8.4938/<C>=/+=98=A/663==>+,6/38?=/ production and joinery. It seasons well, is stable in use +8.3=8/3>2/<=><98189<A/+5&29?12+6./<3=</6+>3@/6C and is neither strong nor weak. Though alder is relatively /+=C>9A9<53>=03,<9?=8+>?</7/+8=>2+>C9?A3668//. easy to work, its fibrous nature means that you will need >95//:-?>>/<==2+<:>9=2+:/+199.:<9036/9</.1/> to keep cutters sharp to shape a good profile or edge. It =>+38=+8.0383=2/=A/66,?>89>>9+23126?=>/<=+ stains and finishes well, but not to a high lustre. As a </=?6>3>>/8.=>9,/?=/.09<?>363>C:?<:9=/=:+<>3-?6+<6C result it tends to be used for utility purposes, particularly >?<8/.3>/7=,/-+?=/3>>?<8=A/666./<>/8.=89>>9 turned items, because it turns well. Alder tends not to 1<9A@/<C6+<1/=9,9+<.A3.>2=7+C,/6373>/.+8. grow very large, so board widths may be limited, and >2/</3=+<3=590-?::381 there is a risk of cupping. KEY CHARACTERISTICS

Type Temperate &/7:/<+>/2+<.A99. hardwood Other names 6+-5+6./<1<+C+6./<?<9:/+8+6./< Black alder, grey alder, Japanese alder Related species A. incana Sources ?<9:/,?>+6=9 9<>20<3-++8.+:+8 Europe, but also North Africa and Japan Color "Pale +6/:385C-</+7+>>37/=+679=>A23>/,?> Colour"+6/:385C-</+7+>>37/=+679=>A23>/,?> pinky cream, at times almost white, but =97/>37/=+6312></.,<9A8 sometimes a light red-brown Texture Fine 38/+8.?8309<7 and uniform Grain Straight Hardness Medium Weight Medium /.3?7

6,-?0> 51-?7 (530 kg/cu. m) (33 lb./cu. ft.) AVAILABILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY

97798+6./<3=89>A3./6C+@+36+,6/,?>3>3= Common alder is not widely available, but it is 38/B:/8=3@/+8.89>>2</+>/8/. inexpensive and not threatened.

Key uses

Utility Handles Utensils

978 1 84543 258 4 ÂŁ16.99 Paperback 240 pages 279 x 216 mm

978 1 84543 374 1 ÂŁ10.99 Paperback 128 pages 260 x 195 mm

the complete potter

the complete stained Glass course

Beautiful Rings

Stylish and Imaginative Projects Marthe Le Van 978 1 84543 409 0 ÂŁ12.99 Hardback 138 pages 229 x 203 mm

Luxury & leisure Toys Joinery Store interiors Interior trim

The Chinese Brush Painting Sourcebook

Over 200 Exquisite Motifs to Recreate with Step-by-Step Instructions Jane Dwight 978 1 84543 172 3 ÂŁ14.99 Spiral-bound hardback 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

The Complete Book of Sewing

Essential Tips and Techniques for You and Your Home Beth Baumgartel

978 1 84543 346 8 ÂŁ16.99 Spiral-bound PLC 288 pages 254 x 229 mm

The Wood Handbook is aimed at anyone working with wood. Woodworkers, crafters, and interior designers will open this book to learn more about the wood they regularly use or to discover species they hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t previously considered. Find out how trees are converted into boards and veneer, how some of the remarkable natural effects occur and which wood can be bought from sustainable sources. Packed with advice on buying and storing timber, this authoritative guide features photographs of each wood in detail and to scale, enabling the true beauty of the grain to shine through.

The Complete Reference to Tools, Materials and Techniques

How to Master Every Major Glasswork Technique

Steven Mattison

Lynette Wrigley

978 1 84092 363 6 ÂŁ16.99 Paperback 224 pages 265 x 190 mm

978 1 84092 274 5 ÂŁ14.99 Paperback 160 pages 305 x 229 mm

The Crochet Handbook & STITCH GUIDE

Ruth Patrick 978 1 84543 407 6 ÂŁ12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 192 pages 195 x 145 mm

the encyclopaedia of flower arranging techniques

Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2C6;Visual Guide to Creating Arrangements for All Occasions

the encyclopedia of knitting

A Step-by-Step Visual Guide With an Inspirational Gallery of Finished Works

Marcia Hurst

Lesely Stanfield and Melody Griffith

978 1 84092 423 7 ÂŁ12.99 Paperback 176 pages 222 x 222 mm

978 1 84092 290 5 ÂŁ12.99 Paperback 160 pages 222 x 222 mm



Fabulous Earrings

Stylish and Imaginative Projects Marthe Le Van 978 1 84543 393 2 £12.99 Hardback 140 pages 229 x 203 mm

Knit & Wrap


The Home Colours Sourcebook: Neutrals

200 Colour Schemes for the Home Alice Buckley 978 1 84543 274 4 £12.99 Sprial-bound hardback 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

The Lighting Bible

25 Capelets, Cowls and Collars

Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

Nathalie Mornu

Lucy Martin

978 1 84543 403 8 £10.99 Paperback 120 pages 216 x 216 mm

978 1 84543 357 4 £14.99 Spiral-bound Hardback 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Home Sewing Couture Techniques

Creating DesignerQuality Fashion Kenneth D. King 978 1 84543 307 9 £12.99 Paperback 176 pages 254 x 216 mm

making handbags

Jewellery Making

A Complete Course for Beginners

Mosaic Artist’s Technique Bible

Paper Folding Templates

Over 50 Techniques for Creating EyeCatching Designs

A Step-by-Step Guide

978 1 84543 238 6 £14.99 Hardback 144 pages 222 x 222 mm

Elizabeth Oliver

978 1 84543 281 2 £12.99 Spiral-bound hardback 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Trish Witkowski

Me and My Sewing Machine

The mosaic artist’s sourcebook

Sketching and Drawing

Start Making Jewellery

Jinks McGrath

Retro, Chic, Luxurious

A Beginner’s Guide

E Goldstein-Lynch, S Mullins and N Malone

Kate Haxell

978 1 84092 368 1 £12.99 Paperback 128 pages 280 x 215 mm

Jewellery making techniques book

978 1 84543 353 6 £12.99 Paperback 128 pages 260 x 210 mm

978 1 84092 336 0 £12.99 Paperback 128 pages 265 x 190 mm

Over 300 Traditional and Contemporary Designs Teresa Mills 978 1 84543 000 9 £14.99 Spiral-bound hardback 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Teresa Mills

Folding Solutions for Brochures, Invitations and Flyers

978 1 84543 435 9 £14.99 Flexi-bind 192 pages 220 x 170 mm

Paper New York

Build Your Own Big Apple Kell Black 978 1 84543 396 3 £10.99 PLC 48 pages 280 x 225 mm


Simple Drills & Skills for Beginners

Make Your Own Beautiful Jewellery

Making Cute and Cuddly Sock Creatures

Matt Pagett

Nicola Hurst

Brenna Maloney

978 1 84543 399 4 £12.99 Paperback & sketching pad inside a PLC 128 pages plus 100-page pad 210 x 145 mm

978 1 84543 221 8 £12.99 Hardback 128 pages 280 x 215 mm

978 1 84543 437 3 £10.99 Paperback 144 pages 241 x 190 mm

The Perfect fit

A Practical Guide to Adjusting Patterns for a Professional Finish 978 1 84543 058 0 £10.99 Paperback 128 pages 210 x 275 mm

Scarf Style

A Beginner’s Guide to Knitting Scarves Marie Connolly 978 1 84543 408 3 £12.99 Paperback 144 pages 254 x 215 mm

the potter’s guide to ceramic surfaces

Decorate Your Ceramic Pieces by Adding Colour, Texture and Pattern Jo Connell

978 1 84092 360 5 £16.99 Hardback 160 pages 280 x 215 mm

Stylish Skirts

Learn How to Sew, Customise and Style Your Very Own Skirts Patti Gilstrap and Seryn Potter 978 1 84543 439 7 £10.99 Paperback 128 pages 228 x 176 mm



Annie Obaachan

Annie Obaachan

978 1 84543 404 5 £10.99 Paperback 144 pages 246 x 190 mm

978 1 84543 348 2 £10.99 Paperback 144 pages 246 x 190 mm

Two In one jewellery

The Wood Carving Bible

Projects to Practice & Inspire Madeline Coles 978 1 84092 197 7 £14.99 Spiral-bound hardback 128 pages 286 x 225 mm


Super Cute

25 Amigurumi Animals to Make

Techniques and Projects for Beautiful Creations in Wood Antony Denning 978 1 84543 433 5 £14.99 Spiral-bound PLC 192 pages 195 x 145 mm

Tasty Cute

Sweet Nothings

25 Amigurumi Gourmet Treats to Make

Sew Your Own Camis, Undies & Other Lingerie

Annie Obaachan

Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader

978 1 84543 427 4 £10.99 Paperback 144 pages 246 x 190 mm

two in one woodturning

978 1 84543 363 5 £16.99 Spiral-bound PLC with patterns 132 pages 229 x 229 mm

Woodworker’s Joint Book

Projects to Practice and Inspire

The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery

Phil Irons

Terrie Noll

978 1 84092 243 1 £14.99 Spiral-bound hardback 128 pages 286 x 225 mm

978 1 84543 189 1 £16.99 Spiral-bound hardback 192 pages 195 x 145 mm


A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Beautiful Customised Garments 978 1 84543 057 3 £10.99 Paperback 128 pages 210 x 275 mm

The Woodworker’s TechniqueS Bible

Paul Forrester 978 1 84543 312 3 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 195 x 145 mm


Scary Cute

25 Amigurumi Monsters to Make

Timeless Makeup

Yoga & Pilates Home Workouts: Get Fit For Free!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Looking Younger

80 Step-by-Step Exercises, 140 Personalized Workouts

Rae Morris

Angie Newson

Clear step-by-step photographs of the 80 exercises included are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions

Target speciďŹ c muscle groups and tone your trouble spots

"& ;]PWZWhObW]\


 =PZW_cSa @SQbcaOPR][W\OZa !:ObWaaW[caR]`aW "3`SQb]`a^W\OS #5ZcbSOZa $6O[ab`W\Ua  ! " # $

0`WRUS "' Weak control of the core and not having 1VSQY your feet grounded all G]c` equals wobbling. Avoid 4]`[ this by initiating the movement from your center. Avoid the temptation to push your tummy out when in bridge. Lack of flexibility or tightness in your spine means your buttocks return to the mat without proper sequential movement of the spine.

D7AC/:7H/B7=< EVS\g]c aS_cS\bWOZZg `Sbc`\bVSPOQY]T g]c`P]RgR]e\ ^]c`g]c`a^W\S ]\bVSTZ]]`ZWYS bVWQYR]cPZS Q`SO[^]c`W\U ]cb]TOXcU/Za] W[OUW\SO^WSQS]T ab`W\UWaObbOQVSR T`][bVSQSWZW\U b]g]c`bOWZP]\S

iStretches the spine and creates

length, easing tension and stiffness.


 AS\Rg]c`bOWZP]\SOeOgT`][ bVSTZ]]`O\RZWTbg]c`VW^ac^ ^SSZW\Ug]c`a^W\S]TTbVS[Ob]\S dS`bSP`OObObW[S[]dW\UbV`]cUV bVSaOQ`c[O\RZ]eS`[WRO\R c^^S`POQYO\RW\b]P`WRUSG]c` Pcbb]QYaO\RbVSPOQY]Tg]c`

bVWUVaZWTbg]c`VW^aG]cO`S\]e W\ORWOU]\OZZW\ST`][bVSY\SSb] bVSaV]cZRS`7\VOZSO\R^OcaSOb bVSb]^3fVOZSO\R^]c`g]c`a^W\S R]e\W\bVSaO[SeOgQ`SObW\U a^OQSPSbeSS\g]c`P]\Sa

a^W\SeWbVOPR][W\OZQ]\b`]ZBVSaSb c^WaW[^]`bO\ba]S\ac`Sg]cO`SZgW\U W\Oab`OWUVbZW\SO\RO`SU`]c\RSR bV`]cUVg]c`TSSb

 AbO`bW\V][S^]aWbW]\aSS^OUS""7\VOZS eWRSW\b]bVSaWRSa]Tg]c``WPQOUSO\RPOQYb] ^`S^O`S/ag]cSfVOZSg]c`OPR][W\OZaaV]cZR RSS^S\b]eO`Rg]c`a^W\S2`Oeg]c`\OdSZW\ O\RbWZbg]c`^SZdWab]eO`Rg]c^caVW\Ug]c` TSSbW\b]bVSTZ]]`

;/937B6/@23@ EVS\c^W\P`WRUSW\VOZSO\R TZ]Obg]c`O`[ac^O\RPOQYPSVW\R g]c`VSORa]bVObbVSgV]dS`OZWbbZS eOg]TTbVSTZ]]`9SS^g]c`O`[a `SOQVW\US\S`UWhW\UbV`]cUVb]g]c` TW\US`bW^a3fVOZS`Sbc`\bVSa^W\S aS_cS\bWOZZgb]bVS[ObO\R]\QS R]e\W\VOZSO\RTZ]Obg]c`O`[ac^ O\R]dS`b]`SabR]e\Obg]c`aWRSa 4]]bTZ]ObaaSS^OUS%%QO\OZa] PS^`OQbWQSReVWZSc^W\P`WRUS

;/937B3/A73@ 7Tg]c`O`SOPSUW\\S`abO`beWbVO QcaVW]\PSbeSS\g]c`W\\S`bVWUVa O\RY\SSaA_cSShW\UbVSW\\S` bVWUVaOQbWdObSabVS^SZdWQTZ]]` [caQZSaO\RYSS^abVSY\SSaW\ZW\S B]RSS^S\OeO`S\Saa]TV]eTZSfWPZS g]c`a^W\SWaabO`bPg^SSZW\Uc^ bV`]cUVbVSZ]eS`POQYO\R`Sbc`\ R]e\BVS\^SSZc^bV`]cUVb]bVS [WRRZSPOQYO\R^]c`R]e\OUOW\ BVS\^SSZc^W\b]TcZZP`WRUS








>OUS "&Âł"'

@S^SbWbW]\a &

@S[W\RS`aO\R\]bSa /RRO`[^`]U`SaaW]\]\ZOab!`S^a








>OUS $Âł %

:3D3:! @S^SbWbW]\a #aSQa





@S[W\RS`aO\R\]bSa 4SSbb]USbVS`ZWTbW\\S`O\YZSa1Z]aSSgSa 3\ac`Sab`]\UT]]bT]c\RObW]\






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 $Âł %







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$Âł %




Customize your workout to your ďŹ tness level â&#x20AC;&#x201C; beginner, intermediate, or advanced â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with a simple ďŹ&#x201A;ip of the page

Design your own ďŹ tness plan based on your particular goals with the 140 customizable routines.

Angie Newson is a Mind and Body teacher based in London with over 20 yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s experience. She is fully-qualiďŹ ed in pilates with the Pilates Foundation UK, and, in yoga with The Iyengar Yoga Association. She regularly teaches her own style of fusion classes to all abilities and ages. Her website is

ÂŁ12.99 ISBN 978-1-84543-457-1


Â&#x2122;80 step-by-step exercises Â&#x2122;140 personalized workouts


YOGA & PILATES HOME WORKOUTS Get fit for free! Â&#x2122;80 step-by-step exercises Â&#x2122;140 personalized workouts


9 781845 434571


April 2012 978 1 84543 462 5 ÂŁ14.99 Paperback 192 pages 275 x 210 mm About the author

Multi-award winning makeup artist Rae Morris is highly sought after by all the leading fashion magazines and has worked with a whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s who of international models, actors, designers and celebrities.


â&#x20AC;˘ F rom the bestselling author of Makeup â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Ultimate Guide, which has sold over 20,000 copies in the UK â&#x20AC;˘ Foreword by Trinny Woodall from BBCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s What Not to Wear â&#x20AC;˘ Looks are targeted at women over 40 and are both contemporary and classic â&#x20AC;˘ Features beautiful step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow instructions on how to achieve the looks Also available by the same author:

In Timeless Makeup, leading makeup artist, Rae Morris, shows you how to create a classic, ageless look that will enhance your best features, regardless of your age. Full of fabulous looks for day and evening, complete with step-by-step photographs and clear instructions on how to achieve them. Timeless Makeup reveals Raeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s secret tips for making you look years younger in ten minutes â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from shaping the perfect eyebrow to creating plumper, more youthful lips.

February 2012 978 1 84543 457 1 ÂŁ12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 176 pages 246 x 190 mm About the author

Angie Newson is a mind and body teacher based in London with over 20 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience in the health and fitness industry. She is also a yoga & pilates expert for The Sunday Telegraphâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Stella magazine.

â&#x20AC;˘ D  iscover how to get lean and toned and stay that way from the comfort and convenience of your own home â&#x20AC;˘ Features unique mix & match workout routines in a split-page and spiral-bound PLC format â&#x20AC;&#x201C; flick between exercises on the top of the page while you follow tailor-made workout routines on the bottom half â&#x20AC;˘ A complete photo guide to all the positions and exercises, with comprehensive workout charts for all fitness goals â&#x20AC;˘ Clear step-by-step photographs and easy-tofollow instructions throughout Also available in the same series:

By fusing pilates and yoga, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll become more aware of your breathing, more aware of working your body from the inside out, and more aware of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;beingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; in your body. Flexibility and strength will increase and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll learn where and what your â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;coreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is. Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking to incorporate yoga and pilates as a way of life or find a quick mobility and stretch workout to do before you rush off to work, then this book will show you how both are possible. Tone up, gain muscle definition and become more graceful as you move. Expert advice and dedicated fitness plans, specifically tailored to what you want to achieve, and with all the information you need to choose and then create your own workout programmes that match your own ability from the outset.


Household Management for Men

LIFESTYLE backlist

The Groundbreaking Guide to Domestic Duties Nigel Browning


The Ultimate Guide Rae Morris 978 1 84543 266 9 £17.99 Paperback 256 pages 275 x 210 mm

March 2012 978 1 84543 446 5 £9.99 Paperback 175 pages 227 x 170 mm About the author

Nigel Browning is a house-proud publishing professional living in the UK with his partner and two dogs. He has worked on a variety of illustrated titles for the past 25 years.


• A  humorous yet informative guide to show men that housework can be fun and rewarding • Revised and expanded edition to the art and science of domestic duties with a new chapter about The Garage • First published in 2003, 160,000 copies sold worldwide • Designed to appeal to the astute modern man (but perhaps more likely to be purchased by the even more astute woman in his life)

Express Makeup

About Face

Rae Morris

Celebrity Makeup Techniques

978 1 84543 395 6 £14.99 Paperback 192 pages 275 x 210 mm

Scott Barnes 978 1 84543 350 5 £14.99 Paperback 240 pages 203 x 254 mm

Looking Younger

Makeovers that Make You Look As Young As You Feel

Makeup Wakeup

Revitalising Your Look at Any Age

Robert Jones

Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter

978 1 84543 306 2 £14.9 9 Paperback 256 pages 279 x 216 mm

978 1 84543 421 2 £14.99 Paperback 288 pages 254 x 203 mm

Style Yourself

What On Earth Are You Wearing?

Domestic God or Sofa Slob? This unique work now available in a revised and expanded edition, contains everything the modern man needs to discover the art of household management. Household Management for Men will bring joy to your domestic duties. Discover the secret to a cleaner, more organised home; learn how to schedule your tasks; and even understand the inner workings of a washing machine. Packed with expert advice, easy-to-follow illustrations and fast, simple routines that will show you how to carve a chicken, what not to wear – and why, how to avoid excessive ironing, how to be king of your kitchen and much more. So begin your domestic tour of duty with Household Management for Men and find your way to a cleaner, healthier, sexier self.

Eye Candy

Fabulous Hair

50 Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes

Celebrity Hairstyling Techniques Made Simple

Linda Mason

Robert Vetica

978 1 84543 259 1 £8.99 Paperback 144 pages 179 x 179 mm

978 1 84543 315 4 £14.99 Paperback 272 pages 203 x 254 mm

The Fashion File

Advice, Tips and Inspiration from the Costume Designer of Mad Men Janie Bryant with Monica Corcoran Harel 978 1 84543 402 1 £16.99 PLC 192 pages 234 x 190 mm

Inspirational Advice from the World’s Hottest Fashion Bloggers 978 1 84543 411 3 £16.99 Flexi-bind 240 pages 240 x 190 mm

A Michipedia of Fashion Michi Girl

978 1 84543 400 7 £12.99 Cloth-bound PLC 144 pages 200 x 140 pages


Body Piercing

Spiritual Tattoos


Russ Thorne

Russ Thorne

978 1 84543 373 4 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 224 pages 195 x 145 pages

978 1 84543 412 0 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 224 pages 195 x 145 mm

Marcel Brousseau, Nancy Hajeski and Lisa Purcell

Ditch the Gym

The Runes Workbook

The Complete Guide to Fitness Routines You Can Do At Home Scott Tudge 978 1 84543 390 1 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 176 pages 246 x 190 mm


978 1 84543 343 7 £12.99 Paperback 224 pages 239 x 215 mm

the Palmistry Workbook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning the Wisdom of the Staves

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Art of Palm Reading

Leon D. Wild

Laeticia Valverde

978 1 84543 279 9 £9.99 Paperback 192 pages 190 x 171 mm

978 1 84543 151 8 £9.99 Paperback 192 pages 190 x 171 mm

The Decadent Housewife

How to Live Lavishly On His Budget Rosemary Counter 978 1 84543 365 9 £10.99 Hardback 112 pages 216 x 152 mm

photography and art

LIFESTYLE backlist

Lo-fi Photo Fun!

SnApp Shots

Creative Projects for Polaroid, Plastic & Pinhole Cameras

Using Smartphone Apps for Inventive Photographic Results

Adam Bronkhorst

Adam Bronkorst

Cross-processing apps add character to your images by changing the color and the contrast.

This technique works better with some subjects than others. Because of the increase in contrast you get, you may lose detail in parts of the image. Therefore cross-processing works best with simple, straightforward images.


Professional photographer Adam Bronkhorst runs workshops in flash photography, wedding photography and analog cameras, and offers one-on-one training for aspiring photographers. Adamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work has been published in books, magazines and newspapers; and featured in solo and group exhibitions. He is also the author of Lo-Fi Photo Fun.

Top Tip Sometimes portraits can look a little odd, as skin tones change quite a bit through cross-processing. But if you try it with a simple portrait against a plain background, the technique can work really well. Have a go at experimenting with different types of photos to see what works for you.


Packed with inspirational images and expert advice, Snapp Shots is the ultimate one-stop guide to smartphone photography. Rather than describing specific apps and phone models, this book explains the principles of good phone photography, making it the ideal companion for any smartphone user. The book covers all the essentials for taking great shots, including getting it right in-camera, editing images to get the best effects and choosing and using smartphone accessories.




9 781845 434298

978 1 84543 425 0 ÂŁ14.99 Flexi-bind 176 pages 203 x 203 mm About the author

Adam Bronkhorst teaches workshops in flash photography, wedding photography and analog cameras. He has also produced stills for MTV and award-winning documentaries.


â&#x20AC;˘ C  ontains over 35 exciting and experimental analog photo projects â&#x20AC;˘ All projects can be achieved using toy, Polaroid, pinhole and all types of analog cameras, all of which are readily available â&#x20AC;˘ Perfect for a kooky-creative readership â&#x20AC;˘ Ideal for special sales through young, fashion-conscious outlets and retailers â&#x20AC;˘ No other photo projects book on the market provides inspiration and advice specifically for users of these popular cameras â&#x20AC;˘ Packed full of projects from the huge online photo communities of toy and analog camera users (especially Flickr and Tumblr)

Lo-Fi Photo Fun! is the ultimate inspirational and creative photo assignments book for analog and toy camera users. It is about shooting great photos, plus all the cool things you can do with the images youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve taken on your toy, Polaroid or pinhole cameras. Learn how to cross process, push process, hand process, experiment with film types, bleed the image over the edge of the film, create animations with your images, play with multiple exposures using multiple lenses and a whole host of quirky, fun, off-beat, but most of all imaginative projects. Accompanied by inspirational and ingenious photos, jargon-free, practical information provides the reader with recipe-style advice on how to achieve inventive results.

Where tilt shift really works is in making your images look like they were taken of a miniature world. The selective focus of tilt shift (where the foreground and background is blurred) tricks your mind into thinking that the image is of a tiny scene.

Apps like Instagram, TiltShift Generator, Photo Hub (Windows), Camera 360 (Android), TiltShift, and Tilt Shift Creator (Android) simulate the tilt aspect of these lenses. Select a small part of your image to be sharp, and the rest of the image will be in beautiful soft focus. Selective tilt focusing can look significantly different from using a shallow depth of field, where the plane of focusing goes from the front of the image to the back. With tilt shift, you can have the plane of focus circular, or going from side to side, from any point in the frame you like.

Using Smar tphone Apps fo r I nve n t ive P h o t o g ra p h i c R e s u l t s

ISBN 978-1-84543-429-8

February 2012

Take a look at the photos in the gallery on pages 144â&#x20AC;&#x201C;145. See how a select area of the image is in focus? This technique is called tilt shift. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s named after a specialized type of camera lens, where if you tilt the lens, you FDQVHOHFWVSHFLĆŠFDUHDVRIIRFXVDVZHOO as the position of subjects in the image area. Architectural photographers often use tilt shift to avoid the distorted perspective of buildings in their images.


April 2012 978 1 84543 429 8 ÂŁ12.99 Flexi-bind 224 pages 180 x 130 mm About the author

Adam Bronkhorst teaches workshops in flash photography, wedding photography and analog cameras. He has also produced stills for MTV and award-winning documentaries.

â&#x20AC;˘ F ocuses on the stylistic qualities and end uses of the apps rather than cataloguing specific apps â&#x20AC;˘ Accessible advice and information makes this book ideal for photographers at all levels â&#x20AC;˘ Full of luscious images and creative results all achieved using apps and not post-production techniques

Smartphone photography is now a viable alternative to traditional photography: with one simple smartphone device, plus a few apps, image-makers can now achieve the same results as a whole host of otherwise expensive photographic equipment and software â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and with the added benefit of being small enough to take along any time, any place. With dozens of affordable apps to choose from, SnApp Shots is the onestop guide to the wide spectrum of creative photographic results now readily achievable via apps for smartphones. SnApp Shots focuses on stylistic qualities as opposed to specific apps and techniqual innovatons, and taps into this fast-growing market by providing an indispensable guide to the countless opportunities for inventive image creation on offer.


Styling, Lighting & Photographing Food

Portrait Photographer’s Style Guide

Professional Techniques and Advice for Great Results in the Studio or on Location

A Recipe Book of Professional Portraiture Techniques

Lara Ferroni

Peter Travers and James Cheadle

Gritty Urban

Types of food photography Within the field of food photography there are many specializations requiring very

more likely to shoot for cookbooks and magazines. Most photographers do a little of

Also both available from types—commercial to pay theRotoVision: bills, editorial to have fun—but usually tend more toward one than the other.

1. Advertising

2. Packaging

Advertising shots are all about selling a product. Traditionally these shots are highly produced, with each aspect of the product and setting looking “perfect.” However, advertising work is also influenced by current trends in editorial photography, and some of the styling done for advertising has started to show a more relaxed, natural look, even at times bordering on a beautiful mess. Still, as a general rule, most advertising (and even “advertorials,” which introduce content, such as a recipe, with the advert) features meticulously styled and highly lit shots.

Like advertising shots, product packaging shots are a selling exercise, so they need to show whatever the subject is in the best possible light. However, shots for packaging have special needs. They are often printed on nonstandard papers or plastics, they may need to be printed quite small, and they may need to work with a specific layout. Packaging shots also often require strict documentation of the camera, lighting, and prop positions so that the image can be recreated with other, related products at a later date. In styling food for packaging, it is critical to represent the product accurately. As in advertising, “serving suggestions” are allowed, but portion size must be closely controlled and depicted.

Most products are presented as “serving suggestions,” which allows for some flexibility in their styling, such as putting fresh fruit in cereal. In addition, not all of the food in the shot needs to be real. If the product is a pancake mix, for example, then the pancakes must be made as the package instructs, but the syrup could be motor oil (which appears on camera as a thick, golden syrup). And cereal is often photographed floating in glue rather than milk.

Photographing People Roger Hicks, Frances Schultz, Alex Larg, Jane Wood 2-940378-07-X


³ Showcases inspiring portraits in a wide range of different styles ³ Photographs are accompanied with detailed technical information and 3D diagrams ³ Includes expert advice on photographic techniques and equipment, plus step-by-step Photoshop tutorials ³ A must-have for amateur and professional photographers looking to improve their portrait photography

3. Catalogs Food photographs for catalogs are often more about cooking-related products than food itself, giving the stylist and photographer a lot of freedom. However, many catalog shots also require the food or product to be easily knocked out, or deleted, and, like packaging shots, may require extensive documentation to ensure that related products can be added later without looking out of place or requiring an entire new shoot. Packaging

Section 1: The Basics


Case study: Packaging photography Lighting for Portrait Photography Steve Bavister This shot was for the packaging of a new bagged potato product. The client wanted PHOTOGRAPHER: Lara Ferroni to convey the fresh nature of the potatoes and came prepared with sample shots from 978-2-940378-30-2 the design firm, complete with sample layouts so the space for text placement could STYLIST: Lara Ferroni

CLIENT: Farm to Market Foods USE: Packaging and other marketing materials LIGHTING: Natural light CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark II LENS: 100mm macro


Portrait Photographer’s Style Guide is a hardworking recipe book of inspiring portrait photography. The first section of the book explores Catalog professional portrait techniques across a wide variety of styles and genres that echo the full range11 of images in today’s magazines, advertising, and modeling shots. From gritty urban looks to classic poses, readers are provided with all the ingredients they need to recreate these styles. A 3D diagram of the studio or outdoor equipment setup accompanies each image, and explanations describe precisely how the image was shot in terms of format, lens, exposure, aperture, and lighting. The second half of the book provides professional advice on handling commissions, setting fees, understanding copyright, and planning shoots. It also includes practical shooting tips, an overview of essential equipment, and step-by-step Photoshop tutorials.

be planned. “To style the shot, we used the actual product and microwaved it as directed, but undercooked it slightly to preserve the rich redness of the potato peels,” explains Lara. “The potatoes were carefully hand placed on a plain white plate to get the right balance of peel to flesh showing, in an attractive, natural looking pile. I hand applied a portion of the seasoning mixture to ensure it was adequately shown. Since cooked herbs quickly lose their identity, a garnish of the major flavoring (oregano, lemon, or garlic/rosemary) was tucked to the side to make it easily identifiable at a glance and to differentiate the flavors of the product.”

After the shots were completed, the design changed slightly and the images were flipped to accommodate the new text layout.

ISBN 978-2-88893-087-7


Diffused daylight

windows The StudiofromPhotographer’s Mirror Lighting Bible Calvey Taylor-Haw 978-2-940378-23-4

9 782888 930877 £25.00


Lighting was kept simple, with diffused natural light coming from a large bank of windows behind and slightly to the right. A large white fill card was placed to the left of the potatoes, with a small mirror to the front right for additional highlight on the main focal point.


different skill sets. Commercial food photographers tend to focus on photography for advertising and packaging, for example, while editorial food photographers are

About the authors:

Professional soccer player Rio Ferdinand had just finished training when I shot this portrait. Because it was raining heavily I set up the photo shoot inside the sports hall and picked out a red brick wall as a backdrop. I decided to shoot in black and white in order to give the portrait a gritty feel. I got Rio to sit on a gym bench so he could rest his elbows on his knees and then asked him to put Peter Travers is a British his fists together—this created a strong pose and helped to emphasize his strength of character. As Rio was due to photography journalist attend a physiotherapy session I was limited to just 10 minutes for the shoot, so had to work very fast to and author. Born inentire Bristol, get the shots.

UK in 1972, Peter has been working full-time in magazines and publishing for the past 14 years at Future Publishing in Bath, UK. He is currently Deputy Editor at PhotoPlus, Britain’s fastest growing photography magazine, and is a respected authority on all things photographic. Peter regularly writes for The Sunday Times, BBC magazines, Digital Camera magazine, PhotoRadar. com, T3, and many other best-selling publications. He is also a published fiction author. Read more about him, and his contemporary novel, TOP 10 HITS, at 12

Mood lighting Whenever I decide to shoot using black-and-white film, I have to set up my lights in order to make the most of the film stock. The great thing about black-and-white images is that you lose all of the drab colors you would have contended with in poorly lit situations—instead, dull colors are quickly replaced with deep blacks and plenty of contrast. I created a strong feel for this portrait by lighting Rio’s face from above with a softbox and then putting spotlights on him from behind. I also put a spotlight on the brick wall, which captured detail in the background. I knocked the brick wall out of focus by shooting at a wide aperture of f/4 and at a long focal length of 110mm. To make the most of Rio’s intense stare, I made sure I got down low enough so that my camera was at his eye level.


Mamiya RZ67


Mamiya 110mm f/2.8



Shutter Speed

1/60 sec




Ilford HP5


3 Bowens Esprit 500 heads

Hands up People’s hands and how they are positioned can help to reveal your subject’s character on camera. For instance, getting your subject to rest their chin on their clasped hands, then look up, can create a more thoughtful portrait.

James Cheadle

Born in Bath, UK, in 1972, James Cheadle began his career as a photographer at The Bath Chronicle newspaper in 1990. He went on to work for Solent News and I took this portrait of baby Molly just after she had Photo Agency inso she was still a little confused as to what woken up, was going on around her. This worked in my favor Southampton, supplying though, as her slightly surprised facial expression peering out from under her hood photographic material toreally makes the shot work. I always like to make the eyes the main focus in baby the British national press, portraits, as they are so big and striking. and in 1997 he moved to EMAP Publications as Rather than using artificial light or wasting time with setup, I opted to utilize available light from Picture Editor/Staff Photographera studio on Total Sport the window to Molly’s right. This helped create a smooth, and avoided any overly harsh shadows. magazine, photographing many ofnatural thefeel world’s top sporting figures. Since 2000 James has been working as a successful freelance photographer, and regularly undertakes commissions both throughout the UK and worldwide for a host of clients in various media fields. James specializes in portraits, features,and automotive photography. His clients include Q magazine, USA Today, The Sunday Times, FHM, Loaded, Bike magazine, Golf World, Today’s Golfer, BBC Music Magazine, Motor Trend, Outside, Men’s Health, T3, Performance Bikes, Test Drive, and Cycle World.




STYLE GUIDE A Recipe Book of Professional Portraiture Techniques

Rattles and cuddly toys Photographing babies is all about interaction. You really have to know how to make those funny “goo goo ga ga” noises when taking baby portraits as normal communication isn’t an option. As well as learning to speak “baby” you can also make the most of the baby’s favorite toys to entice a response that you can capture on camera. A great technique I use is to get one of the baby’s parents to stand right over my shoulder and smile and laugh or use a small toy to get the baby’s attention. Keeping a parent close by is essential to make sure the baby feels comfortable and secure.


Canon EOS-1Ds Mk II


Canon EF 50mm f/2.5



Shutter Speed

1/60 sec




Window light

Baby face There is usually only a short window of opportunity to photograph babies—in between feeding and sleeping. Ask your clients to make sure they’ve just fed and changed their babies so you’re both not wasting valuable studio time.

Fill card


Section 4: Profiles & Case Studies



0877_PhotoStyleG_COV_RV.indd 1

March 2012 978 1 84543 438 0 £20.00 Flexi-bind 192 pages 246 x 190 mm About the author

Lara Ferroni is a successful food photographer who teaches acclaimed workshops on food photography. Her work has been featured in Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.


• A  one-stop guide to professional results when styling, lighting and photographing food • Includes case studies and examples in the studio and on location • Features lighting diagrams and details of equipment set-ups alongside the resulting photographs • Includes profiles of industry professionals providing troubleshooting tips and advice

James Cheadle

Portrait Styles 15/08/2011 10:34

A professional techniques book, this practical guide comprises case studies, lighting diagrams, styling advice and professional tips for success with all types of food photography whether in the studio or on location, without resorting to commercial food styling tricks. This hard-working soup-to-nuts handbook arms the reader with a wealth of information on styling and photographing food looking fresh, hot, or cool, clearing model releases and liaising with agencies, and even achieving unobtrusive dining and cooking shots.

March 2012 978 1 84543 461 8 £25.00 Paperback 176 pages 274 x 230 mm About the authors

Peter Ravers is a British photography journalist and author who regularly writes for The Sunday Times. James Cheadie is a successful freelance photographer who regularly undertakes commissions in the UK and worldwide.

• S  howcases inspiring portraits in a wide range of different styles • Photographs are accompanied with detailed technical information and 3D diagrams • Includes expert advice on photographic techniques and equipment, plus step-by-step Photoshop tutorials • A must-have for amateur and professional photographers looking to improve their portrait photography

Portrait Photographer’s Style Guide is a hardworking recipe book of inspiring portrait photography. The first section of the book explores professional portrait techniques across a wide variety of styles and genres that echo the full range of images in today’s magazines, advertising and modelling shots. From gritty urban looks to classic poses, readers are provided with all the ingredients they need to recreate these styles. A 3D diagram of the studio or outdoor equipment setup accompanies each image, and explanations describe precisely how the image was shot in terms of format, lens, exposure, aperture and lighting. The second half of the book provides professional advice on handling commissions, setting fees, understanding copyright and planning shoots.


What Makes Great Photography

What MakeS Great Art

80 Masterpieces Explained

80 Masterpieces Explained

Val Williams

Andy Prankhurst





Val Williams

May 2012 978 1 84543 453 3 £9.99 Flexi-bind 224 pages 127 x 177 mm About the author

Val Williams is professor of the history and culture of photography and director of the Photography and Archive Research Centre at the London College of Communications.


• D  ivided into 10 themes, including Movement, Beauty, The Everyday and Conflict, the book analyses the elements of each selected photograph that make it so successful and distinguish it from its peers • Each spread is presented in a dynamic and accessible format, so that readers can appreciate in 30 seconds the aspects of the photograph that make it a successful exponent of that theme • Written by a highly respected photography expert and created by the team behind the hugely successful 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die

Why are some photographs so much more effective and powerful than others? What Makes Great Photography showcases 80 outstanding photographs from the first daguerrotypes to today’s digital masterpieces and by photographers as diverse as Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus, Ernst Haas and Don McCullin.

May 2012

Val Williams highlights the elements of each photograph that distinguishes it from its peers, such as composition, colour, texture and fidelity to subject, explaining just what it is that makes it so great. Her insightful text will open your eyes to the defining qualities of the key photographs of every period and genre, from portraiture to landscape and from photojournalism to the nude.

Andy Pankhurst studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. He now teaches at the University of Westminster and the Prince’s Trust Drawing School.

978 1 84543 452 6 £9.99 Flexi-bind 224 pages 127 x 177 mm About the author

• D  ivided into 10 themes, including Realism, Form, Movement and Narrative, the book draws the readers attention to the elements of each masterpiece – such as composition, colour, texture and incongruity • Presented in an exciting and accessible format, so that readers can understand in 30 seconds the defining qualities of each artwork • Written by a highly respected expert and created by the team behind 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die Also available:

Andy Pankhurst Lucinda Hawksley

Why do some artworks stand out head and shoulders above others? Exceptional art somehow satisfies at a deeper level than the rest. What Makes A Great Painting showcases a selection of 80 outstanding paintings and sculptures from around the world and throughout time, assessing just what it is that makes them so great. Some owe their greatness to composition of colour, others offer profound insights into their human subjects, and some convey their message particularly effectively. Andy Prankhurst’s succinct, appraisive text will open your eyes to the unique defining qualities of these key works, enabling you to appreciate the groundbreaking talents of every age.


100 Riffs and Fills for Rock Guitar


Phil Capone

March 2012 978 1 84543 432 8 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 195 x 145 mm About the author

Phil Capone’s musical career includes 30 years as a gigging and recording musician. He is the bestselling author of 501 Guitar Chords and regularly performs on the London music scene.

• 1  00 classic rock riffs and fills, perfectly transcribed, in every key and every mode, over all the most important progressions • Easy TAB and conventional notation • Comes complete with a CD, so you can learn the lick, then play it back yourself over a professional backing track • Each example is presented within a subgenre categorisation to increase the reference appeal of the book • An introduction is provided for each subgenre

Also available by the same author:

Luckily for the aspiring rock guitarist, Phil Capone has distilled all the essential licks and chops into this easy-to-use collection. Each example is presented within a subgenre – prog rock, heavy metal and blues rock for example – to provide an invaluable historical perspective and ensure that the correct musical context is fully understood. An intermediate level of technique is assumed but players of all levels will find 100 Riffs and Fills for Rock Guitar to be an engaging, informative and invaluable resource. And although it is aimed primarily at guitarists, it could also prove to be a useful and inspirational resource for keyboard players, bass players, producers and songwriters alike. Anyone who wishes to create authentic sounding rock music will be able to do with a little help from this book!


Learn to Play Country Guitar

Learn to Play Harmonica 100 Illustrated Chords for Blues, Rock, Country & Soul

Phil Capone

Sandy Weltman





udio CD

Include sf


June 2012 978 1 84543 456 4 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 195 x 145 mm About the author

Phil Capone’s musical career includes 30 years as a gigging and recording musician. He is the bestselling author of 501 Guitar Chords and regularly performs on the London music scene.


ea re

• A  complete guide with techniques, exercises and music for all levels of guitar players • Essential tips and easy-to-follow illustrated lessons • Exercises are shown in standard notation as well as TAB • Tips on practice, equipment and listening lists • Includes free audio CD • Full colour photography throughout

Also available by the same author:

The ultimate guide to playing country guitar, including simple, illustrated lessons that will have you jamming in no time. From hybrid picking and double stops to twang techniques and country licks – discover everything you need to know to create that unique country guitar sound. And there’s a free CD too!

June 2012

Learn to Play Country Guitar contains a series of exercises, explained simply and concisely (and demonstrated on an audio CD) that will allow you to pick up confidence and speed. Also included is a useful resource section with a ‘country chord library’ and scale libraries for the most popular open tuning used in country guitar. Exercises are shown in standard notation as well as TAB, and with additional photographs to add clarity where needed.

About the author

978 1 84543 468 7 £14.99 Spiral-bound PLC with CD and harmonica 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Sandy Weltman is a harmonica virtuoso and multiinstrumentalist who has gained international recognition. He has shared his harmonica expertise for over 30 years with thousands of students.

• E  asy-to-follow instructions with colour diagrams • Instruction CD to use in combination with the exercises on the page • 10-hole diatronic harmonica, the ideal practice piece • Written and designed for the very beginner harmonica player

Also available:

There’s something about the sound of a harmonica that brings a smile to anyone’s face. This book gives you everything you need to learn to play this fantastic instrument, with more than 250 pages of instruction, a CD with over an hour of dedicated tuition and even a harmonica to learn with. Packed with dozens of practice projects to test your skills along the way, this book is perfect for the amateur who wants to discover the joys of the harmonica or blues harp. Most good musicians become good because somewhere along the way they’ve received good instruction, inspiration and encouragement. This book is written with those things in mind, and also with the hope that you’ll find it incredibly exciting, rewarding, and just plain fun.


music backlist

Learn to Play the Guitar

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Accoustic and Electric Guitar Phil Capone

978 1 84543 188 4 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC with CD 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Learn to Play Sax

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Alto Saxophone Ollie Weston

978 1 84543 355 0 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 195 x 145 mm


Learn to Play Drums

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Drums

Learn to Play Keyboards

Learn to Play Bass Guitar

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing All Electronic Keyboard Instruments

A Beginner’s Guide to Bass Guitar

978 1 84543 254 6 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC with CD 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Steve Ashworth

978 1 84543 299 7

Keyboard Player’s Chord Bible

501 Guitar chords

Justin Scott

Illustrated Chords for All Styles of Music Paul Lennon 978 1 84543 298 0 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

978 1 84543 255 3 £14.99 Spiral-bound PLC with CD 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Illustrated Chords for Rock, Blues, Soul, Country, Jazz, Classical Phil Capone 978 1 84543 111 2 £12.99 Spiralbound hardback 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

Phil Capone

£12.99 Spiral-bound PLC with CD

The Guitar Player’s Songwriting Bible

How to Combine Melodies and Chord Sequences Leo Coulter and Richard Jones

195 x 145 mm

978 1 84543 354 3 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 256 pages 195 x 145 mm


Legendary Guitarists & Their Guitars

Phil Capone

Dom Kiris

978 1 84543 336 9 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC with CD 256 pages 195 x 145 mm

978 1 84543 385 7 £14.99 Paperback 128 pages 240 x 240 mm

256 pages

Fingerpicking Techniques for Guitar

How to Play Country, Latin, Folk, Jazz, Blues & Rock Phil Capone 978 1 84543 361 1 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 265 pages 195 x 145 mm

From Zero to Rock Hero

A Crash Course in Playing Rock Guitar Owen Edwards 978 1 84543 325 3 £14.99 PLC with CD 192 pages 240 x 220 mm

Guitar Family Trees

The History of the World’s Most Iconic Guitars Terry Burrows 978 1 84543 423 6 £20 Hardback with 4 tipped-in posters 256 pages 242 x 182 mm


Playing Cards The Complete Guide to Games, Tricks, Skills


Bob Beattie

February 2012 978 1 84543 455 7 £9.99 Flexi-bind 224 pages 195 x 145 mm About the author

Bob Beattie is a card enthusiast and the author of several hobby books including 101 Things to Make and Do at the Weekend.

• P  acked with easy-to-follow illustrations and step-by step instructions, this complete guide to playing cards tells you how to play 52 games, master 52 skills and perform 52 tricks • An ideal companion for an evening with friends & family – from common to arcane games, and from simple to complex ones, including rules, popular variations and tips for successful play • Includes full instructions for mastering the art of card trickery and deception, and tricks to amuse and entertain

Whether you want to sit down for a family game of cards, learn a fancy shuffle to impress friends, or even a simple trick to amaze them, all you need is a deck of cards and this book. For the first time in one volume, this unique title combines the three key areas of playing cards – games, magic tricks and expert skills – making it the quintessential card companion and granting readers instant access to card enlightenment. Playing Cards delves into the mysterious history of cards, presents a multitude of games and their variations, reveals the secrets behind dazzling tricks of varying difficulty, and explains the essential card skills needed to perform feats of dexterity. Expertly written and clearly illustrated throughout, the contents include 52 card games, 52 magic tricks and 52 card skills.


The Outdoor Survival Handbook Rob Beattie

April 2012 978 1 84543 464 9 £12.99 Spiral-bound PLC 192 pages 195 x 145 mm About the author

Rob Beattie is a writer, fisherman and craftsman with a lifelong love of camping and hiking. He is the author of several hobby books including 101 Things to Make and Do at the Weekend.


• P  rovides a host of clear, easy-to-follow techniques to deal with any emergency that might arise in the great outdoors • Illustrated throughout and packed with useful tips and in-the-field advice • Slots perfectly into any backpack or glove compartment • A ‘quick reference’ section provides stepby-step advice for 24 common emergency situations and the easy-open, lay-flat wire-o binding allows hands-free reading Also available:

Whether you are an accomplished adventurer or new to exploring the wilderness, and whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group, The Outdoor Survival Handbook will provide you with all the essential support for your expedition, whether on dry land or at sea. It contains all of the techniques, diagrams, instructions and advice needed to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience in the great outdoors. Each chapter shows you how to prepare for or deal with a specific situation, including how to cope with bad weather; travel in the dark; what do if you lose your bearings; how to navigate without the aid of a map or compass; how to deal with injuries both major and minor; where to forage for food; and how to collect and purify water in all types of environments. The Outdoor Survival Handbook’s clear, simple structure makes it easy to find the relevant information in an instant.

Puppy Training

Keeping Chickens

The Essential Guide for All Puppy Owners

The Essential Guide for First-time Keepers

David Squire and Patricia King

David Squire

May 2012

About the author

May 2012

978 1 84543 445 8 £12.99 Flexi-bind 192 pages 196 x 196 mm

David Squire and Patricia King have lives that are richly involved with family pets. Patricia works for an animal charity, while David has written two widely popular books about dogs.

Unruly and disobedient puppies and dogs are a misery to themselves as well as to their owners. Yet this need not be so: training a puppy – and later a dog – is an experience to be enjoyed by both pet and owner. This highly illustrated and easily understood book helps you to get into your puppy’s or dog’s mind, revealing what he thinks of you and how he will react. This no-nonsense, jargon-free guide describes how to introduce your puppy to his new home, to live in harmony with other animals, you and your family, and to be trained into an obedient and happy dog. At the end of his training, you will both be proud of each other.

978 1 84543 444 1 £12.99 Flexi-bind 192 pages 196 x 196 mm

About the author

David Squire is an enthusiastic advocate of self-sufficiency. He is also the author of The Henkeeping Specialist.

Although the global figure of more than 28 billion chickens at any one time might suggest that we are all thoroughly steeped in ‘chicken wisdom’, this is not the case. This no-nonsense, jargon-free guide leads readers through the practicalities of keeping chickens in your garden or on an allotment. It details the selection of suitable breeds for egg or meat production, or both, as well as explaining how they can be kept in humane and, as far as possible, natural ways. What to do when things go wrong and how to remedy them is just one of the practical and essential pieces of information in this authoritative book.



501 Great Artists


A Comprehensive Guide to the Giants of Literature

Stephen Farthing

Julian Patrick

A.D. Cousins, Chief Consultant

978 1 84543 311 6 £14.99 Paperback 640 pages 210 x 160 mm

978 1 84543 310 9 £14.99 Paperback 640 pages 210 x 160 mm

978 1 84543 436 6 £14.99 Flexi-bind 256 pages 240 x 195 mm

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501 Great Writers

A Comprehensive Guide to the Giants of the Art World

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Tony Miles

Ben Marcus

978 1 84543 295 9 £9 .99 Hardback 128 pages 219 x 165 mm

978 1 84543 376 5 £12.99 Flexi-bind 224 pages 254 1 178 mm

The Shakespeare Encyclopedia

The Complete Guide to the Man and His Works Tony Cousins, General Editor 978 1 84543 339 0 £20.00 Hardback 304 pages 300 x 230 mm

The Tennis Handbook

A Complete Guide to the Modern Game Sue Rich 978 1 84543 134 1 £12.99 Paperback 192 pages 210 x 140

3-minute einstein

Digesting His Life, Theories and Influence in 3-Minute Morsels Paul Parsons 978 1 84543 440 3 £12.99 PLC 160 pages 246 x 180 mm

The Women’s Golf Handbook

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Natural stain Remover

The Complete Guide to Improving Your Game

Clean Your Home Without Harmful Chemicals

Vivien Saunders

Angela Martin

978 1 84543 085 6 £12.99 Paperback 240 pages 210 x 140 mm

978 1 84092 419 0 £4.99 Paperback 128 pages 208 x 110 mm

The Complete & Easy Guide to Beekeeping

A Fascinating Reference with Recipes for Enjoying Your Produce Kim Flottum 978 1 84543 401 4 £14.99 Flexi-bind 208 pages 205 x 254 mm

Lift The Lid On Mummies

Jacqueline Dineen 978 1 85076 990 3 £15.99 Boxed set 24-page book & kit 240 x 130 x 60 mm

The Honey Handbook

A Guide to Creating, Harvesting and Cooking with Natural Honeys Kim Flottum 978 1 84543 302 4 £12.99 Paperback 176 pages 203 x 254 mm

The Secret Language of Dogs

How to Communicate with Your Dog Heather Dunphy 978 1 84543 413 7 £12.99 Flexi-bind 192 pages 227 x 170 mm



3-Minute Einstein, 44

500 Soups, 11

Cookie Heaven, 8

100 Fondant Models for Cake Decorators, 11

500 Tapas Dishes, 4

Crochet Handbook & Stitch Guide, The, 17

100 Killer Licks & Chops for Rock Guitar, 38 100 Riffs & Fills for Rock Guitar, 35 500 Appetisers, 9 500 Asian Dishes, 10 500 Baby & Toddler Foods, 9 500 Beers, 10 500 Breafasts & Brunches, 10

500 Vegan Dishes, 11 501 Great Artists, 44 501 Great Writers, 44 501 Guitar Chords, 38 1001 Ideas for Bathrooms, 17 About Face, 25 Art of Flower Arranging, The, 17

Cupcake Heaven, 12 Decadent Housewife, The, 26 Ditch the Gym, 26 Encyclopaedia of Flower Arranging Techniques, 17 Encyclopaedia of Knitting, 17

Art of Preserving, The, 11

Enthusiast’s Guide to Homebrew Beers, An, 12

Barista Coffee, 11

Express Makeup, 25

Halogen Oven Cookbook The, 3 Home Colours Sourcebook: Neutrals, The, 18 Home Sewing Couture Techniques, 18

Ice Cream Machine Book, 13 Ice Creams & Sorbet, 6 Jams, Jellies & Marmalades, 13 Jewellery Making, 18

Fabulous Earrings, 18

500 Cheeses, 9

Cake Decorating Motifs, 11

Fabulous Hair, 25

500 Cocktails, 10

Cake Decorating Skills, 11

Fashion File, The, 25

Kayaking Handbook, The, 44

500 Cookies, 9

Chinese Brush Painting Sourcebook, The, 17

Fondue Cookbook, The, 12

Keeping Chickens, 43

Fingerpicking Techniques for Guitar, 39

Keyboard Player's Chord Bible, 38

Food Presenting Secrets, 12

Kitchen Knife Skills,

From Zero to Rock Hero, 39

Knit & Wrap, 18

Golden Book of Baking, The, 12

Learn to Play Bass Guitar, 38

Golden Book of Chocolate, The, 12

Learn to Play Country Guitar, 36

Golden Book of Cookies, The, 12

Learn to Play Drums, 38

500 Fish & Seafood Dishes, 10 500 Ice Creams, 5 500 Italian Dishes, 10 500 Juices & Smoothies, 10 500 Mediterranean Dishes, 10 500 Pies & Tarts, 9 500 Pizzas & Flatbreads, 11 500 Red Wines, 10 500 Salads, 9 500 Slow Cooker Dishes, 9

Complete and Easy Guide to Beekeeping, The, 45 Complete Book of Sewing, The, 17 Complete Book of Sushi, The, 11 Complete Bread Machine Book, The, 11 Complete Potter, The, 17 Complete Stained Glass Course, 17 Connoisseur’s Guide to Coffee, The, 12 Connoisseur's Guide to Whisky, The, 12

Golden Book of Cooking, The, 12 Golden Book of Desserts, The, 13 Grow Your Own Food, 45 Guitar Family Trees, 39 Guitar Player's Songwriting Bible, The, 39

Looking Younger, 25

Runes Workbook, The, 26

Macaron, 13

Rustic Italian, 14

Two-in-One Woodturning, 20

Makeup, 25

Sandwiches, Panini & Wraps, 14

Makeup Wakeup, 25

Making Fresh Pasta, 13

Body Piercing, 26

500 Desserts & Sweet Treats, 5

Two-in-One Jewellery, 20

Household Management for Men, 24

500 Casseroles & Stews, 9

Coarse Fishing Handbook, The, 44

Quinoa, 14

Making Fine Chocolates, 13

Beautiful Rings, 17

Eye Candy, 25

Lighting Bible, The, 18

Honey Handbook, The, 45

500 Cakes, 9

500 Cupcakes and Muffins, 9



Jewellery Making Techniques Book, 18

Learn to Play the Guitar, 38 Learn to Play Harmonica, 37 Learn to Play Keyboards, 38 Learn to Play Sax, 38 Legendary Guitarists & Their Guitars, 39 Lift the Lid on Mummies, 45 Lo-Fi Photo Fun!, 28

Making Handbags, 18 Making Sweets, 7 Me and My Sewing Machine, 18 Mosaic Artist’s Sourcebook, The, 18 Mosaic Artist's Technique Bible, The, 19 Natural Stain Remover, 45 Outdoor Survial Handbook, The, 42 Palmistry Workbook, The, 26 Paper Folding Templates, 19 Paper New York, 19 Pasta, 13 Pasta Machine Cookbook, The, 13 Perfect Fit, The, 19 Pickles, Relishes & Chutneys, 13 Playing Cards, 41 Potter’s Guide to Ceramic Surfaces, The, 19 Portrait Photographer's Style Guide, 31 Pressure Cooker Cookbook, The, 24 Puppy Training, 43

Scarf Style, 19 Scary Cute, 20 Secret Language of Dogs, The, 45 Sensational Party Cakes, 14 Shakespeare Encyclopedia, The, 44 Shakespeare's Plays, 44 Sketching & Drawing, 19 Slow Cooker Cookbook, The, 14 Smoothie Heaven, 14 SnAppShots, 29 Spiritual Tattoos, 26 Sockology, 19

What Makes Great Art, 33 What Makes Great Photography, 32 What On Earth Are You Wearing?, 25 Whoopie Pies, 14 Women’s Golf Handbook, The, 44 Wood Carving Bible, The, 20 Wood Handbook, The, 16 Woodworker's Joint Book, 20 Woodworker's Techniques Bible, The, 20 Yoga & Pilates Home Workouts: Get Fit For Free!, 23

Start Making Jewellery, 19 Steam Cooking, 14 Styling, Lighting & Photographing Food, 30 Style Yourself, 25 Stylish Skirts, 19 Super Cute, 20 Superfoods, 14 Surfing Handbook, The, 44 Sweet Nothings, 20 Tailoring, 20 Tasty Cute, 20 Tattoo, 26 Tennis Handbook, The, 44 Timeless Makeup, 22


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Apple Press Spring 2012 catalogue  

Apple Press Spring 2012 catalogue