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great adventures of the bible Introduce your children to the Bible’s greatest adventures with this read-aloud storybook, perfect for toddlers and early readers. The lively illustrations and expressive stories bring to life the characters and events from 23 of the Bible’s most beloved stories. The accompanying 70-minute CD of stories and sing‑along music is a wonderful way for children to listen to, remember, and sing about their favorite stories.

Includes audio CD with 22 Bible stories and songs Stories include:

Length: 48 pages Format: Hardcover/Foam padding Dimensions: 17.2 x 18 cm (6.8 x 7 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-448-8 Ages: 1–4 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries

Creation Noah and the Flood Baby Moses Crossing the Red Sea David the Shepherd David and Goliath Jonah and the Fish

Daniel in the Lion’s Den Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego The Birth of Christ Jesus' Childhood Miracles of Jesus Easter


Children > Books

Tiny Bible Treasures

new ÇÇFeatures eight individual booklets ÇÇStories are told in simple, easy-to-understand language ÇÇAn ideal introduction to the Bible

Tiny Bible Treasures is a new series designed to familiarize young children with some of the best-loved stories from the life of Jesus. Stories and pictures by: Didier Martin Length of each book: 16 pages Format: Paperback Dimensions: 10 x 10 cm (3.9 x 3.9 in.) Ages: 2–6 ISBN-13:978-3-03730-747-2 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries

ned her eyes. the little girl ope Immediately, was restored! and her health She was alive,


little py to see their wife were so hap again. Jairus and his well and healthy


e in search of r, wise men cam d it Some time late ,” they said, “an e seen the star e.” Jesus. “We hav her has guided us

us ful gifts for Jes brought wonder myrrh. The wise men ense, and —gold, frankinc

Children > Books

Tiny Bible Treasures

JESUS IS BORN! Stars, shepherds, wise men, angels ... Read about the most marvelous night in history.

A PLAN TO HELP A FRIEND FISH! AND MORE FISH! Simon and his friends fished all night but caught nothing. Jesus came along and told them to launch out again. See what happened next!

JESUS’ LITTLE LAMBS Every evening, the good shepherd counts his sheep. What happens when he discovers that one of them is missing?

Jesus was speaking in a house when suddenly a man came through the roof on his bed. What’s up with that?

BACK TO LIFE When Jairus asked Jesus to heal his sick daughter, little did he know that Jesus would do so much more than that.

BLIND BARTIMAEUS ZACCHAEUS MEETS JESUS Zacchaeus was really short, but he really wanted to see Jesus. He climbed a tree to get a better view ... and his life was never the same again!

Bartimaeus couldn’t see Jesus, but he knew He could help. Jesus was passing by and Bartimaeus called out ...

HE’S ALIVE! Jesus died on the cross, and it seemed like the end for Him ... but was it?


Children > Books

jesus and me




e prom is

now a 3-book series with the addition of 2 new titles!


As you lie down to sleep just say , a small prayer. I’m waitin g to he ar it; I’m alw ays right there. As you close yo ur eyes and drift off to sle ep, I’m the re to ho ld you: That’s My promise I’ll keep .



g othe rs


Sweet little bir die, tha your lov nk you e with tho you for se aroun for sharing being kin d you. Th d and thi The mo ank re you nking of think of others. make the others m happ and try y, the mo happy.− to And the re you make Me more I too! make yo u happ y,


ÇÇA devotional for children featuring messages from Jesus ÇÇBrings spiritual principles to a level that young children can easily understand and relate to

ÇÇMessages are on themes such as waking up, bedtime, kindness, healthy habits, learning new things, guardian angels, and protection

ÇÇHelps children understand the wonderful truth that Jesus is with them at all times, and that He knows and loves them in a very personal way


Author (Jesus and Me): Natalie Vela Author (At School and At Home): P.C. Martin Author (My Body and My World): P.C. Martin Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.) ISBN-13 (Jesus and Me): 978-3-03730-161-6 ISBN-13 (At School and At Home): 978-3-03730-689-5 ISBN-13 (My Body and My World): 978-3-03730-690-1 Ages: 2–6 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries

Children > Books

jesus and me

A Reading


When I was a boy, I enjo didn’t hav yed learning e books like . In those you days we like you hav e to take time do now; we had scro taught to rea lls. Just to learn, as d. a child I also was Learning to read isn’t always eas of practice y, and it take and hard work, but s a lot see how won if you kee derful it is p at it, you and how and discove ’ll much you r. You can can also ask Me learn encourage you to kee for help, and p going. In reading and I’ll time, you’ll be able to master read from Books are your favorite like books. reading adv boxes of treasures. Let’s get star enture! ted on a Ever ything

that was writte n in the past was writte n to teach —Romans us. 15:4 (NIV)


Many Won

Jesus and Me at School and at home


Would you like to lear n how a rain birds fly? And why bow is mad some e? How sun shine and the moo birds can’t fly? Wh at makes n glow? Wh stars in the the y can’t you daytime? How man see the how can we y numbers use them to are there, These are find out wha and some of the t we wan questions t to know? answers to that you can when you find study scie the nce and mat Every new thing that h. you learn prepare you in school r mind to will train and understand enough, you more new will know things. Soo a whole lot how things n about the work. The world and wor wonderful and amazing ld I have created is full of mysteries for you to Apply your discover. heart to instru ction and —Proverbs

I Made the

your ear to words of know ledge.

23:12 (ESV)



Let Me tell you the stor y of how the sun and I created the moon and universe— stars, the world aro planets, the und you, and every beautiful galaxy in Before I mad space! e the world, darkness. I created ligh there was only emp tiness and t. I created beautiful sky the earth above it. and the I made the streams. I oceans and made land appear. I rivers and beautiful tree covere s, plants, and flowers. d the land with I put brillian t lights in the sky. I mad during the day, the moo e the sun to shine n to glow filled the sky during the with many night, and twinkling with fish and stars. I fille swimming d the ocean across the creatures, and I sent sky. birds flyin g


Jesus and me my body and my world

I created ani mals and creatures huge animal of every sort s like dinosa —from hippopota urs and elep muses to tiny hants and creepy cra playful pup wlies, furr pies, and y bun cute kittens. could wal I created peo nies, k, run, thin k, talk, dan ple who ce, and pla I was plea sed with how y. out. I wan beautiful My t you to hav creation turn e fun explori wonders of ed ng and enjo the world around you ying the take good and do you care of the r bes beautiful wor ld that I mad t to e. God created ever ything.

—John 1:3 (NLT)

I Made the



ÇÇMessages are on themes such as manners, learning to read, winning and losing, healthy living, keeping clean, and caring for the earth

ÇÇHelps children be more aware of their environment at home, at school, and at large 5

Children > Books

my first values Focuses on positive family interaction and good health habits

Play safely.

new ÇÇNew series of board books to introduce basic values to young children

ÇÇColorful pictures are accompanied by one-liners that are understood and remembered even by babies and toddlers

ÇÇCD included in each book



Be patien

Children > Books

my first bible values Focuses on basic Bible principles for children

All things were . made by God Him. made through All things were —John 1:3

new Jesus loves t he little ch ildren. Let the littl e child ren co me to Me. —Mar k 10 :14

Author: Natalie Vela Length: 14 pages Format: Board book Dimensions: 21 x 16 cm (8.3 x 6.3 in.) ISBN-13 (My First Values): 978-3-03730-711-3 ISBN-13 (My First Bible Values): 978-3-03730-713-7 Ages: 0–4 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


Children > Books


ÇÇEasy-to-use devotionals for preschoolers ÇÇSix-book series covering fundamental Christian values

ÇÇ15 devotionals per book, each based on a Bible Scripture

ÇÇInteractive activities to bring the principles into everyday life

ÇÇBeautifully illustrated with watercolor paintings

Love • Salvation ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-637-6

C l ea n R o o m

something you really wanted of a time when that if Can you think daddy told you your mommy and be May special ial? that spec could get es diligently you you did your chor remember to do to cult diffi it found did, you toy. You may have , but once you to do them well your chores and were rewarded. se Jesus and our best to plea that when we do And He can bless us. He The Bible says that are right, then f in the Lord and we do those things s us the things Delight yoursel rt. give hea only r not you desires of will s blesses us, He the they Jesu s n you whe know give He NIV if will t, —Psalm 37:4 the things we wan need, but even be good for us.

Make Jesus Happy

of some Can you think Jesus things that make do them? happy when we easy to do? Are they always probably Some things are it is hard to do, but trying. important to keep

beautiful watercolor illustrations

nts, to ient to our pare easy to be obed do It is not always rs, but when we thoughtful of othe s be truthful, to be y. As we make Jesu happ s Jesu e gs, we mak those good thin es us happy too. mak He y, happ

interactive activity

Lend a Hand Carry each other’s burdens.




—Galatians 6:2 NIV

Have you tried to lift something that was too heavy for you, and then someone came and helped you lift it? You probably felt happy for the help. Throughout our days we will find people who need our help, and whenever we can we should try to give them a hand. When we help others we show kindness and thoughtfulness. One important way we can help other people is by being friendly and courteou s. Jesus was a good example of helping other people. He took time to help people. He made friends with people whom others did not like, and He made those who were sad happy. We can do the same! Sometimes it may not be easy to help someone else, or we may have to stop doing somethin g we want to do in order to help. Even when it is difficult to do, helping others is important.

Ask your parents or a friend

how you can help, and then lend a helping hand. Even helping in a small way will make a difference.

Children > Books


Faith • God’s Promises

Prayer • God’s Word

Christian Living

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-638-3

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-639-0

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-640-6

God/Jesus • Obedience • Forgiveness ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-641-3

Holy Spirit • Preach the Gospel Healing • God’s Power in You ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-642-0

Author: Katiuscia Giusti Length: 32 pages Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm (9.5 x 6.5 in.) Ages: 3–6 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


Children > Books

Big Thoughts for Little Minds

ÇÇKey Bible passages are brought to life for young children in a relatable way

13 Thoughts on Love

ÇÇDiscussion topics bring practical application of Scriptures to a child’s level

Based on 1 Corinthians 13, the Love Chapter.

ÇÇLively illustrations for each page

An exciting exploration of the most enduring passage of all time about love.

lively illustrations

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-567-6


big thoughts ! d preten u ever o Do yo perher ecial Which e a su hat sp wers? you ar and w ial po rite, ec sp ur favo with olest? yo co is e rhero k is th supe u thin r do yo ve ou power can ha e at we of th ow th kn parts to ok many is bo great th it ow t in H t ? Isn’ abou armor own st read very you ju that r? be armor em u rem e also can yo we ar tians evil Chris ainst at as ng ag ow th fighti d our s kn an u oe us Did yo perher feat su de rs or ying to soldie are tr that forces s? friend

must anywhere we Before we go ’re wearing the we re su ke ma ace. gospel of pe boots of the in keep our cool us lp he l wil These e. They help ttl ba the of the heat ve those so we can sa us march on ke many ma l wil We lp. who need he y who will along the wa new friends r mission. join us on ou

t to tell you wha my or daddy Ask your mom that fight ible forces are some of the invis use to weapons they t wha and against us, how we can surrender, and try to make us .

them fight against


book, draw h reading this Once you finis full self wearing the a picture of your . armor of God speak to choose to Is it difficult Talk ead of lying? the truth inst know feel when you about how you h better to muc it Isn’t . you are lying truthful? be and science follow your con



ink Th nk hi

paraphrased Scripture


discussion topics wn BLUE

Please su pply all of our needs, no t only fo r me and my family, bu t for every da ddy, mom my, brother, sister, so n, and daughter in the w orld.

6 10

Children > Books

Big Thoughts for Little Minds

Different Kinds of Fruit

How Do I Pray?

My Fighting Chance

Based on Galatians 5:22–23, which describes the fruits of the Spirit. Prepare an amazing fruit shake of virtues through learning about the nine fruits of God’s Spirit.

Based on Matthew 6:9–13, the Lord’s Prayer. Venture out in prayer and discover what it can do. Learn about the prayer that Jesus taught long ago.

Based on Ephesians 6:10–17, which depicts the armor of God. Be a superhero and prepare for battle with your very own outstanding armor.

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-569-0

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-566-9

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-568-3

Forever Safe Based on Psalm 23. With Jesus by your side you can face anything, knowing He is always there for you. ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-570-6

Author: Ivan Gouveia Length: 32 pages Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.) Ages: 4–7 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


Children > Books

Grandpa jake’s dino tales storybooks + dvd

ÇÇA three-part book and video animation combo series

ÇÇIncludes 2 stories per book and DVD with 2 animations in the cover

ÇÇCharacter-building stories for children featuring fun dino friends

ÇÇStories narrated in the personable format of “Grandpa Jake” telling a story to his young grandson Tristan

ÇÇTwo stories in each book ÇÇDVD in the cover of each book

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-559-1

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-561-4

“…Just like this fire as he ro lled the engine,” said Grandp fire en “Thank gine to a Jake you, Gr Tristan andpa,” . said Tr istan. “And I’m so broke it. rry I I will be more ca reful ne xt time,” replied Troy.

“Troy, I forgive you for breakin gm and I am y fire engine, sorry I was m yoCri u,”spi sanidand ad at Trere istdan. Suds cov s their eye to and began wly. count slo o, “One, tw r, three, fou five…”

3-D style artwork

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-560-7

. a hollow log Suds. the flag in Crispin and Wesley hid called out sed we come!” Suds pas not, here e. Finally . “Ready or she yelled everywher it!” ked nd loo Suds ide. “I fou Crispin and looked ins low log and sed Suds. cha he as by the hol y, uted Wesle sho !” you “I’ll catch flag tched the Crispin sna off. “I got and dashed the flag!” to catch “I am going you reach you before said your base!” Wesley.

values qq Courtesy qq Manners qq Resolving conflict qq Consideration qq Healthy habits qq Honesty qq Forgiveness qq Obedience qq Responsibility

Author: Katiuscia Giusti Length: 32 pages Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm (6.5 x 9.5 in.) Ages: 3–8 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


Children > Books

grandpa jake’s storybook Insects Galore On the edge of a pond a happy group of insect friends share the joys of living together. The insects experience adventures and find their way out of difficult situations.

qq Seeing a job through qq Following instructions qq Helping others qq Doing the right thing qq Resolving arguments qq Working as a team

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-676-5 ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-211-8

Ocean Treasures Meet a happy group of friends living in the underwater kingdom of Shadda. The marine pals enjoy a variety of discoveries and adventures, and their friendship helps them through some tight spots. ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-677-2

ÇÇEach book contains six stories and comes with a dramatized audiobook CD

Activity book: 28 pages

ÇÇEach of the stories has a moral, focusing on an qq Friendship qq Cheerfulness qq Helping others qq Obedience qq Positiveness qq Kindness qq Forgiveness

everyday experience or lesson

ÇÇStories that keep young children’s attention and make learning delightful

ÇÇFour distinct fun themes ÇÇFull-color illustrations on every spread

Activity book: 28 pages ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-210-1

Dino Tales A group of dinosaur friends live a happy life together. They share adventures, as well as care for one another. ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-679-6 Activity book: 28 pages ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-257-6

Crew And Co. Come along with a team of hard-working construction vehicles, working together and each playing their part to get the job done. ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-678-9 Activity book: 28 pages

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-209-5

qq Courtesy qq Healthy habits qq Obedience qq Honesty qq Resolving conflict qq Forgiveness qq Thinking about others

qq Perseverance qq Cheerfulness qq Working things out qq Consideration qq Sharing qq Good com­munication

Author: Katiuscia Giusti Length: 100 pages Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm (6.5 x 9.5 in.) Ages: 3–8 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


Children > Kits/Curricula

feed my lambs

Bible verses for kids made fun qq 6 books qq 90 Illustrated Bible verses

qq 10 bookmarks qq 2 award certificates qq Stickers for every page

qq Includes a teacher guide qq Audio CD with verses put to music

qq Finger puppet qq Packaged as a colorful boxed set

ÇÇSix colorful booklets with a total of 90 Bible verses on key Christian topics, simplified to make them easy for children to understand and learn

ÇÇEach verse has a lively illustration that helps children relate the verse’s meaning to their everyday lives

ÇÇAlso doubles as a complete Scripture memorization course

ÇÇIdeal for Sunday schools, Bible vacation camps, homeschool, and family devotions

ÇÇIncludes a booklet for parents and teachers with helpful notes and tips on how to get the most out of this package

ÇÇIncludes an audio CD with all 90 Bible verses put to music

ÇÇAlso includes bookmarks, stickers, award certificates, and a finger puppet

ÇÇThemed coloring books also available depicts the application of the verse in a contemporary setting. verse

place for sticker

difficulty level



Children > Kits/Curricula

feed my lambs

includes a sing-along cd

Authors: Derek and Michelle Brookes Length: 32 pages x 7 books Format: Softcover Binding: Laminated cardstock cover Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.)

r e l l e s t s e b ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-326-9 Ages: 3 years and up URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


Children > Music

music cds

r bestselle

2-part series available titles Be So Happy

Sweet Dreams Tonight

• 25 lively songs sung by children • Song themes include family life, healthy habits, interactions with others, and other aspects of character building ean: 76-4010886-759-9

• Calm and soothing music and lyrics • 18 songs that make bedtime easier ean: 76-4010886-135-1

Coloring the World

• 41 songs, 90 Bible verses • The popular Feed My Lambs simplified Bible verses for children series put to music • Makes understanding and learning Scriptures easy and fun ean: 76-4010886-269-3

• Themes covered in the 18 songs on this CD include social skills, positive attitudes, and environmental awareness ean: 76-4010886-760-5

dreamlands • 12 calm and soothing lullabies ean: 76-4010886-607-3

Feed My Lambs

• Two 60-minute CDs featuring Bible stories—some narrated and some in song • A fast-moving journey through both the Old and New Testaments, keeping children’s attention and familiarizing them with the major Bible stories • Includes some of the finest Bible-stories-in-song on the market Part 1 ean: 76-4010886-139-9 Part 2 ean: 76-4010886-140-5

Great Adventures: Bible Stories

URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


Children > CD Greeting Cards

CD greeting cards for children cd






Card Text: Hooray and happy birthday … and I hope this year is the best one yet! ean: 76-4010886-724-7 CD included: Be So Happy

Card Text: Happy birthday! … There’s a prayer within my heart today… ean: 76-4010886-069-9 CD included: I Like to Rock



cd on











Card Text: Birthday wishes … hundreds of balloons and tons of love. ean: 76-4010886-722-3 CD included: Coloring the World

Card Text: Happy birthday … I hope you have the best birthday ever! ean: 76-4010886-723-0 CD included: Best Friends

Card Text: You are cool ean: 76-4010886-530-4 CD included: Grandpa Jake’s Storybook dramatized audiobook: Dino Tales (6 stories)

Card Text: A true friend’s love sustains us… Every soul that looks to heaven, every heart that’s warm… ean: 76-4010886-254-9 CD included: Sweet Dreams Tonight

Card Text: Be so happy … a special gift for a special person ean: 76-4010886-253-2 CD included: Be So Happy

Card Text: You’re a star … that brightens our lives! You’re a little piece of heaven. ean: 76-4010886-251-8 CD included: Be So Happy

A greeting card with a full-length audio CD —a great combination!

ÇÇIncludes birthday cards and other cards suitable for various special events and occasions

ÇÇLively children’s songs both entertain and teach values

URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



mottos for women Mottos for Success is a library of insightful proverbs, sensible advice, and stirring slogans that might be just what you need to help you come out on top at the end of your day.

w e n

Discover for yourself why enthusiasts call this inspirational series…

ÇÇfull of wisdom and truth ÇÇa guidebook for life ÇÇwords from above ÇÇa masterpiece ÇÇmore valuable than a million dollars

ÇÇinsightful ÇÇstirring ÇÇthought-provoking ÇÇheartwarming ÇÇaddictive ÇÇpriceless Mottos for WOMEN A new special edition of the inspirational Mottos for Success series, featuring life-affirming quotations for women. Compiled by: Abi May Length: 369 pages Binding: Spiral Dimensions: 14.5 x 11 cm (5.5 x 4.5 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-745-8 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



mottos for TRAVELERS

w e n

Compiled by: Jessie Richards ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-746-5

Mottos for Travelers Mottos for Travelers combines photographs of spectacular locations around the world with inspirational and thought-provoking quotations. The quotes—one for each day of the year—touch on topics centered around traveling, exploring, discovery, risk, beauty, and living life to the full.



101 mottos for success

101 Mottos for success • A new compact addition to the popular Mottos for Success product line • Recurrent themes in this compilation of motivational quotations are: being happy, enjoying good relationships, achieving goals, avoiding stress • A shot of inspiration on a regular basis • A perfect gift for colleagues and family • Also available: A version with the addition of a Bible Scripture on every page



101 mottos for success

Authors: Jessie Richards and M. S. Fontaine Length: 104 pages Binding: Spiral Dimensions: 14 x 10 cm (5.5 x 3.9 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-691-8 ISBN-13 (with Bible verses): 978-3-03730-693-2 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



mottos for success vol. 1/vol. 2



Volume 1: A daily inspirational quotebook

Volume 2: A daily inspirational quotebook

• A collection of insightful proverbs and sensible advice on a variety of topics, with something for just about anyone at any time

• Features a selection of topics including faith, prayer, having a warm and loving relationship with God, and facing life’s challenges with courage

• Also available: A version with the addition of a Bible Scripture for every day of the year

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-427-3 ISBN-13 (with Bible verses): 978-3-03730-466-2

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-087-9

Author: M. S. Fontaine Length: 369 pages Binding: Spiral Dimensions: 14.5 x 11 cm (5.5 x 4.5 in.) URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



mottos for success vol. 3/ vol. 4/Spirit of ireland

Volume 3: A daily inspirational quotebook • Features thought-provoking sayings and ideas to help you interact better with others, plus gems on a variety of other topics to encourage, motivate, and inspire you

Volume 4: A daily inspirational quotebook • Find keys to better relationships and a happier you through these inspiring insights • Also available: A version with the addition of a Bible Scripture for every day of the year

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-367-2

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-424-2 ISBN-13 (with Bible verses): 978-3-03730-530-0

Spirit of Ireland Desktop Quotebook

• A dash of Irish wit and wisdom fo r each day of the year, featu ring photo graphs of daily lif e at its bes t on the Emerald Is le Author: Quot es compiled by David Halfpen isbn-13: 978ny 3-03730-4242



agendas 2014 Daily Agenda 2014 A stylish addition to the Mottos for Success product line, with a thought-provoking quote for every day of the year. Four cover designs to choose from.


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Janua ry




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Length: 376 pages Dimensions: 13 x 19 cm (5.1 x 7.5 in.) Format: Flexi-bound cover URL: ISBN-13 (Parrot): 978-3-03730-720-5 ISBN-13 (Poppy): 978-3-03730-721-2 ISBN-13 (Apple Blossom): 978-3-03730-722-9 ISBN-13 (Eagle): 978-3-03730-723-6




y Januar

1 New Year's



DeceM ber M





1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


A life lived in caring for others is a life worthy A life lived in of great honor. love will never be a life lived in vain. As we have opportu nity, let us do especially to those good to all, who are of the household of faith. —Galatian s 16:10

AgendaS 2014–2015 In handy monthly-calendar format, this pocket or purse-sized agenda, spanning two years, includes an inspiring Bible verse for every month of the year. Four cover designs available.

Length: 80 pages Dimensions: 9.2 x 16.5 cm (3.6 x 6.5 in.) Format: Softcover with clear plastic sleeve URL: ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-728-1



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An artist painting the over a all picture masterpiece has to back that—th so as to off at time ings can properl y portray get out s to see Now and it. Life then, mov of proportion when you can be like e far eno ’re too ugh awa close. y to gain Open my eyes, that perspect I may see. ive. —Psal m



calendarS 2014 Mottos for Success calendar Monthly wall calendar featuring thought-provoking quotes on the topic of mountains, perseverance, determination, and overcoming.

Length: 28 pages, full-color Dimensions: 30 x 22.5 cm, closed (11.8 x 8.8 in.) URL: ISBN: 978-3-03730-736-6​

BIBLE HEROES CALENDAR Monthly wall calendar featuring Bible heroes, with an account of their lives and times. A unique Bible experience for young children.

Length: 28 pages, full-color Dimensions: 26 x 26 cm, closed (10.2 x 10.2 in.) URL:​ ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-734-2




A special days giftbook series

The Wonder of Love

ÇÇIntricate design and beautiful fullcolor illustrations on each page

Selected quotations from great writers through the centuries explore the myriad facets of love. Favorite Bible passages and inspirational messages complete our journey through The Wonder of Love.

ÇÇAn excellent gift for friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you care about

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-605-5

A delightful collection of anthologies on some of our favorite subjects: Christmas, Love, Mothers, Fathers.


leave some of

To get

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have someon

Love is like fire: If it’s not

their fragrance…

Shine! Shine!

it with.

ed, it goes


Shine! Pour dow n your wa rmth, gre While we at sun! bask, we two tog Two tog ether. ether! Winds blo w south, or winds Day com blo w north, e white , or night Home, or come bla rivers and ck, mountai Singing ns from all the tim home, e, mindin While we g no tim two kee e, p togeth er.


—Mark Twai

out. —Giovanni


To love another. m.

at bestows the …in the hand th —Chinese


ortal thirst

Love is the heart’s imm



wn and all

forgiven. —Henry van



for lov

ers love…is

of life he essence

love…t 12


essence of



—Eva Gab niz



and both wi

elm Leib ottfried Wilh

pletely kno

to be com


two can play


ppiness is to place our ha

of in the happiness

Love is a g am

—Walt Whitm

for lov





The Wonder of Fathers

The Wonder of Mothers

The Wonder of Christmas

A treasury of quotations, proverbs, poems, inspirational thoughts, and Bible passages expressing love, respect, and admiration to fathers

A gift from the heart, this quotebook is sure to bring inspiration to that wonderful person we know as mother.

A collection of Christmas quotes, poems, anecdotes, and meditations sure to awaken the spirit of Christmas in you, and add depth and meaning to this special season. A way to reflect, relax, and remember the reason for the season.

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-621-5

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-620-8

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-603-1


ll the wealth in the world cannot be com with the happ pared iness of living together happ united. ily —Margaret of Youville

A fat h e r ... an influencis e My son, hear

—Proverbs 1:8

the instruction

of your father.

Our Father, by whose nam

e all fatherho

is known, od Who dost in love proclaim each Bless Thou all family Thine own, parents, guar ding well, With constant love as sentinel, The homes in which Thy peop le dwell. —F. Blank Tuck er

Editor/compiler: Abi May Length: 60 pages Format: Hardcover giftbook Dimensions: 13.2 x 17.8 cm (5 x 7 in.) URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



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peo e. I made Old-fbecashausioneedit’smoall about lov to first d for them

nde style, rs. e, and I inte their mothe e and to need lov through car that love of love and experience y can bodiment tiniest bab are the em even the Mothers t tha e s—lov tendernes to. d pon ortant feel and res imp st the mo g in life! It’s the greatest gift best thin r learn and Love is the ch it thers tea one can eve fine e—and mo lesson any eiv on rec go r eve Life would rs. anyone can one else. hout mothe it like no but not wit to stay! and give ny things, here without ma rhood is the mo ned Old-fashio —Jesus hers

der of Mot

The Won 10



from jesus with love l se t es

A unique series of giftbooks that bring inspiration and answers to life’s tough questions, in the words of the greatest life coach of all time: Jesus Christ. His words for today can BOTH HELP YOU THROUGH LIFE’S TOUGH TIMES AND MAKE THE GOOD TIMES EVEN BETTER.

• No one understands you and your troubles better than Jesus, or can help you make it through life’s most trying times like He can • 58 messages to bolster your faith and put life’s problems in perspective

For the Golden Years • Your later years can be ones of great fulfillment • Understand how the best is yet to come! isbn-13: 978-3-03730-460-0

To You • Words of comfort and advice • Find out just how much Jesus loves you • 64 one-page messages, each touching on some aspect of Jesus’ great love and personal concern

My Healing Touch • Prescriptions from the greatest doctor in the universe • Find out how the healing of hearts, minds, and bodies all work together to make for true wholeness

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-489-1

success with people

isbn-13: 978-3-03730-486-0

• 55 messages that will give you a fresh perspective on people, and doable, surefire ideas for happier and more rewarding relationships • Learn from the Master

For Couples

isbn-13: 978-3-03730-490-7 be a wInnIng team

• Insight into your partner’s mind • Tips for how to improve your connection with your loved one • A heavenly perspective on the key issues of romance and relationships

seCondHand stress

What if everyone on a sports team always wanted to be the one to shoot and score, and no Some people can operate well one wanted to pass the ball to others? The team would be a flop. Winning teams are made up under pressure for a while. Others of team players, not glory-seeking hotshots. Team players respect their coach and teammates, are just the opposite—pressure and realize that all are needed. They work to keep their teammates’ morale high by expressing fritzes them out immediately. And confidence in each other and their team as a whole. while some people thrive on the And like the head coach of a winning sports team, a good boss is able to take a group of adrenaline rush of a pressure-cooker individuals with different skills and personalities and form them into a cohesive, effective unit. environment, most don’t. He knows how to develop his employees’ talents, and how to inspire them to give their best If you’re a high-powered person, day after day. He understands each employee’s abilities and limitations, and uses each at the you need to realize that others are position where he or she can best excel. He knows how to motivate and build morale. He earns greatly affected by your pace and tHehisFour measures embraCe CHange players’ respect by respecting every player on his team, not just the stars. He inspires team push. This is especially true when spiritnature and confidence. When they succeed sureyou all set share in theways, limelight are Do in ayou managerial leadership from It’s a quirk of human that those who generally have aas a team, he makesAre in your or do you embrace newyou ideas? welcomeorsuggestions andaround rewards.them often worry about their position. can betodebilitating— positive effect on those others? Are you open to learning and trying new things? Are Stress you willing change things if a lothave of competition out there. If you don’t work someone as a team,else thefinds competition will win, even secondhand stress. Better “people skills,” whereasThere thoseiswho more of a negative a better way? but aren’t if youaware can learn to work together, you’ll win together and It’s be able enjoytothe rewards resultsit are reached whenit the impact on others often of how they come across, oftentoeasier keep doingofthings the old way than is tousually change, or at least can seem victory together. environment is calm or may even think they do well in that area. As a result, many so at first. Change takes time and effort, but good changes are worth it inand thesteady. long run. You Haveextreme you ever watched a flock of of those who could stand to improve the most keep repeating shouldn’t resist change, but you shouldn’t go to the other either of changing things just birds or sheep or a herd of horses or mistakes they probably would try harder to correct if they for the sake of change. and noticed that whenand onepromises gets recognized the problem. To keep from falling into this trap, Some things never change—My love for you andcows My basic commandments or upset, thatPeople spirit quickly it’s wise to assess your people skills from time to time. in the Bible—but in other areas I delight in change.jumpy Situations change. change. You spreads the others the flock Don’t rely solely on your own assessment, either. Measure change! I don’t like things to stagnate. I like innovation andtoprogress, andand I want you to as well. scatters? Something your interactions with others by My teachings in the Bible. Be flexible. Flow with the new and move with Me, or andherd you’ll be much easier forsimilar Me and others takes place in any work environment. Learning to apply the counsel you read there to yourself is to work with. People affect each other.The Asksurest yourself always one of the smartest things you can do, and it has lots to How do you know whether or not a certain change would be beneficial? way is to how you’reopportunities affecting those say about human relations. And when I say apply, I mean not ask Me. Get My stamp of approval. I can help you recognize foraround positive change you. Or better yet, askwill Me. will not as you only acknowledge your weaknesses when My Word reveals and spare you from missteps. If a new idea has My blessing, your efforts beIrewarded only show you the problem, if there them to you, but work at making the needed changes. act on it. is one, but also help you radiate a Next, ask Me what I think. Because I love you and want to calm, positive spirit. see you succeed in your relationships with others, I will shoot straight with you regarding any social tendencies or habits you should change. It’s also wise to ask those you respect and trust how they see you. That takes humility, but you may gain invaluable insight. To get the complete picture, it takes all four—your own assessment, My assessment, counsel from My Word, and the evaluation of others. Be encouraged by the positive and go to work on the negative. This isn’t a once-and-for-all process, of course, but as you remain open to constructive criticism from these four sources, your people skills will blossom.



For troubled times

isbn-13: 978-3-03730-453-2

Selected by: M. S. Fontaine Length: 72 pages Format: Hardcover giftbook Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.) URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries




from jesus with love


isbn-13: 978-3-03730-446-4


from jesus with love r


l se t es

For women • 58 one-page messages with down-toearth advice for every woman • A source of strength, support, stability


isbn-13: 978-3-03730-488-4

To Jesus with Love Complementing our From Jesus with Love series, To Jesus with Love giftbooks offer the reader a unique experience in communicating with God through prayer and praise.

ÇÇ A unique series of prayers of gratefulness ÇÇ An aid to help you express thankfulness to God, and in turn r


el ts s e

bring blessings and goodness into your life

Forgiveness • Forgiveness is vital for our well-being, happiness, and future success • Learn how to forgive from the one who forgives us


isbn-13: 978-3-03730-624-6

Glimpses of Heaven

Prayers of devotion

Prayers of Thankfulness

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-692-5

ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-487-7

Life’s pathway

ÇÇ A thought-provoking and uplifting collection of anecdotes,

There’s a certain tantalizing mystery to the sea. What’s beyond the horizon, on the other side, on other shores? It’s the same with pathways. They arouse my curiosity. Where do they lead? There’s always something unknown, some uncharted territory, some new world to discover. What surprises do You have in store for me around the next bend? What spectacular views will You delight me with? What treasures will I find along the road? Who will I meet as I wend my way to new horizons? I’ll take Your path, and walk into the wonders of tomorrow.

reflections, literary quotations, and poetry about the life beyond this life


L ight , liber t y, love

In Your care

Your love is light and warmth and love and caring and sharing and believing and receiving. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. It’s never fear or worry or anxiety, pressure, problems, pain or preoccupation. You only are light, life, liberty and love—love beyond measure, love that never fails, love that knows no hours, love that is always there, love that extends beyond the tides of time.

Thank You for Your care for each of us little birdies. We love to sing and praise You. We love to glorify You with our words. We love to tell You how much we need You and how helpless we are without You—Your care, Your feeding, Your protection. We can’t even fly without Your gentle breeze to carry us along.

Your love reaches up to the highest star, and even reaches down to the very depths of the deepest sea. Your love knows no days, no nights, no hours. It’s always. It’s forever, and goes on and on and on.

Thank You that You’ve given us wings to fly up to You, and to fly away from the ground and the dirt and any dangers that might be there for us. At any moment of the day we can just spread our wings, and Your breeze is always there to lift us up above the difficulties. We love You, Jesus. We love to fly with You.

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High. Psalm 9:1–2

A tremendous source of comfort for those who are grieving




Selected by: M. S. Fontaine Length: 72 pages Format: Hardcover giftbook Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.) URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries Length: 72 pages Format: Hardcover giftbook (also available in paperback) Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-195-1 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



quiet moments

ÇÇFour-book devotional series ÇÇA variety of five-minute inspirational readings

ÇÇSomething you can fit in almost any time and any place

for busy days

new series

for parents

: content am, to be state I abound. whatever w how to rned in and I kno I have lea aba sed, –12 w to be ho 4:11 s w I kno Philippian

t was to dom tha ld gem of wis easily I cou e across a now is how ago I cam isfied

azes me time, sat -five years ed at the ng that am Twemyntysan have and fulfill ity. The thi . I could g happy

save s feelin tak ing me d I hadn’t. d it. I wa med to be s soon gla have misse ere it see the but I wa life and wh g to me, my job and nt with my n, I lost not applyin rence poi nward tur it aside as ame a refe brushed ected dow bec exp rds un wo k an t months. and those cul Things too ed, diffi vid loves next few it had pro that God ough the security to knowledge me get thr er things ty in the ing on oth that helped our securi etimes uld find tead of rely “If we wo lives, ins But we som en’t py. our for hap hav ver y a plan ause we ma ke us bec ld us and has ed, cou satisfi state t need, He being dis whatever meet tha happy by content in selves un did, to be ma ke our stle Paul as the apo learned,


we’re in.”

ssings, n your ble nty, Reflect upo n has ple every ma , of which sfortunes r past mi not on you e some. hav n me all of which kens Dic es Charl


Who Am



with G od

here once was a littl e boy who was a long wanted to trip to whe meet God. re God live cookies and He knew d, so he pac a few bottles it ked his suit of juice and When he case with started his had gone onl journey. man in a y a few blo park. The cks from old home, he ma n was sitti The boy sat met an old ng by a pon down nex d, to enjoy a t to him, feeding the opened his drink whe birds. n he noticed suitcase, and the boy offe that the old was about red him a man look cookie. The old ma ed hungry. n gratefully So was so incr accepted, edible tha and smiled t the at him. His him a drin boy wanted smile k. to see it aga in. So he The old ma offered n smiled at there all afte him again. rnoon eati The boy was ng and smi delighted! As it grew ling, but the They sat dark, the y hardly said boy realized leave. But a word. when he had he was tire d and he gone only back to the got up to a few step old man, s, he turn and biggest smi gave him ed around a hug. The le ever. , ran old man gav e him his

When the boy got hom look on the e, his mothe boy’s face r was surp . “W hat did rised by the happy?” she you do tod happy asked. ay that ma “I had lun de you so ch with Go d,” the boy could resp ond, he add replied. But ed, “And before his beautiful do you kno mo smile I’ve the r w what? He’ ever seen!” Meanwhile s got the mo , the old ma st returned to n, also rad iant from the home he shared his day in son was stun with his gro the park, ned by the wn son’s fam look of pea “Dad, wha ily. The ce on his t did you father’s face do today “I ate coo tha and t ma asked, de you so kies in the happy?” park with before his God,” the son had a old man ans chance to much you respond, he wered. But nger than added, “Yo I expected.” Too often u know, He’ we underes s timate the word, a liste power of ning ear, a touch, a an honest caring— all smile, a kin compliment of which d , or the sma have the pot special one llest act of ential to ma , or even turn ke someon someone’s e’s day a very life around . Author unk


Quiet Mom

ents for Bus

y Days

Life’s Tap

nown ■

estr y




quiet moments

Quiet Moments offers a pause from your busy life—rest, refreshing, and renewal for your mind and spirit. for success

when you need them most

3. Ma ke an effort to adopt a positive thought pat tern. Let all bitt erness, wra th, anger, put away from you, clamor, and with all ma evil speaki tenderhea lice. And ng be rted, forg be kind to iving one forgave you one anothe another, just . r, as God in Christ Ephesians When I forg 4:31–32 ive, I am journey. I not to carr am to emp y any bul lets forward ty out all anger and my explosi on the revenge. ves, all my ammuniti I cannot mee I am not to “bear any on of t this dem grudge.”1 utter words and. It is altogether of forgiven beyond me. ess, but I without a cannot reve I might touch of stor al a clear, m brewin But the Lor bright, blu g any whe e sky d of grace re. weather. He can do it for can create me. He can a new clim within me, 2 change my ate. He can ” and in that new “renew a righ seeks to poi atmospher t spirit son and des e nothing troy. Grudge place to goo sha ll live which s sha ll die dwill, the and revenge strong gen in the new ial sha ll give presence whi heart. ch ma kes its home

w e rainbo Over th

all ion to ompa n close c upon Him rd is a l T h e L oh o s e w h o c a l t h You; ly wit continual d. less I am right han Neverthe me by my You hold 73:23 Psalm

the red what ever wonde Why Have you g God is? of praisin n want purpose God eve powerful even allHe the es does praises? Do that or need our convinced th them? I’m simple tru appreciate ed on the bas image. s, n He doe d’s ow de in Go ce ma are d, and sin that we appreciate be elf, to e We lov after Hims terned us thanks God pat st enjoy our mu He t as much. certainly iation jus rder and apprec er van Go Curtis Pet

; with you , for I am r God. Fear not I am you mayed, for , Be not dis ngthen you I will stre , l help you ht hand. Yes, I wil hteous rig h My rig old you wit 0■ I will uph Isaiah 41:1

John Henry Jow


d on page




Quiet Mom

ents Whe

n You Nee

d Them Mos

Growing spiritua lly can be like a roll er coaster ride. Take comfort in the knowle dge that the way down is onl preparatio y n for the way up. Rebbe Nac hman



Blue: The

Pea Place of


Compiled by: Abi May Length: 196 pages Format: Flexi-bound cover Dimensions: 13 x 19 cm (5 x 7.5 in.) URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



bible study helps

ÇÇThe ultimate topical Bible guide ÇÇThorough content and user-friendly format

r elle

s Best

I have Naves and a couple of other topical Bibles, but I really appreciate this book of encouragement and Bible study that anyone can use.

—Harold McFarland, editor of Readers Preference Reviews

bible basics: foundations of faith

• Outlines the basic beliefs that form the foundation for Christian faith, as set down in the Bible • A few of the 39 featured topics: love, forgiveness, prayer, faith, healing, how to succeed with people, marriage, and the home • Updated in 2011 Editor: John Lee Length: 332 pages ISBN-13: 978-3-905332-00-1

bible basics: keys to happier living • Topical Bible studies to aid growing in love for God and others. A few of the 54 featured topics: anger, decision-making, encouragement, friendship, habits, positiveness, wisdom Editor: Keith Phillips Length: 400 pages ISBN-13: 978-3-905332-01-8

Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 12.7 x 17.5 cm (5 x 7 in.) URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries



Key Bible verses

ÇÇSelect Scriptures on a variety of topics applicable to everyday life ÇÇAn excellent aid for on-the-go devotions, study, and committing Scriptures to memory

ÇÇA handy way to share your faith with others ÇÇIn pocket/purse size format

Length: 80 pages Format: Paperback Dimensions: 9 x 13 cm. (3.5 x 5 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-688-8 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


promises and declarations

spiritual warfare

for her


for difficult moments

ed d n ok

pa 8-bo x E an es to



for him



moments in the morning Moments in the Morning is a unique anthology drawn from a range of sources, including both contemporary and classical writings. Each selection provides a spiritual boost to start your day. On this day

AO alpha and omega

ry 13


s day we

On thi

ause of His mercy, bec de us is rich in us ... ma God, who He loved with which 2:4–5 Ephesians great love h Christ. wit er alive togeth

Love is not



I set My rainbow in the cloud, be for the and it sha sign of the ll covenant bet and the ear ween Me th.

A rainbow … that smi Genesis 9:13 ling daughte r of the stor m. In times of trouble, Caleb C. Colto it is as thou n overhead gh the skie . There is s darken; the rumble thick clou it ever stop of thunder; ds gather ?” Mark Twa down pou in was aske rs the rain has.” And . “Will d. His repu indeed, the ted respons rain does and if we e: “It alwa stop. The are fortunate ys sun peek s through , we will see a rainbow the clouds, the rainbow , for each . Pause each rainbow is a reminde time you see r of God’s promises Trust God and care. where you cannot trac he brings e him. Do A. M. over you; not try to pen rather look etrate the God’s; the to the bow cloud promise that is on it. The is yours. mystery is John Macd


ÇÇBrief devotional readings for every day of the year




[ 24 ]

[ 44 ]

a dinner of herbs where lov Than a fatte e is, d calf with hatred. Better is a little with righteousnes Than vast s, revenues without just ice. Better to be of a hum ble spirit Than to divid with the e the spo lowly, il with the Better is proud. the poor who walk s in his inte Than one who is perv grity erse in his lips, and is a fool. Better is a dry mor sel with quietness, Than a hou se full of feasting with The end strife. of a thing is better than its begi The patient nning; in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. How muc h better to get wisd For wisdom om than gold! is better than rubi Wisdom es; is better than stre ngth. ; Proverbs

proverbs, Bible passages, inspirational insights, words from Jesus, poems, and prayers

ÇÇA source of inspiration to start your day off right




Better is

Psalm 118:8

ÇÇFeatures anecdotes,


H. S. Osw

s love, it give d of His reassure bles us and ena en we are confines, zing! Wh us to limits and love is ama It helps our own The Lord’s potential. beyond h our full His love to reach fidence. n and reac us the faith con now us unk gives into the aine e. His love M. S. Font to step out is possibl anything believe that He faith. world, and gives us on in the on the sea only pers the sho of Hippo re you are Augustine ugh tho s you as you. God love He loves e the way It is bett s everyon er to tru st in the love Lord Than to put confidence in man.


15:17, 16:8,

16:19, 19:1, 17:1; Eccle siastes 7:8; Proverbs 16:16 , 8:11; Eccle siastes 9:16

[ 25 ]

Compiled by: Abi May Length: 384 pages Format: Hardcover Dimensions: 12.5 x 17.6 cm (5 x 7 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-686-4 URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries


ate lOv


, quench love 8:7 ers cannot Solomon Many wat Song of drown it. the floods Nor can e is the

blind. Lov

dise on

s is a para


Frank Cran


g that see

only thin

y love who trul rt of him The hea is love. for God himself,

e thee, never leav God will ws, ts He kno , All thy wan grieve thee pains that Feels the s. s and woe care Sees thy , languish grief we When in the tear, He will dry ’s anguish children r. Who His cour nea with suc thes Soo


ry Februa

earth; he

has God

Abbé Hugo

Félicité de

in is


e g essenc but the livin ess image, er not a lifel Martin Luth God, and goodness. image of full of all Love is an ch beams warrior’s nature whi ne the s divi unt of the e war, he mo green. Lov reed; in the rd’s on phe , dances for es the she ts above; in hamlets love tun e is seen; In peace, w, and sain gay attir man belo halls, in Scott grove, and Sir Walter steed; in camp, the court, the . the love s is rule heaven ven, and Victor Hugo love is hea of God. the face see to on is ther pers To love ano

[ 45 ]



blessed assurance

Wings of Prayer

The Wild Wind

Fear Not


Ever So Close

One Day at a Time

Eyes of Love

ean: 76-4010886-696-7

ean: 76-4010886-528-1

ean: 76-4010886-758-2

ean: 76-4010886-527-4

ean: 76-4010886-757-5

ean: 76-4010886-533-5

ean: 76-4010886-756-8

ean: 76-4010886-755-1



ean: 76-4010886-753-7

Ritmo sin fronteras ean: 76-4010886-754-4


ean: 76-4010886-136-8


Greeting cards with CD


ÇÇRomantic cards feature a CD of love songs

ÇÇSympathy cards Card Text: Love … grows in the heart and reaches into eternity EAN: 76-4010886-726-1 CD included: Eyes of Love

Card Text: I love you … more than you know ean: 76-4010886-727-8 CD included: Always

include a CD of songs on themes of comfort and hope

ÇÇBaby shower cards are accompanied by a CD of lullabies

ÇÇAdditional designs available

Greeting cards Card Text: You make all the difference … between mundane and memorable ean: 76-4010886-418-5 CD included: Eyes of Love

Card Text: Congratulations … on the new addition to your family EAN: 76-4010886-725-4 CD included: Sweet Dreams Tonight

with CD: A classic way to express your feelings

Card Text: Quiet moments … May you remember in the darkest times… ean: 76-4010886-728-5 CD included: One Day at a Time


Card Text: As with the butterfly … God brings something beautiful from trying moments ean: 76-4010886-609-7 CD included: One Day at a Time


Greeting cards with CD




Card Text: Christmas around the world ean: 76-4010886-830-5 CD included: Christmas Around the World

Card Text: Christmas is not a date … …it is a state of mind. ean: 76-4010886-824-4 CD included: Christmas Treasures

Card Text: Season’s Greetings … Have a wonderful holiday. ean: 76-4010886-825-1 CD included: Christmas Moments

Card Text: Merry Christmas … May your Christmas joys linger through the year ean: 76-4010886-658-5 CD included: Christmas Moments

Card Text: Merry Christmas … May peace, love, and joy be yours this Christmas ean: 76-4010886-659-2 CD included: Christmas Treasures

Card Text: Season’s Greetings ean: 76-4010886-789-6 CD included: Rhythm of Christmas

A Christmas greeting card with a full-length Christmas album— a great combination!

Card Text: Merry Christmas … Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year ean: 76-4010886-653-0 CD included: Sing with Angels





available titles The Fantastic Journey/ Forever Friend

ean: 76-4010886-384-3 Our Beautiful World/ Around the World

ean: 76-4010886-406-2 Barks ‘n’ Sparks/Fantastic Friends

ean: 76-4010886-567-0 Lights! Camera! Action!/ be the best

DVDs: treasure attic

Each 30-minute Treasure Attic show features lively music, meaningful songs, and delightful stories. Life skills are made fascinating and easy to grasp for young viewers. Focus skills include health habits, safety awareness, problem solving, social skills, manners, consideration, getting along with others, and much more.

ean: 76-4010886-569-4

Ages: 2–8 Duration: 60 minutes Format: NTSC or PAL Available for licensing Production available at a MOQ of 1K URL:

At the Carnival/ on the lookout

ean: 76-4010886-566-3

All Aboard/Fit to Win

ean: 76-4010886-565-6 Sweet Dreams/ learning is fun

ean: 76-4010886-568-7 We Can Get Along/ Happy Holiday

ean: 76-4010886-627-1 Fun on the Farm/ A Smiling Face

ean: 76-4010886-537-3 Happy and Healthy/ Let’s Have Fun

ean: 76-4010886-480-2

story time/rain or shine

Christmas Friends/ Birthday Surprises

ean: 76-4010886-570-0

ean: 76-4010886-291-4

radio waves/back on the air

ean: 76-4010886-571-7

available titles Wear a great big smile

growing together

ean: 76–4010886–541–0

ean: 76–4010886–544–1

making friends

christmas joy

ean: 76–4010886–542–7

ean: 76-4010886-545-8

happy all the time

ean: 76–4010886–543–4

DVDs: kiddie viddie

A highly acclaimed series of live-action children’s music videos featuring engaging songs, lively choreography, and children’s acting. An accompanying coloring book and activity book are available for each DVD.


Ages: 0–3 Format: NTSC or PAL Duration: 23–26 minutes Available for licensing URL:


multimedia/Kits/curricula Multimedia: Bible Explorers A combination of interactive Bible stories, games, quizzes, coloring pages, and other activities on a CD-ROM. Menu options include narration in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

kits/curricula: The Steps Program Designed for teaching values from a Christian perspective, the STEPS curriculum is divided into two parts: Foundations of Faith and Character Building. Each kit includes 20 course subjects and a teacher’s handbook.

Compatible with: Windows 95 to Windows 8 EAN: 76-4010886-390-4 Ages: 4–8 Available for licensing URL:

Authors: Amber Darley and Agnes Lemaire Dimensions: A4 (8.5 x 12 in.), comes in a sturdy magnetic seal packing case Ages: 4–10 ISBN-13 (Character Building Kit): 978-3-03730-145-6 ISBN-13 (Foundations of Faith Kit): 978-3-03730-144-9 Available for licensing Production available at a MOQ of 3K URL:

kits/curricula: early bird readers A simple and fun sight-reading program with a Christian theme that will help you give your child a head start towards the most important aspect of their basic education: reading! The kit Includes 12 reader books, a read-along audio CD, flashcards, a guide for parents and teachers, 2 bookmarks, and 4 award certificates.

kits/curricula: start early posters Two sets of 25 colorful posters, one featuring a set of characterbuilding values, and the other featuring a set of Biblical values. Each reinforces a positive value in a one-liner that is understood and remembered even by babies and toddlers. A bonus coloring book is included with each set.

Authors: Jasmine St. Claire, and Derek and Michelle Brookes Length: 32 pages in each reader Binding: Laminated cardstock cover Dimensions: 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-345-0 Ages: 3–6 Available for licensing Production available at a MOQ of 3K URL:

Authors: Natalie Vela Dimensions: A4 (8.5 x 12 in.) packaged in a sturdy cardstock holding case Ages: 0-4 ISBN-13 (Values Set): 978-3-03730-214-9 ISBN-13 (Coloring book): 978-3-03730-216-3 ISBN-13 (Biblical Set): 978-3-03730-215-6 Coloring book isbn-13: 978-3-03730-217-0 Available for licensing Production available at a MOQ of 3K URL:




DVD DOCUMENTARIES Countdown to Armageddon

A comparison of the visions and prophecies in the Bible with their modern-day fulfillments EAN: 76-4010886-391-1

Beyond Armageddon

Host Simon Peterson journeys through Israel to explore the intricate details of Bible prophecy and fulfilled predictions EAN: 76-4010886-392-8

Length: 55 minutes URL:

Format: NTSC or PAL (Available on video and DVD) Distribution and rights available for many countries

A three-book series depicting fulfilled prophecies and future events The Future Foretold Presents a compelling case that we are living in the era the Bible prophets called the Last Days Author: First edition by Michael Roy, updated and revised by Scott MacGregor Length: 86 pages Format: Paperback Dimensions: 11 x 18 cm (4.5 x 7 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-324-5

The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist A description of the rise of the mysterious master of evil the Bible calls the Antichrist—and his spectacular fall at Armageddon Author: Scott MacGregor Length: 154 pages ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-191-3

From the End to Eternity What the Bible relates about the future thousand-year reign of Christ on earth, a time of peace and progress Author: Scott MacGregor Length: 112 pages ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-192-0

URL: Distribution and rights available for many countries

books: who cares?

books: god on god

Length: 56 pages Format: Paperback Dimensions: 14.5 x 17.5 cm (5.5 x 7 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-086-2 Available for licensing Production available at a MOQ of 3K URL:

Author: Scott MacGregor Length: 240 pages Format: Paperback Dimensions: 22 x 15 cm (8.5 x 6 in.) ISBN-13: 978-3-03730-099-2 Available for licensing Production available at a MOQ of 3K Published in India by Penguin, India LTD. URL:

Witty and humorous illustrations make motivational messages for teens and preteens come alive.


Conversations between God and the author on a variety of themes.


additional cd card designs CD-Cards: Christmas

Card Text: Card Text: Friends, Merry Christmas family, love, Christmas … ean: 76-4010886-082-8 are the things happy CD included: Rhythm memories are made of. of Christmas ean: 76-4010886-363-8 CD included: Christmas Moments

Card Text: Merry Christmas … May the light of Christmas brighten your world… ean: 76-4010886-081-1 CD included: Rhythm of Christmas

Card Text: Merry Card Text: Merry Christmas Christmas … ean: 76-4010886-790-2 Ring Christmas bells, CD included: merrily ring… Christmas Moments ean: 76-4010886-025-5 CD included: Christmas Treasures

Card Text: Thinking of Card Text: For you at Christmas… and someone special… With thanking God for you. you in my life every day ean: 76-4010886-019-4 is like Christmas. CD included: ean: 76-4010886-423-9 Christmas Treasures CD included: Rhythm of Christmas

Card Text: Merry Christmas … May God’s peace and joy fill your life this Christmas ean: 76-4010886-657-8 CD included: Christmas Beat

Card Text: Merry Card Text: Season’s Christmas … Greetings … May you and a Happy New Year! have joy, peace, and ean: 76-4010886-740-7 happiness all year ‘round. CD included: ean: 76-4010886-741-4 Christmas Treasures CD included: Rhythm of Christmas

Card Text: May your life overflow with a wealth of peace, love, and joy, in this season and forever. ean: 76-4010886-634-9 CD included: Christmas Beat

Card Text: Merry Christmas … Friendship is a priceless gift. Thank you. ean: 76-4010886-742-1 CD included: Christmas Moments

Card Text: Season’s Greetings … and best wishes for all the days of the coming year. ean: 76-4010886-792-6 CD included: Christmas Moments

Card Text: May all your ean: 76-4010886-420-8 dreams and prayers CD included: Sing with come true, this season Angels and in the new year. ean: 76-4010886-364-5 CD included: Christmas Moments

Card Text: Peace on earth… Goodwill to all. ean: 76-4010886-023-1 CD included: Christmas Treasures

Card Text: The storm will pass … the sun will shine again ean: 76-4010886-611-0 CD included: One Day at a Time

Card Text: When we’re together … the world is beautiful ean: 76-4010886-417-8 CD included: Eyes of Love

CD-Cards: other

Card Text: Do you know that you’re special? … ’Cause there’s no one like you! ean: 76-4010886-068-2 CD included: Coloring the World

Card Text: Coming your way … is a big load of love and best wishes for you! Happy birthday! ean: 76-4010886-250-1 CD included: Best Friends

Card Text: I like to dance. ean: 76-4010886-400-0 CD included: Sing with Angels

Card Text: The time to Card Text: Peace in the be happy is now … Storm … May you see and we’ll have a little the silver lining behind Heaven right here the storm clouds. ean: 76-4010886-401-7 ean: 76-4010886-729-2 CD included: Be So CD included: Fear Not Happy

Card Text: Without you… With you … You fill my world with color and love. I love you. ean: 76-4010886-404-8 CD included: Eyes of Love

Available for licensing Contact us for availability URL:


Aurora Production publishes an array of inspirational and motivational products. These unique products apply spiritual concepts to everyday living. Aurora products are available in many languages. Our print, audio, video, and multimedia content will help you develop your spiritual life and discover the wonderful, practical benefits of doing so. Children will benefit from our character-building material that entertains while it teaches. If you need to improve your relations with others, invest in your children and family, or discover greater happiness, truth, and spiritual knowledge, Aurora Production has the products to help you do so. Our materials specialize in taking important spiritual concepts and presenting them in practical, doable ways that will make an immediate difference in your life. Aurora Production AG Neugasse 3, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland Tel: +41-41-7201531 • Fax: +41-41-7106745 Email: Web: Š Aurora Production AG

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