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Three smarts hostess will guide us through a peculiar show without words. You will see how the bag of a tramp turns into a stripper. The romantic touch arrives from a couple of towels who fall in love on the beach. We will also be delighted with some and exotic oriental dances sensually executed by some soup ladles. Before our very eyes, we will witness a demonstration of knitting needles fighting executed by two balls of wool. We don’t miss the musical scene by Mr. Bucket and his sexy Gogo girl pan scrub, neither the classical family conflict between the mother cow and her little daughter. And the last surprise, the mop will become a spanish “copla” singer.



· “Things about life” comes from the intention to create a show with objects that have been mercilessly thrown away because they were broken or just a wee bit dirty. We have scoured our local environment and even trawled through the bins of Barcelona to find many surprising objects for use in the show.


· ·

As a result of this intimate investigation into the rubbish of the city we have come up with a very funny and intimate little show, close to everyone’s hearts and full of fantasy and imagination. The ingenuousness, freshness and simplicity of our work, converts it into a comic show for adults, without language barriers.

· · · · ·

Premiered in October, 2003 at the Obratzov Internacional Puppets Festival in Moscow. Russia. May, 2004: Fira de Titelles Romà Martí. Caldes de Montbui. Catalonia. Spain. October, 2004: Carpa de las Marionetas. Official programme of the Pilar Festival (typical from Aragon) Zaragoza. Spain. October, 2004: Festival de Artes Escenicas del Poblenou. Barcelona. Spain. November, 2004: Internacional Festival of Visual and Puppet Theater of Barcelona. Spain. May, 2005: III International Week of Puppets Villa de Beniel. Murcia. Spain. June, 2005: Marato de l’Espectacle. Barcelona. July, 2005: Festival de Teatre de Titelles de Sant Llorenc Savall. Catalonia. Spain. July, 2005: Certamen de Teatro Abierto de Arnedo. La Rioja. Spain. September, 2005: Jubilee of Sabadell. Catalonia. Spain.



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February, 2004: Teatre Antic. Barcelona. Spain. February, 2005: Sala Marionetari. València. Spain. March, 2005: V Aniversario de La Jarra Azul. Andy Blue. Barcelona. Spain. March, 2005: Jornadas dia de la Mujer. Centre Civic El Surtidor. Barcelona. Spain. April, 2005: Circol Maldà. Barcelona. Spain. August, 2005: Casa Baumann. Terrassa. Catalonia. Spain. October, 2005: Teatre Llantiol. Barcelona. Spain. November, 2005: Ateneu Nou Barris. Barcelona. Spain.


PROSCENIUM MINIMUM: With: 6m Depth: 4m Height: 2m LIGHTING: 2 spotlights - PC 500W (with sheads) 2 Profiles spots 500W 2 Rockers or Quarz

SOUND: RCA (or jack) plug out on the stage 1 CD player 2 Woofers OTHER SUGGESTIONS: Black curtains Fit up: 3h Get out: 60 minutes Maximum audience: 300 people Humour for adults up to 11 years old with no words.


TRASTAM TEATRE was created by and is still Arantxa Azagra, Aurora Poveda and Marga Carbonell. Arantxa Azagra is graduated in the dramatic arts in 1993 from the Drama University of Barcelona Institut del Teatre. During her career she has been a member of many companies and has done work including mime, visual theatre and puppetry. Just a couple of those which stand out are: TràfecTeatre and L’Estenedor. From 1995 until 1999 she founded and was part of Teatre Moriqueta Group specializing in puppetry for children with scripts created by Arantxa and her partner themselves. Currently, as well as working with this Trastam she is also a mime teacher with the drama school of Saragossa “Escuela Municipal de Teatro de Zaragoza”.

Aurora Poveda is another graduate in the dramatic arts from the Drama University of Barcelona Institut del Teatre this time in 2001. Her career began when she was only twelve years old. During the ensuing years she has worked as an actress and a puppeteer with a variety of directors. Those who stand out most are: Ricard Salvat, Shou Ling, James de Paul, Rosa Muñoz, Lakdar Boustila, Rosa Zaragoza and Jordi Bertran. At present as well as being a member of our group she is also a member of Jordi Bertran’s company and occasionally she works on TVE as a Muppet’s puppeteer in the TV-show for children: Los Lunnis.


Marga Carbonell, studied for four years at the Fine Arts University of Barcelona Sant Jordi. Her passion for puppetry led her to create an e x h i b i t io n c a l l e d : “ Ma r ione t a s y C u e nt o s ” (“Marionettes and Tells”). The characters of these stories, which she wrote herself, were materialized into a scene of puppets. From this point, she got in touch with the puppet’s company Teatre Moriqueta where she occasionally

Marga Carbonell

Aurora Poveda

works as a puppeter. After that show she contacted the puppetry company Teatre Moriqueta where she occasionally worked as a puppeteer. During this time she also created a flamenco show built and manipulated entirely by herself. Currently, she is member of our company and also of the puppet organisation theatre L’Estenedor where she creates and manipulates puppets.

Arantxa Azagra


AND... THE ARTISTS? Original idea, direction and interpretation: Arantxa Azagra, Aurora Poveda and Marga Carbonell Photopraphy/ Graphic Design: Jesus Atienza/ Bru LaĂ­n Acknowledgments: Jesus Atienza, David LaĂ­n, Jordi Bertran, Corine, Isabela, Josep Puigdollers, Dani Mas, Jean Alberts i Adri Sabater.

TRASTAM TEATRE Aurora Poveda: 0034. 645861380 Marga Carbonell: 0034. 675274852 Arantxa Azagra: 0034. 676072834 C/ Margarit, 24 Bxos. 08004 Barcelona. Management: Corin: 678056276