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Poemes Visuals (Visual Poems)

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tel.: 934 355 457

2 november 2010

PRESENTATION The show: Poemes Visuals (Visual Poems). Jordi Bertran, known internationally as one of the grand master operators of marionettes, puppet and objects presents a variety of characters based on letters. Visual Poems is a charming show, filling every corner of the stage with an unusual virtuosity, the result of many years of work. On stage a series of simple letters come to life but thanks to great mastery and handling these convert gestures into verse and verse into emotion. The show is inspired in the magic of the poems of Catalan poet Joan Brossa, borrowing from the magnetism of Brossa’s alphabet, a game of letters with which the poet illustrates his visual poetics. Visual Poems starts with musician-actor playing the role of a poet; he is carrying a suitcase full of letters made of foam and he starts to play their sounds and shapes, discovering that the letters can be used to create poetry without the need to construct words. With his guitar and songs, he establishes a warm relationship with the letters that come alive, creating a universe full of characters, choreographies, humor, and drama to show that letters are not just for filling up papers and computers but rather that they can also create a sensitive world of breathtaking simplicity. The letters, operated by sticks on a table, come alive and transform as the show moves forward: the E becomes a dog that plays with a child, which is the I. A Y and a U create a rhythmic dance and a simple T, a trampolinist.

Production. The scene is played out directly before the audience, bathed with delicate lighting effects; the action is accompanied by vocals and guitar. The handling is performed in sight of the spectator: the relationship between the puppeteer and the object brings about a studied, precise and technically perfect choreography. The show is constructed via sketches, a virtuoso performance the results of hours and hours of practice, years of experience: each movement, each pause, have been studied to perfection to make the characters, the letters made from foam, reach a level of warmth and poetics that is difficult to find on any of stage. This is a visual show in which live music, movement, minor disputes and poetic gestures are the strings that make for this international quality show.

Poemes Visuals: a show for adults that fascinates even the youngest spectators.



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3 november 2010



04 de Maig de 1997



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4 november 2010



23 de Novembre de 1996


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5 november 2010



30 de Julio de 1997


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6 november 2010



26 de Mars de 2002



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7 november 2010

THE TEAM Production credits.

Original idea:

Jordi Bertran.

Puppeters *:

Inés Alarcón, Eduardo Telletxea, Òscar Muñoz.

Live vocals and guitar*:

Òscar Muñoz.


Ma. Dolors Fernández.

Creation of marionettes:

Toni Zafra, Santi Arnal, Karin Schäfer, Zilda Torres, Miquel Gallardo, Jordi Bertran.


Mireia Margenat.

Graphic design:

Miquel Llach.


Companyia Jordi Bertran.

Artistic director:

Jordi Bertran.

* alternating with Irma Borges, Aurora Poveda, David Zuazola and Jordi Bertran.

The show Visual Poems premiered in 1994, at the International Marionettes Festival in Cannes, France.

The Jordi Bertran Company has the collaboration of ICIC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries), Departament de Cultura I Mitjans de Comunició, Generalitat de Catalunya.



tel.: 934 355 457

8 november 2010

CAREER Companyia Jordi Bertran: from its origins to the present. In 1977, Jordi Bertran coincided with a group of puppeteers from Barceloneta, the neighborhood where the fishermen used to live in Barcelona, the "Grupo Taller de Marionetas” directed by Pepe Otal, and thus discovered the power of fascination and ability to communicate of puppets. Later he formed part of two groups: "The Col—lectiu d'Animació de Barcelona" (1978), directed by Carles Cañellas, and "La Companyia Ambulant els Farsants" (1979-1987), which he co-founded. In 1987 he founded his own company with the intention of spreading the art of puppeteering with the objective of especially reaching an adult audience. Thanks to the efforts of numerous artists and collaborators, Companyia Jordi Bertran is now one of the most prestigious in the country, with numerous national and international awards recognizing his career. He has participated in the most important performing arts festivals in the world, touring in over fifty countries, and having worked on television.

On the teaching side, Jordi Bertran offers courses in the creation and handling of puppets, and he also has an exhibition on puppets and photographs illustrating the history of the Company in its current location in El Taller del Parc: Espai de Creació in Barcelona.

El Taller del Parc: Espai de Creació, is a centre in Barcelona offering training workshops in different areas of puppet theater: construction, handling, but also lighting, costumes and other applied techniques. With the collaboration of professionals related to the Company, it provides both a space for creation and rehearsals for other puppet companies. The space has been organized with the idea of promoting the activities of new puppetry companies, providing facilities, equipment and the experience of maestro Bertran to push these initiatives through the first stages of growth. The result of this has been a new puppet theater company under the name Companyia El Taller del Parc, and its first production, The hole in the hat, which opened on December 12, 2009, at the Versus Teatre in Barcelona. The Companyia Jordi Bertran is currently made up by: Paula López, Carles Codina, David Zuazola, Eduardo Telletxea, Irma Borges, Inés Alarcón, Óscar Muñoz, Aurora Poveda, Paulette San Martín... and Jordi Bertran. Shows by Companyia Jordi Bertran: Antologia (1987, Anthology), Poemes Visuals (1994, Visual Poems), Cucudrulu (1996, Crocodile), Supermonstres (1997, Supermonsters), L´Avar (2000, The miser), Narcís (2002), Poti Poti Tatanet (2003), Ofèlia (2007), L´Alè dels fils (2009, Life in the strings), El barret foradat (Cía. El Taller del Parc, 2009, The hole in the hat). Current shows: Antologia, Poemes Visuals, L’Alè dels Fils, El Barret Foradat (Cia. El Taller del Parc)



tel.: 934 355 457

9 november 2010


Outstanding performances. •

“Fira de Teatre al Carrer”. Tàrrega, Spain. 1987, 1988, 1992, 1996.

“VIII Festival Internacional de Teatro de Madrid”. Spain. 1988.

“Les Semaines de la Marionnette”. Paris, France. 1988.

“Fest. Marionnette”. Charleville, France. 1988, 1992, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003.

“VIII Ste. Int. Dommelhof Poppen”. Belgium. 1989.

“Katalansks Gästspel”. Stockholm, Sweden. 1989.

“Festival Int. D’Ambert”. France. 1989.

“Festival Internacional Cervantino”. Guanajuato, Mexico D.F. 1989.

“Internationales Theaterfestival Hambach”. Germany. 1990.

“X Festival d’Humeur a Vienne”. France. 1991.

“VII Festival Int. Rire et Humeur”. Saint Gervais, France. 1991.

“Teatro Küçükshane”. Istanbul. Turkey. 1991.

“XII Festival Int. Performance d’Acteur”. Cannes, France. 1991.

“Theatertage im Kuz Figurentheater”. Mainz, Germany. 1991.

“Festival MARIONNETTISSIMO”. Toulouse, France.1992, 2000.

“Picolo Teatro de Milano”. Italia. 1992.

“Festival Internacional de Teatro”. Amandola, Italy.1992 ,1994.

“Festival Int. de Titelles de la Mercè”. Barcelona, Spain. 1992, 1994.

“Festival Int. de Marionnettes de Porto”. Portugal. 1993-1994, 2001

“Feria Int. del Títere de Sevilla”. Spain. 1993, 1996, 1999.

“Puppetry ‘93”. San Francisco, E.U.A. 1993.

“Festival Int. de la Marionnette”. Mirepoix, France. 1993, 1997, 1998.

“X Jahre Int. Theater Festival”. Hambach, Germany. 1994, 1996.

“Festival Int. Teatro de Bonecos de Canela”. Brazil. 1994, 1995, 1996, 2001.

“Galway Arts Festival”. Ireland, 1994, 1996.

“Festival Internacional Arrivano dal Mare”. Cervia, Italia. 1994, 2001.

“Salle des Rancy”. Lyon, France. 1994.

“Minoriten. Humor der Puppen”. Graz, Austria. 1994.

“Catalan Arts Festival. Ona catalana”. Manchester, England. 1994.

“Drents Poppenspel Festival”. Meppel, Holland. 1994, 1997.

“I Festival de Titelles de Girona”. Spain. 1994.

“Festival Int. de Marionnettes”. Cannes, France. 1994, 98.

“Intermarionett. Saarbrucken”. Germany. 1994.

“London Mime Festival”. London, Great Britain. 1995.

“Internationales Figurentheater Festival”. Erlangen, Germany. 1995.



tel.: 934 355 457

10 november 2010


“Festival Internazionale de Porto”. San Elpidio, Italia. 1995.

“Mostra Int. Titeres dVall d’Albaida”. Valencia, Spain. 1994,1995, 1997,2001.

“Internationales Theaterfestival”. Wien, Austria. 1995.

“Théatre National de Tunisie”. Tunisie. 1995.

“Centro Dramático Nacional”. Teatro Olimpia. Madrid, Spain. 1996.

“Festival Dimitra”. Thessalonica, Greece. 1996.

“The Festival of Inter. Animated Theatre”. Visions 96.

“Festival Inter. de Teatre de Titelles de Barcelona”. Spain. 1996, 2000.

“Festival d’Estiu, Grec 96”. Barcelona, Spain. 1996.

“Festival Int. Teatro de Títeres, Titirimundi”. Segovia, Spain. 1995, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002.

“International Performing Arts”. Singapore. 1996.

“Festival Internacional del Títere”. Mexico. 1997, 1998.

“Festival de Títeres de Jerusalem”. Israel. 1997, 1998.

“Fira de Titelles de Lleida”. Spain. 1998, 2001.

“Semaine Mondiale de la Marionnette”. Quebec, Canada. 1998, 2002.

“Festival Figura Theater”. Baden, Switzerland. 1998.

“Festival Theatre de Marionnettes”. Rijeka, Croatie. 1998, 1999.

“Festival International de la Marionnette”. Bucharest, Romania. 1998.

“Spanish Bussiness Association” Anual Gala Dinner. Hong Kong. 1998.

“Festival de Teatro de Granada”. Spain. 1999

“Bienal de Bonecos”. Evora, Portugal. 1999, 2001.

“Festival de Titelles de St. Llorenç Savall”. Spain. 1999, 2000, 2001.

“Festival Internacional de Teresetes”. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 1999, 2009.

“Festival de Bayonne”. France. 1999.

“Agder Theater Kristiansand. Norway. 1999

“Festival Juste Pour Rire”. Montreal, Canada. 1999.

“MOMIX” Festival de Marionnettes. Kinghersheim. France. 1999.

“Gira en Alsacia”. Francia. Organizada por l’Agence Culturelle d’Alsace. 2000.

“Gira en Bélgica”: 2000, 2002.

“Theater Refleksion.Gruppe 38. Denmark. 2000.

“2001 Puppet Odyssey”. Tampa. USA. 2001.

“Gira Brasil” Curitiba”. Belo Horizonte. 2001.

“Theater Stadelhofen”. Zurich, Switzerland. 2001.

Festival “Le chainon manquant”. France. 2002, 2003.

Gira per França amb “Le chainon manquant”. 2002, 2003.

Festival de Otoño de Madrid, Spain. 2002.

Semana de Teatro para la Infancia. Damascus, Syria. 2002.



tel.: 934 355 457

11 november 2010


Comedy Festival. Tokyo, Japan. 2003.

Festival Mondial des Théâtre de Marionnettes Charleville – Mézières, France. 2003.

ARGE Festival Pannopticum NEUSIEDL. Austria. 2003.

Bravo Festival. Helsinki. Finland 2004.

FESTIVAL LUTKE. Ljubljana. Slovenia. 2004.


4ª Edició del Festival de Teatre de CAMPECHE. Mexico. 2004.

“Festival of Puppet Theatre in Jerusalem”. Israel, 2004.

“Festival de Teatro de Bonecos de Belo Horizonte”. Brazil. 2004.

“XVIII Festival International de Teatro de Títeres”. Mexico. 2005.

“PIF Festival”. Zagreb, Croatia. 2006.

IV Special International Festival of Puppet Theatres. Moscow. 2006.

“International Theatre Festival PUPPET FAIR”. Sofia, Bulgaria. 2006, 2009.

“Festival Internacional de Títeres Festín de los muñecos”. Guadalajara, Mexico. 2007.

Les étoiles de la magie. Allemont. France. 2007.

Fòrum Universal de les Cultures. Monterrey, Mexico. 2007.

“Fira d´Espectacles d´Arrel Tradicional – Manresa”. Spain, 2007.

“Festival Internacional de Teatro de la Región de Murcia”. Spain. 2007.

Festivalul “Bucurii Pentru copil. Spectacole de colectie”. Bucharest, Rumania. 2007.

“Festival Internacional de Teatro de Bonecos de Belo Horizonte”. Brazil, 2008.

“International Puppet Festival Ireland Ltd. Co.”. Dublin, Ireland. 2008.

“Freunde des Augsburger Puppenspiels E.V.”. Augsburg, Germany. 2008.

FORUM NICE NORD. Nice, France. 2008, 2009.

Manipulate: Visual Theatre Festival. Aberdeen, Scotland. 2009

16th International Children´s Theatre Festival. Subotica, Serbia. 2009.

Festival Mar-marionetas. Espinho, Portugal. 2010.

Festival “Les insolites de Mars”. Albi, France. 2010.

Teatro Le Maschere (Three Masks Theatre). Roma. Italy. 2010

XXI Festival de Artes de Macau. Macao, China. 2010.

EXPO-SHANGAI. Shangai, China. 2010.

THÉÂTRE DE L’ÎLE. Noumea, Nouvelle Calédonien. 2010

Appereances in film and television. •

Scene through a Bubble. Rotterdam. 1988 (cinema)

El sueño de la Lagartija. Spain.1996 (cinema)

TVE: “Show de Gurruchaga”, “La Palmera”, “Cajón Desastre”, “La Tarde”, “Tal cual”, “Lo tuyo es puro teatro”. 1999.



tel.: 934 355 457

12 november 2010


TVE: “El cabaret más grande del mundo”; “Toc – Toc”. 2000.

TV3: “Això és Massa”, “Tres Pics i Repicó”, “Màgic”. 1996.

SBT: “Domingo Alegria de Gugu Liberato”. Brazil. 1996.

TV3: “Setciències”. 1997.

Canal 33: Especial Titelles. 1997.

Galician Television.

Euskal Televista: “Funzioa”.

France 3: “Coktail”. France.

France2: “Fiesta”. 1997.

France2: “Le plus grand cabaret du monde”. France. 1999, 2000.

Belgian Television.

German Television: “Traumtränzer”.

SIC: Tercer Canal: “A rua dos Milhoes”. Portugal. 1999, 2000.

Canal 13: “El tiempo es oro”. Chile. 2000.

Portuguese Television: “Levanta-te e ri”. 2005.

Suisse Television: “Les coups de coeur”. Geneva, Switzerland. 2005.

SANKYO Promotions Ltd.: Takeshi Daredemo Picaso, Japan: Puppet Show “Le petit bonhomme en mousse”. Tokyo, Japan. 2008

RTL Television GmbH: “World of Comedy (AT). Colonia, Germany. 2008.



Aplaudiment (Premis FAD Sebastià Gasch d’arts parateatrals). For the technical and poetical contribution of the spectacle: ANTOLOGIA.


Prize Serra d’Or, for the critique. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Special prize of the public. Festival International de Théâtre d’Humeur de Saint-Gervais. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Special prize to the best visual spectacle. XII Festival International Performance d’Acteur de Cannes. France. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Special prize of the public. Festival International de Marionnettes de Cannes. France. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Special prize of the public. Festival International de Théâtre d’Humeur de Saint Gervais. France. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Prize of the Juror. Festival International de la Marionnette. Cannes, France. By: POEMES VISUALS.


Prize to the best putting in scene. Mostra Internacional Titelles Vall d’Albaida. Valencia, Spain. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Special mention. Festival de Porto San Elpidio. Italy. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Prize to the best spectacle. Mostra Internacional de Titelles Vall d’Albaida. Valencia, Spain. By: POEMES VISUALS.



tel.: 934 355 457

13 november 2010


Prize of the Juror. Poppenspelfestival Meppel. Holland. By the career of Jordi Bertran Company.


Prize of the Juror. MOMIX. Festival de Marionnettes. Kingersheim. France. By: POEMES VISUALS


Prize to the best interpretation. Mostra Internacional Titelles Vall d’Albaida. Valencia, Spain. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Prize to the best spectacle. Mostra Internacional Titelles Vall d’Albaida. Valencia, Spain. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Prize to the best spectacle. Fira de Titelles de Lleida. By: L’AVAR.


Prize to the best spectacle. Torun International Puppet Theater’s Festival. Poland. By: POEMES VISUALS.


Prize to the best interpretation. Torun International Puppet Theater’s Festival. Poland. By: POEMES VISUALS.


Prize of the Juror to the best Jordi Bertran Company. Torun International Puppet Theater’s Festival. Poland. By: POEMES VISUALS.


Prize. 7th Festival International de LUTKE. Ljubljana, Slovenia. By: POEMES VISUALS.

2005 Prize to the best manipulation and interpretation. XXI Mostra de titelles de la Vall d’Albaida. Valencia, Spain. By the show: POTI POTI TATANET. 2006

Prize to the best spectacle. IV International Festival for Puppet Theater PUPPET FAIR – SOFIA 2006. Bulgaria. By: POEMES VISUALS.


Prize to the best spectacle. Association Culturelle du Theâtre Dofin Argenté. France. By: POEMES VISUALS.


Premiul Pentru Acuratetea si virtuozitatea tehnich de Mânuire. Festivalul international al teatrului de animatie: “Bucurii pentru copii. Spectacole de colectie”. Bucharest. Romania. By: ANTOLOGIA.


Prize of the public to the best spectacle, Festival de Bonecos de Belo Horizonte. Brazil. By: ANTOLOGIA.


MEUH´LIÈRE 2009. Festival de Grand Bornard. France. By: Career of Jordi Bertran Company.



tel.: 934 355 457

14 november 2010

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Technical fact sheet THE SHOW Technique:

Rod puppets.


Adult and family.


Catalan, Spanish, English or French.


1 hour.

STAGE AREA A show for theatres with a black box room (totally black around the stage and audience areas) Can be adapted to other types of spaces (consult with the Company). Width:




Height of the playing area: 4 m.


12 Kw. (220v, 16A)


12 channels


4 PC of 1 Kw., with barn doors and gel frame holders.

8 profile spots (narrow angle), of 1 Kw., with gel frame holders. One electrics cable from the stage to the technical booth.

SOUND 1 CD player with an auto-pause function. 1 voice microphone, with a stand (Shure SM58 or similar) 1 amplifier o 1 microphone for a guitar (Shure SM57 or similar) Mixing table. PA and monitors, in accordance to the capacity and the size of the room (two monitors, at least)

CREW The Company travels without their own sound and lighting technician.

DRESSING ROOMS For three people with tables, chairs, mirrors, hangers, running water and toilets. Bottles of mineral water for three people.



tel.: 934 355 457

15 november 2010



3 hours.


1 hour.

A room technician must be present while the Company uses the space and equipment (set-up, dismantling and during the performance).


It is necessary that a person from the organization is present from the agreed time of arrival of the Company until their departure from the premises.

Direct access to the company vehicle from the stage or unloading area.

If this is not possible, the organization must supply the personnel for loading and unloading.

The technical requirements of the show can be adapted as long as the Company has been informed previous to contracting the show.

The Company has the minimum equipment for the performance’s sound and lighting needs, which can be arranged when the show is contracted.



tel.: 934 355 457

16 november 2010




5 m.









6 RETALLS / RECORTES / DÉCOUPES / PROFILES SPOTS 1.000 W. 6 PROJECTORS / PROYECTORES / PROJECTEURS / SPOTLIGHTS - PC 1.000 W. 2 VISERES PER PC / PALAS PARA PC / VOLETS POUR PC./ BARNDOORS FOR PC TAULA / MESA / TABLE 2m. x 60 cm. ( proporcionada per la companyia / proporcionada por la compañia / fournie par la compagnie / company supplies) CAMERA NEGRA / CAMARA NEGRA / PENDRILLONAGE / BLACK CURTAINS CONTROL / REGIE ( R.C.A. / Cannon + D.M.X. 512)


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