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My name is Aurora.

I was born in Pontevedra (Spain) on the 26th of october of 1989. That was a friday and I think nothing exciting happened by that time. As on the consequent years to come, as small villages never seem the best place to have adventures, just to start them. That’s what I did, eventually, when I turned 18. A windmill of events start converging in my life and I found myself moving from one country to another with not even time to realize about half of the stuff that was happening around me. I like big capitals with life coming out of every corner, with its pros and cons. I also like travelling to the unknown, finding myself in situations I would have never expected. Along with this passion, I spend the rest of my time reading, working my way to become a something (this is still unspecified, as I want to be many things), sending postcards to my friends and buying unuseful stuff.

E N D (by now)

Carnotstraat x Frankrijklei 02.34 pm

View of the MAS 11:05 am

s e v e n

s p a c e s

C/Hermanos S. Buhigas nยบ4-6ยบH 36002, Pontevedra + Rua da Alegria 498 4440-452, Porto + Rua 31 de Janeiro 73 4000-120, Porto + Rua da Boavista, 23 4050-102, Porto + 272A Bethnal Green Rd E2 0AG, London + 123 Stoke Newington Church St N16 0U8, London + 65 Provinciestraat 2018, Antwerpen

ME 8 - Wake up + breakfast 11 - Go out for a coffee 15.30 - Lunch 18 - Another coffee 21 - Dinner 00 - Sleep


REST OF THE POPULATION The same but 3 hours earlier.


unattached.JPEG A recollection of images from different times and different places, from the beginning to the current times. From north to south, stopping a little bit in the east and longer in the west.

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E-mail from the 23/10/2012. To A: Long time no spk But my internet is shit. E-mail from the 23/10/2012. To K: THAT ONE is great. Go that way, but make it massive in front of the police office if possible E-mail from the 23/10/2012. To A: Yea no probs, it will only take a couple of hrs!! U rlly like this? Isnt the style super olskool? E-mail from the 23/10/2012. To K: I do like it, of course, I love old school. better that than trendy shit. it’s nice. The thing is, DO U LIKE IT? E-mail from the 23/10/2012. To A: I think it is cool, nothing amazing. I ll try and colour it as well and see. I am more concerned about the other style though (black). It has potential but I am in need of slightly updating it someway..


A zine about my nonsense. This time in Antwerp