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Once upon a time, two girls Aurora and Eugenia who were 14 years old, were talking about the future. They were in an academy called CIC, suddenly, they listened a man screaming.The scream came from the 4th floor, just the 301 class. They run upstairs quickly.

They arrived, and they saw a person death, it had happened a murder, the unlucky was Guillermo, one of her partners. Then, Eugenia and Aurora decided to investigate the mystery: The Guillermo’s Murder.

They start investigating the houses around CIC. They start ringing doors and doors, asking if people know something about it, but they were very tired because they didn’t find out who was the killer.

They went downstairs for ask in another building if people can help us with the murder, but, suddenly, they found a letter.

The letter said they if they wanted to solve the mystery they had to go to CIC building and there go to computer class.

April Fool’s day

They went to the class and they were very frightened and worried about Guillermo, they were calling to the caps, when they saw Guillermo laughing they hadn’t thought that was April fool’s day.

Then they laughed a lot, and Eugenia and Aurora were disappointed but very happy, it has been an adventure with lot of fear.

Guillermo's murder  

Guillermo's murder

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