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“Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.� Carlo Mollino

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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


ortfolio 2013-2017

BIO Aurora Badiu is a Romanian designer, based in Los Angeles. A careful and creative thinker with a tremendous eye for detail, she aspires to capture the essence and emotion of her surroundings through her work. She is fascinated by the duality of the archaic and the new, of the east and the west and is constantly exploring these contrasts. A firm believer that design should be timeless not only beautiful, and that quality should be over quantity. Aurora is no stranger to interior design, having spent more than eight years working for a diverse range of clients and companies, such as the Romanian Green Building Council, Elle Decoration and the National Museum of Romanian Art. These projects allowed her to develop a refined aesthetic sense and an expressive idea of design. She is especially inspired by the work of artists, designers and architects of the past. Like Constantin Brancusi’s simplicity, Josef Albers’ geometry, Carlo Scarpa for his innate approach to materials or Luis Barragan’s for his emotional architecture; Carlo Mollino’s and Adrian Pearsall’s theatrical beauty, Gio Ponti’s vision of detail and Finn Juhl’s softness. Her enthusiasm for design is evident in her perseverance and dedication to her work. To contact Aurora please email to To get inspired you can find her on Instagram @aurorabadiu.


Aurora Badiu

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Los Angeles, California portfolio:

SKILLS SUMMARY An energetic, self-motivated, and detail oriented Interior Designer with professional work experience in: • • • • • • • •

Commercial & Residential Design Hand Drafting & Hand Sketching Furniture Design Lighting Design Sourcing FF&E Materials & Finishes Ceramic Production Ergonomics Design

• MAC & PC Proficient • Microsoft Office: MSW & Excel • Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign • AutoCAD | SketchUp • Studio Webware • Styling • Set Design • Languages: English | Romanian | Spanish

EDUCATION FIDM Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California Associate of Arts Degree, Interior Design Major


Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, Bucharest, Romania


Set Design & Costume Art Certification

University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, Bucharest, Romania Bachelor Degree, Interior Architecture Major

EXPERIENCE Thinkpure, Inc., Los Angeles, CA Interior Designer / Project Manager | Freelance


05-2017 | Present

Work directly with Principal to take on a key role in the design process including project research, design development, sourcing (FF&E and IF), Specification books and drawings (floor plans, elevations, construction documents, shop drawings for furniture and lighting). Participate in client presentations and actively build relationships with clients through the project process. Coordinate with project consultants, contractors and vendors. Create work plans, scope of services, and budgets in conjunction with the Project Manager.

Aurora Badiu, Bucharest, Romania | Los Angeles, CA Interior Designer | Freelance

11-2010 | Present

Residential and commercial design projects. Furniture design. Programming; space planning; concept development; sourcing; materials and selection. Art direction. Styling. Curatorial projects.

ELLE Decoration, Bucharest, Romania Editor and Interior Stylist

04-2009 | 05-2010

Write articles on the latest interior design trends. Collaborate with industries producing materials, furniture and accessories. Conceptualize and organize photographic shoots for home interiors, table top and lifestyle.

OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE Meyer Davis Studio | Interior Design Intern Janet Levy Projects | Studio Assistant FIDM Chairing Styles | F  urniture Designer Romanian Green Builing Council | Interior Architect National Museum of Art of Romania | Educational Programs

TABLE OF CONTENTS + RINGMAN Residence + ROSENTHAL Pop-Up Gallery + CARIBOU Club Chair + blEND Restaurant & Lounge + Hand Sketching & Rendering

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Ringman Residence

1st Floor

2nd Floor

Rosenthal Gallery

Club Chair

Fundamental concealed reality

mith, folkl

infinite continuity Reflected Ceiling Plan

simplified forms contransting textures

Hand Sketches


A contemporary single-family courtyard house constructed out of 10 shipping containers.

Four 40ft. and six 20 ft. containers are spread in s yard garden with plenty of windows that will allow

The project will bring back the relation betw ture, architecture and inhabitant comfort, as create a strong relationship between inside & The courtyard is not only used as a social family space, it is also a source of air flow and thermal c the residence. Embracing the natural lifestyle along with a passion for modern art, the residence needs to feature a wonderful indoor-oudoor interplay and a spacious collected space.

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

such way to create a picturesque home centered on a beautiful courtw for a seamless transition to the outside.

ween nawell as outside. y gathering comfort to

Courtyard surrounded on all sides by interior living spaces.


Courtyard: a light well, an air shaft; thermal performance of a courtyard deals with heat exchange between the courtyard, the indoors and the outdoors.


The R. Residence is a perfect natural retreat that will allow inhabitants to escape the big city rush of Los Angeles.

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Front Entrance Elevation

Hand Sketch


The first level covers the space for a living room, powder room, kichen, dining, a two-story library and study room, and the children’s bedroom with their own bathroom and dressing. The upper level houses the master suite, which is accessible through a long open hallway passing the library.

LEGEND: Carpol Entry Living Room Powder Room Kitchen Dining Room Library/Study Room Laundry Kid’s Bedroom Master Suite


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising



Combining the modern style with Deco touches, a well-balanced space was created: both soft and bold, feminine and masculine, with natural materials like hardwood floors, natural stone or glass. The use of light was an extremely important aspect so the colors used are simple and neutral tones contrasted by elegant, grounded statement colors like dark blues, rich reds, marsala, blush pink and metallics.

Passage Console by HervĂŠ van der Straeten

m.a.s.s.a.s. sofa by Moroso

Ekstrem chair by Terje EkstrĂśm

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Living Room Elevation

Entry & Living Room Perspective



Naturscopie II Wall Lighting by Galeria BSL

Astral Agner chandelier by Lindsey Adelman

Furniture & Fixtures

Saarinen Oval Dining Table | Knoll

CH33 Chair by Hans Wegner

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Dining Room Perspective

Panton Chair by Verner Panton

Tudor Cupboard Moooi

Lolita Sidetable by India Mahdavi


LIBRARY & STUDY on two-story

The Golden Chair by Nika Zupanc


ibrary Elevations

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Library Perspective

A331 by Alvar Aalto

Fri Easy chair by Jaime Hayon



Modo lamp by Jason Miller

Suite Bed by De la Espada

Marx stool by Gabriel Scott

Magnolia Black rug by Vivienne Westwood

Starr side table by India Mahdavi

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Shape-Up chandelier by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Ally nightstand by Phase Design

Master Bedroom Perspective


Rosenthal is an extraordinary faceted company over 130 years, and epitomizes contemporary design & art in both porcelain and glass. The German brand stands for luxury, lifestyle and a special aesthetic feeling. The Rosenthal PopUp Gallery is a public exhibition about the potery of Rosenthal.

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


Ceramic Vases from Rosenthal Collection



The Rosenthal project encompassed the idea of thinking about the space, circulation, and connecting with a historical brand. The boutique is positioned as a guarantor for elegant and sophisticated tabletop culture.

Floorplan Level I

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Floorplan Level II


The space is about designing a gallery by keeping the product the main focus. The survey of work will be an important exhibition, and a rare look at Rosenthal’s production.

Pendant Lights designed by Tapio Wirkkala


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Black Quartz

Mystic Blue Quartz

Black Leather


A collection of modern porcelain vases, each with a different design reflecting the varied aesthetics of the designers that collaborated with Rosenthal. Authentic Tapio Wirkkala lighting complete the entire space. Wirkkala is one of the famous designers that worked for Rosenthal in the modern period of 20th century.

Doodle Sofa | Moroso


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Platner Lounge Chair | Knoll

Platner Side Table | Knoll


Each product has a story to tell; in the celtic tradition the deer represents both male and female aspects. Caribou are unique among the members of the deer family in that both females and males have antlers. Therefore we have a synergy between the feminine and masculine energy. The key idea of the Caribou chair was to represent the roles of these dual qualities. Caribou is about movement and finding the inner space and place as you sit and spend time in it. This chair is a fresh interpretation of the classical club chair or “fauteuil comfortable�.

d b

Conceptual sketches

symmetrical, organic, curvilinear, and unisex


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

feminine and graceful

dramatic wing arms by Adrian Pearsall

Emphasized lines and curves as main elements


Caribou is a club chair with visual elegance which you can easily observe with the gracefulness in its lines and quality forms. Pure lines, geometric forms, right angles and symmetry were the inspiration behind the Caribou chair. While the simplicity of the design remains the same as the initial club chair, the sophisticated details are the ones defining Caribou. In the production process the attention was focused on following the traditional craftsmanship to show respect and durability to the consumer and the materials.


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


The solid wood frame was a must in ensuring resilience because it allows for adequate webbing fixing and strong main construction. The tapered legs were an integral part of the frame because not only are they used for structure but they also dictated the rest of the chair; the dark walnut finish is working as an accent against the brushed copper sabots. The color of copper represents a sense of beauty, sensitivity, as well as the joy of living. Which in turn makes the copper the perfect embellishment for the Caribou chair.


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


The whole design of the seat cushion was thought for a softer initial feel but to be highly supportive once compressed. To achieve this, the heart of the cushion is a coil spring unit made with 14 extra heavy duty coil springs that are 8-way hand-tied together to create a complete innerspring core. The entire system gives Caribou an even comfort level and has the advantage of never “bottoming-out� no matter how much pressure is put on it. The armrests are opened to the outside and invites you to sit down, while the outside is wrapping the user in a comforting relaxation.


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


Marked leather piping is used as a delicate welt to accentuate its shape in a natural way, giving it an easily recognizable design of my signature. The back cushion is working as an accent pillow, filled with luxurious goose feathers encased in the 100% cotton and down proof exterior, with a detachable cover.


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

The Caribou chair brings together sophisticated lines, materials and patterns softened with the timeless curves of a traditional club chair. The clean lines are sustaining its modern appeal. Caribou wants to be a chair with the quality of tailoring representing comfort, skill and substance.

CARIBOU Club Chair


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

blEND Restaurant & Lounge

Visual inspiration: the Endless Column of romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi, that embodies the connection between heaven and earth.

“Simplicity is complexity resolved.” Constatin Brancusi

Blur Sofa by Moroso

blEND’s materials are a direct reference to elements of nature and their transformation to the hectic pace of modern life. The natural materials guided the forms of the lighting fixtures. All the fixtures suggest infinite continuity into the surrounding space by the repetion of identical rhomboidal shapes.

Mirto Table

Silver Lake Collection by Moroso



Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Endless Column & The Kiss by Constatin Brancusi

Fundamental concealed reality

Natural, noble materials




Boxy LED Downlights

es by B&B Italy


mith, folklore, tradition

infinite continuity

marble stone bronze wood metal

YY Chair Moroso simplified forms

contransting textures

Golden Ratio study for ceiling

blEND Restaurant & Lounge

blEND is a rigid space in appearance but flexible and extremely cushy.

  

Lighting: Keeping a natural mood, both indirect and direct lighting were involved. Uniform vertical illuminance defines the space. An even brightness distribution from ceiling to floor emphasises walls as a whole.

  

       

    

      


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

 

Restaurant bar & lounge

       

    



 

blEND Restaurant & Lounge

Geometric Profile. Composed conviviality. Influenced by the geometry in Constantin Brancusi’s works, I drew simple shapes, and combined them and experimented with them until they started to “sing”. blEND is a rigid space in appearance, but flexible and extremely cushy.

matter pendant


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

bar sketch

matter pendant

sheer pendant

blEND Restaurant & Lounge

Clearly distinguished surfaces. Creating a rich intense visual effect, objects are unique for their textual and chromatic qualities and their perfect dialogue with the surroundings.

ELEVATION | Private Dining

ELEVATION | Dining Area

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Wall Lighting Detail

blEND Restaurant & Lounge

Lighting that maintains a natural mood, both indirect and direct lighting include uniform vertical illuminance which defines the space. An even brightness distribution from the ceiling to the floor emphasizes walls as a whole. Washlighting is serving as a background for accent lighting.


Uplights are creating a high quality atmosphere by enlarging the spatial effect and adding dynamism; a deep-set effect is ensured by double glazing, resulting in reduced glare.


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Creative Process


Bathroom Elevation & Vanity designs

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising


Hand Rendered Great Room Floorplan


Commitee Chair by Pierre Jeanneret

Lounge Chair by Finn Juhl

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Chieftains Chair by Finn Juhl

Conference Chair by Williams Haines

Desk Chair by Paul Dupre-Lafon


Graphite Pencil Play

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising



Freehand Sketc


Feminine Bedroom

Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Portfolio Rora Designs  
Portfolio Rora Designs