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Written & Illustrated by

Heather Anderson Written & Illustrated by

Heather Anderson Possum likes to play when the moon comes out. Do you know what her favourite games are? Look inside and discover Possum ways.

Profits from the sale of this book will go to the ‘Wildlife Bushfire Appeal’

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Written & Illustrated by

Heather Anderson

First Published in 2009 by Xxxxxxxxxxxx

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This book was inspired by ‘Ballerine’, who survived the Victorian Bush Fires in early 2009.

For all the little Possums in the world

This tiny Possum, named ‘Ballerine’ (which means ‘Little Shoes’), was brought into the Australian Wildlife Health Centre (AWHC) with four badly burned feet. She is recovering with the love and care of staff at the Centre and will be released into the wild again soon. Profits from the sale of this book will go to the ‘Wildlife Bushfire Appeal’ to help rebuild the lives of wild animals who lost their homes in this tragic event.

AWHC is dedicated to the care of injured and orphaned animals throughout Australia.

What can a Possum do at night,

when the stars are out and the moon is bright?

Can a Possum possibly run and jump

and land on your roof with a big, loud THUMP?

Can a Possum eat paw paw and apples and leaves?

Can Possums possibly be midnight thieves?

What possible chance can there possibly be

that a Possum can swing by her tail from a tree?

At dawn when a Possum climbs into her nest

what’s possibly left to do…

…but rest?

Sleep tight Possum

The end

The Southern Cross is the best known star group in the Southern hemisphere. It contains four bright stars, which depict a cross when joined together. The stars feature in the Australian flag where they represent the principals Australians should live up to: Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude.

Possum by Heather Anderson  

Part of a Children's Picture Book series called AnimOz