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Marion Mathieu Water Ski

World and European Championships Medalist National Record Holder


Marion Mathieu Age: 25 Hometown: Mont de Marsan (France) Resides: Auburndale, Florida Events: Slalom, Shortboard and Jump Occupation: Professional Waterskier Talented, atlhetic and attractive, Marion has everything to do well and she is doing well! After winning the Junior World Championships in Chile in 2003, Marion decided to start competing with the very best, in the Open division. In 2009, Marion’ began to show her amazing talent in all three events. Indeed, with a total of 5 medals won at the European and World Championships, she is the skier that has brought the most medals in the French Team. The most memorable one is her Bronze medal gained at the World Championships in Calgary last August. In 2010, Marion continued to reach the podiums. Indeed, she placed second in Overall at the Europeans and helped the French Team to win another European Title. On the pro scene, Marion also competed very well placing 3rd at the prestigious US Masters and at the World Cup in Korea in Jump. 2011 being a World Championships year, the goal is clear: Bring home the Silver or Gold!

Interview at the Moomba Masters

Career Highlights

2010 Results Best performances: - Slalom: 4@38 off - Trick: 8030 points - Jump: 177 ft / 54.1 m (French Record)

2010 Elite Ranking List: - Slalom: 12th - Trick: 18th - Jump: 4th

International events: 2010 US Masters 3rd (Jump) 2010 LA Night Jam 4th (Jump) 2010 Global Invitational 5th (Slalom) 2010 World Cup Korea 3rd (Jump) 2010 Ukraine open 5th (Slalom) 2010 Ukraine Open 6th (Jump) 2010 Ukraine Open 10 th (Trick)

Title events: 2010 European Championships 2nd (Overall) 2010 European Championships 1st (Team) 2010 French Nationals 1st (Jump) 2010 French Nationals 2nd (Overall)

Career Highlights

95-09 Results International events: 2009 Moomba Masters 2nd (Jump) 2009 US Masters 4th (Jump) 2009 LA Night Jam 3rd (Jump) 2009 World Cup Russia 5th (Jump) 2008 Moomba Masters 3rd (Trick), 6th (Jump) 2008 US Masters 7th (Jump) 2008 LA Night Jam 4th (Jump) 2008 World Cup Russia 7th (Jump)

Title events: 2009 World Championships: 3rd (overall), 3rd (team) 2009 European Championships: 1st (team), 2nd (tricks), 3rd (overall), 4th (jump) 2009 French Nationals: 1st (overall), 2nd (slalom) 2008 European Championships: 4th (jump), 6th (overall), 2nd (team) 2007 World Championships: 2nd (team) 2007 European Championships: 4th (overall), 2nd (team) World Junior Trick Champion 15 times European Champion 16 times French Champion

Sponsorship Opportunities and Objectives

Objectives for 2011: 2011 is a World Championships year, and this will be her main focus for the season. However, Marion will compete in Professional events and try to bring medals home.

- Marion’s goals for 2011: - Top 3 in Overall and Jump at the World Championships - Top 3 in Overall and Jump at the European Championships - Win a Professional Event in Jump

Become a Sponsor: Impressive waterskiing results, a perfect athletic body, and a communicating smile, take advantage of sponsoring Marion. Because of an important mediatisation, Marion will be able to promote your brand in Europe and all over the world where she competes. Indeed, Marion appears regularly in the medias: such as the French Waterskier, the American Waterski Magazine, and other sports newspapers, TV shows... Moreover, Marion is very active on the internet to promote her career and waterskiing. Marion is consistently updating her blog, website, facebook page and twitter account. She will be able to promote and show your product to your target market in just a click! Visit to connect!

Contact & Sponsors

Marion’s Sponsors: Marion would like to thank her sponsors that help make it possible:

Contact Marion: Address France:

Address USA:

6 rue George Bruneaux 40000 Mont de Marsan France

4003 Carey Court Auburndale, FL 33823 USA

Phone: (+33) 6 13 08 03 52

Phone: (863) 513-3260



Marion Mathieu Sponsor Brochure 2011  
Marion Mathieu Sponsor Brochure 2011  

Promotional brochure of Marion Mathieu, professional waterskier and multiple time World and European Championships medalist.