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Aurelien Serrault

Waterski Jumping “The Bull Riding of Waterskiing�


Aurelien Serrault Age: 27 Hometown: Tours (France) Resides: Auburndale, Florida Events: Jump “The Bull Riding of Waterskiing� Occupation: Professional Waterskier

Aurelien has been competing on the International scene for 6 years now and is currently ranked 13th on the Elite ranking list. With a second place at the French Malibu Open and a top 5 finish at the World Cup stop in Russia, Aurelien has the potential to finish on top of the podium in the years to come. Over the last years, the french jumper has made some tremendous progress and is now considered has one of the best jumper in the world.

Career Highlights

Aurelien Serrault Best performances: - Slalom: 3@39,5 off - Jump: 217ft / 66,2 m

2009 Elite Ranking List: - Jump: 13th

International events: 2009 Abbottsford Malibu Tour 6th 2009 World Cup Russia 9th 2009 World Cup China 12th 2009 LA Night Jam 9th 2008 France Malibu Open 2nd 2008 World Cup Russia 5th 2008 World Cup Malaysia 10th 2008 World Cup Final Rank 7th 2008 Master Craft Tour LA Night Jam 7th 2008 Master Craft Tour Rambo Marine 9th

Title events: 2009 European Championships 7th 2008 European Championships 12th 2007 World Championships 8th 2007 European Championships 6th World Junior Championships 3rd World Under 21 Championships 3rd 6 times European Champion 13 times French Champion


Objectives for 2009 In 2010, AurĂŠlien wants to reach performances, that he has never reach before. This is what real athletes like AurĂŠlien are always looking for: getting better! - Top 3 in jump at the European Championships - Podium on professional events - Jump 230 feet


Why would you sponsor Aurelien? Want to open up your business to a new audience? There are currenlty more than 30 millions waterskiers in the world and Aurélien can help you reach and promote your company and brand to this population. A good image and a strong involvement in the sport: Aurelien is well known and appreciated in the world of waterskiing and conveys a very good image. Furthermore, Aurelien is heavily involved in waterskiing since he is a senior judge, coaches skiers of all levels, and always willing to promote the sport. Indeed, he has been one of the initiator of the French Association of Skiers which has organized a slalom tour in France. This year, he will also get involved with other pro skiers to promote waterski jumping, “the bullriding of waterskiing”.

Media coverage: Aurelien always tries to get the maximum exposure he can get from the medias. He appears regularly in the pages of the French Waterski Magazine and in Waterski Magazine. Moreover, because he is competing in many professional events, he also gets TV and webcast TV coverage when he is participating in tournaments around the world. He also promotes his career and the sport by getting coverage with regional newspapers and TV station in France.

Direct Promotion: Being a professional waterskier, Aurelien is in complete “immersion”in the world of waterskiing. Therefore, he will be able to direclty show your products and promote your brand to your prospects and future customers at tournaments and during trainning session. is one of the first website solely devoted to a waterskier. On this website, Aurelien will be able to write products reviews to create awarness and purchasing decisions to your target market. This website is also regularly updated with pictures and videos that will features your products. Finally, this website is also the platform used to send out Press Releases and Newsletters. As a sponsor , your company will be featured in this marketing tools.

Product Development: With more than 10 years of experience working with worldwide brands such as Neilpryde, Camaro, Connelly Skis or Naucala Wetsuits, Aurélien will be able to help your company in product R&D and help you better meet the needs of your customers.


Thank You !


Aurelien Serrault

AurĂŠlien really appreciates the support of his sponsors and would like to thank them for another successful year!

United States:


4003 Carey Court Auburndale, Florida 33823

126 avenue George Sand 37700 La Ville aux Dames

Phone: 863 513 0057

(+33) 6 63 52 29 01



Aurelien Serrault Water Ski Promo Brochure  

Promotional Brochure of Aurelien Serrault. Aurelien Serrault is a professional water ski jumper.

Aurelien Serrault Water Ski Promo Brochure  

Promotional Brochure of Aurelien Serrault. Aurelien Serrault is a professional water ski jumper.