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This fall, we launched STRIVE: A Campaign for St. Albans. Over the next five years, the STRIVE

campaign will raise $50 million for Annual Giving, the endowment, and the athletic fields. We’re pleased to

report that we have already received $18 million in gifts and pledges. Early donors are focusing on the athletic fields so that we can get the project done!

GOAL: To strengthen St. Albans’ core fundraising program, which provides immediate budgetary support to ensure that students and faculty have the resources they need to excel in and beyond the classroom. $13.5 million

TUITION ACCOUNTS FOR ONLY 75% of the total cost of a St. Albans education; income from Annual Giving and the endowment makes up the difference, nearly $10,000 per student in 2013-14. The funds raised through Annual Giving help provide scholarships and financial aid, purchase laboratory equipment and light bulbs, update classroom technology, support faculty initiatives and salaries, and much, much more. Annual Giving support is unrestricted and provides approximately 8% of the School’s operating budget, giving the School, and its leadership, the critical budget flexibility required to address short-term and unanticipated needs. Since 1952, the St. Albans community—current parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends—has come together to raise the funds needed to sustain excellence at the School. For the past decade, Annual Giving has provided more than $2 million a year. In 2012-13, 2,884 donors (a remarkable 95% of current families and 45% of alumni) contributed, allowing STA to strengthen its commitment to classroom teaching and learning, and addressing the financial need of all students. By making a gift to Annual Giving, every member of the school community has the opportunity to participate in the STRIVE Campaign.


W W W . S T R I V E C A M P A I G N . O R G | S T. A L B A N S S C H O O L

Meet the Campaign Co-Chairs ROBERT EDGE CARTER ’80 Since graduating from St. Albans in 1980, Rob Carter has kept his classmates informed and involved by serving, for more than twenty years, as class secretary and class agent. Rob also sat on the Alumni Association Board for two terms and, for four years, has acted as chair of Annual Giving. He has served on the School’s Governing Board since 2008. Since January 2010, Rob has worked as executive vice president of business development for CampaignGrid, an online advertising platform; he also heads Grid’s D.C. office. Prior to joining Grid, Rob spent five years helping nonprofits as managing director at Orr Associates, Inc. (OAI), in Washington, D.C. He also spent considerable time in federal and state politics and government, serving as Maryland’s assistant secretary for tourism, film, and the arts; finance chair of the Maryland Republican Party; finance director of the Florida Republican Party; and congressional affairs assistant to Commerce Secretary Robert A. Mosbacher during the administration of President George H.W. Bush. A 1984 graduate of the University of Vermont, Rob received his M.B.A. in marketing and organizational management from George Washington University, where he was selected a Bryce Harlow Scholar. He and his wife, Ronnie, live in Chevy Chase, Md., with their son, Mac, who started C Form this fall, and their daughter, Addie, a Beauvoir student.


In 2012-13, a remarkable 95% of current families and 45% of alumni contributed to Annual Giving.

After graduating from St. Albans, Ben Guill ’69 went on to receive his B.A. in English from Princeton University in 1973 and his M.B.A. in finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1978. Ben served on the St. Albans Governing Board from 2007 to 2013. From 1980 to 1998, Ben worked for Simmons & Company International, an investment bank in Houston focused on the energy industry. From 1998 to 2007, Ben was president of First Reserve Corporation, a private equity firm which acquired companies in the domestic and international energy industry. In 2008, Ben co-founded White Deer Energy, a middle-market private equity firm formed to acquire companies in the oil service and the exploration and production industries. Ben currently serves on the boards of National Oilwell Varco, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Houston board of Teach For America. Ben has four grown children. He and his wife, Cynthia, live in Houston.

A N N E L A R G E , S TA PA R E N T ’ 1 6 ,   ’ 1 8 An NCS alumna, Anne Large first came to know St. Albans through her brother, Mark Handwerger ’81. Today, she and her husband, have two sons at the school, Henry ’18 and Jamie ’16, a former Cathedral Chorister. An active volunteer, Anne currently serves as Form II Chair—sending weekly updates to fellow parents—and as Annual Giving chair for the Lower School. A healthcare consultant, Anne previously served as vice president for strategic planning and business at Washington Hospital Center and as a managing director at the Advisory Board Company, a for-profit health care think tank that publishes studies on best practices in hospital management. Anne received her bachelor’s degree in history from Yale and her M.B.A. and certificate of public management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She currently serves on the boards of Miriam’s Kitchen and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. S T. A L B A N S S C H O O L   |   W W W . S T R I V E C A M P A I G N . O R G 


Turfed Stadium Field FALL: Football-Soccer Game

and Practice Field SPRING: Lacrosse Game, Track Meet, and Practice Field Beauvoir School

GOAL: To provide first-class playing fields by completely renovating and expanding Satterlee‑Henderson Field. $20 million

Beauvoir Pool (relocated)

Olmsted Woods

Entry Plaza for Fields


Seating for 150 +308

d Roa rim g l i P




S U M M A RY O F IMPROVEMENTS T urfed, Multi-Purpose Stadium Field for Football, Lacrosse, and Soccer n6  -Lane, Regulation Track nR  egulation Baseball Field n 3 Practice Fields n 7 Tennis Courts n Tennis Pavilion with Locker Rooms nS  tadium Seating for 600 Plus Additional Hillside Seating nC  oncession Stand nA  thletic Storage Space nN  ew Entry Plaza n Pedestrian Path from 34th Street to Pilgrim Road nR  elocated Beauvoir Pool nS  tone Walls and Improved Landscaping



ON THE PLAYING FIELDS AND IN THE CLASSROOM, the most important aspect of a St. Albans education is the interaction between adult and student. Over the years, St. Albans has attracted wonderful coaches and athletes because of the School’s quality programs and the role that sports play in a young man’s development. Through athletics, boys come to understand the value of hard work and discipline, learn to compete at a high level, and develop life-long habits of physical fitness. To maintain the standard of excellence we strive for in all our programs, St. Albans will renovate and expand its athletic fields and build a first-class outdoor facility. The School will completely transform the current Satterlee-Henderson Field into three tiered levels. The upper level will contain a regulation field for football, soccer, and lacrosse. A six-lane, all-weather track will surround the field. Seating for six hundred will be built into the hillside on the the hillside will accommodate an additional four hundred spectators. A stone retaining wall and tree-lined pedestrian walkway, extending from Pilgrim Road to 34th Street, will separate the upper and middle tiers. This latter tier will have a regulation baseball field, which may be converted into two full practice fields during the off-season, and an additional half practice field. An entry plaza on Pilgrim Road will house a concession stand, restrooms, and additional seating for fans. Seven tennis courts will be located on the middle and lower tiers, near the intersection of Garfield and 34th Street. A pavilion at the courts’ Garfield Street entrance will include locker rooms and a tennis club office. The School will have sufficient regulation-sized play and practice fields so that students may take full advantage of their practice time and play regular home games even when other athletic contests


W W W . S T R I V E C A M P A I G N . O R G | S T. A L B A N S S C H O O L

Gar field Stre et

Baseball Field FALL: Two Football-

Soccer Practice Fields SPRING: Baseball Game and Practice Field

Tennis Courts Tennis Pavilion Enlarged with locker rooms

1.5-Acre Area of Expansion

north side of the field, below Beauvoir School. Overflow space on

are occurring.



The Hope of a Parent Stadium Seating for 600

Hillside Seating

In preparing for the STRIVE Campaign kickoff this fall, we interviewed Campaign Co-Chair Rob Carter ’80, a devoted school volunteer, about his own STA experience

and what he and his wife, Ronnie, hope their son Mac,

a new C Former, would gain at St. Albans. The complete

34 th

St re et

interview is available at

What do you hope your son, Mac, gains from an STA education? I HOPE Mac will learn to love reading, writing, and using

6-Lane Regulation Track Practice Field

Three Levels of Terracing allow for efficient use of field space (elevation of existing fields: +298)

Through athletics, boys come to understand the value of hard work and discipline.


language as much as I and other graduates have. I hope that he learns to love other subjects, too: I don’t know what they are going to be—and he doesn’t either yet—but I hope he finds teachers and subjects that fascinate him and that he will be eager to learn more about for the rest of his life. I HOPE he forges lifelong friendships and bonds with his classmates, of course, and I hope

he comes away from his experience at St. Albans with a joy for the spiritual and a readiness to question and learn more about all things spiritual. As parents we try to teach him how to worship and what it means to be a spiritual human being—just as we try to teach him how to read and to throw a football. We try hard to teach spirituality, but the opportunity St. Albans provides, standing in the shadow of Washington National Cathedral, is an opportunity that very few have—to live it day in, day out. It never ceases to astound me that we, as a school community, have the opportunity to spend time together in the Cathedral. The power—the awesomeness—of being on the Cathedral Close was a big part of my St. Albans experience that I hope my son learns to appreciate. I HOPE Mac will learn not to take himself too seriously; that there are bigger things that

inform us and oversee us. I think St. Albans helps young men understand—whether in the spiritual, the intellectual, or the athletic realm—that, win or lose, life goes on, and it’s a wonderful thing to be able laugh at oneself often because much of human existence is comical and light, even at its most important moments. I see this combination of humility and humor, wisdom and wit—a sort of light-hearted seriousness—in the teaching style of Paul Barrett, the epiphany services of Will Billow, the tributes Alex Ross ’86 delivers for retiring teachers, and the Caring Bridge blog postings written by the family of a young alumnus, Vadim Medish ’12. Finally, I HOPE that Mac will build on what my wife, Ronnie, and I are trying to instill as a moral compass and that he will come to find it easy to discern right from wrong. Every day, I am reminded that everyone at St. Albans, starting with the faculty and staff, is focused on doing the right thing—and doing excellent things—unfailingly and tirelessly. I never hear anyone say, “I am going to stop now; that’s good enough.” It’s a moral drive, motivated by a desire to do the right thing and do your best. People are constantly doing the right thing. It’s not accidental: it starts at the top with Vance Wilson and then permeates throughout the School. So, to circle back to the answer: it’s the constant striving to do the right thing and the desire for excellence that I hope becomes second nature to Mac. More than anything, I would love for Mac to learn how to do the right thing without having to think about it. S T. A L B A N S S C H O O L   |   W W W . S T R I V E C A M P A I G N . O R G 


GOAL: To raise new endowment to support our great teachers, to sustain need-blind admissions through financial aid, to continue to moderate tuition increases to keep St. Albans accessible to all families, and to address the evolving needs of our School. $16.5 million

A school’s endowment should be three to five times ENDOWED FUNDS PROVIDE THE GREATEST POTENTIAL to secure and sustain St. Albans School’s financial foundation. During the Centennial Campaign, St. Albans’ endowment nearly doubled. As of June 2013, our endowment stood at $56.3 million. Nevertheless, the School remains too heavily dependent on tuition. By supporting financial aid, faculty salaries, and professional development, new endowment will greatly advance our sustainability efforts, which aim to moderate tuition increases and keep a St. Albans education affordable. The new endowment will also allow us to pursue new initiatives outlined in our 2013 Strategic Plan. A generally accepted guideline recommends that a school’s endowment be three to five times larger than its operating budget. The STRIVE Campaign will help get us there.

Sustainability: Keeping St. Albans Accessible and Affordable ($9 million) n

Financial Aid Through Endowed Scholarships


Support for Faculty: Salaries and Teaching l

Endowed Distinguished Chair


Endowed Junior Faculty Instructorship


Faculty Salary Fund

New Strategic Initiatives ($7.5 million) n

Supporting the Evolving Needs of Faculty l

Professional Development and Enrichment Funds


Increased Support for Benefits: Medical Insurance, Housing, and Daycare


Building a Global Platform


Enriching Learning Through Technology




W W W . S T R I V E C A M P A I G N . O R G | S T. A L B A N S S C H O O L

Support for International Travel and Student and Faculty Exchanges Expanding Technology Resources

Bravissimo! Cary Fuller ’60 establishes first endowment fund for theater program at St. Albans

larger than its operating budget.

Cary Fuller ’60 acknowledged just how much St. Albans prepared him for the stage of life with a recent donation to the STRIVE Campaign. Fuller’s gift established an endowment fund for the School’s theater program—The Cary Clark Fuller Theater Endowment. Cary Fuller ‘60 (right) in a college production of Ionesco’s Fuller ’60 arrived at St. Albans in 1954 as Rhinoceros. a Form I student, bright-eyed and eager to explore. As a transfer student, Fuller was not accustomed to the rigorous academic course-load, so he faced new challenges at St. Albans. He used theater as an outlet to grow while matriculating here. “Drama was something that was always interesting to me,” Fuller recalled. “It gave me an outlet that I felt totally comfortable in. My St. Albans experience certainly started the need for and love of drama that continued into college and through my professional career.” Fuller never imagined he would end up an educator, but he credited St. Albans for preparing him to be an effective teacher. “My whole approach to teaching English was based upon what I had learned from Ferdinand Ruge and Stanley Willis ’46,” he said. “I just taught the way I had been taught. Although I was not a great student, the teaching method stayed with me.” Having held an endowed chair in English and served as Drama Department Chair, Fuller retired from Rye Country Day School in New York after more than forty years of service. Fuller, who has also included St. Albans in his estate plan, knew a commitment to the STRIVE Campaign was imperative to continuing the School’s rich theatrical tradition. “All I can hope is that my gift will enhance the Drama Department’s resources and creative initiatives,” he said. “I also hope others will think about the possibilities of strengthening a program with a gift to the endowment while continuing their Annual Giving. I just wanted to give something to a school that has given so much to me,” he said. Read the full profile of Cary Fuller ’60 online at Total Goal:




(as of 12/1/13):


million (includes $11 million for the fields)

Visit or call 202537‑6427 to learn more about our campaign goals, discover how STRIVE is improving student life, measure our progress toward $50 million, and explore the athletic field plans. Also online: a video interview with Nick Lowery ’74 about life lessons learned on the playing fields, a profile of coach and religion teacher Jim Ehrenhaft ’83, and full interviews with Cary Fuller ’60, Blake Sparrow ’00, and current parents Rob Carter ’80 and Richard Schaberg.   S T. A L B A N S S C H O O L   |   W W W . S T R I V E C A M P A I G N . O R G 


“A distinctive characteristic of St. Albans is its caring for every boy who went to School here and grew to be a man. How magnificent it is to celebrate not simply our financial success during the campaign but our success as a community where everyone participates, at whatever level and in myriad ways. All of us are privileged in so many ways; pray God we have been taught at this School to share our gifts, both here and widely.” —Headmaster Vance Wilson


W W W . S T R I V E C A M P A I G N . O R G | S T. A L B A N S S C H O O L

Strive—a campaign for St Albans  
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