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Solar Lantern and Induction Cooker are the Latest from Aura Of all the companies venturing into the production process of trying to come up with substitute’s able t replace electric appliances; Aura seems to be in the forefront with its solar lantern and induction cooker. The two from Aura are the latest in the series of varied products that the company has been able to come with since its inception. Aura has been leading the global campaign meant to sensitive like firms within its platform of the essence of coming up with appliances powered by not only electricity but also other natural sources. The solar lantern and the induction cooker are just few of the various marvels affiliated to Aura able to be of assistance within homes during power cuts. The solar lantern is meant to offer light in the absence of the electric bulbs all through respective household suing them. They are therefore quite essential within kitchens during black outs whilst the induction cooker is meant to take over from where the electric cooker might have been stopped. The solar lantern comes with an adaptor able to allow for its charging using electricity in the absence of solar energy. The solar lantern does not however utilize that much electric voltage but instead operates on consuming less yet delivering more function wise. Both the solar lantern and induction cooker are both portable thus the user may opt to shift them to whichever point that they may deem preferable for their cooking. The induction cooker is also able o allow for its users to be able to use them in congested households without any of those present feeling uneasy. The solar lantern has its own panel responsible for ensuring that the lantern acquires solar energy. The Aura domain contains all its products with their respective prices for the interested to be able to make their preferred choices even if it is the latest solar lantern or the induction cooker. The induction cooker also has the marvelous option of being able to allow for timing automations during cooking sessions. This implies that if the induction cooker is set to indulge the cooking process for long durations, the user may simply set the timer that will oversee the process terminated once the time elapses. Aura has therefore been able to pave way for other companies to be able to come up with other alternative appliances powered by other natural sources just like the induction cooker and the solar lantern. The going green campaign that the Aura company has been out to spear head sets to ensure that production companies come up eco-friendly products able to guarantee future generations of safer habitats. The interested clients therefore wishing to be part of the going green initiative have been urged to make their pledge by resorting to the various alternatives other than electricity powered substitutes. Aura too has its domain that allows for the interested to be able to acquire their products of choice at their varying prices including the latest induction cooker and the solar lantern at To get more information about induction cooker visit us on:

Solar Lantern and Induction Cooker are the latest from Aura