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«Complicating is simple, simplifying is difficult». Bruno Munari «When we talk about graphic design, many people think of the brands of multinationals, or the graphics we find online, or the typical kinds of illustrations used in advertising. But in fact, graphic design isn’t just this, it permeates our world and every aspect of everyone’s daily life.” 169design

BA thesis. This project was born out of the fascination that I have always had for hands: the hand as an instrument, but also as one of the things that is distinctive of each person. For this reason, I’ve collected pictures of hands, that is, of my friends’ hands, and I’ve learned about them from their hands. The project has slowly evolved, and has become a collection of hands and occupations: the different kinds of tasks that different hands perform, and the ways in which a person’s occupation marks and her hands over time. The hand is a sign, distinctive of each person, and her history. The word “craft” here does not just mean craftsmanship, but all of the skilled tasks we perform with our hands. «[...] my nature is subdued To what it works in, like the dyer’s hand’». William Shakespeare


Hands and crafts

MA thesis. Investigative reporting on television was introduced into RAI a few years after the beginning of the regular television service (in Italy): it sets out the basis of a new form of communication, completely different from the documentary-style formula 10. Investigative reporting on television also develops through new technologies, and embraces Jean Rouch’s anthropological cinema in its contact method: the only truth that can be captured is the relationship between observer and observed, between the camera and what is filmed. Before the Fifties, investigative reports were already made through different media (radio, cinema, and press): these were related to many issues, e.g. the North-South divide in Italy and the poor working conditions, although investigated differently. Television authors like Mario Soldati, Ugo Gregoretti, Ugo Zatterin and Virgilio Sabel investigated all these aspects, giving voice to Italian people through field interviews and recording equipment. Such investigative reports still other today one of the most accurate and representative views of social stratifications and lifestyles of a country split between archaism and innovation. These transmission series, that are now kept at Teche Rai, give olive pickers, tobacconists, young people and factory workers an opportunity to share their personal story, as well as civil servants and psychologists. Investigative reports track comforts and discomforts, but also hesitations and puzzles. However the harshest aspects of life and words like “sex”, “abortion”, “suicide” etc... are not allowed by Christian democratic RAI. So the authors of investigatve reports must always compromise their goals.


Giving the Italians a Voice

Performance of self-representation through the color of classmates, then arranged to create a gradation: from monochrome to the brightest colours.


Colour From black to white

This is a transposition of the short movie Skhizein onto paper. The protagonist of the film is dislocated by a fixed distance in his environment, as a result of being struck by a meteorite.



Design for cover.

Timothy Samara my favourite books


Making and breaking the grid: a graphic design layout workshop

To unleash creativity from the constraints of computers: collage on cardboard.


Flat thought

ÂŤThe human spirit is always searching for new things and is never satisfied. Still, we can be sure to please the human spirit by showing it more than it had hoped to seeÂť. Montesquieu


Animated alphabet

This anthology combines images of signs in various cities, to show how they organize the spatial perceptions of their users. The project is organized chronologically, so as to illustrate the effect of the most successful graphic projects. It also reveals how designers are inspired by earlier projects in various ways. Readers can navigate through the project in a way that allows them to see the successive forms of signs in the same city.


Communicate the underneath

The project follows an interactive route that runs parallel to the route through an exhibition in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome). The main points along the route are highlighted, each of which offers an interactive experience, which allows a visitor to draw or write material which will be combined with the contributions by other visitors. The interactive experience can be mediated by a smartphone or a tablet, or by a touch-screen platform. Each entry ticket includes a unique identifying code, and a QRcode, which can be used to download the application that allows a visitor to participate in the interactive experience.


I count therefore I am

Limbo Hotel is a collection of eight stories told by homeless people living temporarily in a hostel. Each of them sees the hostel as a temporary place of safety, but not as a permanent home. Some of the people interviewed kept their distance, some were more forthcoming. The silences in the interviews expressed their willingness or unwillingness to communicate, and the ease or difficulty with which they spoke. These silences are represented by dots, the size of a dot indicating the intensity of a silence, and the number inscribed in it its duration. The text also includes Qr-codes that link to related multimedia content, such as photos, fragments of the interviews, quoted passages, websites, etc.


Limbo Hotel

The project was launched by VIU (Venice International University) and Moleskine to create a new collective image of contemporary Venice. Four itineraries leading to places of artistic interest were selected, and bĂ cari (typical Venetian Inns) were mapped along the routes.


Mapping Contemporary Venice

This is a fanzine conceived within a university laboratory programme to express the frustration of students without adequate wifi, library or mensa. ÂŤIn perpetrating a revolution, there are two requirements: someone or something to revolt against and someone to actually show up and do the revoltingÂť. Woody Allen


Complaint and protest

Static website and graphic design for the architect Diana Zabarella.


Diana Zabarella Architetto

Documentary. “Guest, do not look here for riches, but the elegance of the form.� From the claustrophobic, noisy and smelly alleys of Naples, a door opens onto a clear, bright and quiet urban space, utterly different from the world that surrounds it. A white staircase with two flights between nervous movements of curves and elegant balustrades leads to the large noble apartment, which belonged to the humanist Giovanni Pontano, acquired in the eighteenth century by the Duke Troiano Spinelli from Laurino, one of the most high-ranking representatives of the nobility and the prestigious Court of Charles of Bourbon. Today, this is the property of Anna.


Pulcra Domus

Stop motion. Stop motion created to experiment with the three types of RGB shadows.


Fishing Game RGB

Aura Masciopinto PF  
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