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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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The Smell of Christmas

Unique Gift Ideas The Gathering  of   Friends  series,  gift   books,  all-­‐natural   honeycomb,  &  puzzles.   These  are  just  some     of  the  unique  gifts    you  will  find  at     The  Arrangement  

Aromatique, Tyler  &   Trapp.  From  melts  to   potpourri  we  have  a   wide  selection  

The Perfect Gift Decoupage plates   &  coasters  with   quotes  

Fresh flower   bouquets  send   local  or  world   wide.  We  are  a   Teleflora  &  FTD  

Wax Bowl..Fragrance   without  a  flame    Lasts  for  months  

Honeycomb &   Honey  Straws  

Coffee table  books  

Gourmet foods  &   gadgets  

The perfect hostess gift. The Gathering of Friends cookbooks were created to introduce food as a love language, enhancing traditions, fortifying relationships and celebrating life. Their unique style combines savory recipes and elegant designs in stunning gatherings. Each chapter will leave readers prepared with simple recipes, original tablescape ideas, a ready-to-use shopping list, and inspiration to create their own

Holiday Decorating  Tips    

Transform your  everyday  arrangements  for  the  season  by  adding    pine   and  ornaments  and  maybe  some  ribbon.       To  give  your  tree  that  decorator  touch,  tuck  ornaments  or  floral  stems   deeper  in  the  tree  branches.       For  your  pillar  candles  wrap  red  beaded  garland  around  them  or  fill  a   glass  bowl  or  vase  with  fresh  cranberries  and  a  little  water  and  put   your  candle  in  the  center.       Create  your  own  custom  gift  wrap.  Use  brown  kraft  paper  (like  you   would  wrap  a  box  for  the  mail  in)  Then  use  cute  stamps  or  paint  polka   dots  or  stripes  with  metallic  craft  paint.       If  you  have  a  wreath  or  arrangement  that  needs  an  update,  bring  it  to   The  Arrangement  and  we  will  transform  it  for  you.       Dress  us  a  simple  chair  with  a  fabric  chair  bow  available  at  The   Arrangement  –  you  could  also  use  them  as  a  table  runner.  Starting  at   $6.50      

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