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The Source of Bliss and Physics of Yoga These are times when lot of jargon is under sale − Vedas, Upaniṣads and the Gīta rhymes form the spiritual feed to develop understanding and lift the human creature to the lofty pedestals of the preaching Gurus. Yoga is getting taught under different names without direction and resolve to strive for its real aim. Can improvements in intellectual understanding of the spiritual jargon lead to a graceful life? What is the source of grace?

Path to the Realization What is realization? Being in a state of reality. What is this state of reality? Real state of a human being is the existence devoid of the 3 fold anguishes, material, spiritual and supernatural, as declared by Sage Kapila. Does such a real state exist?

I. Śiva – state of total freedom According to the Śākta and Śāmbhava traditions, natural primordial being at time zero, before Bigbang, Śiva had been in such a state of reality. In that totally liberated state of complete freedom, no questions existed and no explanations. A fluctuation arose in that state of total freedom – Śiva willed to give expression of the embodied bliss of His state of freedom. He changed his state to be Kālabhairav – time had its beginning. Embodied bliss manifested to be the great exchange of the energies that accompanied Big Bang and Kāla-Bhairav and GaurīBhairavī (S+, S-) evolved into the limb-structure that we have named as the Universe. Micro and Macrocosm are parts of His network and the different species in Biosphere is akin to the innumerable gadgets Man himself has made. Man evolved as the peak of His gadgetry pursuit – an innovative microchip aimed to radiate the original bliss of the state of total freedom.

+ÊSÉxiªÉ¨É´ªÉH¨ÉxÉxiÉ°ü{ÉÆ Ê¶É´ÉÆ |ɶÉÉxiɨɨÉÞiÉÆ ¥ÉÀªÉÉäËxÉ* iɨÉÉÊnù¨ÉvªÉÉxiÉʴɽþÒxɨÉäEÆò ʴɦÉÖÆ ÊSÉnùÉxÉxnù°ü{ɨÉuùªÉÆ** =¨ÉɺɽþɪÉÆ {É®ú¨Éä·É®Æú ʴɦÉÖÆ ÊjɱÉÉäÊEòxÉÆ xÉÒ±ÉEòh`Æö |ɶÉÉxiÉÆ* vªÉÉi´ÉÉ ¨ÉÖÊxÉMÉÇSUôÊiÉ ¦ÉÚiɪÉÉäËxÉ ºÉ¨ÉºiɺÉÉËIÉ iɨɺÉ& {É®úºiÉÉiÉÂ** Nīlakaṇṭḥa, beyond thoughts and mind, formless, infinite, untainted, serene, source of the phenomenal world, one devoid of beginning, middle and the the object of meditation of the Sages who transcends the world to the realm of Bhūtanātha... The Universal-limb-structure of Bhavāni and Her exploit finds a beautiful description in Saundarya Lahari, verse 35:

¨ÉxÉ& i´ÉÆ ´ªÉÉä¨É& i´ÉÆ ¨É¯ûnù漃 ¨É¯ûiºÉÉ®úÊlɮʺÉ* i´ÉÆ +É{É& i´ÉÆ ¦ÉÚʨÉ& i´É滃 {ÉÊ®úhÉiÉɪÉÉÆ xÉʽþ {É®Æú** i´É¨Éä´É º´ÉÉi¨ÉÉxÉÆ {ÉÊ®úhɨÉʪÉiÉÖÆ Ê´É·É´É{ÉÖ¹ÉÉ&* ÊSÉnùÉxÉxnùÉEòÉ®Æú ʶɴɪÉÖ´ÉÊiÉ ¦ÉÉ´ÉäxÉ Ê¤É¦ÉÞ¹Éä** You are the mind, the flux of contemplation The sky, the void of manifestation and the fire Wind, water and the great Mother Earth Spouse of Śiva, the original bliss of time zero 1

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

Bhavāni, ecstasy of Śiva as His Consort, the bisexual configuration of initial polarity, the male catalytic agent (S+) and the female energy (S-) manifesting as the initial parental polarity of the Universe, is the source of all grace, all bliss. 1600 years back, when the great poet and dramatist of the Vikramāditya Age, Kālidāsa, wrote the invocatory verse to his work ‘Raghuvamśam’, he described Śiva (S+) and Śakti (S-) as parents of the Universe, wedded to each other like a word and its meaning.

II. The Subtle Microchip and its Inner Polarity Human beings, the subtle microchips of the networking initiated to give expression of the embodied bliss of Śiva, the state of total freedom, had to incorporate in itself an ingenious design because of the following reasons: 1. Natural laws demanded the initial polarity (S+, S-) to be prototype for the biological gadget in which the poles were to unite for giving expression of the ecstasy of Śiva. 2. Biological gadgets capable of giving expression to the ecstasy of Śiva were to have the sophistication that enabled them to have their own operating systems which served to isolate them from the central server Śiva and this isolation phenomena came to be called as Māyā. 3. In view of the above, gadgets got released in 2 models S+ in proxy as a male and S- in proxy as female – both models having internal (s+,s-) polar axis built into the cerebro-spinal stem. For the S+ male manifestation, S- female proxy had to be a reminder of the internal polarity waiting to be annulled and vice versa. 4. Realization means the cessation of polarity within i.e. deletion of the self acquired operating system and gaining access to the main server which is the source of all bliss.

III. Physics of Yoga Cosmos had been the results of great energy transformations and exchanges and the biosphere manifested out of the residual trace of energies. Macrocosm and the microcosm are related like complementary sets (α-ω) and ω. Even though ω is the microcosmic end residue of manifestation it carries in itself the signature of the macrocosmic energy domains, both being complementary sets of the whole. And as described in the traditional precepts both microcosm and macrocosm are not only complementary sets of the whole but in themselves the whole as well as described in the invocatory verse of the Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad.

{ÉÚhÉǨÉnù&{ÉÚhÉÇʨÉnÆù {ÉÚhÉÉÇi{ÉÚ®úhɨÉÖnùSªÉiÉä*{ÉÚhÉǺªÉ {ÉÚhÉǨÉÉnùÉªÉ {ÉÚhÉǨÉä´ÉÉ´ÉʶɹªÉiÉä** That is Whole; This is Whole; Whole is residue when Whole is derived from Whole. The bi-polar structure of the bio-gadget and the intrinsic urge to unify the poles remains obscured in the human gadget because of the illusory by-product of sophistication. “Artificial intelligence” which Bhavāni endowed in each had illusory as well as discriminatory dimensions depending upon the extent of indigenous software control of the individuals. Human being is bound by the instinctual bonds of Nature, a by product of the manifestation process described in terms of the 3-fold quality ‘Guṇa’, symbolically described by the IronSilver-Gold triad. Individual operating system, the mindset develops on this basic G-structure called ‘Vāsana’ influenced by the external stimuli through sensory windows. 2

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

All the existential issues of the human being arise out of the obscured bi-polar structure inner structure (s+, s-) that sets the flux that we perceive as mind. Yoga seeks to anull the s+, sinternal separation by making use of the breath, the fuel on which the human machine works. Precepts declare s+ as residing on Mount Kailas, the top of the spinal axis enveloped by a lotus petal kind of formation of golden flame while s- buried at the bottom of spinal axis which is described as the Earth, the Cape Comorin where the Virgin Goddess Ku-Mari is in penance for Śiva. In symbolic descriptions of the Yoga lore, she is portrayed as an Indian Cobra holding the jewel of bliss on its hood. Yogi therefore has received the appellation ‘Snake Charmer’ – one who is capable of digging the earth (mūlādhāram) to arouse the Serpent and take Her jewel. Symbolic narration of Yoga can be traced to the seals obtained from the ruins of Indus Valley Civilization where in the ūrdhva-reta Yogi can be found to be depicted as Paśu-Pati (3000 BC). Yoga got adopted in later times by different tribes who invaded India and thus received alternate symbolic narrations as we in Vālmīkī’s Rāmāyaṇa, Mahābhārata etc.

IV. Pseudo-Gurus and Underqualified Disciples Yoga precepts are under use today for maneuring the mindset towards gaining more material success and happiness. Yoga is being taught for perpetuating more and more mind-games today to enhance the selfish instincts and exploit others. Diplomacy and enticing smiles on business promo champions have come to be regarded as a manifestation of Yoga as the real process of Yoga is little understood. Yoga is today meeting desecration at the hands of men who have fallen victims to the evil grasp of mind-games which Yoga abhors, as may be understood from the very basic tenets. 1. +lÉ ªÉÉäMÉÉxÉÖ¶ÉɺÉxÉÆ - +lÉ in this first of the Pātanjala sūtras have been the subject of serious discussion with the various commentators. +lÉ here imply the back stage where in the aspirant of Yoga has achieved the requisite orientation. This orientation needed for a Yoga disciple has four components: (a) Must be well read in the scriptures as to discriminate between the real and the unreal (b) Must be disenchanted with the pleasure pursuit and must have developed a desire for realization – Mokṣecchu. (c) Disciple must be brave and compassionate to all (d) Disciple has to have absolute faith in the Guru 2. Criteria as above is not seen to have cognizance with modern proponents of Yoga. Further, instruction of Yoga is not systematic today owing to the lure of mind-games that Prāṇāyāma offers. Without caring for Yama and Niyama disciple is initiated from breath onwards without caring for the consequences of accessing mind through breath. 3. Mind-games that are being taught with the aid of Prāṇāyāma may awaken the subconscious by accident leading to disastrous personality problems. 4. Yoga precepts postulate re-birth and prāṇāyāma poses the danger of disturbing the neural body carrying the imprints of past lives. 3

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

5. Disciples who do not possess the four fold qualification mentioned above and Gurus who have not given cognizance to the qualification of the disciple to pursue the path – both are sides of the same coin – are incompetent to pursue the path of Yoga. 6. Human beings are able to lead normal social lives because of the emotional and instructional package imbibed in mind which works like a software that conditions the individual. Yoga in steps such as Prāṇāyāma cannot be instructed to everyone in the society because of the harm it may do to his or her conditioned personality. 7. A casual foray into the deeper mind-games of Yoga without the direct supervision of a competent Guru shall pose the danger of the collapse of the social mind and hallucinations taking control of the individual as we see with some pseudo-Gurus and their stooges.

V. Subtle Process and the Aim of Yoga It is generally presumed that Yoga promotes one-pointedness and concentration of the mind – ekāgrata and samādhi – and so Yoga techniques can be used by anyone to promote his concentration and mental abilities. But any such use of Yoga is not Yoga at all and such mindgames must be described as hypnotism or some such kind of psychic game. Yoga is not a game – it is a serious pursuit on a non-returnable path to Mount Kailas if I am allowed to use a metaphor to describe the process and aim of Yoga. It is the aim that characterize the Yoga and not the intervening steps designed to manage the deletion of all that is inhibiting the individual from seeing his real self. The following points may be clearly understood by anyone who is aspiring to know about Yoga. 1. Ekāgrata or one-pointedness of the mind and Samādhi or concentration manipulated by mind-games or breathing exercises is not Yoga. Sage Vyāsa begins his commentary on Pātan͂ jala sūtras by elaborating the distinction between the Yoga and the pseudo or mimicking states possible in psychic phenomenon. He says:

ªÉÉäMÉ& ºÉ¨ÉÉÊvÉ& *ºÉ SÉ ºÉÉ´ÉǦÉÉè¨ÉζSÉkɺªÉ vɨÉÇ& * Yoga means absolute concentration. It is the all powerful mind-state which can override all other functional modes of mind such as restless (ÊIÉ{iÉÆ), stupefied or infatuated (¨ÉÚfÆø), distracted (Ê´ÉÊIÉ{iÉÆ), one-pointed (BEòÉOÉÆ) and arrested (ÊxɯûrÆù). • • •

Restless mind may fall into a state of concentration under certain circumstances. Infatuated mind may meet with obsessive concentration Distracted mind may also at times be in concentration

In the above three cases, the concentration achieved is momentary, transient and subordinate to the functional mode of the mind. Such concentration is not Yoga.

iÉjÉ Ê´ÉÊIÉ{iÉä SÉäiÉÊºÉ Ê´ÉIÉä{ÉÉä{ɺÉVÉÇxÉÒ¦ÉÚiÉ& ºÉ¨ÉÉÊvÉxÉÇ ªÉÉäMÉ{ÉIÉä ´ÉiÉÇiÉä* The flip-flop distraction-concentration-distraction possible from unreal perceptional modes of the mind is not Yoga-samādhi. Even in concentration, a distracted mind retains the cause of distraction in a suppressed state. 2. What then is the identity of Yoga? 4

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

Great Sage has not left the issue in ambiguity. He says:

BEòÉOÉä SÉäiÉ漃 ºÉi¦ÉÚiɨÉlÉÈ |ÉtÉäiɪÉÊiÉ... ºÉ ªÉÉäMÉÉä <iªÉÉJªÉɪÉiÉä* In a functional mode where mind adheres to the same thought always, Yoga-samādhi is possible. i.e. Yoga is possible only when the mind cannot practice mind-games like diplomacy, conditioning etc inspired by unreal perceptions. When one tries to deceive the mind through games, mind in fact deceives itself and the victim is the individual. 3. Can Ekāgrata be achieved without the pre-requisites mentioned under IV.1(a)-(d) which is reproduced below: Must be well read in the scriptures Mokṣecchu. Brave and compassionate Absolute faith in the Guru 4. What is the aim of Yoga? Aim of Yoga is to transcend the cycle of births and deaths. Yoga precepts describe human bondage as arising from five afflictions or kḷeśās. (a) +Ê´ÉtÉ – Avidyā: Delusion, misconception, wrong knowledge (b) +κ¨ÉiÉÉ – Asmitā: Ego, sense of I. (c) ®úÉMÉ& – Rāga: Attachment, possessiveness (d) uäù¹É& – Dveṣa: Aversion (e) +ʦÉÊxÉ´Éä¶ÉÆ – Abhiniveśam: Clinging to life These causes of karma-bandha (bondage of destiny) shall wear away only with Yoga-samādhi achieved through Cittavṛttinirodhaḥ (ªÉÉäMÉζSÉkÉ´ÉÞÊkÉÊxÉ®úÉvä É&). It is said in Kaṭḥopaniṣad:

xÉÉÊ´É®úiÉÉä nÖù¶SÉÊ®úiÉÉzÉɶÉÉxiÉÉä xÉɺɨÉÉʽþiÉ& * xÉɶÉÉxiɨÉxɺÉÉä ´ÉÉÊ{É |ÉYÉÉxÉèxÉ xÉ +É{xÉÖªÉÉiÉÂ** (1.2.24) One who has not retired from bad conduct, one who has not tranquilized his desires, one whose mind is distracted and restless, does not attain the grace of Yoga with intelligence and scholarship whatsoever.

VI. Trademarks of Yoga: Blind Leading the Blind? Many are out on the streets to market Yoga in different names. Physical well being and stress relief form the main plank of promises from varying dozes of Āsana, Prāṇāyāma defined as breath control and initiation into some kind of Japayoga. Miniature versions of the more famous trademark viz., TM is under vogue in recent times and may be described as Gymnastic-frogging. What is the geometry and anatomy of the comfort that is being offered?


xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

How the gymnastics and frogging (breathing with sound) contribute to the removal of the five afflictions when the individual is not oriented as per the yoga tenets? How the G-F disciple develops convictions about such tenets as Īśvara or God, cycles of birth and death, mokṣa etc? How the G-F disciple gains convictions about a reality beyond the apparent phenomenal world? Anyone can parrot the jargons of Yoga and Realization. Can parroting me taken as a sign of genuine experience and instruction? What really is the purpose served by the jargon? Can jargon lead to the experience? Who were the original preceptors? Have they left any signature of being original? Jargon consisting of the reasoning and inferences were developed to convey that the original experience was not hallucination. But are they sufficient to ensure that the path is not one of blind leading the blind? How the claims of new sellers of Yoga wisdom can be believed? Are they competent to hold a genuine patent on Yoga formulated on real experience? Few verses that Yama spoke to Naciketas as known through Kaṭḥopaniṣad are noteworthy in this context:

+Ê´ÉtɪÉɨÉxiÉ®äú ´ÉiÉǨÉÉxÉÉ& º´ÉªÉÆ vÉÒ®úÉ& {ÉÎhb÷iÉÆ ¨ÉxªÉ¨ÉÉxÉ&* nùpù¦ªÉ¨ÉÉhÉÉ& {ÉÊ®úªÉÎxiÉ ¨ÉÚføÉ& +xvÉäxÉè´É xÉҪɨÉÉxÉÉ ªÉlÉÉxvÉÉ&** (1.2.5) Avidyā here means ignorance due to misinformation and misinterpretation. People possessive of such ignorance style as wise and the learned and end up staggering in delusion aimlessly like those who are blind being led by blind.

xÉ ºÉɨ{É®úɪÉÃ& |ÉÊiɦÉÉÊiÉ ¤ÉɱÉÆ |ɨÉÉtxiÉÆ Ê´ÉkɨÉÉä½äþxÉ ¨ÉÚfÆø* +ªÉÆ ±ÉÉäEòÉä xÉÉκiÉ {É®ú <ÊiÉ ¨ÉÉxÉÒ {ÉÖxÉ& {ÉÖxÉ´ÉǶɨÉÉ{ÉtiÉä ¨Éä** (1.2.6) Not knowing the path hereafter, such self-styled Gurus get deluded by the glamour of wealth and imagines like a child that ‘this is the world and nothing more’. Thus he falls into my clutches again and again. Nothing can more appropriately describe the modern Gurus who have opened retail and wholesale shops for Yoga.

VII. Sifting Real and Hallucinations – Patenting New Yoga Who is a real Yogi? What evidence is there to claim a patent on the product that is marketed? Indian tradition had nothing ambiguous. But they talked in terms of symbols as the precious wisdom had to be kept under cover of a cryptic terminology. Lord Śiva symbolize the first preceptor of Yoga, the genius who patented it for the first time.

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÆÉMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ* ÊxÉiªÉÉªÉ ¶ÉÖrùÉªÉ ÊnùMÉƤɮúÉªÉ iɺ¨Éè xÉEòÉ®úÉªÉ xɨÉ&ʶɴÉɪÉ** Great Guru (Maheśvara), the three-eyed one adorned with the serpent garland and skin smeared with ashes, the naked one, eternal and sacred, salutations to the Lord of primordial void (nakāra). 6

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

Third eye is well known to be the Ājn͂ ā cakra between the eyebrows and Śiva’s association to the cremation ground is also famous. But the implications of serpent garland and Śiva’s epithet as Nāgarāja is little known even though Śiva is portrayed as wearing the hooded Indian Cobra always. Hooded Indian Cobra adorning Śiva in fact is the trademark of original Yoga and it means that the true Yogi is Nāgarāja, King of Cobras. Yoga confers immortality. Human being rises to the pedestal of God and transcends the cycle of births and deaths. Patenting such a lofty path of Yoga cannot be an ordinary mass. Claimants of original experience aspiring to have patents must be ready to undergo the litmus test. So the ancient tradition provided for a trademark for genuine Yoga in the form of the garland of Cobra so that the society may easily differentiate between the fake and the original. It is therefore very clear that gymnastics and the accompanied mimicking of frogs cannot be patented as Yoga just because ‘āsanas’ and ‘japa’ are part of the Yoga discipline. In the marketing of Yoga we see today, invariably the situation is that of a blind leading the blind unscrupulously with no cognizance to the cultivation of values required to pursue the path of Yoga. Pseudo-Gurus have started giving universal initiation in Prāṇāyāma interpreting the process simply as breath control unrelated to yama and niyama.

ºÉnèù´É´ÉɺÉxÉÉiªÉÉMÉ& ¶É¨ÉÉäªÉʨÉÊiÉ ¶ÉΤnùiÉ&* ÊxɪɨÉÉä ¤ÉÉÁ´ÉÞkÉÒxÉÉÆ nù¨ÉʪÉiªÉʦÉvÉÒªÉiÉä** Modern Gurus feel no responsibility and have no time to watch the disciple for his adherence to Yama and Niyama or adherence to the values recommended by scriptures and the path of Dharma.

VIII. Importance of Values and Dharma What is the temperament that Yoga demands? More than ever before life has become complex with increased emphasis on mind and its conditioning. Man’s bonds as a social animal has grown stronger and the scriptures that contributed to sustain Viveka no longer enjoys its prime slot as new materials that promotes conditioning as spiritual bliss has arrived. Suppressed distraction has come to be looked upon as a spiritual success formula. Extinction of the warrior tradition and the arrival of nuclear families have added new modules of insecurity and fear to the individual operating systems. Scriptures have become inefficient to hack the modern mindware not only due to social factors but also due to the misinterpretations thriving of the scriptures as antivirus on mindware. Yoga has come to be looked upon as: • • • • • •

Style yourself with a smile Burry any scruples that may inspire rebellion Never look beyond yourself Run – quit the system you cannot accede to You are in business and all others are your customers Pampher everyone around that they may praise you for your poise

This is the bunch of wisdom under sale. Can a mind-module of suppression and repression confer long lasting contentment and happiness? What are the essential features of Dharma, the path leading to graceful existence? Without being on the path of Dharma, Yoga is possible? Can Yoga be enunciated to disciples without laying down a path of Dharma for them? 7

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

What is Dharma as per scriptures? Kaṇāda sūtras begin with the definition of Dharma as the Ṛṣi had comprehension of the logistic support required for a Darśana to be practical in positive contributions to life. He knew that long lasting happiness is not that easy and hypnotic jargons and dances cannot lead to a graceful existence. Kaṇāda defined Dharma as:

ªÉiÉÉ䃦ªÉÖnùªÉÊxÉ&¸ÉäªÉºÉʺÉÊrù& ºÉ vɨ¨ÉÇ&


Dharma is that which generates adṛṣṭam, destiny, merits that are sowed for the harvest of grace. Abhyudaya is the path of virtues and knowledge that enables one to sow merits for attaining exaltation of the soul. Yoga in fact is the main means to stay on the path of Dharma –Yoga and Dharma therefore go hand in hand and only on the path of Dharma can Yoga bear fruit.

¸É´ÉhÉɪÉÉÊ{É ¤É½ÖþʦɪÉÉæ xÉ ±É¦ªÉ& ¶ÉÞh´ÉxiÉÉäƒÊ{É ¤É½þ´ÉÉä ªÉÆ xÉ Ê´ÉtÖ&* +ɶSɪÉÉæ ´ÉHòÉ EÖò¶É±ÉÉ䃺ªÉ ±É¤vÉɃƒ¶SɪÉÉæ \ÉÉiÉÉ EÖò¶É±ÉÉxÉÖʶɹ]õ&** Few are those who get a chance to hear of Dharma, Yoga and Ātmā. Even among them few only grasp the substance. Rare indeed is a real teacher and who has realized the self and it is really a miracle when a true Yogi finds a disciple who is competent enough to comprehend the truth rising beyond argumentation.

IX. Hapless Creature On the Edge of the Sword It is not easy for anyone to be on the path of Dharma unfailingly. Humans bonded as they are (Paśu) and constantly impinged by distracting outer world through the senses having a nonequillibrium of triguṇas, have a precarious existence. Delusion, the great hacker may catch up wih him at any time unless he is vigilant in terms of his wisdom (Jn͂ āna) and spirit. Yoga tradition in fact was the Warrior tradition – only through sacrifice and surrender to the great spirit who played on with Her great illusive gadgets, could one succede in gaining Jn͂ āna and in keeping the spirit strong. In the wrestling of spirit and flesh, spirit is like an eagle who eats out the flesh or a warrior who cuts out the enemies and grows stronger and stronger. Great Warriors in their endeavour to gain back the bliss of time zero had surrendered themselves to the Great Mother, the consort of the Great Yogi Śiva and had realized Her as Mother who aids them in their incessant war. She offered them convictions on the truth of Yoga and supreme spirit through the miracles and hence altars came up all over the world in Her name where one could surrender onself and tap Her supreme power. Dharma had to be protected at any cost. Yes, life in Yoga tradition was a synonym of values which prevented adṛṣṭham (karma) and men and women sacrificed themselves instead of values. This self-sacrifice fighting for values was a better business for the aspirants of Yoga siddhi as they were born again at Her feet again and again with less and less binding of Karma and surged ahead on the path of Dharma. It is this warrior spirit of the Yogi that we find captured in the Anand Math of Bankim Chandra from which the national song Vandemātaram got extracted. Secret of the sacrifice is the desire to cling on to the feet of the Great Mother and enjoy the play of life as proxies of Kāla-bhairava and Gauri-bhairavi. 8

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

Omnipresent Great Mother From the Aumphalos temple in Crete to the Kāmākhyā abode in Prāgjyotiṣa, Great Mother, the great temptress and great Guru is under worship as the feet of grace to seek refuge. The manifestation of life, Prakṛti and Vikṛti, and mukti or liberation – the α and Ω of the Cosmos as we have come to percieve is a Līla or play of the divine who is in total freedom beyond all questions and thoughts. Scriptures declare him as Ardhanārīśvara, He willed (Icchā) for Ānanda and She evoluted Herself into the Universe and She sustains it as the Guru. Dharma is Her spirit and the path to liberation and every sacrifice for values to protect Dharma is a flower at Her feet. In Her praise Yogis use Her own words, in Her worship Yogis sacrifice themselves when they realize that She owns everything including their self.

|ÉnùÒ{ÉV´ÉɱÉÉʦÉÌnù´ÉºÉEò®ú xÉÒ®úÉVÉxÉÊ´ÉËvÉ* ºÉÖvÉɺÉÚiÉä¶SÉxpùÉ{ä ɱÉVɱɱɴÉè®úPªÉÇ®úSÉxÉÉ** º´ÉEòÒªÉè®ú¨¦ÉÉäʦɺÉÇʱɱÉÊxÉÊvɺÉÉèʽþiªÉEò®úhÉÆ*i´ÉnùÒªÉÉʦɴÉÉÇÎM¦ÉºiÉ´ÉVÉxÉÊxÉ ´ÉÉSÉÉÆ ºiÉÖÊiÉÊ®úªÉÆ O’ Mother, this praise of you is in your own words, not on our merits but on your grace - just as sun is being given ārati with his own rays, moon is showered upon with moonlight and the ocean is given an offering of its own water. We own nothing except the grace of your feet. Bhavāni is the director of the show of life. Her grace supports all those who are on the path of Dharma. Yoga is only a technical extension of the discipline that Her disciples have created to help the less competent to stay unfailingly on the path of Dharma. Siddhas have described 8-fold Dharma as:

ªÉYÉÉvªÉªÉxÉÃÉnùÉxÉÉÊxÉ iÉ{É& ºÉiªÉÆ vÉÞÊiÉ& IɨÉÉ* +±ÉÉä¦É <ÊiÉ ¨ÉÉMÉÉ惪ÉÆ vɨÉǺªÉɃ¹]õÊ´ÉvÉ& º¨ÉÞiÞ É&** Sacrifice, study, charity, penance, honesty, bravery, patience and grace are the 8 limbs of Dharma. And among these 8 limbs, Chandogya upaniṣad declares Yajn͂ a, Adhyayanam and Dānam as the three great pillers of Dharma.

vÉÉ®úhÉÉirù¨¨ÉÇ <iªÉɽÖþ& vɨÉÉæ vÉÉ®úªÉiÉä |ÉVÉÉ&* ªÉ& ºªÉÉrùÉ®úhɺÉƪÉÖHò& ºÉ vɨÉÇ <ÊiÉ ÊxɶSɪÉ&** (Mahābhārata) Word Dharma has its root in Dhāraṇā meaning protects and sustains. Dharma is the key to the survival of human beings.

¨ÉÉxɺɶSÉäÎxpùªÉÉhÉÉÆ SÉ Ê½þ BEòÉOªÉÆ {É®ú¨ÉÆ iÉ{É&* +ªÉÆ iÉÖ {É®ú¨ÉÉä vɨÉÉæ ªÉiªÉÉäMÉäxÉÉi¨É nù¶ÉÇxÉÆ * The most exalted of all penances is dissolution of the mind and senses along with prāṇa in the ātmā. Greatest of the achievment is the Yoga by which the mind is deleted and self is realized.

X. To Conclude... In our modern society who has the courage to stand for truth? We keep Gīta in hand and ‘nainam cindanti śastrāṇi nainam dahati pāvakāh ...’ on our lips and we are scared of death. Whose death? We are so deeply into mind-games that mind has taken possession of our self and mind has equated its own perpetuation with life. Can life be mind? Can the physical death be anything more than the death of mind?


xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

Wherefrom the courage needed to follow Dharma will come? Can the poor men mimicking frogs and doing circus be a source of courage and conviction to the spiritual aspirant? What is the true potential of Yoga? Who is the real Guru portrayed as having the hooded Indian Cobra as His garland? Who can make the selfish-minded human being non-possessive? And how? Simply by reading the scriptures or hearing the sermons of the kind in Gīta, man shall turn to be wise and truly spiritual? Who is able to stick to the path of Dharma given the too many temptations and instructions to perpetuate mind-set for ill-defined success? What is the purpose of Prāṇāyāma? What is the prāṇa that is being controlled? What happens when the sub-conscious awaken as a result of Prānāyāma? India has a mystic background and therefore any fraud or charlatan can style here as a mystic or Yogi and sell his fraud. And their mahāvākya is ‘never call a spade a spade’ – you play your card and reap and I shall play mine. Jiyo, Jeene do... Crux of Yoga is to avoid karma that binds and this is possible only by taking the path of Dharma. Yoga enables one to gain convictions about the soul, the supreme spirit, cycle of births and deaths and to be on the path of Dharma by the grace of the Great Mother. She is the Guru for everyone and the rest are all imitations meant to inspire the hapless creature to seek Her out... She appears only through self surrender managed either by devotion or through Yoga. Experience is well described in Subhagodaya:

¨ÉxɺiÉi´ÉÆ ÊVÉi´ÉÉ xɪÉxɨÉlÉ xÉɺÉÉOÉPÉÊ]õiÉÆ* {ÉÖxÉ´ªÉÉÇ´ÉÞkÉÉIÉ& º´ÉªÉ¨ÉÊ{É ªÉnùÉ {ɶªÉÊiÉ {É®úÉ** iÉnùÉxÉÒ¨Éä´ÉɺªÉº¡Öò®úÊiÉ ¤Éʽþ®úxiɦÉÇMÉ´ÉÊiÉ* {É®úÉxÉxnùÉEòÉ®úÉ {É®úʶɴÉ{É®úÉ EòÉÊSÉnù{É®úÉ** With the mind transcended and eyes fixed on the tip of the nose (between eyebrows), Yogi withdraws his senses. Then the vision happens Bhavāni as the self within and the Mahāmāyā outside... Of course, this is a difficult enterprise. So the great Yogis who had become one with Śiva and Śakti had instituted the worship of Kuladevi all over India, from Kanyākumāri to Kailāsa, the axis that symbolized Meru, the cerebro-spinal axis. Vindhyāvāsini had been the light of India since ancient times. Kāśi, Kāmākhyā, Kālighat, Kānchi, Kumāri, Kolhapur, Kollur...we have innumerable signatures of the great tradition where men have sought refuge... +Ψ¤ÉEäò VÉMÉnÆùʤÉEäò ºÉÖ®ú´ÉÎxnùiÉä ¶É®úhÉÆ. Today warrior tradition and the path of sacrifice has no meaning as the self styled Yogis have no experience and they have allowed the Great Mother to be interpreted as a form of idol worship. Adṛṣṭam (destiny, bad karma) is ever on the increase and the mimickers of frog are destined to end up as frogs in muddy waters of libido, wealth and selfishness. Vadodara is a holi city and it was here in 3000 BC Nakulīśa had immortalized Pāśupata tantra by giving live demonstration of entering a new body (Kāyāvarohan). Hundreds of Yogis and Yoginis had their silent strode all across India from Kanyākumāri to Kailās and from Prabhāsa to Prāgjyotiṣa. They never spoke their name and never erected any memorial to them or anyone else because they were intelligent about the course of time and the numerous names they had in the course of many lives. A Yogi shall never speak His name – Yogi is one who has found the nameless and has become the nameless....

$½þÊ®ú&¸ÉÒMÉhÉ{ÉiɪÉä xɨÉ& 10

xÉÉMÉäxpù½þÉ®úÉªÉ ÊjɱÉÉäSÉxÉÉªÉ ¦Éº¨ÉÉÆMÉ®úÉMÉÉªÉ ¨É½äþ·É®úɪÉ*

Nagendraharaya trilochanaya  
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