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AMERICAN UNIVERSITY School of Education, Teaching, and Health Health Promotion Program Year in Review 2011-2012

HEALTH PROMOTION AT AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OUR PROGRAM The Health Promotion Management Program at American University is a multidisciplinary program that prepares students for leadership roles in the health field. Classes in the core curriculum include: •Exercise Physiology •Nutrition •Health Communications •Programming •And more! With a shared passion for improving health, students, faculty, and staff work together to implement change within and beyond the classroom.

2012 Fall Incoming Class, Welcome! The school year started with a welcome lunch on campus. Our Graduate Admissions Coordinator brought the incoming students together to meet one another, review program policies and procedures, meet the professors, and answer questions about the program. Two weeks later new students met at Guapo’s restaurant for a new student social.

STUDENT INTERNSHIPS •PNC – Pittsburg, PA •Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation – Capetown, South Africa •The Lab School of Washington – Washington, DC •March of Dimes – Arlington, VA •ValueOptions (independent behavioral healthcare) – Raleigh, NC •Wellness Corporate Solutions – Cabin John, MD •National Institute of Public Health – Adidjan, Ivory Coast •USDA Team Nutrition – Washington, DC •EPA – Washington, DC •Clemson University Athletics – Clemson, SC •YMCA – Washington, DC

Stephanie Mull

Meet our new faculty members: •Maya Maroto: Health Communication and Global Nutrition. •Stephanie Mull: Nutrition for Health as well as Sports Nutrition. •Brandon Daniels: Quantitative Assessment and Research Methods. Welcome to all of you!

Maya Maroto

Opportunities Outside the Classroom Aside from the diverse education you’d be receiving there are numerous opportunities outside the classroom to gain knowledge about the world of Health Promotion. With Washington D.C being a hotspot for many health-related conferences, meetings, and organizations, AU is a perfect place to be! WELLNESS COALITION MEETING The Washington Area Wellness Coalition held their spring meeting at AU and presented on “Integrating Health Promotion Programs with Health Benefits: The Next Generation of Wellness.” Speakers included Debra Daily, Vice-President of Wellness, Sodexo Corporate Solutions, and John Micale, President, DC Metro Office, Regional Employee Benefits Leader, USI. Debra focused on improving recruitment, engagement and performance of corporate clients while John focused on improving cost management of USI’s insurance services.

ALUMNI PANEL This year’s alumni event was held in March at Chef Geoff’s restaurant, near American’s campus. An alumni panel spoke to MS and BS Health Promotion students about their experiences in the program and post grad. This event provided a wonderful opportunity for alumni to come back to AU and share their experiences with current students. Navigating the job search and researching potential opportunities is constantly on the minds of all current BS & MS students, and the alumni serve as a very valuable resource.

ENTREPRENEUR PANEL Christine Haas, Laurie Tucker, and Monica Riggi, all Health Promotion alumni, came back to AU to discuss their entrepreneurial experiences in the field. They gave their insights on what it is like to organize and manage various health promotion enterprises. Current MS students had the opportunity to engage the panel in a robust question and answer session. Panelists: Christine Haas - Owner, NuWeights- A nutrition and personal training company Laurie Tucker- Owner, Wellness Coach and Health Promotion/Worksite Health Consultant, WellStyles Consulting Monica Riggi- President, Healthsafe Solutions, Inc- A provider of Philips HeartStart AED Defibrillators


Christy Lunsford- Senior Health Promotion Specialist, Health and Wellness at Lockheed Martin Matthew Barresi- Health Promotion Coordinator at American University Molly Kengor- Program Coordinator at LiveHealthier Samantha Lee- Communications, Media, and Marketing Coordinator at National WIC Association Alice Kerby- Licensed massage therapist at Rejuvenate Massage

The 22nd ANNUAL ART & SCIENCE OF HEALTH PROMOTION CONFERENCE Held by the American Journal of Health Promotion this year’s conference theme was entitled: “Making Health Choices the Easiest Choices: Increasing Awareness, Enhancing Motivation, Building Skills, and Creating Supportive Environments.” MS students Liz Harrington, Kathy Young, Marisa Howard, and Maddie Fromm, interned at the conference. Kathy presented on “School Health Policy: Student Consumption of School Lunches” and Liz presented on “Treating Schools as Workplaces: Implementing a Worksite Health Program “.

SNEB CONFERENCE This year’s Society for Nutrition Education conference was held in Washington, D.C. SNEB is an international community of professionals actively involved in nutrition education and health promotion. MS students Maddie Fromm and Leah Tasman interned at the conference. Presentations included: “Community Nutrition Education to include Environmental Change”, Linking Public Health and a Sustainable Food System: How Do We Get There?”, “Technology Trends for the 21st Century - Nutrition Practice”, and “Building Healthy Families and Preschoolers: A Systems Approach for Lifelong Health”.


COMMUNITY GIVING Mary’s Center is a local non-profit organization that provides health care and social services to families of low socioeconomic status. It has become a tradition to “adopt” two families and provide gifts for the holiday season. Students and faculty purchased gifts for the parents and children and brought them to Dr. Snelling’s home for a “gift wrapping” holiday social. It was a great way for students to give back to the community and get to know one another better.

Last fall, MS students Tommy Openchowski, David Ambrose, and Kevin Quirk attended the Health Enhancement Research Forum (HERO) for Employee Health Management Solutions in Phoenix, AZ. HERO is a national, research oriented, not-for-profit coalition of organizations with common interests in health promotion. Their purpose is to create and disseminate information about Employee Health Management research, policy, leadership, and infrastructure. The shared goal of those attending is to advance the principles of science and practice of employee health management.


In May 2010, the D.C. Council passed the Healthy Schools Act, a landmark law designed to improve the health and wellness of students attending D.C. public and charter schools. The Act is “the most comprehensive school-based wellness legislation in the nation.” In January of this year a conference, “The Impact of DC’s Healthy School Act: Designing an Evaluation Protocol” was held at AU for those involved with the implementation of the Act. Guest speakers included Councilmember Mary Cheh of Ward 3 who authored the Health Schools Act and Dr Sarah Irvine Belson and Dr. Anastasia Snelling who presented on the “Proposed Evaluation and Research Strategy,” among many other Health promotion professionals and MS students attended this event.

I spent my summer semester in Cape Town, South Africa working alongside community outreach staff from the Desmund Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) Clinic in the township of Nyanga. This experience really solidified the importance of my academic studies at American University . We organized and conducted HIV prevention workshops and informal discussion groups for men, women, and children of all ages. I observed behavioral and environmental factors affecting the community and witnessed the important connections between HIV, nutrition, maternal health and much more. This exposure, coupled with my training in health promotion, enabled me to suggest improvements and new methods for educational outreach. I continue to work with the outreach director; we are developing a manual with tools and resources that aims to increase the effectiveness of the staff.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2011-2012 GRADUATES!! Ewuria Darley Tanya Disselkoen Lauren Gales Brendan Herbert Allison Marco Jennifer Pearl Emily Yu Judi Beyers Robin Carl Marisa Howard

Julie Hyman Sarah Kalamchi Johanna Kalin Allison Lapp Adriana Mendez Thomas Openchowski Kevin Quirk Lori Rafferty Jennifer Stuart

AU Health Promotion Year in Review 11-12  

AU Health Promotion Year in Review 11-12

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