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short movie was made years ago, “Cipher in the Snow.” It was

about Cliff, a teenager whose parents had divorced and who had withdrawn into his own world. He had no friends and no adult he could talk to. The movie was given its name because he was a “Cipher” (meaning “zero”), and he died in the snow after getting off the school bus. Google the movie and you can read the story written by his “favorite” teacher, who barely knew Cliff. The young man never said anything to anybody. As his step-father said afterwards, “That’s the way he always was after I moved in.” The teacher wrote the short story, which has been used by countless educators for many years in an attempt to help students become more aware of the needs of others. The teacher himself vowed that he would never forget Cliff for the rest of his career, and that he would always be looking out for those students who were alienated and alone. Life can be very difficult for human beings in normal settings. We encounter many problems along the way. Life becomes miserable if we don’t have somebody we can talk to. Silence is not golden! It’s not good for us to be alone. We were created to be in healthy relationships with God, others, and our world. As Jesus said, “The thief (devil) comes but to steal, kill, and destroy.” But then Jesus added, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” I think the essence of the Christian faith is what Jesus answered when asked what the greatest commandment was. He said it was “to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” Jesus

emphasized the word, “all.” This means passionate, enthusiastic choices; not cold-hearted indifference. If we love God with ALL of our heart (emotions), soul (will and volition), mind (intellect), and strength (physically serving) then we are totally committed to God. The second most important commandment to Jesus was “to love your neighbor as yourself.” He said that the essence of discipleship was to be in excellent relationships with God and with others. In October, I continue the “Healthy Relationships” sermon series. In this Tidings you’ll see these two basic themes developed (Love God/Others). We will be looking at our interactions with four groups or sources: Outsiders, Authority, Christ, and within the Church. When we love outsiders (Matthew 28:18-20), it helps us to remember not to become self-consumed with just our own friends. When we respect those who are our authorities (Romans 13:1-10), and we pray for them, we show ourselves to be participants in doing God’s will. The ultimate authority is Jesus Christ, of course (1 Corinthians 1:26-31). We are intended for a relationship of love with God; not to be discarded as a “cipher in the snow.” It’s our privilege to let people know that God’s love is for them, and that it is God’s will for us to love others, too. See you Sunday!

Dr. Tom Harrison

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dwight yoder, executive director


ctober is pastor appreciation month. by having responsibility for All of us know that we have an outstanding





senior pastor in Tom Harrison. Asbury is

They spend almost all of their time

also blessed to have a very good group of seven as-

doing what only pastors can do. Ministries are headed

sociate pastors to support him. Additionally, we have

by dedicated lay (non pastor) staff who coordinate and

two semi-retired pastors (David Thomas and Sonny

support the many volunteers who do the bulk of the

Plischke) and our pastor emeritus Bill Mason.

real ministry work that takes place through Asbury.

In observing the work of our pastors, I can tell

Tom’s timing for this organizational change antici-

you that their job is often not easy. There are many

pated the growth of our organization. As a result of the

demands on their time. Some days are spent helping

move to our current location, our church changed sig-

people through difficult personal situations. And at all

nificantly. Our membership, attendance, and budget all

times they carry a desire, which is sometimes a burden,

increased materially. The scope and complexity of our

for the spiritual development of everyone at Asbury.

operations is much greater now, requiring significant

In particular, the position of senior pastor comes

management attention.

with many challenges. I believe it is one of the most

In many churches the senior pastor and the asso-

difficult positions to execute successfully in either the

ciate pastors find themselves increasingly weighed

for-profit or nonprofit sector. I encourage you to ex-

down by these things as the church grows. But under

press your appreciation and offer your support for our

Asbury’s model, the required management is done by


non-pastor staff who have the required experience. Our pastors are free to focus on pastoral duties. This ••••••••••••••••••••••

This is a good opportunity to tell you something about our pastors and the role they play in our church.

model has contributed to the success that Asbury has been blessed with. ••••••••••••••••••••••

In last month’s “Tidings” you were told about sion regarding the role of pastors within our church. an estate planning seminar to be held at the He believes that pastors are called and gifted to be church on Sunday, October 4. It will be in the A number of years ago Tom made a strategic deci-

pastors and that they should spend their time ac-

chapel at 9:30 am. It will be conducted by David Bat-

cordingly, which means spending time with people

tles, Executive VP of the Oklahoma United Methodist

individually and in groups, teaching, coaching, par-


ticipating in worship, and generally providing spiritual

Asbury would like to be included in your estate

leadership. Furthermore, he knew that others have the

planning. Planned giving enables your resources to

experience and gifts to better manage organizations

support ministry long after you are gone. If you would

and programs.

like to include Asbury in your will or trust, please con-

Based on this understanding, he changed the orga-

tact me at the church office.

nizational model. Pastors at Asbury are not distracted ASBURY TIDINGS

Being Authentic and Not Being Afraid tom carruthers


ot long ago, I walked past a friend while leaving church. It

they disqualify me from authentic, vulnerable rela-

was clear that my friend had been crying,

but I’m afraid it will never happen. I feel like I’m not

and I asked if everything was okay. The question

good enough, and I’m afraid that if I show people

was not even finished when the response shot

the real me, they’ll reach the same conclusion. I try

back: “I’m fine; how are you?”

to ignore them, but when I stop and it’s quiet, my

Everything about my friend’s countenance refuted this answer, and yet we went on to talk about

brokenness and fear seem to grow and the tears erupt.

my day and soon we went our separate ways. For

That’s where my friend had come from: a mo-

a moment I saw weary eyes pleading for rest, but a

ment in quiet solitude. The lies whispered, the hurt

practiced blink and smile sent the crying soul back

came, the tears fell, and my friend had to run back

into hiding. I wanted to hear more, and sharing the

into safe busyness. Being alone seemed like tor-

burden would’ve given my friend some rest from

ture, but showing weakness seemed impossible.

carrying it alone. Shocked about being lied to, I realized that I do it for the same reason: Fear…but of what? Two things: The first is fear of who I believe I am.

tionships. I long to be known and accepted as I am,

The second fear is how others will respond to the “real” me. So often I don’t share the things that are breaking my heart because I’m afraid of what people will

Even though God calls me His beloved child, a

do with what I share. I long for relationships of trust

lot of times when I look in the mirror I have nothing

and acceptance where I am safe from rejection and

nice to say. I see only my faults and failures. I begin

gossip—relationships where I am loved uncondi-

to believe that those things define me, and I shake

tionally, where I am free not to have it all together.

my head in disappointment and shame. I’m afraid

I believe there is power and healing in living


Healthy Christian relationships are marked by the absence of fear

and the presence of safety.

openly with others. Just sharing my pain takes weight off my shoulders. I seldom need someone with good advice or a quick fix; I need someone willing to stop what they’re doing and show me I’m important enough to be heard and to tell me they stand with me. I need people to help me fight the lies that come when I look in the mirror, who have the courage to sit with me in silence so I’m not alone when my fear wells up. Healthy Christian relationships are marked by the absence of fear and the presence of safety. So, may we be a community of people known for what we say—sharing our stories with boldness and daring to believe that we are worth being heard. May we be a community known for what we do not say—choosing to offer presence rather than answers and striving to keep our brothers’ and sisters’ stories in confidence. And may we experience the healing that flows from authentic, safe community.


under the authority kara beair


s a young physician, Scot Wilson seemingly had the life that most only dream of having. He had

completely happy with the life he was leading. “I wanted to be somebody else other than who I was,” he says. In an attempt to find fulfillment, Scot

a great career and his whole life ahead of him. De-

made friends with a younger crowd, who he says

spite all of his success as a Pediatrician, Scot wasn’t

was “easy to please and would not reject him.” It was among these so-called friends that Scot began making poor choices for his life, and before long, all Scot’s misguided decisions caught up to him. When all was said and done, he was convicted of a crime and lost his medical


license as a result of his bad judgment. If you ask Scot how he got to this place, he’ll tell you it all comes down to authority. “I wasn’t rebelling against authority, I was hiding from authority,” Scot explains.

answering to the lower levels of authority keeps people from having to answer to the higher levels of authority. Ultimately, this makes everyone’s job a whole lot easier. Scot’s experiences have led him to be a man of

Like many, Scot didn’t necessarily set out to do

discernment and influence. Scot has learned that

the wrong thing. He simply wanted to do as he

sometimes people in positions of authority and

pleased without any ramifications. He wanted to

power are not doing God’s will or are allowing the

serve as the only authority over his actions. Scot

influence of others to dictate their actions.

God often puts authority figures in place to keep us in check and hold us accountable for our actions. believes that it comes down to a concept John Townsend taught in one of his workshops.

Additionally, he says everyone must be wary of authority figures who are not protecting them or

“When we go outside our set boundaries, we

who are taking advantage of their position of au-

are generally trying to be something we are not,”

thority. Even some of the most powerful authority

he paraphrases.

figures, including members of the legal system and

If Scot had fully accepted the fact he would have

pastors, can sometimes go off track for a time.

to answer to the authority of the legal system, the

This is when Scot says to take a step back and

medical licensing board, and God, he might not

find other authority figures to help guide you. Seek

have ended up in a compromising position in the

out peers to hold you accountable and help you

first place. God often puts authority figures in place

make solid, well-founded decisions for your lives.

to keep us in check and hold us accountable for our

This is the very reason Scot serves in a position

actions. Scot says that as a young man he wasn’t

of authority today. As the leader of the Sexual Pu-

paying heed to the authority figures in his life.

rity group for Celebrate Recovery, Scot oversees

By growing discontent with the life you lead, it is

the activities of the group and encourages others

easy to fall into the trap of trying to take control of

to make good decisions and submit to positive au-

things in an unhealthy manner. Life is a system of

thority figures. Scot is a success because he sub-

checks and balances, and when people try to take

mitted to the ultimate authority figure—God.

control of too much, things go awry.

Today, Scot is a happy, healthy man. He serves

Scot explains that everyone must recognize

in a number of capacities and has learned to strike

when they are called to a position of leadership

a balance between serving as an authority figure

and when they are being called to submit to the au-

and submitting to the authority of others.

thority of others. There is a natural order to things,

Scot is the perfect example that taking control of

and everyone must be willing to accept their place

one’s own life often means being willing to serve

in the hierarchy of authority. So often, Scot said

and submit to figures of authority. ASBURY TIDINGS

because of cathy diane king


grew up in Oklahoma City, the third (and youngest) child and only girl in a family that “put the fun in disfunction.” It was a childhood of violence and constant fighting among my parents and siblings. By the time I was in ninth grade, I was already wondering what was the meaning of life on earth with such unhappy conditions and misery. I felt unloved, lonely, hopeless, and if I had had the courage, I would have taken my own life to end the pain. My religious upbringing consisted of an occasional visit to Sunday School. My dad was Catholic, my mom Baptist, which was one of many sources of conflict between them. They settled that difference by neither of them attending church. Mom would occasionally (out of guilt, perhaps?) drop off my two older brothers and me at the local Baptist church for Sunday School, then swing back by an hour later at a designated location to pick us up. So, I did know a little about God and Jesus, I just wasn’t sure what it was all about and how He was supposed to have something to do with my life. As the pain of my home situation worsened and I began to feel the desperation intensify, I would cry out to God. I would ask Him where he was and would beg Him to please do something to help me. In the fall of my freshman year of high school, a girl I knew from the church where I occasionally attended Sunday School (and by now, those visits were rare) invited me to go on a retreat with the youth group during Fall Break. They were going to spend a few days at Falls Creek church camp, and she asked if I would like to go. I told her I wasn’t


interested in going to any church thing, it sounded pretty boring to me, and I didn’t really know any of those people. She talked a little more about what they would be doing (none of which interested me), and then she said the magic words, “You’ll meet a lot of guys!” “I’m in,” I replied. God can use any crack in the door you give Him. And knowing this particular girl, I knew it couldn’t be too religious because her life didn’t seem any different from mine. I agreed to go. The morning arrived when we were to meet at the church parking lot with our bags and bed rolls packed for three days. I was pretty nervous and having second thoughts because I didn’t know any of these people. To make things worse, the girl who invited me barely even said “hello” when I got there and was very busy flirting with all the boys around. I had a horrible sinking feeling that I was on my own now, and I would be stuck like that for three very long days, hanging out flapping in the breeze and feeling like a fool. The bus was being loaded with the bags and bed rolls so there was still time for me to get out of this. I was formulating a plan of action, which was to turn heel and head into the church, find the nearest phone, call home, and hope one of my brothers could drive me out of there. As I turned to do just that, one of the senior girls walked up to me. I thought surely she was going to talk to someone else because I had never seen her before and did not know her. She stopped me, however, and began to talk to me.

“Hello.” Is she talking to ME? “ I don’t believe I know you. My name is Cathy McLendon. What’s yours?” I nearly fell over. She was a beautiful girl, and she seemed totally genuine. I couldn’t believe she was interested in who I was! I introduced myself, and we began to converse. She asked all about me and really listened to my answers. Because of Cathy, I turned around and got on the bus. The Holy Spirit widened the crack in the door and began to work. The rest of those three days changed my life and, more importantly, my eternity forever. The girl who invited me went on about her way, mostly flirting with the boys, but I didn’t care because so many others in that youth group, mostly the older kids, took up the slack in getting to know me. I was astounded at the way they had so much fun but were also so caring. It was a totally new thing to me, and my heart became like a closed up flower opening petal by petal. For the first time in my life, I felt like somebody cared about me. I quietly watched them in wonder, wanting to know what it was they had that made them so different from anyone I had known in my life. On the last night, I found out. The youth minister had a roaring fire built and handed out small branch twigs to each of us. As we all sat huddled around the fire, he invited us to put our twig in the fire and share whatever we wanted with the group. One by one, the kids got up and gave testimony to what Jesus Christ had meant to them, things He was doing in their lives, etc. I soaked it all in, and the light bulb went off for me. Jesus was living in them, and it was He who I was seeing. He was the difference! I realized it was Jesus who spoke

to me through Cathy, and God had sent me these people to help rescue me. They were His answer to my cry for help, and they were bringing me the life saver, Jesus. I bowed my knee that night and prayed to give my whole life over to Jesus, and He came in to live in me, and He changed everything. I found in that youth group the family I lacked at home. They helped me learn to read the Bible and study it, to pray and seek godly counsel on issues I faced along the way. On October 18 of last year, it was exactly 40 years ago that all of this happened. I am part of the eternal family of God, having walked with Him all these years, and when I die, I will be eternally in Heaven because a senior girl named Cathy took just a minute of her time to step up and speak to a young stranger who was lost. So maybe you can understand now why I like to tell my story. I want you to know how one little thing a senior girl did for me changed my whole life, and I want to pass it on. It is such a simple thing. It doesn’t require any special skills or training, just sincere interest in someone you don’t know. Who knows what their story is, what is happening in their life, how lost they might be? All it takes is a word or two, a genuine interest, a desire to reach out. At the end of our lives, what will it matter what we accumulated or who we knew or where we went? Wouldn’t it be rich to know that something we did, someone to whom we spoke, was eternally changed because we took a minute to care? Cathy has at least one crown to lay at Jesus’ feet, and I am eternally grateful to her.


a day in the life of a sunday morning joan kahl


efore sunrise on Sunday morning, Asbury is already coming to life.

Someone from our Maintenance team must start the coffee by 5 am in order to brew 135 gallons of coffee to accommodate our Sunday morning crowd. If we run out of coffee…well, it’s not a pretty sight. Virginia arrives around that time as well to begin preparing breakfast for the 400 or so people who enjoy having a hot breakfast, including biscuits and gravy. She has a volunteer who will come in on Sunday morning and cook for her when she needs to be away. Volunteers help transport the coffee to all the various stations throughout the building, and volunteers help Virginia keep the serving line filled with food. Volunteers also collect the money for the breakfast.

The breakfast early birds arrive at 7 am and “community” begins. Not an official community but lots of people eating and catching up on what’s been happening with their friends. Many of these folks serve at the 8 am service preparing communion, setting up microphones and doing sound checks, serving as ushers, and participating as a part of our Music Ministry. More folks arrive for breakfast between 8-8:30 am. Shortly after, many of them scatter to cover their volunteer positions for the two 9:15 am worship services, children’s Sunday school, student classes, greeting, ushering, media and Connection Corner. The Open House and sanctuary worship teams starts warming up for their service. Those serving in Media must also be in place. The majority are volunteers, and most of these groups pray together before they start serving. The library is now open and volunteers are in the office ready to greet those who are joining Asbury, ready to take their picture and escort them to the Sanctuary. Things start to buzz all around as greeters take their place, ushers gather their bulletins and door assignments, security volunteers man the doors in Children’s Ministry, the shuttles are making their rounds through the Union parking lot and the volunteers at Connection Corner are talking to their first guests. The Gazebo is opened ready to serve. Volunteers teaching in communities are getting their materials ready for their lesson. Members and guests are still coming through Mitch McRee, volunteer, Hospitality


the doors. Many could use some assistance and we look forward to the day we have curbside hospitality assisting people being dropped off at the curb, helping with bags and small children and anyone who could use some assistance getting into the building. On a good day, 180 Children’s Ministry volunteers are getting into the rooms they serve in preparation for the hundreds of children who arrive for the 9:15 am hour. The halls are buzzing with activity as volunteers man tables to assist those who want to sign up for opportunities like Financial Peace, Habitat House, Dynamic Marriage, and other Roadmap classes.

Jeff Dowdy, staff, Maintenance Team; Virginia Huddleston, staff, Food Service; Albert Kahl, volunteer, substitutes for Virginia’s on Sunday mornings and cooks for men’s prayer breakfast.

the building. Venue68 is coming to life with hundreds of junior high and high school teens who are arriving and socializing with friends prior to their classes. At 10:30 am there are new teams of volunteers showing up to greet and usher for the 11 am service. The Gazebo is re-opened and a new team at Connection Corner is prepared for the people coming out of the 9:15 am service who need assistance. In preparation for the traditional service, the orchestra is just about to finish up their rehearsal and the choir is getting into their robes. The worship team at the Venue is warming up for their 11 am service. In Children’s Ministry, the “second verse is the same as the first!” A new team of 180 volunteers are preparing for hundreds of fresh faces who arrive for the 11 am class. Once again, every adult class is filled with a community and by 11:10 am the hallways grow quiet. Shortly after noon, a bird’s eye view of Asbury might look like an ant hill. The hallways fill as communities end their classes, parents make their way to Children’s Ministry to pick up their children, worship ends and many dash for the parking lot for a quick exit. By 12:20 pm a few volunteers are still in Children’s waiting for the parents and the shuttles are still making their rounds to the Union H.S. parking lot. Maintenance is gathering up the 45 three gallon coffee pots that are distributed throughout the building. Connection Corner volunteers are finishing up with their last guests and the Gazebo is ready to close. At 12:40 pm the shuttle is still going…

Connection Corner consultants and welcome guides are escorting our guests to their destinations wherever that might be. By 9:30 am the halls have cleared out and are relatively quiet at 6767. There is an adult community in every class/meeting room in Worship Service Volunteers: Willette Stone, volunteer, Lighting; Eric Baker, volunteer, Cameraman; Danny Hill, staff, Media Director; Scott Stone, volunteer, Switcher (controls screens of scriptures, songs, videos from cameras); at keyboard, Maggie Baker, volunteer, runs Media Shout (program that feeds songs & scriptures to the switcher). ASBURY TIDINGS 11

Letters from our troops nection, ry Military Con u b As t a le op ful pe To the wonder ring nd prayers du a ts h g ou th r you Thank you for e with God provided m of s d or w r u t. Yo ur my deploymen ly appreciate yo u tr I s. es ln fu of thank me many feelings you one last ti k n a th to d te st wan d to support and ju days, so no nee w fe a in ve a le e. I before I go hom Iraq. to me here in s rd ca e or m y send an Thank you, . Bohannan Maj. Clinton L


his beautiful curio cabinet was recently built and donated by an Asbury member whose son is serving in the military. Come see it across from the Community Life Center. Asbury Military Connection exists to support our Asbury-related military personnel. Volunteers are needed to help with creating and sending cards to our military—contact Gwen Mohler at 258-5479 or If you would like to make a donation to help purchase items for packages sent to our Asbury-related military, send to Ruth Winn at the church and make check payable to “Asbury UMC.”


Dear Members

and Support G


I am writing you all in reg ards to my th you all do. I s anks for every poke with my thing mother Pamel and she told m a Parrish the oth e something I er day f o u n d very interes writing you a ti ng. So now I’ ll to say how th m ankful I am f group! or our church and your On December 3, 2007 at 11 :30 am in Mo was destroyed sul, Iraq, my by an IED (Im vehicle p ro v is ed Explosive D were in route evice) while w to another mis e sion where my needed. All of P la to on’s Support my crew surv was iv ed a n d th shrapnel to m ey w er e not injured. y face and I h I took a v e f u ll y recovered with continued on no scars. I with missions even after this My mother to incident. ld me that yo u a ll pray over ever of mail you s y soldier’s pie end out and it ce came to one of Dec. 3, 2007 y o u r members tha at 11:30 am ( t on c en tr a l ti m mail. e) you all pra yed over my I found that v ery interestin g and it has o heart a lot mo pened my eyes re. I thank yo and u f o r this blessing me. I felt that y ou all have giv I needed to sen en d ev er y o n e my thanks! I sit here every day in the lin e of danger an when it’s my d I will never time, but I wo know u ld li k e to ask that y men that we h ou pray for th ave lost over h ose ere. We lost th Squadron an re e m en so far from d I hope and p my ra y th a t w e don’t lose any Well, thank y more. ou all so muc h for your sup you all when port and I hop I’m home on le e to see a v e. God bless you . Thank you, w ith love, Sgt. Parrish H arrison P.S. I hope to b e able to stand in front of ou send out my r congregatio thanks as wel n and l! ASBURY TIDINGS 13

every member in ministry dick read


sburians made a tremendous response to our Children’s Ministry early this summer. For the first time

in countless years, we were endangering ourselves toward not being able to open Sunday morning classrooms for our children. What!? Didn’t we just open those beautiful new spaces for our kids? Yes we did! You see the problem wasn’t the lack of classrooms. The surprising problem was the lack of adults to serve our children in those beautiful new rooms. We discovered that on any given Sunday, just over 300 adult volunteers are needed in the children’s area alone. That’s right…over 300 every Sunday morning! And the week before the start of summer programming, we were still lacking 50 percent of the needed volunteers. Thank you Asbury for seeing the need and for responding to that need! More-than-enough volunteers came to the rescue (including 200 volunteers new to Children’s Ministry) and it has been a wonderful summer for our kids! If you’ve been at Asbury for any length of time, you have likely heard the mantra: Every member in ministry! It is at the core of our identity that every member of Asbury is serving somewhere in this ministry. Surely by now you are familiar with our ministry objective #8: Every member discovering and using spiritual gifts for ministry and mission. Asbury has long been a church known for the


engagement of its laity (non-clergy church members) in the work of ministry. While many churches have created a dependency on their pastors to “do the work of ministry,” Asbury has a culture of the interdependency of everyone doing what God has gifted them to do. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good (1 Corinthians 12:7). We trust that God has given each and every Christian specific gifts to be used for the common good of the church body. In fact, we believe that so strongly we unabashedly call every Asburian to the work of ministry, using those gifts and talents that God has given to him or her. Shortly after entering the eighth grade, I announced to my parents that Sunday school was deathly boring and I really didn’t want to go anymore. While I was hoping to sleep-in an extra hour on Sunday mornings, my parents had different plans. My mother escorted me to the five-year-old classroom where I served the rest of the school year and my boredom ended! In fact, every Sunday morning throughout high school I taught in children’s Sunday school. By the time I was a senior, I was promoted all the way to third grade classroom. Several years later, when I first came to Asbury as a college student, I was put to work as a volunteer eighth grade Sunday school teacher, alongside fellow Asburian Dee Paige. Every member in ministry. My parents didn’t use

those words, but they sure taught me the principle. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it (1 Corinthians 12:27). Isn’t that great!? Each one of you is part of it. While I have the privilege of serving alongside some terrific clergy at Asbury, the greatest strength of this church (next to the Holy Spirit of course) is the congregation, the laity…the Church. And what a church this is! Over 7,500 strong. Kids come first through our children and student ministries. Compassionate care ministries. Kind hospitality. Dynamic worship. Strengthening marriages and relationships. Engaging Community Life. Healing of brokenness. Transformational local, regional and global outreach. In each of these vibrant ministries will be found dozens, sometime hundreds, of devoted laity who are passionate about their work in Kingdom building ministries.

THANK YOU for what you do! Thank you for understanding God’s vision for the church and engaging in that vision. If you are not currently serving in an Asbury ministry, please consider how you can actively engage in what God is doing in this community of Christ-followers. You are needed and there is a place for you to serve at Asbury. Don’t know where to begin? Let me suggest two simple steps. First, take the online spiritual gifts inventory and discover specific ways that the Lord has prepared you for ministry: http://www.asburytulsa. org/get-involved/spiritual-gifts.html Second, give a phone call to Joan Kahl who oversees our Member Connections Ministry (3921176). Joan excels at connecting Asburians in areas of ministry where they will be most effective and valuable.

I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something I can do. — Edward Everett Hale Each one of you is a part of it. You might think it easy to believe that because Asbury is such a large church that there are already plenty of volunteers in every area of ministry. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. In fact, virtually every area of ministry still needs volunteers. Are YOU currently serving in an Asbury ministry? If you are, please receive this on behalf of our pastors, staff and church leaders: ASBURY TIDINGS 15

quarters for central asia Two young boys show you’re never too young to impact the world for Jesus

joe simmons


or many boys, a hard-to-find Pokemon card or a hot new Nintendo game are goals for saving their hard-earned money. As much as six-year-old Andrew Krueger and his four-year-old brother, Jonathan, appreciate regular “boy stuff,” something they heard at church one Sunday morning prompted them to add an item to their purchase list: a Bible for someone they don’t even know. Andrew and Jonathan spent this past summer doing chores to raise money for Asbury’s Spread The Word campaign. Aligned with Pastor Tom’s sermon series on the Book of Acts, the effort was launched to collect funds to purchase Bibles for the Christian population in parts of Central Asia. Caspian Ministry Team Leader Bill Abernathy said each Bible costs approximately $10 to print, and Asbury’s goal was to raise enough money to print 2,000. When Spread The Word closed in August after two months, the goal of $20,000 had been exceeded by $5,000. “We’re obviously thrilled,” said Abernathy. Ann Krueger, mother of Andrew and Jonathan, said her sons learned of the fundraising effort


through Asbury’s children’s ministry. “Andrew comes home and says, ‘Mom, I want $10 to buy a Bible,’ and Mom says, ‘No, I have a better idea-let’s earn the money.’ “ Each household chore earned the boys $.25. “We helped with meals, we did our homework, like practiced our piano music and write a story. We pick up the toys,” detailed Andrew, a first grader at Holland Hall. Jonathan attends Holland Hall’s preschool program. Their earnings were deposited into a multi-chambered piggy with sections labeled Invest, Save, Donate, and Spend. Ann Krueger said the family’s saving system was in place before the boys’ interest in raising money for the Bible purchase. “We’re trying to teach financial responsibility, we’re trying to teach saving, we’re trying to teach donations of our time and our talents,” she said. Ann Krueger said her sons’ first exposure to giving to the church came earlier this year when Asbury’s children’s ministry decided to raise money for Sarah Adams, a member who chose to travel abroad to do mission work. “Not only was she giving two years, but she had to do her own funding in order to fund her trip there,” said Ann Krueger.

The boys then began donating their chore earnings in the form of “Sarah quarters.” “I said, ‘Hey, we should give it to the church,’ and Mom said, ‘Good idea,’” Andrew added. The Spread The Word campaign, which is sending Bibles to a part of the world that has never before had a translation of the scriptures in its own language, soon followed, so the Kruegers’ savings efforts shifted from quarters for Sarah to quarters for Central Asia. Nearly $12 of the $25,000 raised came from Andrew and Jonathan. That’s about 48 chores, which were logged on elaborate, colorful reward charts, where stickers indicate jobs completed on each day of the week.

Central Asian girl who is a recipient of one of the Bibles purchased by Asbury. Ann Krueger said her husband, Mark, often reads the Bible with Andrew at bedtime. “We have been talking a lot about how this child (pictured on the note) will now be able to sit down with their parents and read a Bible in their own language.” Abernathy said translation of the Scriptures into the Central Asian language began in the mid-1990s. Work was finished on the Old Testament about seven years ago, and the New Testament was completed in 2008. A first printing of 3,000 Bibles Jonathan and Andrew Krueger ran in early 2009, and a second “The true motivation for doing this is Mom got printing of 3,000 additional copies is planned for late tired of hearing the boys’ favorite words: ‘I want,’ “ this year. said Ann Krueger. “The whole concept behind this is Abernathy, who has traveled to Central Asia nupositive reinforcement for desired behaviors.” merous times on behalf of Asbury’s Volunteers In She said completed chores also earn the boys Missions program, is impressed with Andrew and privileges around the house, such as watching tele- Jonathan’s setting and completion of their goal. vision and using the computer. “It’s really exciting to see kids that age kind of The boys received a handwritten thank-you note latching onto a project like this and being willing to from Asbury’s Mary Ann Smith, Director of Global devote their time.” Outreach. On the front of the note is a photo of a ASBURY TIDINGS 17

lifted up

God: Defining the Relationship kim beair, ms, lpc, ncc


iving today is amazing; knowledge and to “call to Him” (ask him stuff) and He will “answer you.” discovery seem unending. While one It is as if he is saying “come on—just ask me—I have

could virtually live without any personal human contact, God does not allow it. He created us to live in community, and though some are more comfortable with isolation, there is value to be considered within our relationships, like it or not. We cannot be sure why God does what he does, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts” Isaiah 55:8-10 (NIV). While God can meet our needs personally, He has designed it for us to meet the needs of each other on His behalf. People who submit themselves to this will say they learn far more when they are in situations to help, or be dependent upon others. Others may have a wholly different perspective, and through them we can see outside, around and over the box. We are created to have relationships with Christ, His church, authority figures, and others. Let’s take a look at each of these categories and evaluate how we measure up.

Our Relationship with Christ “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV). How can we learn from Christ if we don’t have a relationship with him? Many people believe they have a close relationship with Christ, but in this scripture, He is commanding us 18 ASBURY TIDINGS

things I want to tell you.” Jesus wants you to feel comfortable enough to ask for what you need, want and desire. Jesus knows that unless we are willing to ask, we are not likely in the mode to receive; God won’t force information on us. If you are not asking God for wisdom, information, and the desires of your heart, start small and start “calling” to him in faith, expecting results.

Our Relationship with the Church The church provides an opportunity for its members to get fed, serve others, and congregate to increase our faith, “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ” Romans 10:17 (NIV). Those who are social often love to be in the church. Those who prefer isolation can be uncomfortable joining a community or taking part in group efforts. Oftentimes we do not have opportunities in our circles to discuss the works of Christ in our lives, but this is how our faith is increased. What better place to go out and serve others than with people with whom you have chosen to worship?

Relationship with those in Authority You are truly blessed if those in authority over you act like Godly people because we ALL have someone in

Every authority figure is under the authority of Jesus, whether they know it or not, and every authority figure has been put in your life for a season and for a purpose. authority over us, whether we like to admit it or not. Godly authority figures make for a peaceful existence assuming we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing. Even people in business for themselves have to report to the IRS and like entities that represent authority. Very insightful people will generally say they learned more from bad authority figures than good ones. Not only do ineffective authority figures teach us what not to do, they also provide us unlimited possibilities for our own growth that we would never get from a Godly leader! Every authority figure is under the authority of Jesus, whether they know it or not, and every authority figure has been put in your life for a season and for a purpose. Handling every situation by Biblical standards will ensure your protection by God in every circumstance that presents itself. Repaying evil for evil is not allowed. Alternatively, you should choose to handle every interaction with care and Godly wisdom because the possibility exists you are there to teach them something.

Our Relationships with Outsiders Jesus had relationships with outsiders. He ministered the gospel and healing to thousands. It is important to remember in our personal

lives that we are commanded by Biblical truth to not have relationships with people who exhibit certain behaviors. That said, it does not say we cannot minister to those people. Ministering to these people does not mean moving them in with you or bringing them into your inner circle. It means meeting them where they are, and as Pastor Tom says, “helping them in a way that won’t hurt them.” All people, whether friends, strangers or enemies should be respected and loved. Love is not a feeling, it is a verb, and we are instructed that “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud” 1 Corinthians 13:3-5 (NIV). Take one day in the coming week and dedicate it to one of the categories above. Examine each kind of relationship, how you see yourself in that regard, and take steps to remedy the areas that need improving. If you need help, call your pastor or the church counseling team today. This might be the breakthrough you have been waiting for!

Work With Your Hands john C. westervelt


fter reading Paul’s admonition to the Thessalonians, I studied my hands for a few moments. For each

finger, I could see three sections, each stiffened with a bone, and a fourth bone below my palm. I knew that all movement of body parts is by a muscle pulling, often with the help of a tendon. I clinched my fingers into a fist and was amazed that a finger could be pulled into such a tight circle.

As boys, in the summertime during the Great Depression, my brother and I walked two blocks to Kamp’s Grocery store in Oklahoma City. We took oranges out of orange crates and put them in baskets for display in the store. For our help, the produce manager gave us the orange crates. We carried the wooden boxes home, retrieved the hammer from dad’s blue, wooden toolbox, and took the crate apart. After accumulating lumber from half a dozen orange crates, we built a

“…make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands…” Thessalonians 4:11 Next, I recalled how my hands have served me well. At my neighborhood school in the 1930s, the older sixyear-olds started first grade in September. My younger friends and I began in January. A kind teacher taught me how to hold a pencil so I could write numbers and letters. Seventy-five years later, my pencil is crafting letters into words, words into sentences, and sentences into stories. My once small hands now have long fingers. After a lifetime, veins stand out on skin beaten by use and the weather.


playhouse that held several boys. The orange crate was made of 3/4 inch thick boards that were 13 inches by 11 inches, with one on each end and one in the middle of the box. Nailed into the three 3/4 inch boards were two five inch wide slats on each of three sides. The top, made of thin slates, had been removed and thrown away to retrieve the oranges. As a widower in my 60s and 70s, I used my hands to craft stained glass windows for every member of my family. These folks would come to Tulsa with a piece of wallpaper and tile or other color swatch. Together we designed a pattern and then selected an array of colors of glass at the stained glass store. I cut and ground glass pieces to fit the pattern between strips of H-shaped lead. With the glass in place, the lead junctions were fastened together with melted solder. Now in my beginning eighties, these old hands can no longer cut and grind stained glass. Not to be discouraged, even old hands are useful. I can hold the hand of a child. Visit for more stories about my childhood.

My Life...

Where My Heart is at Home amey rice


n a rare cool August morning I de- me at ease with my lack of knowledge in the Bible. I was baptized and joined Asbury January 21, 2007. cided to bend down and pull one Titus 3:4-6 says, “When the kindness and love of weed from my flowerbed. Three hours God our Savior, he saved us, not because of righ-

later with my back throbbing, I sat down in the shade to admire my work. I notice a stone paver that said, “Gardening is where the soul feels at home”. As I reflected on that saying, I started to think about how my life has changed so much in the past three years. My husband Dell and I were scheduled to go to my son-in-law’s Police Academy graduation, but a December snow caused us to cancel our trip to Dallas. So instead we decided to visit Asbury. The truth is that my husband dragged me there. I was scared and thought it was too big. We were what I would call professional church shoppers. I thought of us like Goldilocks and the three bears. After each service I would say that church was too hot or too cold, too big or too small, not friendly or too friendly. I look back and realize it was just excuses. This church visit at Asbury would be different; as soon as I sat down I felt the Lord’s presence and the whisper of welcome home. Reflecting back to that time I think of Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the LORD. As soon as we left the service, I rushed out and got a handful of printed Asbury materials at the welcome desk of how to join. After going to Exploration class in January 2007 and meeting with Dick Read, he put

teous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing and rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior.” At this point we were off and running, visiting Communities and attending a road map class. But not quite connected yet. Then we joined Christian Explorers and a small group and, with the fellowship and Bible teaching, I felt love and a connection. I started doing Tom’s sermon journals and reading the bible every day. I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in my everyday life. Then there was a bump in the road. I made the decision to leave my job and stay home at the age of 48. I thought I could clean all those closets and spend my days gardening. But quickly I became lonely and bored. One day after enjoying Dana Harrison’s Beth Moore Bible study I was leaving Asbury and realized how much I missed the connections you have with others on a regular basis. Early in 2007, I received an email from Joan Kahl about getting connected. I emailed Joan and told her my desire to volunteer at Asbury. Then the phone rang, it was sweet Joan calling me to see if I would ASBURY TIDINGS 21

My Life...

be interested in joining a committee to start Connection Corner. The week before Easter Connection Corner had a soft opening. I believe I was right where the Lord wanted me. At Connection Corner I was grouped with great hospitality volunteers and a joy to serve the Lord. I have the opportunity to assist visitors and members with questions as simple as, ‘Were is the bathroom?’ to ‘Where is Venue68?”. My favorite comment is, “This is my first time at Asbury.” All the feelings of my first day come flooding back along with this scripture, Hebrews 13:2, “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some

This church visit at Asbury would be different; as soon as

I sat down I felt the Lord’s presence and the whisper of welcome home. Reflecting back to that time I think of Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the LORD. have entertained angels without knowing it.” I serve with Romans 12: 13 in mind, “practice hospitality”. To volunteer at Connection Corner, I have a chance to hopefully make a difference. A lot has happened since I joined Asbury. My daughter Amanda and her family have since moved back to Tulsa from Texas, and I had the joy of witnessing her join Asbury and getting her plugged in. I love watching my two little granddaughters Megan and Macey grow as followers of Jesus Christ. I completed Dr. Vaughn Story Disciple class last year, which strengthened my faith and commitment to service. My husband Dell Rice has affected my faith in Jesus 22 ASBURY TIDINGS

Christ the most. He may have dragged me to Asbury the first time, but, his love, kindness, and patience is a true blessing from the Lord. I praise God that we are on this journey in Christ together. When I am waiting for the next question at Connection Corner, I am inspired as I watch so many people and families enter the foyer to worship the Lord as they rush to the nursery, communities and sanctuary. I especially applaud the parents as they pass by with children in tow. I look forward to continue serving in Hospitality. When I hear “Can you help me” that’s when my soul feels at home in Jesus Christ.


opportunities general information Breakfast Served from 7:15-9 am in the CLC. Come enjoy fellowship with Asburians along with fresh donuts, bagels, biscuits & gravy, sausage, eggs, fruit, and cereal. $3 for adults & $1 for children 12 & under. Sunday Morning Worship 8 am, Mason Chapel (Traditional Communion) 9:15 am, Sanctuary (Contemporary) 9:15 am, CLC (Open House Worship) (Acoustic Worship, Casual Setting) 11 am, Sanctuary (Traditional) 11 am, Venue 68 (Modern with sign interpreter) Sunday Evening Worship 6:30 pm, Venue 68 (Modern) Sundays for Children and Students 6 Weeks - 4 Years: 8, 9:15 & 11 am K-6th Grades: 9:15 or 11 am 7th, 8th & 9th Grades: 9:15 & 11 am 10th-12th Grades: 9:15 am only Adult Discipleship Communities Sunday at 8, 9:15, & 11 am, Wednesdays at 6 pm and Shepherd’s Flock on Tuesdays at 6 pm. NEW! Barnabas, a singles community for ages 30-45, is now meeting in room 2314 at 9:15 on Sunday mornings. Also NEW, Salt & Light begins meeting September 27 at 11 am Sunday mornings in room 2820 for singles ages 30s-40s.

Surgery or Hospitalization Scheduled?

The Asbury Library is a wonderful

Be sure to let Asbury know ahead of

resource. Thank you to all who

time by calling Adrena at 392-1144

continue to contribute books to our

so your pastors can be in prayer for


New Additions to the Library

you. When you enter the hospital, please designate Asbury as your church. The after-hours pastoral emergency line can be reached by

access Hands of Love Sign Choir Sundays, 6-7 pm, Rm. 2821

calling 492-1771, selecting option 2, and leaving a message for the

Friends in Christ Community

pastor on call.

Sundays, 11 am, Rm. 1507

Engaged Couples

bible study

If you are planning to use an


Asbury pastor to officiate and/or

Check out the Fall 2009 RoadMap

use Asbury’s facilities, be sure to

courses in the new brochure and on

book ASAP to allow ample time

the Asbury website at

for Couple-to-Couple (required Accept Pastor Tom’s

premarital sessions). Six months to

challenge to get actively involved in

one year lead time suggested.

digging deeper into God’s Word ~ there is something for everyone!

The Gazebo is Open CDs of Tom’s message of the day are available immediately following

care and support Visits to Asbury Members

the worship service - $3. Prayer

Asbury has a unique group of vol-

Journals are also available for $5

unteers (Asbury Connection) who


regularly visit people who are either homebound or in nursing homes. If


you are interested in being visited,

Recycle unwanted paper products.

call Adrena at 392-1144, or contact

Three bins are available, located in

the coordinator, Abby Sluice at 392-

the south and east parking lots.

4583 or

Asbury Family News is available at

Résumé Assistance and Review

the Welcome Centers. It includes

Do you have an effective résumé?

hospital lists, births, deaths,

An extra set of eyes can make a

marriages, baptisms and military

difference. E-mail your résumé to


Doors of Asbury posters are at the

Thrive Again!

Welcome Centers...FREE! Suitable

Saturday, October 10, 1-5 pm in

for framing.

Room 2319. One Saturday afternoon can show you proven strategies for living powerfully as a single person. Escape the shame and ASBURY TIDINGS 23

hopelessness of divorce and renew

ligraphers and/or help with mailing

your faith in God and yourself.

cards are needed. Contact Gwen

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Come as you are and find accep-

Mohler at for

First and third Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30

tance, new connections, optimism

more information, or call Ruth at

pm, Rm 1506.

and the motivation to be your best

392-1146. Mental Health Support for Families

self. No cost. Teachers: author and counselor Jeff Rindt and his new

Asperger Support Group

For family members or caregivers

wife, Katie.

First Thursday from 7-9 pm in Rm

of people affected by a mental

1506. For mothers of children with

illness. 4th Thursdays from 1:30 - 3

Asperger Syndrome. Childcare

pm in the Parlor.

Preparing for the Holidays Grief Workshop Saturday, November 7, 10 am-12 Noon, Parlor. Experiencing grief can be especially painful during the holidays. We’ll share ideas about the best way to spend the holidays during those particularly challenging times of life following a loss. No cost, no registration. Carl Novinger, Facilitator. 120 Minutes of Stephen Ministry Skills Thursday, November 19, 6:30-8:30 pm, Room 2500. Learn valuable Stephen Ministry skills you can use right away. This workshop type session is similar to Stephen Ministry training. Topics include: Overview of Crises, The Art of Listening, The Dimensions of Forgiveness, and Dealing with Depression. For anyone! Thursday, November 19, 6:30-8:30 pm, Room 2500. No cost. Teachers: Sheila Slater and Charlene Giles. Prayer Card Sending Team Usually meets first and third Mondays at 10 am in Room 1621 to send cards with God’s encouraging words and our prayers to those who are ill or going through hard times. Cards and care packages are also sent to Asbury-related military personnel. Card designers, cal24 ASBURY TIDINGS

available. Military Connection Alzheimer’s Support Group

Please join us in praying for our

Third Thursday, from 1:30-3 pm

troops in harm’s way and their

in Rm 1621. Christian hope, sup-

families. Periodic care packages and

port and education for friends and

monthly encouragement cards with

family of those with Alzheimer’s or

God’s Word are sent to Asbury-re-

other dementia.

lated military personnel. The Prayer Ministry also covers them in prayer.

Cancer Support Group

Please send contact information

Second Sunday of each month, 4-6

(complete name and address) to

pm, Parlor. For those living with

Gwen Mohler at

cancer and their family and friends.

or call Ruth at 392-1146.

Divorce Recovery

Asbury Bear Bags

Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm, Rm 1335.

Asbury Bear Bags with coloring

For those suffering from the early,

books have comforted young

highly emotional stages of divorce

children for many years, but now

and separation trauma. Childcare

you may give a Bear Bag with a


scripture-based journal included instead! Great for teens and adults.

Divorce Rebuilding

Anyone may deliver an Asbury Bear

Thursdays, 7-8:30 pm, Rm 1335. For

to someone who is grieving. For

those ready to rebuild their lives

more information, contact Beth at

after separation or divorce. Child-


care available.


Eating Disorder Recovery

Registration forms for all children’s

First and third Wednesdays, 12-1:30

activities are available in the

pm, Room 1621. For individuals

preschool and elementary lobbies.

seeking support in the recovery process. Bring sack lunch.

Core Childcare Hours Parents who are involved in RoadMap classes during these core hours will have childcare provided for children 6 weeks - 12 years of

age with no reservations needed:

registration form in the Children’s

Children’s Choirs

Sun: 8 am - 12 pm

Ministry area. For more information

4 years old through 6th graders,

Mon & Tue: 9 am - 12 pm

contact the age appropriate staff

Wednesdays, September 9 – De-

Tue, Wed, & Thur: 6 pm - 9 pm

member: Kindergarten: Kim B. at

cember 2 , 6 – 6:50 pm; 6:50-7:10

392-1165, 1st & 2nd grade: Amber

pm, Transition; 7:15-8 pm, WNL

Murdock Villa

at 392-1171, or 3rd – 5th grade:

• 4 & 5 year olds: Joyful Noise,

A mission opportunity for our 5th

Jennifer at 392-4582.

Room 2945. Childcare for Parents in

& 6th grade students. Usually the


second Sunday of the month from

Preparing for Adolescence

• Kindergarten: Joyful Sound, Room

12:30 - 3:30 pm. Cost is $5 for CiCi’s

Wednesdays, September 9

2946, Chapel

Pizza. We’ll eat then visit Murdock

– November 18, 7 – 8 pm, 6th

• 1st & 2nd Grade: Music Makers

Villa where we will play Bingo and

graders in the 5.6 room. Parental

KRS, Room 2927

do crafts with special needs adults.

Permission Required. It’s better to

• 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade:

It is an amazing time to witness in

prepare than repair! “Preparing for

Musicians Adult Choir, room 2706

our local community. Limited to 10

Adolescence” is a course designed

• H2O: rm. 2909

kids each month.

especially for our fifth graders. We

• 6th Grade Preparing, 5.6, Room

will discuss the topics of inferior-


Spirit 1.2 Tailgate Party

ity, conformity, puberty, romantic

Children’s choirs are for children

Friday, October 2nd, 5-9 pm, CLC.

love, and identity from a biblical

ages four by 9-1-09 through 6th

The first and second graders are

perspective. Our reference book is

grade. We are excited to be working

takin’ it to the game. We will have

“Preparing for Adolescence,” by

with your children again! Children’s

games, crafts and a video to keep

Dr. James Dobson. Each week kids

choir is fun, fun, fun and culminates

our players busy for the evening.

will have class discussion & two

in the Christmas Pageant Program

Our lesson will be on how we can

nights of discussion at home with

on Sunday December 6th at 6

play on God’s team. Register by

parents. The cost is $15 per student,

pm. The Children’s choirs will be

September 22nd to help us plan.

for his/her own workbook. Please

singing in several of our Sunday

For questions or more information,

call Kim Broadhurst at 392-1165,

morning services. You may pick up

please contact Stephanie Hurd @ for

a registration form in the Children’s

392-4580 or email shurd@asbury-

more information.

Ministry area. For more informa-


tion, please feel free to give Marti a Wednesday Night Happenings

call at 392-1147 or email at mmor-

Wednesday Night Live

September 9 – November 18, will

Wednesdays, September 9 – No-

not occur on October 14 for Fall

vember 18 (not meeting 10/14 for


Upward Basketball & Cheer

fall break), 7 – 8 pm, Kindergarten

• Join us for dinner in the CLC, 5 - 6

5 years old by 9/1/09 thru 6th

– 5th Grade. Beginning in their choir


Grade in the 2009-2010 school

room and pick up in Chapel. Join

• Children’s Choirs (4 year olds – 6th

year. Everybody plays, everybody

us on Wednesday nights for wor-

grade) 6 - 6:50 pm

has fun, and everything revolves

ship in the Chapel—Kid Style. We

• Children’s Programming - WNL

around developing a relationship

will combine music, high energy,

(Kindergarten – 5th grade) 7 – 8 pm

with God through Jesus Christ, and

verse memory and a Bible lesson

• 6th Grade Preparing for Adoles-

living in a way that glorifies God.

in a setting that encourages kids to

cence 7 – 8 pm

This program promotes character

learn about worship. Our lessons

• Childcare (for children under 5

and self-esteem in every child by

will tie right into what we are doing

with parents in a Roadmap Class) 6

providing: Equal playing time for

on Sunday mornings. Can’t wait to

– 9 pm

each player. One-hour practice and

see you there! You may pick up a

game each week of the season with ASBURY TIDINGS 25

devotions. An evaluation process to provide equal opportunity for improvement. Each player signs up as an individual, not as a group or team. Separate leagues for boys and girls. All participants MUST attend one evaluation. Evaluations will be held October 29, 30, 31. Practices for both basketball and cheerleading will be one night a week on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday with games on Friday or Saturday. Practices begin December 6 and games begin January 4. We will finish the season with an Awards Program. Parents are needed to be coaches, referees and squad leaders. If you would like to volunteer, an Upward volunteer form and background check must be completed and returned by October 31. Parents, if you plan to coach your child’s team a form MUST accompany your child’s registration. All volunteers must attend an Upward training on November 14 at 9 am or November 19 at 6 pm. Registration forms and volunteer forms will be available in children’s ministry and also online at beginning September 1. The cost for basketball is $75 or $65 for cheerleading if you register on or before Saturday, October 24. Any forms received or postmarked after that date will be charged $85 and placed on availability of team space. For more information or if you have questions, contact Kim Broadhurst at or at 392-1165.


marriage & family

Discipleship Communities

Attention Engaged Couples

If you have not yet found an Adult

If you are planning to use an

Discipleship Community check out

Asbury pastor to officiate and/or

“Get Involved” on our website,

use Asbury’s facilities, be sure to or pick up a

book ASAP to allow ample time

brochure at one of our Welcome

for Couple-to-Couple (required


premarital sessions). Six months to one year lead time is suggested.

Community Emphasis Sunday Sunday, September 27, 8 am

Milestone Wedding Anniversaries

– noon. This is that special an-

Email your upcoming Milestone

nual event where all our adult

Anniversary (5,10,15,20, etc.) to

Discipleship Communities roll out

Carolyn Schutte at

the red carpet and proclaim their

or call Ruth at 392-1146.

uniqueness throughout the building. There will be tables throughout


the foyers and around the hallowed

Asbury Exploration

halls of Asbury, with displays of

Come to a lunch/class to learn

our many different “families” who

more about becoming a member

would love to welcome you to join

of Asbury. Sunday, October 4, from

them. If you have not yet found that

12:15-2 pm in Community Life Cen-

special place to “Belong, Believe,

ter. Lunch provided and childcare

and Become” a family of believers,

is available for children six weeks

come check out your choices as you

through 6th grade. Call 392-1191 to

enjoy the festivities! Communities,


this is your special day to let your light shine for the Lord on Sunday



Men’s Prayer Breakfast


Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 am in the CLC. Attention men of Asbury.

Leave a legacy that continues

Make plans to join us for a great

to give forever to a ministry you

time of meaningful worship, life-

want to support. There are endow-

changing prayer and an awesome

ments that support many areas

big breakfast, all for just $3 per

of Asbury’s outreach including

person. First-time guests are free.

children, youth, music, missions,

October 7

Todd Johnson

and training of pastors as well as a

October 14

Bill Johnson

General endowment. You can easily

October 21

Mark Springer

impact a ministry thru your will

October 28

Dub Ambrose

or a current gift. Contact Dwight Yoder at

Men’s Open Basketball

or 392-1113.

Fridays, 11:30 am – 1:15 pm, Gym. Men! Make plans to join other Asbury guys and their friends each


week as we get together for a little

also vacuum and wash the vehicles,

Annual Men’s Fall Golf Tournament

“round ball” and lots of fun! Come

and then update owners on what’s

Attention men! Fall is here, and you

show us what you’ve got, and we’ll

running smoothly and what needs

know what that means! That’s right!

have a great time of exercise and

professional attention. This free

It’s time for our annual Asbury

fellowship. Invite your friends, and

service gives our men the oppor-

Men’s Fall Golf Tourney, and you

we’ll see you on the court!

tunity to put their faith in to action

definitely want to be a part of the

through loving and serving those in

fun this year! The tournament will

Mature Men’s Ministry R.O.M.E.O. Luncheon

need. To volunteer, contact Debbie

be held on Monday, October 26 at

in the Adult Ministries Office, 392-

the Golf Club of Oklahoma. Lunch

Are you a “Retired Old Man” who

1177 or

will be served at 11:30 am, and

wants to “Eat Out?” If so, then

the shot-gun tee time begins at

these luncheons are for you! Two

Men’s Fraternity: Winning at Work

12:30 pm. (An 8 am tee time will be

groups of men are meeting every

and Home

added if necessary!) The cost is $80

Thursday or every 2nd & 4th Friday

Tuesdays, 6:15 – 7:30 a.m. or

per person, which includes the driv-

at 11:15 a.m., for good food and

Wednesdays, 6:15 – 7:45 p.m It’s

ing range, green fee, cart, lunch,

great fellowship. Both groups

not too late to join facilitators

awards and prizes! The format is a

meet at Luby’s Cafeteria (71st and

Brent Colgan & Greg Ruley for

four-man scramble, and you may

Riverside), and are open to anyone

this 16-session study, focusing on

form your own team or be placed

60 years and up. Choose a day and

the two areas that are central to a

on a team. The deadline for paid

join us this week! For more infor-

man’s life: career and family. Begin

registrations is Monday, October

mation, contact Bud at bdmathes@

to build the walls of manhood

19. Forms may be picked up at any (Thursdays), or Jim at

through study dealing with your

welcome center, and returned with (Fridays.)

chief responsibilities, and explore

payment to the south desk registra-

how you engage in work, and relate

tion slot. This year’s organizer is

Home Improvement Workday

to a woman in new ways. All men

Todd White (691-4698), if you have

Saturday, October 17. The Home

ages 18 and up are encouraged to

questions or concerns. Call your

Improvement Ministry serves wid-

attend. Cost is $10.

family, call your friends and join us

ows and single moms within the

for a great afternoon of fellowship,

Asbury family. Our men’s ministry

Men’s Ministry Fall Kick-Off

volunteers make themselves avail-

Sunday, October 4, 5-6:30 pm,

able every other month to help

CLC. Attention Asbury Men! You

folks out with minor home repairs

do not want to miss this! Make

and/or home improvement projects.

plans now to join us for our annual

To volunteer, contact Debbie in the

Men’s Ministry Fall Kick-off. This

Adult Ministries Office, 392-1177 or

awesome event will take place in

the CLC, and you will be treated to delicious grilled burgers, brats and

Car Care Workday

all the trimmings! There will also

Saturday, November 21. Car Care

be live music and a very special

Saturday is an every-other-month

guest speaker. This will be a night

workday provided for Asbury’s

of fellowship and celebration,

widows and single moms, through

and all men ages 18 and up are

our men’s ministry. While the

encouraged to attend, as there will

ladies wait in the comfort of the

be plenty of food for everyone, at

café, volunteers check tires, belts,

just $7 per person! Bring a friend or

fluids, filters and batteries. They

two, and we hope to see you there!

friends and fun! Asbury Boy Scouts/Veteran’s Celebration Pancake Breakfast The Asbury Scout Leadership Foundation invites you to “A Salute to our Veterans,” to be held on Saturday, November 7, from 7-11 am in the CLC! It is our privilege to salute those men and women who have served their country as members of the armed services, and those today who proudly wear the uniform of the Active, Reserve and National Guard forces. Please join the Asbury Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venture Crew members for an all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast, ASBURY TIDINGS 27

while honoring our veterans.

Recycling Efforts

For more about these exciting mis-

This year, no entrance fee will be

• Campbell’s soup labels & Box

sion opportunities, contact Marilene

charged, though we will gratefully

Tops-benefit Red Bird Mission in

Long at 392-1164 or mlong@

accept all donations to benefit the


Boy Scouting programs of Asbury.

• Campbell’s soup labels & Swanson labels-benefit Cookson Hills in



Chancel Choir

VIM Prayer

• Small soaps and shampoo-benefit

Wednesdays, 7 pm, Choir Room

Please remember to pray for our

medical missions and Circle of Care

VIM teams serving this month.

• Old eyeglasses-for adults or

New Covenant Orchestra

Our Mexico team will be serving

children-benefit medical missions

Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm, Rm 1510

in Monterrey with Mission Bible

• Old cell phones-benefit Little Light

School and Construction work


Children’s Choirs

October 10-17. In Oklahoma, our

• Old home printer cartridges-

Wednesdays, 6 pm, various rooms

Cookson Hills team will be serving

benefit Walt Whitman Elementary

October 23-25.


Asbury Power & Light

• Hearing Aids-collected by Deaf

Sundays, 8:15-9:15 am, Rm 1510


Operation Hope 8th Annual Fall Fundraiser Banquet Celebrate the success of Operation Hope and see the difference it makes in our community. Join us Friday, October 23 from 5:30-9 pm at Asbury UMC for a silent auction, success stories, catered dinner, and a live auction. Cost: $40. Sponsorship tables are also available. Contact Operation Hope for reservations at 599-7044. Mission Matters A monthly newsletter is available with recent news of mission happenings. If you would like to receive the newsletter, please contact Missy Sistrunk at 392-1163 or msistrunk@ Global Outreach Prayer Ministry News and prayer requests from our missionaries and ministries are sent each week to our prayer ministry list. If you would like to become a prayer intercessor for those serving around the world, contact Missy Sistrunk at 392-1163. 28 ASBURY TIDINGS

Perceptions Community • Operation Hope collects the fol-

Celebration Ringers

lowing receipts: Drysdales, McDon-

Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30 pm, Rm 2506

ald’s, QuikTrip, Wal-Mart, Sanders Nursery and Yale Cleaners just to

Youth Orchestra

name a few. For a more detailed list

Wednesdays, 5:30 pm, Rm 1506

there is Community Club Awards booklet in each Community room.

Asbury Ringers

Receipts can be dropped off in the

Wednesdays, 6-6:50 pm, Rm 2506

Mission Office. • Newspapers, copy paper, cata-

Perpetual Light

logues, etc.-collected in the recycle

Thursdays, 11 am-12:30 pm, Rm

bins in the Asbury parking lot-ben-


efit Asbury. All donations can be dropped off

Saints of Swing Dixieland Band

in the Mission Office, unless other-

Thursdays, 7-9 pm, Rm 1510

wise noted. Asbury Singing Ambassadors


Tuesdays, 1:30 – 3 pm, Choir room

• October 10-17: Monterrey, Mexico, MBS & Construction • October 23-25:


prayer Altar Prayer

Hills, Oklahoma, Light Construction

If you would like someone to pray

• November 4-8: Monterrey, Mexico,

with you during Holy Communion


or immediately following a worship

• November 11-15: Rio Bravo,

service, please come to the altar

Mexico, Men’s Construction

rail. A pastor or member of the Al-

• VIM Team Leader Training, Octo-

tar Prayer Team will be glad to pray

ber 24 in Clinton.

with you for your needs—physical,

emotional or spiritual - at the altar

homebound or in nursing homes. If

month, and then head off to see a

or in the Prayer Room.

you are interested in being visited,

“first run” movie. The dates and

call Adrena at 392-1144, or contact

times vary according to the movie

Prayer Room Reservations

the coordinator, Abby Sluice at

selected, but those who express

The leadership of Asbury’s prayer

an interest will be contacted a few

ministry would like to remind you

days ahead of time so they can

that the main facility Prayer Room

Senior Sit and Fit Stretching Class

make plans accordingly. For more

is open not only to individuals

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

information or to sign up for the

desiring to pray in a quiet, medita-

from 9-9:30 am in the Gym. All

call list, contact Sally Wood, sally-

tive atmosphere, but also to prayer

senior adults are invited to join us

groups within communities and

for a time of stretching, coupled

ministries. Just give Debbie in the

with lots of fun and fellowship. No

Silent Movie Showing

Adult Ministries office a call at 392-

high impact workout here. We take

Friday, October 16, 5:30 – 9 pm.

1177 to reserve the Prayer Room for

it nice and easy. Come give it a try.

The American Theatre Organ Soci-

your group on a weekly or monthly

ety, Sooner State Chapter presents, Senior Walk in the Gym with Him

“The Phantom of the Opera,”

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

a 1925 silent film starring Lon

Prayer Room Days & Times

from 8:30-9 am in the gym. All

Chaney. Come hear Bill Rowland

Our prayer rooms are accessible to

senior adults are invited to join us

accompany the film on an authentic

you at these times:

for power walking, coupled with

Robert-Morton Theatre Pipe Organ!

• Mason Chapel & Venue68:

lots of fun and fellowship. Come

We will gather in the Asbury CLC

Sundays, 7 am - 12:30 pm through

give it a try.

for dinner at 5:30 p.m, and then


the interior doors.

board Asbury transportation to

• Main Facility, Mason Chapel, &

Senior Game Time

Tulsa Technology Center, at 129th

Venue68: Monday - Friday, 8 am

Every third Thursday, 1 – 4 pm.

E. Ave. and 111th Street. We will

- 9 pm; Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm;

Attention Asbury Senior Adults!

return to the church by 9 pm. The

Sunday, 12:30 pm - 9 pm. To obtain

How would you like to get together

cost is just $10 per person, which

pass codes, call Debbie in the Adult

on a regular basis with a wonder-

not only includes transportation

Ministries office at 392-1177.

ful bunch of folks and play a few

and a donation to the organ society,

rounds of cards, dominoes, or

but Virginia and Susan’s scrump-

whatever board or card game you

tious chicken and spaghetti, salad,

Celebrate Recovery

chose? You KNOW you’d love it! If

homemade rolls, drink and dessert!

Come join this supportive group

you’re a senior adult age 55 and up,

Registration forms are available

of people each Monday night at 6

come check it out in Room 2820.

at the south welcome desk and

pm. Dinner at 6 pm; Worship from

Bring a friend and stay for as long

may be returned, with payment,

7-8 pm; Small Groups from 8-9 pm;

as you like! This fun group will

to the registration slot. The church

Dessert from 9-9:30 pm. Hiding

meet every third Thursday, so mark

vehicles only seat 50 folks, so get

any hurts, habits or hang-ups? God

your calendars!

your registration and payment in


never intended for you to live in bondage.

senior adults

TODAY! The registration deadline Senior Adult Meal & Movie

is Monday, October 12 or until all

Attention all senior adults of

seats have been reserved.

Asbury! If you’re 55 years of age

Visits to Asbury Members

or over, our monthly meal and

Asbury has a unique group of vol-

movie day event may be just the

unteers (Asbury Connection) who

“ticket” for you! We get together

regularly visit people who are either

at a different Tulsa restaurant each ASBURY TIDINGS 29

October Tweenagers Program & Lunch

tesy of your fellow singles! Just

School, Jenks East Elementary

bring a “family-sized” food item,

School, and Youth at Heart. Indi-

Everyone aged 55 and up is wel-

homemade or purchased! Great

viduals and Asbury communities

come to join us for our monthly

food, great fellowship, new friends,

are being asked to assist by provid-

Tweenagers meeting & luncheon,

it just doesn’t get much better than

ing small gifts valued at no more

taking place on Thursday, October


than $5 each, or financial donations

22, from 10:30 am to 1 pm in

to help with purchases and refresh-

the CLC. Our program will be an

Singles Fall Luncheon

ments. Un-wrapped gifts may be

emphasis on Asbury missions in

Sunday, November 22, 12:15

dropped off at the south welcome

Ecuador, with Esther Gene Mor-

– 1:30 pm. Come be a part of this

desk. In addition to the purchase

rison serving as our guest speaker.

luncheon designed for singles of

of gifts or financial contributions,

Music will be presented by the

all ages, with plenty of good food

volunteers are needed to assist

“Asbury Singing Ambassadors”

and great fellowship! The catered

with set-up and clean-up, greeting,

choir, directed by Charlene Ra-

luncheon will consist of a delicious

registration, hospitality, wrapping

vens. You don’t want to miss this

entree and salad, with homemade

gifts—the list goes on and on! To

program, and don’t forget to invite

bread and dessert. The cost is just

offer your services, e-mail Michele

your friends! Call the main office at

$5 for adults, and children 10 and


492-1771 to make your reservations

under eat FREE!

as soon as possible, and begin

BY NOON, Monday, October 19. If, during that week, you find you need

praying for this inspired effort to

to cancel, please also let us know

Singles Annual Christmas Shop Project

as we need to give an accurate

Did you know there are ap-

count to the cooks. Should you

proximately 175 single parents at

choose, you may make a donation

Asbury, with 350 children to raise,

for the meal when you check in that

and so many more just outside the

Wednesday night Bible Study is

morning. Come join us for fun and

doors of our church? During the

the place to be from 6:30-8 pm on


Christmas season, it becomes more

Wednesday nights beginning Sept

difficult for those families to make

10. Come to the Student Café and

ends meet, and many children do

hang out, have fun and study what

Divorce Recovery

not get to experience the joy of

God’s words has for us.

Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm, Rm 1335.

selecting and purchasing gifts for

For those suffering from the early,

others. Through the Asbury Singles

7th, 8th & 9th Grade Breakaway

highly emotional stages of divorce

Ministry Christmas Shop, we

Sunday mornings, 9:15-10:30 am

and separation trauma. Childcare

hope to offer some relief from that

in the Breakaway Area. This isn’t


pressure. On Saturday, December 5,

your normal Sunday school. Come

kindergarten children through fifth

join us for worship, fun and games,

Divorce Rebuilding

graders coming from a single-par-

interactive talk/lesson, and some-

Thursdays, 7-8:30 pm, Rm 1335. For

ent home will have the opportunity,

times free candy and gift cards.

those ready to rebuild their lives

for just $5 each, to select gifts for

after separation or divorce. Child-

their parents, grandparents and

7th, 8th & 9th Small Groups

care available.

siblings (Hardship scholarships

Hey, don’t forget to sign up to be

available upon request). The Christ-

in a Small Group! Being a part of a

Singles Potluck Luncheon

mas Shop will be open to children

small group is awesome. It’s a great

Sunday, October 25, 12:15-1:30 pm,

of Asbury families, Grove Elemen-

place to grow your relationship

Parlor. Come, bring your children

tary School, Lindbergh Elementary

with Jesus, have fun hanging out

and enjoy a delicious lunch, cour-

School, Walt Whitman Elementary

with guys/girls your own age. A



bring the love of Christ to “the least of these.”

students 7th, 8th & 9th Bible Study

Small Group is made up of same

this is something that grabs at your

gender and the same grade PLUS

heart to help lead we need you,

two incredible adults that want to

please call Marsha 392-1157!

hang out with you. 7th-9th Small Groups all meet in the Student

Spring Break Missions Paperwork

Ministries Area this year. Yes you

Spring Break Missions paperwork is

can be in a 7th grade small group

out! Don’t wait to turn yours in, the

and not be a part of Confirmation!

trips fill up quickly! Forms due no

If you haven’t signed up yet, you

later than October 25.

can do that on Sunday mornings or just come to the church on Sunday

10th, 11th & 12th Breakaway

nights, 7th grade 4-5:30pm and 8th

Every Wednesday night we come

and 9th grades will be 5-6:30pm

together for a time of connection

starting September 20.

and worship. Our desire is to explore who God really is and how

Student Ministry Parent Support Group

our lives matter to Him. We get

This is simply a Parent Support

up around 8:30ish. Plan on hanging

Group of parents who come

out afterwards for pizza.

started around 6:30 pm and wrap

together to share experiences

women Women of the Word Wednesdays from 10-11 am in Rm 2319, Rev. Darlene Johnson, teacher. Crafty Ladies Fellowship Mondays, 9:30 am - 2 pm, Rm 2820. Ladies, if you enjoy doing crafts and fellowshipping at the same time, this activity is for you! We gather on Monday mornings to work on our own individual arts and crafts, stop for a delicious pot-luck lunch, and continue on through until 2:00 pm. We have a wonderful time together, and would love to have you join us! For more information, contact Betty Seetin, and stop by some Monday and check us out!

and gain strength, hope and new

10th-12th grade Small Groups

ideas from each other. We are not

Get Connected—Are you looking

professionals, but strive with God’s

for a way to get more connected?

UMW October Luncheon & Program

wisdom to love, care, and support

Are you looking for a place to grow

Thursday, October 1, 11:30 am – 1

one another through all struggles

in your walk with Jesus? Then be-

pm. Attention ladies! The program

of life. If you or your teen is strug-

ing apart of a small group is where

planned for October’s luncheon

gling, please take this opportunity

you need to be. If you are already

will be a presentation by Julia

to get support, we meet upstairs

in a small group, don’t forget to re-

McDonald, representative from

in the Venue every Tuesday from

sign up for your group. Our small

“Pearl’s Hope”, a Circle of Care

7-8:30 pm, attend whichever works

groups meet every Sunday night,

ministry to homeless women and

better for you. Call Marsha Baker

times vary. Some of the groups

their children. A delicious luncheon

for more info 392-1157.

meet in homes and others meet at

prepared by our church hostesses,

the church. Call Todd @ 392-1154 or

Virginia & Susan, will be provided

Life Hurt God Heals

Amy @ 392-1156 to get more info.

for just $7 per person. Our scripture

Life Hurt God Heals is created

Small groups will not meet on Sept

emphasis for this month comes

specifically for teenagers who have


from Matthew 25:35: “For I was

experienced some type of pain in

hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you

sexuality issues, disappointment,

7th-12th Grade Metro Worship @ Venue 68

rejection, alcohol, etc. For most

Come join youth from all over the

a stranger and you invited me in

teenagers, life hurts, but the good

city in a night to just worship Jesus.

news is God heals. Groups start

We meet the first Wednesday night

September 2, 6-8:15pm every

of every month from 7 – 8:30ish.

their lives- divorce, bad breakups,

gave me something to drink, I was …”

Wednesday night, contact us anytime or come by the Student Ministry area and sign up. Parents if ASBURY TIDINGS 31

UMW Cookbook Project

through loving and serving those

Kilgore and team. Rev. Spencer

The United Methodist Women are

in need. No reservations required;

Smith preaches.

sponsoring a 2010 Asbury cook-

just get your vehicle in line between

book, and you are invited to submit

9:00 and 11:30!

your favorite (1) recipe! Pick up a custom recipe sheet in your com-


munity or at the south welcome

• 8 am, Communion Service: Mason

desk. Return your printed recipe to

Chapel. Traditional service with

the UMW box at the south desk no

music led by Hart Morris. Com-

later than Sunday, October 25, or

munion is served and Dr. Harrison

until the 650 recipe limit has been


reached. Act NOW! • 9:15 am, Contemporary Praise Home Improvement Workday

& Worship: Sanctuary. Contem-

Saturday, October 17. The Home

porary music led by Mark Bennett

Improvement Ministry serves wid-

and team, time of prayer and the

ows and single moms within the

message will all carry a prevailing

Asbury family. Our men’s ministry

theme for the morning. Dr. Harrison

volunteers make themselves avail-


able every other month to help folks out with minor home repairs and/or

• 9:15 am, Open House Worship:

home improvement projects. Just

Community Life Center. A relaxed

pick up a request form at the south

atmosphere with engaging worship

welcome desk, or call your request

led by Dub Ambrose and team. Dr.

in to Pam Wallace (392-1199, ext.

Tom Harrison’s message is simul-

253), at least ten days before the

cast with an occasional live sermon

scheduled work day. A Home

from another pastor.

Improvement volunteer will contact you, and make final arrangements

• 11 am, Traditional Service:

to get the job(s) done!

Sanctuary. The Chancel Choir, the New Covenant Orchestra and

Car Care Workday

various vocal and instrumental

Saturday, November 21. Car Care

ensembles offer a variety of styles

Saturday is an every-other-month

of music led by Hart Morris. Dr.

workday provided for Asbury’s

Tom Harrison preaches.

widows and single moms, through our men’s ministry. While the

• 11 am, Modern Service: Venue68.

ladies wait in the comfort of the

Rich blend of ancient and modern

café, volunteers check tires, belts,

worship, led by Chris Cleveland

fluids, filters and batteries. They

and team. Sign interpreters for the

also vacuum and wash the vehicles,

deaf are offered. Dr. Tom Harrison’s

and then update owners on what’s

message is simulcast.

running smoothly and what needs professional attention. This free

• 6:30 pm, Modern Service:

service gives our men the oppor-

Venue68. Rich blend of ancient and

tunity to put their faith in to action

modern worship, led by the Ben



new members

Rose Mary Boyd

Monte & Betty Box

Monte & Dianne Myrick, Sarah

Ed Williams

Ron Bracken

Jim & Linda Tucker

Dean & Pauline Yeager

Pat Webre

asbury exploration classes If you are interested in learning more about who we are, plan to attend one of the Exploration classes designed to tell you more about Asbury and what we believe. Choose from one of the upcoming Sunday membership classes: October 4 • November 1 • December 6 Classes are from 12:15 pm - 2 pm Call 392-1191 to reserve your place • Childcare is available and lunch is provided ASBURY TIDINGS 33

asbury family room in celebration of marriage 40 years Bill & Jennifer Roark • August 30, 1969

John & Billie Kay Sawyer • October 5, 1969

30 years Curtis & Carol Craig • October 6, 1979

Robert & Carol Greaves • October 12, 1979

Rod & Linda Sayler • October 6, 1979

25 years Dave & Lisa Keylor • August 18, 1984

• Nicholas Abernathy and Crystal Barker, married August 8 • Jody Vivion and Jillian Jobe, married August 15

we remember • Nancy Kidd, mother of Vanessa Kidd and Stacey Overcash, died August 9 • Ardis Clark, mother of James & (Glenda) Clark, died August 16 • Francis Rowland, wife of Bill Rowland, died August 20


Glorify God‌ Make Disciples

Asbury Tidings - Healthy Relationships  

The Tidings is published monthly to convey the message of transformed lives through Jesus Christ and to inform Asbury family and friends of...

Asbury Tidings - Healthy Relationships  

The Tidings is published monthly to convey the message of transformed lives through Jesus Christ and to inform Asbury family and friends of...