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2013 Most Popular Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad Mini on Aulola

An iPad Keyboard is one of the most needed accessories for the Apple iPad. Generally it is required when you have writing work on the iPad, as we all know an iPad is a full touch screen device. It is not easy to type on an iPad directly because a lot of mistakes appear in your written work. An iPad keyboard replaces the touch screen handwriting process as many people are only comfortable with the keyboard typing. The new bluetooth keyboard for Apple iPad Mini from China on the market, has been very popular among people from different countries. Basic information about this cheap iPad Mini bluetooth keyboard keyboard:

The unique magnetic suction technical design can firmly suck ipad mini and make your iPad mini become a super notebook instantly,more convenient to use.The color is blue. iPad Mini Keyboard Features: 1.The unique magnetic suction technical design can firmly suck ipad mini. 2.Built-in Lithium battery and high quality battery 3.Easily instantly become an super notebook . 4.M6 mini adopt flip type design,can repeated folding. 5.Smart and sleek, feeling can be a best partner with the user. 6.The ultra-thin design can perfect fit the ipad. 7.Intelligent sleep mode ,energe saving sleep mode 8.Adopt chocolate keyboard makes it tidy and clean on vision. 9.Multi-angle adjustment to meet you visual needs. 10.Built in magnet,when the case in close ,the ipad is in sleeping 11.Color:Blue as shown in the picture iPad Mini Keyboard Specifications: 1.material:Aluminum material 2.key life:2-3 years 3.charging port:USB MINI 5PIN 4.charging cable:include 5.power:1.2 mA 6.battery capcity:180mAh

7.working current:2.5 mAh 8.standby time :300 hours 9.working time:60 hours 10.charching time:3-5hours 11.charging voltage:3.7 V 12.charging current:≤200mA 13.chipset 14.Bluetooth version:3.0 iPad Mini Keyboard Packing list: 1.Bluetooth workstation 2.USB Charging Cable 3.User's Manual Obviously, it should be easy to appreciate the importance of an iPad keyboard. The moment that you find out how advantageous it is to have such an accessory, it is clear that you should not waste time in getting your own. Getting this important accessory should be easy though since there are already many shops who do sell these. Where to buy Aulola is a China-based global online retailer that has been a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon consumer goods. Aulola is dedicated to enabling all customers to enjoy the manufacturing price with local service of global products. Here one can choose many different kinds of goods and gadgets.

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2013 most popular bluetooth keyboard for apple ipad mini on aulola