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Well! It was not an ordinary dawn that day, but something more than that. But let us call it simply the ‘dawn’ to make things clear. For the nature it was the same old cyclic process taking place from millions of years on earth, but for someone else it was the dawn of their hopes, their dreams forever. It was a mountainous place, with a river running across. A few trees were standing tall as dumb audience to the dawn. There was a silence all around……. Dead silence. An unknown fear rolled all around for a reason unknown. A Fear, which can’t be explained. The sun has slighted a little downwards, looking redder. The darkness is slowly taking up the color of the blue sky. A star, maybe the Venus can now be spotted. From old days mankind has found the Venus startling to look upon. Maybe that was the first thing that man discovered in deep space full of dazzling mysteries. Perhaps the first intrusion by ‘sophisticated monkeys’ in nature’s kingdom. Well the Venus can now be spotted, but there is no one to admire. This is the strange thing about this dawn having no audience. So, where is the man. Where are the intruders or admirers? There, over there! Just near the tree. A man can be seen lying on the grass. This is an extraordinary event to spot a man as it was to spot an endangered animal some 50 years ago. He is lying on the grass looking at the sky. There are still some breathes left in him. His mysterious eyes are blank and watery. May be he is bidding farewell to the last dawn of his life. His body is trembling in pain but still he is gazing the sky. May be he wants to know the reason of his fate by asking unspoken questions from nature. The man didn’t had desire to live, because maybe there was no one for whom he could live. The half soul left in him was soon going to surrender. His breathes and heartbeats were not audible from that distance. The thing that was visible that he didn’t blinked since a minute or two. His body was stiff and cold. Till the last time he must have viewed the dawn. But now he is no more. It is a great loss to humans; because the last man on earth is gone, away from nature with the dawn.”The last dawn to have an admirer”. Perhaps the intrusion is what that nature dislikes the most. Now ever since after it the earth is silent as there is no one to dare to make a noise. I know the monkey made a noise last time, by their factories, automobiles and planes. But they overdid it and they are no more. The world is silence after their absence.

They say that the monkeys had the most sharpest brain and they utilized it to make nuclear weapons, missiles and other crapy things. But they were the biggest fools. They ruined themselves. The next day, after the dawn, the sun didn’t rose to recharge the solar panels,wind didn’t blew to turn the windmills and more usual things didn’t took place.

The last dawn  
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