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Put an End to Security Breaches with Data Protection Solutions Irrespective of its size being small, medium or large, data is the most crucial element of any company today,. Employee details, PF details, bank account numbers, email id’s and passwords, internet admin details, tender information, business development plans, market research and consumer feedback reports, financial reports and many more, all come under data that is of paramount importance to any company. Any security breach or data theft therefore is a crucial concern, as it leads to losing important details that might not be retrieved again. Over the past few years, owing to the emergence of social engineering and internet advancements there has been an increase in malware, spyware and Phishing attacks. All these attacks aim to rob an individual or an enterprise of its private data. Hackers, phishers and third party intruders today have come up with sophisticated modes of data theft that it is difficult to identify the same. As a result, more often than not individuals and enterprises fall prey to it. Instances like this are many. Some time back approximately 77 million Sony PlayStation Network accounts were hacked and Sony was said to have lost millions as their site was down for a month. VeriSign too reported of a data security breach where hackers had gained access to privileged systems and information. Therefore, keeping in mind all these factors it is essential for companies to invest in effective data protection solutions. A well incorporated data protection program operates in three phases. They are: Strategy and Design In this phase the solution reviews your data protection requirements and establishes an effective data classification policy and strategy. It also evaluates any critical data based on factors such as, who owns and creates it, how it is used and shared and other similar aspects. Based on this risk assessment a data protection framework is designed. Control and Integration In this phase, the solution helps you to implement advanced security and data protection technologies, such as, information/digital rights management, data leakage prevention and other encryption tools. It also provides project management and technical deployment expertise for efficient implementation as per the design criteria. Sustenance and Optimization The solution here enables you to optimize and fine tune the implementation of technology for reducing false positives, KPI reporting’s and executing a robust consequence and an incident management framework for ongoing vigilance. Therefore, with the help of data protection solutions enterprises can implement a comprehensive, data protection and risk management frameworks across the data life cycle. Most data protection solutions today have undertaken a modular and holistic way of functioning by incorporating data flow analysis, data classification and tools such as information risk management (IRM), data loss prevention (DLP) in their service portfolio. Read more on - cloud security, identity access management, privileged identity management

Put an End to Security Breaches with Data Protection Solutions