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Benefits of a Systematic Identity Access Management (IAM) System Identity and access management (IAM) plays an essential role in any enterprise security initiative. The new age business sphere demands high efficiency, security and regulatory compliance. IAM systems help enterprise’s in automating IT agendas, minimizing costs and enhancing productivity. In addition to that, by making sure that employee can only have access to the required resources to finish a task, the company can ensure that sensitive data is not compromised and tampered with. This is crucial as there are instances where data security threats were a result of internal forgery. Identity Access Management (IAM) System is an essential component of an enterprise’s security architecture. With the advent of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the EU's Directive on Data Protection and various other state, industry and federal regulations it is essential to secure your enterprise’s data assets. How well a company is able to do it gets reflected in the enterprise’s financial well-being and reputation. To aid the IAM process, today service providers specializing in information risk management services have introduced IAM solutions offering the following services:Strategy and Design The service provider here assesses the client demands through various channels, comprising executive workshop and field evaluation, setting up an IAM strategy. It also helps in business case analysis, solution infrastructure and technology analysis. Digital identity and user lifecycle management This involves design and monitoring of data to recognize an individual to authorize them for any digital transactions. It is also important to monitor these identities comprising processes and technologies over a period of time. Federated identities Federated Identities are helpful in ensuring interoperability and sharing trusted identities over multiple stakeholders, comprising customers, vendors, business partners, vendors and many more. Access management Here the service provider offers a comprehensive solution for enterprise access management, comprising single sign on, web access management, converged access control, information rights management and many more. Role engineering and entitlement management As a new granular paradigm in IAM, this service makes sure that the individuals have only the required access to complete their job efficiently and only for as long as much time needed to complete the task at hand. The policybased dynamic controls identify who can have access, to what information, till what time and context. Therefore, expert service providers understand that IAM is never static. They cater to this aspect through constant enhancement and system upgrades in order to offer better security of enterprise data. Read more on - Banking Security Tips, Best Practices on Security of Mobile Devices

Benefits of a systematic identity access management (iam) system  

Identity and access management (IAM) plays an essential role in any enterprise security initiative. The new age business sphere demands high...

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