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RESIDENCE HALL CHECK-IN When to arrive to campus:

Saturday, August 17 and Sunday, August 18 at the following times: 9AM – 11AM Anderson – 5th and 6th Floors Hughes – 6th and 7th Floors Letts – 5th and 6th Floors Leonard – 7th and 8th Floors Roper Hall – All Floors 11AM – 1PM Anderson – 4th Floor Hughes – 4th and 5th Floors Leonard – 5th and 6th Floors Letts – 3rd and 4th Floors 1PM – 3PM Anderson – 3rd Floor Clark Hall – All Floors Hughes – 2nd and 3rd Floors Leonard – 3rd and 4th Floors Letts – 1st and 2nd Floors 3PM and Later Anderson – All Floors (Terrace through 6th) Hughes – All Floors (1st through 7th) Leonard – All Floors (2nd through 8th) Letts – All Floors (Terrace through 6th)

When you arrive on campus: 1. Proceed to the front desk of your residence hall. If you live in Clark or Roper, you should go to the front desk of Letts Hall to check in. 2. Give the Desk Receptionist your name and a photo ID (AU ID, driver's license, or passport). 3. Complete the front of your registration card. 4. Read the statement on the back of the registration card, then sign and date the card. 5. Initial that you have received your room key and mail key…DONE!

FAQs: 1. Where can I get a key to my room? Each student will receive a room key upon registering at the front desk, or your AU ID Card will be activated for contact-less entry if necessary to enter your room. Additionally, a mailbox key will be available upon check-in at the front desk of your assigned residence hall. If you are unsure of which building you are living in, you should go to Housing & Dining Programs on the first floor of Anderson Hall for more information. 2. Where can I get carts to move my belongings into my room? Carts can be rented from the front desk or designated cart check-out location of each hall. All residents have to complete a check-out form in order to borrow a cart. There will most likely be a waiting list so patience is appreciated. 3. Can I bring any appliances? Small portable appliances are allowed to be used in the floor lounges only. Microwaves are not allowed in American University residence hall rooms (with the exception of Microfridges – contact Housing & Dining Programs at 202-885-3370 for more information.) Microwaves are provided in each floor lounge. Also, due to fire regulations candles, incense, and Halogen lamps are not allowed in students’ rooms. 4. What if I lock myself out of my room? You can check out the spare key for your room from the front desk of your residence hall. These spare keys can only be checked out for 15 minutes. Students will be charged if the time limit is exceeded. If a student loses the keys to their room, the locks must be replaced at the occupant’s own cost. 5. What if I don’t like my roommate? After the first two weeks, the room change process will begin. Students are encouraged to talk to their RA about any problems they may be having with their roommate. If the problems persist, students may speak to their RD about changing their room assignment. 6. Who cleans the rooms? Students are responsible for their individual rooms. Aramark cleans the hallways and the bathrooms every day. Laundry facilities are on each floor. Students can only use EagleBucks to do laundry.

Fall 2013 Residence Hall Check In Schedule