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New Student Housing Guide

Roper Hall

Welcome to American University! Housing & Dining Programs invites new and transfer students to join us on campus for the spring semester.

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Things You Should Start Thinking About First-year students will be assigned to either a double or triple room in a traditional residence hall. Transfer students will be assigned to double or triple room, suite or apartment. Room types are assigned based on date of deposit, so the earlier you submit your housing deposit, the more likely you are to receive a double room in a residence hall of your choice. Once the double rooms are ďŹ lled, students will be assigned to a triple room for the spring semester. Please note that in the spring semester, there are fewer options available as most of our students are planning to live with us for a full academic year.

Where will I live?

If you completed a housing application by December 1, we will email your AU email address by December 15 with your housing assignment. Matches will be made on a space availability basis.



Room Rates 1



4 5

Traditional Double Room: $4,663 per semester 2 Traditional Triple Room: $3,413 per semester 3 Centennial Double: $4,848 per semester

Berkshire Apartments (Leased Housing): Studio Double: $4,663 per semester 4 Small 1BR Double: $5,228 per semester Medium and Large 1BR Double: $6,077 per semester Traditional Double and Triple rooms are located in Anderson, Clark, Hughes, Leonard, Letts, McDowell, and Roper Halls.

More detailed renderings can be found on our website at

Moving On Campus Room and Roommate Information Unfortunately, roommate requests cannot be submitted or honored for the spring semester. Your assignment will likely be with a resident who was assigned to your room in the fall semester. Once assigned, you can access his or her informationg by logging into your “My AU” portal, selecting “Life @ AU”, then “University Housing Assignment”, and finally selecting “Forward to Spring 2013”. You will be able to see both your room assignment and you roommate’s name and contact information. Check In Information • The Residence Halls open at 3:00pm on Sunday, January 6th. • Check in will take place at your complex desk. • If you have a meal plan, you can begin to use it at dinner starting Sunday, January 13th.

Living Learning Communities American University offers a number of special living environments known as Living Learning Communities (LLCs). LLCs are cohorts of students that live together and explore a common academic interest or pursuit. Some include required courses and others are organized around a theme or community interest that students wish to learn more about. LLCs further the sense of a conducive to close-knit community.

Substance Free LLC

Social Justice LLC

Clark Hall houses the substance free LLC. This community is for students seeking an environment free of the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs. Residents will participate in a variety of educational and social activities focusing on making healthy and positive choices.

Roper Hall houses the Social Justice LLC for students with a passion for social justice. Students living in Roper Hall have the option to live with a roommate with whom they are most comfortable without consideration for the individual’s sex, gender or gender expression.

University Honors LLC

Hughes Hall houses students admitted to the University Honors Program. Hughes Hall, provides a unique blend of programming including faculty lectures and debates, trivia nights, and other events designed by staff and students through the Honors Student Board. Hughes Hall is home to undergraduate Honors students of all academic levels.

If you’re interested in or have questions about the Substance Free or Social Justice LLC please email by December 1st. Honors students will automatically be placed in Honors LLC housing. For more information, please visit:

What’s it like living on campus? Residence Hall Features Each residence hall floor has a returning student, known as a Resident Assistant (RA). Your RA offers learning opportunities and programs, provides support in mediating conflicts, and helps with your transition to college. Additionally, each building has a live-in, full-time professional known as a Resident Director (RD) who provides support to students and leads in the planning of learning opportunities for the entire community. Room Features All the residence hall rooms are equipped with both wireless and wired internet, as well as cable television access. In addition, all rooms are carpeted and have central air conditioning. There is a list of preferred vendors for renting other items to furnish your room including MicroFridges and bed lofts. Please visit: for more information. Safety and Security Residence halls are locked 24-hours a day and can only be entered using the student’s coded AUID card. Students may visit other halls, but only with an escort. American University’s Department of Public Safety is committed to ensuring the safety of all students. Crime prevention efforts include a 24-hour escort service, emergency phones across the campus, and physical defense courses. Important Policies for all Residence Halls • Quiet Hours: These hours are instituted in order to accommodate sleeping as well as study hours. The residence halls maintain quiet hours from 11:00pm until 7:00am on weeknights, 1:00am to 10:00am on weekends and are in effect for twenty-four hours during finals to accommodate sleeping and study. • Alcohol/Smoking: Alcohol is prohibited in residence halls. Smoking is also prohibited in the halls.

Start Building Your Packing List! • Standard Twin Sheets and Pillow Case(s) • Pillow(s) • Blankets • Towels • Alarm Clock • Desk Lamp (Non-Halogen) • Posters • Headphones for quiet hours • Computer • Hangers • Laundry Bag/Basket • Iron (may only be used in floor laundry room) • Trash Can • Dishes and Glasses • Shower shoes (flip-flops)

What about Food? Where can I eat? American University has both on-campus and off-campus dining options for students. These include the Terrace Dining Room (known as TDR) on main campus, the Marketplace (featuring Einstein’s Bagels, Greens salads and Pronto sandwiches), the Tavern (Salsa), and the Eagle’s Nest (featuring Subway). There are also many local, off-campus dining options that accept EagleBucks. Meal Plan Options for First-year Students The Meal Plan includes options for both on-campus and off-campus dining. All first and second semester resident students are required to be enrolled in at least the 150 block meal plan, but there are other options as well. Please visit to see all the options. In your third and fourth semesters living on campus, you may choose any meal plan. Your meal swipes can be used in the Terrace Dining Room (TDR), Tavern, Eagle Express, Salsa (after 8pm, Monday-Thursday), or the Tenley Cafe. Dining Dollars and EagleBucks – What’s the difference? Dining Dollars and EagleBucks are both declining balance funds included with each meal plan. They are stored on your AUID Card. Dining Dollars can only be used at on-campus food locations and will expire after each Spring semester while EagleBucks will carry over each semester while you are enrolled in classes. Dining Dollars also provides discounts at selected locations. All meal plans come with a starting balance of $200 on EagleBucks and $200 on Dining Dollars per semester. Personal Nutrition Food service is provided by Bon Appetit Management Company, an organization committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction through excellent food and service. Perennially named one of the “Most Vegetarian Friendly Campuses,” there are many options to accommodate your dietary needs. Bon Appetit welcomes you to speak with the registered dietician to design a personal dining menu.

New Student Housing Guide - Spring 2013  

Housing & Dining Programs invites new and transfer students to join us on campus for the spring semester.

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