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==== ==== Enjoy Travel related articles from Augustus Collection a professional umbrella sales and marketing company incorporating specialised programs and platforms for fashion, hotels to the European marketplace ==== ==== Augustus Collection Feature: Exploring Cedar City, UT Known as the Festival City in the USA, Cedar City is located in Utah about 160 miles northeast of Las Vegas. A small town with a population of less than 30,000 residents is actually one of the largest communities in Iron County, Utah. To the east, mountains with peaks at 10,000 feet about sea level frame a part of the area while a semi-arid desert spreads out to the west of the city. Cedar City was established in the mid-1800s when settlers arrived to build iron works. The original name of the camp was Fort Cedar due to what the early settlers thought were cedar trees but in reality were junipers. Small log cabins were erected similar to a fort encampment to protect the early residents from Indian attacks such as during the Walker Indian War of 1853 which resulted in the fort community relocating to a new site suddenly after they were forced to evacuate after the war. In the early 1900s the railroad came to Cedar City and travelers became aware of the beautiful national parks and scenic territories in Southern Utah. Cedar City was then promoted through early tourism efforts as the Gateway to the Parks resulting in it becoming a popular vacation destination as it still is at this time. Today the Southern Utah University in Cedar City is very well known for the annual Utah Shakespearean Festival. The plays are produced and presented every summer and are respected as professional quality plays. In fact, The Shakespearean Festival won a Tony Award in 2000 in recognition of outstanding regional theatre. Many people from Southern Nevada, Southern California and other areas within Utah spend a great deal of time in the Cedar City area due to its cooler weather, friendly people, clean surroundings and an abundance of things to do. For the nature enthusiasts, Navajo Lake and Duck Creek are very close to Cedar City and offer exceptional camping and fishing opportunities. Cedar City is also very close to Zion Canyon National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. Zion Canyon is filled with brilliant red, pink, and sand colored cliffs, unlimited arrays of wildflowers, plants and interesting animals, with blue skies above. Hiking is a main attraction as well as camping at Zion. For those people less adventurous and preferring a more relaxing visit, there are several bed and breakfast facilities, cabins, and motels. Dozens of guided tours are available into the canyon and highly recommended for first time visitors. When winter comes along, Cedar City and surrounding areas receive a lot of snow making it a skiers paradise. Many ski resorts are located within close proximity to Cedar City and the snow never disappoints the avid skier. Sunny skies over snow covered slopes are a dream come true for visitors and skiers.

Cedar City, informally dubbed the Festival City, presents many festivals and events throughout the year. In addition to the Shakespearean Festival, the Midsummer Renaissance Faire attracts thousands of locals and visitors. A sports festival entitled Utah Summer Games involves over 50 different sports. For rodeo participants and spectators, the Great American Stampede is the festival to attend. The July Jamboree presents a fun car show with live entertainment, vendors, and a BBQ. The annual Paiute Restoration Gathering and Pow Wow, now in its 32nd year, brings Native Americans and friends into Cedar City to observe historical traditions, explore current issues and spend time together. Cedar City appears to be a quiet town for people driving through when actually it is alive with history, culture and beauty. It is definitely a place to visit, spend some time and admire for travelers to the western part of the USA. Guest writer Diane Gandy, owner of, has held high level management positions in the travel industry for over 25 years. She has worked for various hotels and management companies as well as having held management positions with major global online travel companies. Through these years in high level positions, Diane gained an extensive amount of experience in copywriting and communication for various projects and companies including website content, blogging, marketing collateral, sales letters, business forms and communications, press releases, newsletters, editing, proofreading and consulting. Diane specializes in the hospitality and travel industry as well as small company start-up and business development. Visit for more information. About Augustus Collection Founded in 2011, The Augustus Collection is a professional umbrella sales and marketing company incorporating specialised programs and platforms for fashion, hotels to the European marketplace. Augustus Couture an Augustus Collection brand dedicated to fashion featuring Style Me personal shopping services in London, an online fashion store The Look, and online fashion blog Couture Novus. Augustus-Lite is a customised sales, marketing and development program available to business operating within the fashion, travel and tourism industires, featuring a dynamic portfolio of over independent hotels, travel technology firm BookingCore, and the worlds largest affiliate marketing program AffiliRed. For more information about Augustus Collection, visit its website at

==== ==== Enjoy Travel related articles from Augustus Collection a professional umbrella sales and marketing company incorporating specialised programs and platforms for fashion, hotels to the European marketplace ==== ====

Exploring Cedar City, UT