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Dowling College, Oakdale ​oh this is Alex an orca today I'm going to present the marvelous memories website project as a project overview this was part of a two-semester capstone course to the University of West Florida for the master of science degree in computer science it was a two semester project in both of the semesters have been completed and it was a redesign of a website for admission project of the riverside methodist church called Margaret's memories as background morones memories mentioned is to create memory boxes for parents that have lost children due to miscarriage stillbirth or death shortly after birth it was started after my clients lost her child shortly after birth due to trisomy 18 and a congenital heart defect since then their mission is held hundreds of families through this difficult time for the project I divided it up into three main milestone categories the first category was the software documentation I completed that in the first semester the second category was the implementation that's what I've been currently working on that's the actual world behind the project and the last one was the documentation and reporting and has spanned over both of the of the projects so for that I'm going to just quickly go over the software documentation category so it included the project definition the project management plan the project budget the project timeline the software requirement specification and the software design document and this was completed during semester one for the implementation this table shows the breakdown of the actual work that i did so i modified the website framework i added new features to the website i had a google analytics SEO i created a donation database the donation interface and then there was all my presentation deliverables and receiving the clients acceptance and closing of the project so and this was completed a semester too and so for the presentation what I'd like to do is I'm going to demo the website itself but first I want to just quickly talk about the back end features so that's just as I just mentioned my clients wanted Google Analytics but the the idea behind Google Analytics is just so that they know what the visitors are clicking on what they're viewing so that they can make more informed decisions when they want to add content or delete contact from the website at Google Analytics is a really great product for that the next was search engine optimization and for that I I did a lot of web web content like rewriting on this so I just made sure that I follow the tenants of SEO and the goal being that when a person wants to visit the website they can put the search terms in the their favorite search engine and then they'll be able to find the website and finally there is the donor database and for this I prepared this slide here and it shows the database design and it was on the databases PHP myadmin and it's um it's my sequel and the database is actually stored on my clients personal computer and it consists of two tables is the person table with a primary key of person ID and there's a donation table with a primary key of donation donation ID and as you can see this table with my goal here was to make it extensible and flexible so that you know in the future if they wanted to add like events or volunteering or whatever they wanted to add to at this table is it creates a really great foundation so that it you know it will be easy easy to grow and so now I'm going to go ahead and demo the website itself and for the website let me make it bigger first thing you're going to notice is that at the very top there's this really nice navigation bar that goes straight across these are the pages that i decided to include into the website and i'm going to go over each one of them individually but when i first started the project what the state of it was is like you you would click on like one of the save one of these navigation bars and then like the other ones will be disabled so the only way you could actually navigate around the site would be to like hit this back button or even put the URL back in so I had a lot of maintenance that I had to take care of in the very beginning but I finally decided on just having this this at the very top and then also at the very top there are there are links this is the the facebook account my clients are very very active on Facebook that's like that that is that a primary website that will stay their primary website so I'm put a link to it right here like when i first ordered the project it was baird this was buried like on one of the pages that would take me like 10 seconds to find it to what every time I try to look for it so I did a bunch of research and they said like you know very important information keep it at the top so that visitors they don't have to hunt and along with that too there's a don't doing a button and I'm going to go over that in a minute but basically if you click it it's going to this is the portal to allow you to actually make donations online and so as I've been talking you'll notice that there are these beautiful pictures of the memory boxes and below it there's a label you know help give the gift of healing memories below that there's a tracker right here that just tracks how many how many memory boxes they made they wanted me to make this a really simple so that when they updated it it's really they can go into the admin site and it's very easy to change this the key goal from my clients in this project was to keep it simple and maintainable so that it didn't get in the original state that when I found it so that's exactly what I

did and below that you're going to see there's just really quick information these are other pages in the website at which i'm about to go but the goal of this page is to you know get the people to go to another page so they can learn more so we go to about us and for the about us page this is a picture of mortgage you know as I mentioned in the beginning of the presentation she passed away just a couple hours after after being born and so like when I when I was doing this page like I kept thinking on what this to tell her stories so like I put on the very top our story and it basically tells you you know what what happened it also gives you their mission you know as I said there a mission project out of a church and so it talks about that and then there's the there's a space for the volunteers for the sponsors and they've had a lot of really great sponsors who have donated you know for events and whatnot so they just wanted to have a space for them like that like the photography like you're going to see a lot of these pictures are actually from her and she just donates them you know so it really very very nice so for the memory boxes like this was this page whenever when I first started the project it was basically just like a bulleted list of supplies and so when I looked at this like this is the heart of of the website so I wanted to of course you know have this slideshow here of these beautiful memory boxes and then I also wanted to like when the visitor left the page I wanted them to have a pretty good idea of what a memory box was so that they would hopefully go to the contact us page and you know get some more information like door or even let go here and donate or something but as you can see it's really just a it's like an FAQ type of page like it gives you the core information of like what is a memory box what do they contain how is it made and you know where where they deliver to so um some key information done in a simple stylistic format and with the goal of that they're hitting this contact and they're wanting to order hit the donate and they're wanting to like contribute to the organization the next one is the halleh to help and this one has spent a lot of time just figuring out how to lay out the page you'll see there's a nice real of pictures right here that the balanced page out and your eyes are going to be drawn to the how to help donate volunteer so I can see it's organized as a visual it's like a it's organized to where like okay boom donate you know how you can donate there's money donation some here's more information about the memory boxes themselves volunteering the same way here's a link to the event so you know your eyes are naturally drawn and then they get drawn down to boom next steps and so for the next steps you just click the contact page that's a link over here to the contact us which contains a for mom to get to that in a minute and while I'm here I'm going to go ahead and talk about the donate button since we're on the donate page and what you're going to notice here is that like as i mentioned like the facebook account is actually part of this this is where they do most of their this this is their main website basically right so what we decided to do was to link this static website to the Facebook account as in as many places as possible so instead of putting like doing a button on here when you click this thing what happens is you're on the rational facebook account so you can make your donation but now you can also go to their timeline you can see all the posts everybody's been making and see though the goal here is to get people you know involved with the neighbors alight the page maybe this is lead to more events more donations so it was a very very excited I'm gonna talk about it more in a minute too but basically for the donation the donation interface is really like a it's like a three-port thing it's like the donate button here this page the how to help page and then the donation database that I I just explained them a minute ago so next is the events page and see the idea of linking the facebook account it came from this page this was the most exciting part of the project and in the beginning what we were going to do was have like calendar widgets and I was going to actually post the events themselves but when I got to doing the work we realized that we were just doing duplicated effort because when you go to their actual facebook account which is there's a link straight to it you'll see they already have one there's all the events like if you click on an event itself it gives all the information about the events and also it has postings from all the different people who are going or what not so I mean the this is what we wanted one of them to go to and you can imagine as a visitor once they did it then you know they're going to go to the timeline you can go ahead all the other pages and once again hopefully you know start to follow their facebook account so so yeah it was a really really good thing and then yes you'll see to like there's a justice great slideshow at the bottom just to show you like if you want to event you're going to have fun it's you know it makes you want to participate so a lot a lot of time went into this page and we're really very happy with the way that it came out the testimonies page testimony pages this is the place for people who have experienced this kind of experience so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to put on here and I thought the best thing to do would just be to put the people's words so like you'll see these are like to direct quotes from the women that who have experienced the same type of loss and along with this is a picture of their memory boxes so I'm the clients were very very happy with this page 2 next is the helpful links and for the helpful links this was a placeholder it was like really nothing on it at all and what we ended up doing was just too did a bunch of research I asked them what groups that they used and we just made a list this has like many many links on it to outside organizations so that you know if you if this is something that's happening to you like this this is the page you

can go to or if it doesn't happen you can just simply go to the contact page which is the last page here is the youth simple form fill out the information and the organization is there to to assist you in any way that it can so that's a really quick overview of the the website like I said it it was just an amazing experience of being able to participate it with it so I'm going to go back to the court this slides to just to quickly wrap up and so for my project reflections like it's been very successful in the clients were really very happy about everything and I wanted to go over the keys to access and that was I creating the timeline and really you know meeting each one of my dates communicating with my clients and also the professor like Professor was really good on her feedback and my class were also very responsive so it was it was really great using the technology like WebEx and Google Docs because my clients they don't live close to me so we did everything electronically flexibility that you know as I mentioned earlier like we had original plans but like as we started doing it we realized that there was actually better ways to do things and that's what we did and the final product shows it and it turned out to be just a great project and then building a maintainable website like I you know when I was doing this there were more complicated things that I could have done but I just had to keep telling myself keep it simple because you know you have to build these products for your clients and they have to be able to use them and they will be able to use this because it's a nice it's a beautiful sight it's simple to use it's easy to update and I'm one hundred percent confident that it will not be get back into like a nun maintainable condition and so with that I wanted to thank everybody for joining it's been a really great project and thank you very much City University of New York.