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Augustin Boisleux Industrial Design Consultant

Business Orientation

User Experience Awareness Creativity


Industrial Experience

Visionary Leadership


-Expert in Transportation Design. -Indepth Knowledge of Industrial and Business Processes. -Great Management and Leadership skills. -Great Negotiation skills.

-Etoile du Design 2010 from Acpi (Intellectual Property Counselling Association) -Wallpaper Design Award 2013. Life-enhancer of the year.



Woolf&Woode Design Consultancy : 2016 - present

Oxford Brookes University, UK Master in Business Administration

Founder and Director

Alstom Transport: 2005 - 2015

Lead designer on Research & Development programs, tenders, and project development Design Researcher

Jaguar Cars : 2002 - 2003

-Part time, Graduation expected : 2019

Institut SupĂŠrieur de Design (France) : 1999-2004

BA in Product and Transportation Design with special distinction

Junior designer


Teaching : 2009 - present

French : Native English : Fluent Spanish : Beginner German: Basics

Workshop instructor (France, India) in companies and design schools. Leader of innovation and design seminars.

As a Designer,

Curious Observant Inspired

I had always wanted to know more about people. The way they live. The way they think. So I travelled around the World for a year...

...Every day I discovered new places...

A changing World...

...and unique lifestyles

...Every day I met new people...

Sharing knowledge and experiences Alternative ways of life

Different perceptions

Listening and teaching

...Every day I embraced the World diversity. Globalized systems

Alternative usages

Specif i c eco-systems

Each experience helped build my vision of Design...

...Into a more Human-centric approach...

The statutes of the Designer. -From this moment on, creation will be free and transparent, and its home will always be within the heart of Man. -It is decreed, from this moment on, each product will be created with sense, and smartness. The product will be created for Men and will respect Man. Man will never again doubt his product. -From this moment on, Design will never more use the breastplate of industrial constraints nor armament of marketing. Designer, will create with a clean look. -One thing is forbidden! Creation without love. Inspired by Thiago de Melho

...albeit grounded on the reality of business Operation

Project EcoSystem




Combining the three components make proffiitable and sustainable concepts




WOOLF & WOODE In 2016, I created the Woolf & Woode Design Consultancy company which aims to support companies to bring their projects to success by : -Investigating new business opportunities and enabling an ambitious creative strategy -Boosting the creativity of the different teams through Design-Thinking workshops -Creating striking innovations







Following-up Feedback

Def ining



User Experience Design Through User Experience Design and the Design Thinking process, I involve multidisciplinary teams (engineering, sourcing, design + user) into the creation of new products and services in order to improve the users’ experience and find new business opportunities.

Seminars and Workshops In order to build the path leading to a future of user oriented products, I organise seminars and workshops and give lectures on a regular basis, in a number international design schools such as : Strate College (France) Creapole (France) ISD (International School of Design, France and India) Critical questions we consider include : How can we improve users’ life? What’s the vision for the future?

Transportation Design 12 years of experience in industry make me an expert in creating innovative products and transportation means. In addition to my creativity, my experience also helps me to create for you the perfect product at a minimum duration of time. I will provide you an optimized product according to its user, your operation abilities, and your business strategy. Holistic point of view: Contextual Environment Infrastructure USER Intangible+ Tangible


Mobility Design

Product Design W&W skills and experience in industry has been successfully applied to different Design areas such as:

Product Furniture Home Appliances Packaging Jewellery

The Phoenix radiator is a concept developed for International Innovation Services (IIS) in the UK. W&W created an elegant piece of furniture showcasing IIS’s technological breakthrough to its highest marketing potential.


Partnership between W&W and 1 , Designer from Chanel. A good communication between W&W and the cutomer as well as a deep understanding of her needs made possible this unique engagement ring.

ARC Table

is a coffee table entirely made of glass. Used industrial parts are turned into a nice piece of modern furniture. Its legs are made of 25kV electric isolators.


is a concept of packaging for high pressure energy drink. This thirst extinguisher unleashes its brute strength to people who enjoy the extreme sports atmosphere.

Furniture Design : Art table and Bookmark chair

Professional design work : Alstom

ALSTOM Alstom Transport Company is the World leading supplier in rolling stock and transport infrastructure. No. 1 in high and very high speed trains. I was senior designer from 2004 to 2015.

The AGV Research & Development strategic program for international markets of Very-High-Speed-Trains (360Kph class train). I designed the exterior shape and the interior of the train, for Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV), an Italian private company, and new entrant in the transportation market. (2005-2008)

The Italian train operator Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) has ordered 39 AGV trains for €650 million.

Design Awards : -Etoile du Design 2010 from Acpi (Association des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle) -Wallpaper Design Award 2013. Life-enhancer of the year. -Life-size mockup showcased in the Brussel’s museum (Belgium) Train-World (

Exterior Vision :

How to express High Speed, using the simplest lines?

My goal was to create an identity for the customer that would be iconic to railroad design. The result was a slick and timeless moving object.

Interior design :

I designed the interior in competition with Giugiaro Design Studios. My interior proposals for the first and second class passengers’ rooms were selected for the final design. Creating a new travel experience for the passenger allowed NTV’s success against its competitor by acting as a substitute in the competitive environment.

AVELIA PLATFORM I defined the platform of the Avelia HighSpeed trains during the early pre-studies together with the R&D engineering teams, as well as the outlines of the exterior and interior style. The first Avelia based product; the Liberty, have been designed for Amtrak. Operation will start between Boston and Washington (USA) in 2021.

TGV OCEANE Very High Speed Train interior for SNCF between Paris and Bordeaux (France). Customers’ experience satisfaction was the priority on that project. I designed the interiors and Restaurant coach starting from the layout, in order to improve the User Experience. I managed the relationship between Alstom’s team, SNCF experts and their Design partner ; Saguez. Operation started in Summer 2017.

REGIOLIS Next-generation Regional Train. Strategic Tender program for France regional service (2008-2013) I was involved in the whole industrial cycle of the project from the early sketches to the final steps of development. During the project, I worked very closely with the commercial and technical teams to ensure the highest quality combined with the lowest cost.

TRAMWAY for NOTTHINGAM I designed the exterior shape for the new tramways of Nottingham (UK), following the customer’s visual identity (2011-2013).

â‚Ź7 billion contract for the supply of up to 1000 low-floor modular trainsets.

TRAMWAY for SYDNEY I designed this next-generation Tramway for the city of Sydney (Australia). Its specific style showcasing lighting signature, emphasizes Sydney’s iconic identity. Design was a market winner for the tender. Operation will start in 2019.

PLATFORMS Together with engineering teams, I defined a complete range of platforms from Metros to High-Speed Trains. Each platform is designed to allow a high level of Design Customization without incurring a higher volume of fixed costs.

Interior studies My scope of studies ranged from the creation of the global layout to the design of each one of the interior’s components (seat, lights, information boards). I achieved the best traveling experience for the passenger; and went beyond its expectations by observing finely its habits and by a good balance between Innovative architecture Finely tuned Lighting Management Improved Information Systems Subtle Color & Trim definition I worked closely with clients, in-house engineers and industrial partners in order to provide innovative and challenging ideas that respect both their industrial/business constraints and needs.

Research projects My research experience in Transportation design has enhanced my analytical, presentation (orally and written), and communication skills. It has enhanced my ability to collect and synthesize complex data into usable material that is understandable to a diverse group of professionals, especially those outside the design industry.


Perceived Quality:

This research was funded by the European Commission. I was the work-package leader, working together with the design directors of Bombardier, Trenitalia, and SNCF.

The goal of this report was to introduce quality from a user point of view to Alstom’s operation department.

The program’s goal was to improve the competitiveness of the European rail industry by considering its attractiveness from a user point of view.

Following my assessment of the situation, I gave recommendations based on extensive research in different industries such as automotive and consumer goods.

This report analyzed comfort and attractiveness, compared it with the other means of transportation in Europe and gave pointers to improve it. My work involved a strong analysis of the current transportation market, the future needs of the users in the next 50 years following a user experience centric-approach. The report was based on extensive European surveys, universities’ studies, and analysis of the competitors.

JAGUAR 6 months internship (2002 to 2003) in the Jaguar Car design studio. Mentors : Tom Owen and Ian Callum.

Wheel Program I worked on the 19� and 20� road wheels program for the XK and XJ cars.

WHEEL PROGRAM I worked on the 19” and 20” road wheels program for the XK and XJ cars. “Sabre” proposal was selected and produced for the German and American market.

Exterior Styling

I also worked on the X-type restyling program and made proposals for a Jaguar S.U.V. in 2004




A unique combination of : Business Performance

User Experience Awareness Creativity

Augustin Boisleux Oxford - United Kingdom 0777 845 3377

Industrial Experience

Visionary Leadership

Thank you!

All the pictures and projects shown in this portfolio are the property of their respective legal owner (Augustin Boisleux, Woolf&Woode Design Consultancy, Alstom Transport, Jaguar Cars), and are covered by international patents.

Augustin boisleux portfolio  

This is an extract of my portfolio, showcasing some of my achievements as well as my skills.

Augustin boisleux portfolio  

This is an extract of my portfolio, showcasing some of my achievements as well as my skills.