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all of the above. The Honors Program at Augsburg College

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auggareieyou? Whatever your interests or talents, the Augsburg College Honors program gives you the freedom and flexibility to create your ideal education.

“The cool thing about the Honors program is that things are different—more interesting. I can do things my own way, and all the classes take a unique approach to teaching the same, required general material. I traveled, conducted research, and even designed my own course. Only Honors would give me that kind of freedom.” —Brian Krohn ’08

Rhodes Scholar, editor-in-chief of The Augsburg Honors Review, creator of “Art, History, and Science of Brewing,” founder of the Agre Challenge, and chemistry researcher on “Mcgyan Process.” Brian Krohn ’08

HONORS PROVIDES OPPORTUNITY Honors provides many opportunities for you to expand your knowledge, to explore your potential, and to express your unique talents.

Honors Signature Courses

Honors Leadership Activities

Satisfy all of the College’s general education requirements (except health/physical education and language) in a simple sequence of challenging courses created just for Honors students.

The Augsburg Review, faculty/student research collaboration, and the Honors houses give students opportunities to engage in travel abroad, servicelearning, social justice activities, political activism, leadership, research, and social interaction with friends.

Student-Created Learning Experiences As a replacement or supplement to the established curriculum, Honors students may design a course or learning experience. Students pick readings, design assignments, choose tests, and recruit the professors and students they want in their course. This experience may be a conventional classroom course, a small reading group, one-on-one sessions with a professor, or an off-campus apprenticeship.

Pike Stewards House: Students explore, pursue, and design career achievement opportunities, fundraising events, alumni relationships, and public relations. Griffin Citizens House: Students lead, coordinate, and host social activities, recruiting events, scholarship applications, and the Honors website.

Honors Houses Students choose to join one of four houses, each of which provides opportunities for leadership, scholarship, and engagement. Crockett Scholars House: Students research, compete, and write for scholarly journals, graduate school scholarships, and major prize competitions such as Fulbright, Rhodes, and Truman.

Hesser Servants House: Students serve, organize, and defend social justice, becoming involved in servicelearning and political action projects and the people in those programs.

Honors Student Lounge Created by and for Honors students, the lounge is a quiet place to study and to interact with other Honors students and faculty.

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All honors courses are tailored to meet the unique needs of Honors students. Based on the medieval liberal arts divisions, the Augsburg Honors curriculum combines disciplined, traditional learning with innovative “signature” experiences.

HON 120: The Scholar Citizen Play Students study major texts and then write and perform their own play based on those texts for family, friends, and the entire campus. HON 130: The Liberating Letters Trials Students put great works of literature on trial, “charging” great authors, or even fictional characters, with “crimes,” and alternate being prosecution, defense, and jury. HON 200: Search for Meaning Interactive Museum Exhibit Students explore the central concepts of major Western and Eastern religions and build an interactive public museum exhibit. HON 220: Arts in the City: Concerts and Galleries Students experience art by visiting and talking with musicians, actors, and painters and attending concerts, plays, and art exhibits at major venues such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the worldrenowned Guthrie Theater.

President Paul C. Pribbenow

Yes, Augsburg College President Paul C. Pribbenow teaches in the Honors program! “I consider it a privilege to be in the classroom with our students. Our Honors program is liberal arts education at its best—preparing students for lives in the world with the broadest perspectives, keen communications skills, and a passion for learning and acting.” BA, Luther College; MA and PhD, University of Chicago

HONORS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT With the support of faculty and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunity, students in Augsburg’s Honors program have made impressive achievements. Augsburg was recently named to the Chronicle of Higher Education list of top Fulbright producing schools. In addition to conducting noteworthy research year-round, many Augsburg Honors students win regional, national, and international fellowships, scholarships, and grant awards such as:

Jens Olsen ’10 an d

Heidi Le ’10

Jens Olsen ’10 and Heidi Le ’10 each received a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Vietnam. Augsburg has had multiple Fulbright awardees every year since 2008.

Katie Edelen ’11

Katie Edelen ’11 received a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research at the Peace Research Institute—Oslo on the correlation between water scarcity and armed conflict. Katie also received a Rotary International Scholarship to Oxford and conducted several research projects at Augsburg.

adventurous Read more about our outstanding students at

Kathy DeKrey ’11

Kathy DeKrey ’11 received a Udall Scholarship, one of only 80 awarded nationally. The Udall Scholarship is for students committed to careers related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native American health care.

ADMISSION AND APPLICATION PROCESS To apply for the Honors program, students must first be admitted to Augsburg College.

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Go to, email

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612-330-1001 or 800-788-5678 for

information on applying to Augsburg.




President’s Scholarship The President’s Scholarship recognizes first-year students of exceptional academic ability with strong evidence of leadership potential. To qualify, students must have a 3.5 or higher GPA in their core courses OR a 27 or greater ACT composite (or a combined SAT score of 1210 or greater). The scholarship is renewable for three years based on academic performance.

Office of Admissions Go to E-mail Call 612-330-1001 or 800-788-5678 2211 Riverside Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55454

Award decisions are based on academic criteria, letters of academic recommendation, leadership activities, academic essays, and an on-campus interview. Qualified students are required to live on campus and to participate in Augsburg’s Honors program. Students who receive a President’s Scholarship are not eligible for any other Augsburg scholarships.

Honors Program Brochure