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Dear Future Potential New Member, This is such an exciting time in your life! You are beginning a new chapter at Auburn University. For most of you Recruitment Week is your first taste of what college will be like. You will meet so many new people each day. Your Pi Chi leader is someone you should be able to confide in and have fun getting to know. Your Pi Chi group is going to be a mixture of young women who will be from different states, different religions, different cultures, different parenting styles, different dress styles and a different perspective on what Recruitment will be like. I encourage you to look around you and be open to these differences around you. You may not agree or get along perfectly with everyone you meet and that’s ok. Everyone has something special about them and I believe it is to your great advantage to find the uniqueness in everyone you come in contact with this week. Also each sorority on Auburn’s campus is distinctive. When you enter each chapter room try to keep in mind that you are getting to know the girls you talk to. Each one will be different and have a different way of talking to you. These girls are just as eager to impress you, as you are to impress them. They have chosen their sorority for a specific reason and they are excited to show you how much they love it! One sorority may not seem right to you at the beginning of the week, but as the week progresses you realize this it is exactly where you are supposed to be. Or on the other hand, you may fall in love with one sorority in particular and each day keeps getting better and better. One thing I can promise each of you: you will be disappointed at some time this week. You will not be invited back to a sorority you wish you had, or you may have to make decisions to not return to a sorority you have friends in because it is the right thing for you. Keep in mind that the choices you make this week will impact your time in college. I do not say this to scare you but to urge you to be wise. Try your best to choose the place you think you would adapt the best in, and be thankful for the parties you are invited to attend, even if it was not your first, most favorite choice. This is such a wonderful week! Enjoy the friendships you will make. Laugh at the silly, awkward conversations you will have. Most importantly, rest in the fact that you will end up in the exact place you are meant to be. War Eagle, 2011 Pi Chi

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Dear Future Potential New Member, War Eagle, 2011 Pi Chi