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Dear Potential New Members, Welcome to Auburn and recruitment! I cannot wait to share this exciting time with all of you. I know some of you may be nervous about recruitment or not sure if you will be able to find the right sorority for you so I want to share some advice that I learned. I am from a small town so no one I knew went to Auburn when I decided to come here. I do have an older sister that was here before me and had graduated by the time I came to school. So, I thought I knew exactly what sorority I wanted. Of course it was the one my sister had been in, and I had my heart set on it. I thought since she loved it and it was her home away from home, then it could be mine too. As recruitment started, and the parties and days went by I realized I no longer knew which one I wanted because I began to feel like I could fit in any of them. I realized this when I would go into a party and different girls would come up to talk to me and I was able to have a different conversation with each of them. I loved that every sorority had such a variety of personalities and interest. As I realized that I had something in common with every sorority on campus, it made me feel more comfortable in the parties. I then realized home could be any of them. Needless to say, I pledged a different sorority than my sister, but I know I made the right choice. Just because it was perfect for her, did not mean it was necessarily the best choice for me which I had to learn on my own. My advice to everyone coming through is to keep an open mind about each sorority. Each sorority has amazing girls in them and I feel like I would be lucky to be a part of any of them. Auburn’s Panhellenic is unique in the fact that ALL the 17 sororities are so strong and similar, so I just really push you all to give each of them a chance and let one become your home away from home. I cannot wait to see you all! 2011 Pi Chi

Open mind