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As a liberal arts student, you’ll be part of a challenging program that encourages you to explore new ideas and think in new ways – a program that teaches you how to ask complex and important questions and helps you develop the research skills needed to find the answers. Here, you’ll grow into the type of well-rounded, insightful, and self-confident person today’s employers are hungry to hire – someone with the ability to

think quickly and creatively and keep up with change in a world where careers and industries are being reinvented daily. At Ashland, you’ll benefit from small classes that ensure you receive individual attention, allow you to really get to know your professors and peers, and encourage you to form bonds that will last a lifetime. You’ll be able to choose from 52 majors in 17 different disciplines or create your own course of study. And you’ll find opportunities to take an active role in your areas of interest right away, starting in your freshman year. We are confident that when you graduate with a degree from The College of Arts and Sciences, you will know how to think with reason, act with skill, live with values, and be ready to succeed anywhere in the world. There is no better preparation for life.

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u

When you become a student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ashland University, you become part of an exciting academic community that helps you discover and pursue your passions, encourages you to become an independent and critical thinker, and prepares you to become an influential leader in your chosen profession, your community, and the world.

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I am curious. I am creative. I am involved. I am thoughtful. I am inspired. I am ready for anything.


Our theatre majors have held summer internships at American Folklore Theatre, Huron Playhouse, Barn Theatre, Tecumseh Outdoor Drama, Theatre West Virginia and Ohio Light Opera, just to name a few.

I am ready for anything.

I am curious.

When you understand the world, you can make a world of difference Perhaps no other type of degree gives you as broad a worldview as one in the liberal arts. In the College of Arts & Sciences you will learn how to put current events into a wider perspective as you acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will prepare you for whatever direction your life may take after graduation.

Study Away courses At Ashland, we don’t think it’s enough to just teach you how an idea relates to the world at large; we believe you’ll learn more if you experience the world firsthand. To that end, we offer a number of courses that have a travel component. You may travel with faculty members as part of a course; complete an intensive study abroad course in which you enroll for the summer and are graded on site; or travel as part of a performance course where the performance, not the destination, is the focus. Whichever way you go, you’ll learn more about the world in which we live, how it has been shaped by beliefs and actions, and how you are a part of the greater global community.

By covering a vast range of subjects, a liberal arts degree from Ashland helps lead to broad-minded critical thinking. It teaches you how to examine ideas, provides you with the ability to see things from multiple perspectives, and allows you to see the world in such a way that you can work to make it a better place.

Where in the world

are we going?

Take a look at our Study Abroad Tours at Feeling more adventuresome? Our students study independently in places like Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Morocco, Canada, Chile and Argentina among others. Who knows where we’ll be going next?

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u

We’ve followed the footsteps of Paul in Greece; learned the History of World War II in England, France and Germany; uncovered Great Ideas in the Literature of Truth & Reconciliation in South Africa; studied Food, Clothing & Culture in Italy; spent summer weeks in Germany exploring music and drama, psychology, religion, and the German education system; studied geological formations in the Adirondacks of New York; and examined the connections between religion and civil rights in Mississippi. Our choir has performed in Austria and Germany, and our Jazz Band has performed in Spain. We’ve been immersed in the languages and cultures of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Quebec, Spain and France. We’ve even learned about English in … England.

college of arts & sciences

“I am confident that I will succeed as a social work professional because of all the field experience and in depth courses I have taken at Ashland University. I also love the different electives; we are able to pick up courses we want to take and focus on certain areas of social work.” –Kendal Johnson, social work major


70/13 In April, 2010, the College held its first annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium which featured papers, posters and exhibitions by nearly 70 students from 13 departments.

I am inspired. What in the world can’t you do with a liberal arts degree? We’re often asked what one can do with a liberal arts degree, and our answer is always, “just about anything!” We firmly believe that only when you understand the world can you begin to make it better, and nothing teaches you more about the world than a liberal arts degree. But don’t take our word for it; take a look at some of the exciting careers our graduates are practicing today. Some of them may surprise you. Editors Publishers Website Designers Artists TV Producers Biochemists* Lab Technicians Pharmacists* Social Workers Physicians* Environmental Scientists

Law Enforcement Officials Radio Announcers Psychologists* Copywriters Journalists Sports Announcers Film Makers Child Welfare Professionals Consumer Advisors Retail Executives Fashion Consultants

*Requires a master’s degree or higher

Market Researchers Nutritionists Authors Translators Teachers Politicians Actors Lawyers* Lighting Designers Legislative Aides Actuaries

Computer Programmers Sports Information Directors Database Developers Systems Analysts Drama Coaches Directors of Communication Conductors Public Relations Specialists College Professors* Ministers Musicians

Take a look at our Communication Studies Speech Communication Sport Communication

Journalism and Digital Media Broadcast Communication Journalism

Criminal Justice Criminal Justice

Biology/Toxicology Biology Biotechnology Concentration Forensic Biology Concentration Biology/Environmental Science Integrated Science Education Life Science Education Toxicology

English English Creative Writing Integrated Language Arts Education

Mathematics/Computer Science Actuarial Science Computer Science Mathematics Integrated Mathematics Education

Chemistry/Geology/Physics Biochemistry Chemistry Chemistry Education Chemistry/Environmental Science Earth Science Education Forensic Chemistry Geology Geology/Environmental Science Integrated Science Education Physical Science Education Physics

Family & Consumer Sciences Child & Family Studies Dietetics Fashion Merchandising Foods & Nutrition Family & Consumer Sciences Vocational Education (gr. 4—12) Foreign Language French Spanish French Education Spanish Education History/Political Science History International Political Studies Political Science Integrated Social Studies Education

Music Music Applied Music Emphasis Academic Studies Emphasis Music Education Pre-Professional Programs* Pre-Dentistry Pre-Law Pre-Medical Technology Pre-Medicine Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Optometry Pre-Seminary Pre-Veterinary Medicine * Students in these programs select a major from the surrounding list

Philosophy Philosophy Psychology Psychology Religion Religion Social Work Social Work Theatre Theatre Acting Track Design/Technical Track General Theatre Track Musical Theatre Track

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u

Art Art Education Commercial Art Fine Art Computer Art & Graphics Programming

college of arts & sciences

departments & majors

The College of Arts & Sciences offers 52 majors in 17 departments, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, we also offer motivated students the opportunity to create their own course of study.


I am involved. 400 acres Our environmental science program has five environmental preserves that include 400 acres of mixed wetland, mature and mid-succession forests, prairie, stream and old-field ecosystems.

Live and learn (and have fun doing it) While classroom lectures and discussions will challenge and enlighten you, hands-on experience in labs and studios and on field trips will further enhance your learning. At Ashland, we give you dozens of ways to get involved right away, as early as your freshman year. Our students publish the award-winning University newspaper, The Collegian; host programs on 88.9 FM (WRDL), the campus radio station; broadcast Ashland’s TV-2 News Channel; participate in bands, choirs, and other musical ensembles; and announce home football and basketball games. Fine Arts students exhibit their work annually in the Coburn Gallery, and Commercial Art majors spend their junior year studying at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in order to focus on the career-oriented portion of the degree program. You might choose to work with corporate leaders in a workplace ethics class to help them solve ethical problems in their business. Spend a summer doing research in a science lab on campus or a weekend in Cleveland working in food banks and shelters. Get involved in the community by educating families about healthy food choices. Or audition, direct or design for one of our four annual theatre productions. It won’t take you long to realize that there are many ways to be involved in whatever interests you as soon as you step foot on campus. For a complete list of our clubs and organizations, visit

75%+ More than 75% of our chemistry and biochemistry majors engage in an independent senior research project or summer research or internship experience.

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u

Here, your professors are also your mentors At Ashland, you’ll find a level of mentoring that makes our university special. Our professors take a personal interest in your success, nurturing your creativity, arousing your intellectual curiosity, stimulating your imagination, and inspiring you to make meaningful contributions to your community and the world. They’ll support you in your theatre productions, help you with your research, and cheer on your athletic endeavors. They’ve even been known to show up in science labs in the middle of the night to work with you on projects. Our small class size and the fact that graduate students never teach our courses means your professors will know you by name and provide you with the benefit of their education and vast experience, every class, every day.

college of arts & sciences

I am inspired.


Ashland University students co-author articles in prestigious disciplinary journals and present research papers at professional conferences across the nation – a rare opportunity at the undergraduate level.

I am creative. Scholarly and creative activity abounds in CAS. In the College of Arts & Sciences, our faculty and students have done some pretty remarkable things. When you become an Ashland student, these are the people you’ll collaborate with, day in and day out.

Faculty in English, Foreign Languages, History, Math, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Social Work have recently published books. Research by faculty and students in chemistry led the Consumer Products and Safety Commission to recall toys and costume jewelry items with excessive levels of lead or cadmium content. Ashland broadcast students produced an Eagles basketball game that aired to more than 2.5 million viewers on SportsTime Ohio.

Research undertaken by faculty in biology, chemistry, and physics has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. A faculty member in English was named the Ohio Poet of the Year. Theatre students compete at the Region II Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, and Theatre faculty have recently performed at the Dobama Theatre, Porthouse Theatre, Actor’s Summit Theatre, and the University of Akron.

Two of our English Department faculty were Fulbright Scholars in China and South Africa. Our Math students participate in the William Lowell Putnam Competition, an annual college math contest administered by The Mathematical Association of America, and our Computer Science students compete in the ECNA Regional Programming Contests. Music faculty are professional musicians with continuing engagements with the Akron Symphony, Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, Ashland Symphony, Mansfield Symphony, and Cleveland Pops Orchestra. Art faculty exhibit their work around the world.

“I chose Ashland University because I immediately felt at home. Its small size allows for more student and teacher interaction. The quality of education at Ashland University is top of the line. If you’re looking to get the most out of school – academically, athletically, socially and spiritually – Ashland University is the place for you.” –Lauren Cieslak, psychology major

100% In the past five years, every graduate of our Social Work program has either gotten a job or been accepted to graduate school.

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e d u

Sometimes a bachelor’s degree is just the beginning Oftentimes, students in the College of Arts & Sciences find that following their dreams means continuing on to receive their master’s degree. Ashland is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools, and our graduate programs offer the same encouraging environment that our undergraduate program is known for. Whether you decide to continue your studies at Ashland to receive either our Master of American History and Government or our Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, or choose to continue your graduate or professional studies elsewhere, you can rest assured that your Ashland education will have prepared you well for the academic world beyond our campus.

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I am thoughtful.


IRS Criminal Justice students took part in simulated fraud cases with IRS agents as part of the prestigious IRS Adrian Project.

college of arts & sciences

82% of Ashland students who apply to professional schools are admitted within one year of graduation.

a s h l a n d u n i v e r s i t y w w w. a s h l a n d . e ed du u



“Ashland University provides ample opportunities for you to succeed. The brilliant and caring professors create a unique atmosphere for learning. I will graduate prepared to excel in our ever-changing diverse culture.� -Alan Dunson, integrated math education major

If you’re ready to stretch your mind, expand your outlook, and prepare for a career with world-changing potential, we’ll make sure you receive the education that will take you wherever your dreams lead. Please visit our website at to learn even more about The College of Arts and Sciences, or visit us in person; we’d love to show you all the wonderful things we have to offer. Call us at 800.882.1548 today.

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Look out world. Here I come.

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College of Arts & Sciences Viewbook  

When you become a student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ashland University, you become part of an exciting academic community that...

College of Arts & Sciences Viewbook  

When you become a student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ashland University, you become part of an exciting academic community that...