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Cross-Cultural Training Programs

Inspiring growth

Cross-Cultural Training Programs In an international work environment, people from diverse backgrounds differ in the specific solutions they choose for universally shared business issues. Underestimating the role of culture can heavily impact the quality and results of your business. Cultural diversity expresses itself in viewpoints and values, in operational priorities and in ways of working. We can help you to recognize and respect cross-cultural diversity and teach you the art of reconciliation, i.e. working systematically through cross-cultural dilemmas in an open dialogue that will result in win-win solutions for all parties. You can expect substantial and sustainable returns to come from personal and professional growth, such as increased effectiveness of cross-cultural teams; avoidance of the loss and waste of relationships, energy, time and money; the transformation into a new transnational business culture operating at a higher level of synergy; and a greatly improved working climate and a stronger company reputation. Achieving cross-cultural competence is about you and your organization. It is about your leadership, management and your people, individually and in groups. There is much to learn for everyone. Hence, a personal investment of time and effort is needed to internalize new ideas, attitudes and approaches.

major issues your management team faces. You will

• Recognize the diversity of culture and its impact on business relationships.

learn how to resolve tensions between opposite values

• Respect cultural differences.

tool, we can quickly help you to identify ahead of the


Our training programs will help you to:

• Reconcile cultural differences and create value. • Realize solutions.

Intercultural Awareness Program This course is designed to improve your awareness of cultural differences and their impact on business and management, using our 4-step approach of Recognition, Respect, Reconciliation and Realization. Along with simulations, case studies, and background on our 7-dimension model of culture, we will help you put your own experience in context and show how to integrate culture and business. Through the Intercultural Awareness Profile questionnaire, you will be able to compare your own individual profile with that of 80,000 global managers from over 50 countries, thereby understanding better your and their value preferences.

Communication across Cultures Program

in a creative way. With our WebCue on-line interview program what the participants view as most urgent and critical business and leadership issues to address, thereby making the process directly relevant to your business. During the session you will receive personal feedback on your own cultural competence via the Intercultural Competence Profiler.

Teamwork across Cultures Program When teams function well, a company runs smoothly and efficiently and work is experienced as enjoyable as well as productive by the team members. This requires team members to have a high level of communication and respect for each other. Teams in the early stages of development often stumble over differences of culture, language, work styles and assumptions, particularly when they are international or cross-functional. Your teams may benefit from increased cross-cultural awareness, communication and structured teambuilding. This program utilizes group work, individual assessments,

Communication underlies every aspect of business

profiles and simulations and the WebCue tool, to

and organizational functioning. Differences of culture

enhance cultural competence of individual team

and language can lead to miscommunications,

members and raise greater integration within the team.

inefficient operations or management. Through this program you will better understand your own personal communication style, as well as the impact of culture on such areas as nonverbal communication, high- and low context communication, and remote communication. You will have the opportunity to work in groups around specific cross-cultural communication issues, based on your own experiences.

Negotiation across Cultures Program Working across cultures in business involves continuous negotiations with business partners, clients, local and multinational employees as well as other stakeholders. In order for you to conclude such negotiations successfully across cultures, you will need a high level of cultural awareness and deep understanding of the

Leadership across Cultures Program

values and motivations of the parties involved. Our

As a global leader, you are constantly dealing with

theory and practice, using examples of business

customers, share- and other stakeholders across

negotiation across cultures and experiential learning

cultures. By way of this program, you will enhance

(simulations, role play) to internalize cultural awareness

your personal competence of defining and framing the

and other learning points.

program provides you with the basics of negotiation

Inspiring growth Pre- and Post Workshop Activities

made available. CCOL is built of particular modules that can further be tailored to the client’s particular needs.

Webcue Workshop participants get access to a passwordprotected interview questionnaire. Each question will be carefully tailored to the client’s specific objectives for the workshop. The responses are analyzed and used as input to prepare the specific sessions for each target group to identify critical issues and dilemmas.

Fons Trompenaars, designer of these programs Fons Trompenaars is known all over the world for his work as consultant, trainer, motivational speaker and author of many books on the subject of culture and business. He has spent over 25 years helping Fortune 500 leaders and professionals manage and solve their business and cultural dilemmas

Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP)

to increase global effectiveness and performance, Participants will be invited

particularly in the areas of globalization, mergers and

to complete on-line their

acquisition, HR and leadership development.



Awareness Profile. They will then get their individual feedback on their own cultural orientation at the workshop itself. This enables participants to perform a comprehensive personal analysis of their own cross-cultural orientation. It uses the Seven Dimensions of Culture model developed by Fons Trompenaars. Some 80,000 managers have completed the questionnaire Culture Compass On-Line (CCOL) An Internet-based on-line training application on cross-cultural awareness. CCOL aims to increase the cross-cultural awareness and skills of the individual user. With their individual IAP profile users can compare their cultural profile to that of over 50 country averages, and complete a number of self-tests to find out how well they can bridge these cultural differences. Specific country information is also being

Fons wrote Riding the Waves of Culture, Understanding

Cultural Diversity in Business. This book sold over 120,000 copies and was translated into French, German, Dutch, Korean, Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Hungarian and Portuguese. He is co-author of Seven Cultures of

Capitalism, Building Cross-Cultural Competence and 21 Leaders for the 21st Century with Charles HampdenTurner. Recently he published Riding the Whirlwind, a

dynamic new take on creativity and innovation. Fons has co-written an article with Peter Woolliams entitled “Lost in Translation” regarding culture and failure, which was published in the April 2011 online issue of the Harvard Business Review. Fons joined Shell in 1981 and moved into the Personnel Division for Shell in Rotterdam. From 1985, he worked in job classification and management development at the Shell Research Laboratories in Amsterdam. In 1989 he founded the Centre for International Business Studies, a consulting and training organization for international management. Since 1998 we operate as Trompenaars Hampden-Turner. Fons Trompenaars has worked as a consultant for Shell, BP, ICI, Philips, Heineken, TRW, Mars, Motorola, General Motors, Nike, Cable and Wireless, CSM and Merrill Lynch.

Inspiring growth

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Cross Cultural Training Programs  

In an international work environment, people from diverse backgrounds differ in the specific solutions they choose for universally shared bu...

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