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Opinion Leader p.10 Mónica Flores

The new working generations

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The business of the future begins today

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The promising future that Mexico deserves

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Professional entrepreneur

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Synonym of success with a scent of art and creativity

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p.26 Luisa García

México, it’s time to take your leadership back

“Innovate or die” applies to art to. Checa, the painter, transforms and evolves in order to offer unique and more sensitives paintings.


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Technology and human capital for the Auge of companies.

Coaching: Corporate strategy for unprecedent results.




Economic alternatives for Mexico.


Stratech. India: Conquering the world.


ap & alzati. Financial and legal prevention:

Innovation, Technology and Design

the basis of business success.



Artificial Intelligence: Business opportunities.

Carlos Arteseros Pisón: The importance of human talent.


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NUBE. Smart Living.



POUNCE. Lightning Mexico with innovation.

Jorge Sánchez: Building education to pursuit innovation.



Portalia Plus. Digital Evolution.


RANGER’S. Eva Muñoz: The firm of Mexican western design.

UNIVA. University with social vocation.


Robomath Challenge. Mathematics and Robotics as entertainment.


cemer-unitae. Solutions for a better life.


Bestground: Organic 100% Mexican honey.


Charros de Jalisco. Benchmark of the comprehensive development of Mexican society.


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María Eugenia Jiménez Zaragoza president grupo auge

Alejandro de León Jiménez general director

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26+1. Believe to create.

president of fundación universidad de guadalajara a. c.



business leader

Line 3 of Tren Ligero in Guadalajara: Innovation in urban infrastructure.


GP Logistics. ISO standard: Evolution and innovation.

Checa: The evolution of the artist.

Tourism and Gastronomy p.70

The symbol of the Mexican fauna.

Raúl Padilla López

Juan Rafael Mejorada Flores

Dr. Héctor Enrique Salgado Rodríguez general director of superior of higher education of jalisco

José García Macías general director corporativo macías dueñas

Patricia Flores Ozuna journalist

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Letter from the Editor María Eugenia Jiménez Zaragoza President grupo auge

Alejandro de León Jiménez General director


David Carrillo

Editorial director

Lylyana Avilés

Image and design coordinator

of the Mexican force

Susana Valdes Saldaña administrative director

Alejandra Ballesteros

By: María Eugenia Jiménez Zaragoza, President Grupo Auge

Public Relations

David Carrillo, Hernán Morales Espinosa WRITING

Lylyana Avilés, David Carrillo, Max Sepúlveda


Graphic Design

uring the elaboration of this issue, two earthquakes hit the country. The first one, on September 7, an 8.1 earthquake affected mainly the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Guerrero. Soon after, the acts of solidarity began. The second one, and as cruel joke of destiny, on September 19; thirty-two years after the earthquake that struck Mexico City on 1985, another strong movement hit the capital, Puebla, and Morelos.

Lylyana Avilés, David Carrillo

Editorial design, copy editing and layout

David Carrillo, Lylyana Avilés Style correction

Rick Alaniz, Hernán Morales Espinosa, Max Sepúlveda


In spite of the grey panorama and the strong blow to our hearts, there is light and hope in thousands of men and women –regardless of age, social or geographical status– that have helped in the rescue of people and collecting several articles, to help the country return to normalcy. In Grupo Auge, we thank and value deeply all those anonymous heroes that gave their time to return hope and comfort to our people. They, just like us, are part of the Auge de México, because a country is not only composed of financial sums; these days we have seen in its greatest splendor, a collective awareness of selflessness, spirit, and solidarity. With these actions, we demonstrate one more time that the strength of a nation lies in its people, giving back a little of what our beautiful Mexico has given to us.

Lylyana Avilés Photo editiing

Max Sepúlveda, Arturo Cervantes, Lylyana Avilés, David Carrillo,

Digital platform and social networks

Erika Karina García Padilla Translator

Isabel Trigo Ramírez


Fabiola Villa Reporter

As usual, in Guadalajara, a city filled with wonderful people, in this edition, we met leaders that day by day exalt the name of our country. We thank American Chamber of Commerce, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals and the Mexican Employer’s Confederation, who introduced us to incredible people to discuss and promote ideas that will surely inspire others to make our country a place of opportunities with a greater appreciation to the employee.

Ricardo de León Jiménez Comptroller

Óscar Jiménez Zaragoza Administrator

Lorena Acosta Banda General assistant

Salvador Sánchez Origel

Alejandro Loccoco Article

Let the ground move, we, Mexicans, are eagles! Let’s not give up, we will get out of this by working together!

amcham Capítulo Guadalajara ampi Guadalajara coparmex Jalisco Information and approach to speakers

Editor’s Choice India, a country with a long

Undertake is not difficult,

contributions to humanity,

anyone can do it; the

history great and great including an economic

opportunity for Mexico.

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starting is easy and

challenge is to continue, persevere and stay on track.


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Opinion Leader

industry / manufacture

Mónica Flores Barragán President American Chamber of Commerce of México President ManPower for Latin America

The new working generations


he companies in Mexico must be more flexibles and understand the needs of the new graduates looking for jobs since the new generations want freedom and time for themselves. The two factors in the labor market that revolutionize or shut down organizations are: Industry 4.0 and the incorporation of new labor force, the millennials and the next generations to come.

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Opinion Leader

We live in a society that is in constant evolution. Ten years ago we knew nothing about social networks or mobile devices, and now even the children know how to use a tablet or learn things from YouTube. What about the adults? It seems that we are behind, and, tomorrow, those children will grow up to be our bosses or rivals with new ideas. Moreover, the successful jobs from 15 or 20 years ago, are no longer successful because they don’t have the required skills of the current labor market. Now, employers are looking for features like creativity, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility; elements that are not taught in schools. Nonetheless, there are many companies that suffer to find the right talent. I always ask them about their strategies to solve this issue, and only a few of them have the right strategies. Hence, it is vital to take actions that will innovate, such as changing our cultures and understanding the new labor force, understanding the millennials and the next generations that will be experts in technology. If companies don’t innovate, they will disappear, and even the country’s economy will be shaken. If a ceo doesn’t understand the new needs, he or she must be informed, or if you are an owner, you must make a change. What are millennials seeking in a job? Money, of course, but also, according to polls, they want free time, more vacations (four consecutive weeks) to make their dreams come true, such as traveling or volunteering. It is a generation that wants to have fun and have a purpose in life; work with extraordinary people, feel big and important and mostly, they have a great desire to learn.

Employers are looking for features like creativity, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility; elements that are not taught in schools.”

I invite the entrepreneurs to make an adjustment in their mindset and dispose whatever they already knew about organization. Have feedbacks and build new strategies thinking on their employees and the time-space context. We must learn about innovation, break barriers like age or genre and capture the talent of the new generations to continue with the Auge de Mexico.

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Industry / Manufacture

ECONOMIC ALTERNATIVES FOR MEXICO In spite of tribulations that the national crude oil has suffered, petroleum continues to be one of the main strengths of the Mexican economy and represents a significant enhancement for foreign investment. But, what will happen if we stop seeing oil and the greatest source of income to Mexico and pay attention to other alternatives that maintain stability and creation of jobs.

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Industry / Manufacture


nalysts, consultants, and financial institutions propose several options that promote the economy due to its growth and demand both, in national and transnational level. In Grupo Auge, we analyzed three sectors that have presented an exponential growth in the nation’s economic development and that establish our country in the main international rankings. Tourism: According to the World Tourism Organization (unwto), in 2016, Mexico received more than 35 million tourists, establishing as the 8th most visited country in the world. Regarding the currency income in the tourism area, the number was around 19,600 billion dollars. The Bank of Mexico reported that in July, 3.7 million foreign tourists arrived in the country, a higher average than last summer’s. Moreover, every year our coasts attract more international cruises, with over 4.7 million foreign tourists in the first two months of this year. Automotive: In spite of the United States’ protectionist government, the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (amia by its Spanish acronym) revealed in the first report of the year that the production of cars increased by 12.6%. Regarding the exportation, the number went to 1,513 billion units. Even though some companies closed their facilities in places like San Luis Potosí, they will expand their factories to bear the needs of production.

Real estate: Along with the building industry, the real estate sector has had a significant growth in the last few years. For the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (ampi by its Spanish acronym), the creation of jobs derived from the strong national and foreign investments has caused the rising of the housing demand in cities like Monterrey, Puebla, and Mérida, and they hope that it will continue to rise in the next decade.

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Industry / Manufacture


CONQUERING THE WORLD Cradle of a great civilization that has given the world great cultural contributions, India is seeking to broaden its economic horizons with Latin America.

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Industry / Manufacture

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “India�? Surely it is music, mysticism, yoga, Hinduism or gastronomy. However, they are only a small part of what this Asian giant represents, a country with millenniums of history and great contributions to humankind. To immerse in this beautiful atmosphere, here are a few interesting facts about India: - Records show that the first communities in the Indus Valley were around year 2,400 B.C. Therefore, this nation has almost 4,500 years of existence. - India has 19 official languages, each of them with a different writing 325 languages and 1,625 dialects. Also, it is home of two of the most ancient languages in the world: Sanskrit and Tamil. - India is one of the greatest gold buyers, and of the few countries that have used low-cost commercial satellites. - It is the greatest movie producer in the world thanks to Bollywood. - It is one of the five nations that has sent a mission to the moon. Due to strange reasons, the presence of India has been restricted to limited factors, most of them were after the independence in 1947. Although, there have been some factors responsible for India’s economy, such as: Non-Cooperation Movement (Ahimsa): Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, started this movement to free India from the British rule without the use of violence. The withdrawal of multinational companies in 1977: Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (fera) several international companies left the country and India promoted an economic activation in the internal growth to stop depending on foreign countries. This period was probably one of the hardest in the history of India, but the results are tangible in terms of Indian products. Moreover, thanks to globalization and economic changes, India is a country that exports several products like textiles, technology, food and even films. India is very interested in Mexico to create commercial alliances, this is why, currently, there are strong investments in our country.

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Industry / Manufacture

Textile sector - One of the most ancient industries contributes to the 15% of total exportations, representing 40 billion usd in the fiscal year of 2015-2016. - It is considered of the main employer of workforce, with 100 million employees. - In 2020, the textile industry in India will be valued at 120 billion usd. - The sector contributes to approximately 4% of the country’s gdp, and 14% of the industrial production index. Amit Aggarwal y Satish Joshi from Raymond Ltd. Stated that their company is one of the main producers of 100% wool fabric in the world. With designs and models adapted to need of their clients, Raymond Ltd. has a presence in over 70 countries, and it is the leader of the country by distributing its products in more than 1,000 own stores and 3,000 externals. Its corporate also provides solutions related to textiles. Technology and entertainment industries - They represent approximately 67% of the market with 120-124 billion usd and 10 million employees. - The industry has led the economic transformation of the country and has altered the perception of India in the global economy. - Professional training institutes such as Aptech, Jet King, and niit have trained their students to grow in the markets of Information Technologies. Charanjit Kau, the general manager of Aptech, an expert on the subject, stated that the world-class enterprise provides learning solutions through two main companies, oriented to individual and corporate training. Established in 1986, Aptech is in more than 40 countries, including Mexico.

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Industry / Manufacture

Cookie trade field - The industry of cookies is valued in 5 billion usd. - In India, the day begins with a cup of tea or coffee and cookies. One of the most important companies in the sector is Parle, the leader in the market with a 36% rate of the market of Indian biscuits. To the trade manager of the brand, Parle G is the largest-selling brand of biscuits in the world, and according to records, it has a direct scope in more than 4 million selling points in India. Because of its importance and interest in the Latin American market, the company already has a factory in Mexico. Film industry - With an income of 2.1 billion dollars, expected to increase in 2020 to 11%, meaning 3.7 billion dollars. - India is the main producer in the world, with approximately 1,500 to 2,000 produced movies each year in more than 20 languages. Dr. Rajesh Ingle is an Indian citizen that actively participates in the promotion of trade between India and the American continent. Recovery of Intangible Assets doctorate and MBA in Marketing. His main vision through this article is to increase trade between Mexico and India through the linkage of high-class organizations and the competition in high-quality products.

- Indian films are dominated by films in Hindi language, known as “Bollywood�, which represent 43% of incomes. To Vaibhav Rajput, from the Office of Yash Raj Films, films are part of the dna of Indians. This producer was founded in 1970 by Yash Chopra, a veteran of the film industry. It is the only private studio, built-in entirely in India, it controls almost every value chain, from pre-production to edition, distribution, design, marketing, licenses, music, etcetera. It is currently exploring the Mexican market with the goal of promoting both, Indian and Mexican films. Mexican and India can consolidate their economic growth thanks to the investment that will create thousands of jobs, taking Mexican manufacturing to other countries, and hence, consolidating the quality of our products.

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Opinion Leader

Innovation / Technology / Design

FĂŠlix CĂĄrdenas

Director of the Center for Innovation and Undertaking of EGADE Business School ITESM

The business of the future begins today


echnologic innovation of any enterprise is a great need in the current world that offers endless positive results. Artificial intelligence and the specialized software change the world and if an entrepreneur does not invest in technology, the existence of his or her business is at risk.

p. 18


Opinion Leader

One of the keys for success and continuity of a company is the use of technology. We are surrounded by immediate digital developments that become obsolete in just a few months. For this reason, it is important to be part of the changes; otherwise, companies could disappear. Industry 4.0 is the factor that will revolutionize the process of every commercial and industrial sectors. But why does technology increase its presence in companies? The answer is: for economical and practical reasons. Entrepreneurs are looking for an innovation that can also give them profitability, growth and permanence. We use technology for our benefit, to provide better results and more profit.

1. Create partnerships with other companies in order toc create experiences among their clients. 2. Undertake inside the company where you work. Companies must provide more flexibility to their employees, since their projects in mind can impel the growth of the corporative. 3. Open innovation. Companies must interact with universities, research centers and other companies to reach the desire results. 4. Without capital, there is no way to achieve this. To achieve innovation and economic growth, there must be great ideas, thinkers, Scientifics and great financers.

We make artificial intelligence our ally by applying intellectual and physical operations like ours, since this is a trend all around the world. For those that still don’t believe in the competitive advantages that the digital era offers for the world of business, it is important that they turn to consultants that personalize the information about their area or industry. Investing in technology related with the new industrial revolution will be a great move that, in addition of good results, will benefit society, the country’s economy and will boost the research in technology. My advices for the entrepreneurs that just began to invest in Industry 4.0 are:

Entrepreneurs are looking for an innovation that can also give them profitability, growth and permanence.”

p. 19

Innovation / Technology / Design


The use of high technology to solve industrial problems is a practice that more companies are embracing in their strategies to create opportunities and promote the growth of their businesses. In Mexico, it is estimated that Artificial Intelligence will be implemented in every industry. Artificial Intelligence ( ai ) is the core part of Industry 4.0, understood as the area of informatics that builds programs and mechanisms with a smart behavior, and that can even simulate a human being. IA is continuously used by us, and maybe we don’t realize that; it is on social networks, computer assistants like Siri, apps to show routes and even popular buying and selling websites.

p. 20


Innovation / Technology / Design

Mexican potential


The potential that Mexican engineers have to develop Artificial Intelligence is well known by foreign companies. An example is NVIDIA, a company that is planning on investing in the creation of Artificial Intelligence and collaborating together with public and private institutions like conacyt, cinvestav o r itesm.

Because of the drastic evolution of this technology that happened in the last decades, the academic programs in Mexico are falling behind in the subject. Therefore, students are facing problems applying it. Because of this, scientists of conacyt are asking schools to rethink the education systems in every level.

On the other hand, Mexican experts in the subject and with wide experience in places like Silicon Valley, bet for the teaching and practice of AI. This is shown in the creation of Artificial Intelligence Academy in Guadalajara, a space that will have courses and training in fields like machine learning and data analysis.

Moreover, the number of companies and private organizations that aren’t updating their processes to adapt them to AI is disturbing. By not implementing it, they are creating a delay in production, which translates into a greater time investment and great costs. Artificial Intelligence will help humans to reinforce their industries, economy and knowledge.

p. 21

National Pride

NUBE Smart Living

p. 22


ith the purpose of improving the quality of life in our communities and creating a positive impact on the environment, Nube developed a solution to optimize the distribution and control of LP gas in Mexico and at the same time, promote safety and transparency in an industry that represents great risks in delivering the energetic in such an inefficient way.


Auge de México Innovation, Technology and Design

Nube’s IoT (Internet of Things) technology provides solutions to make people’s lives easier. According to Chris Gnanakone, CEO, Nube’s philosophy is based in three fundamental questions that should reign any solution the IoT industry delivers, as well as the company’s value proposition: 1. Why are we doing it? 2. To whom are we doing it? 3. How does it change or transforms their lives? The answers to these questions determine if Nube will develop an end-to-end solution for the specific problem, adding value to existing businesses or creating new business models for different industries. LP Gas industry, with a market opportunity of over 12 million tanks in Mexico alone, was compelling and definitely worth pursuing. Nube was born as the result of a multicultural collaboration of business and technology experts in six different countries. Its sophisticated technology infrastructure has allowed the company to create partnerships with companies such as Arrow Electronics, Sierra Wireless, Microsoft and PayPal, all of them active participants in the solution development and implementation process. Human talent from Mexico, United States, Canada, India, Sri Lanka and France converge in an exceptional smart living solution that empowers the consumer to take control of the lp gas supply, delivery and operations. Some of the benefits this solution provides to consumers are: constant monitoring of gas levels in stationary tanks, consumption history, place alerts and orders and online payment. For gas companies, they developed an administrative portal that enables a global monitoring system of their customer’s tanks, current and historical consumption patterns, order processing and delivery optimization, all reducing the use of cash in their operations and reducing costs. Most importantly, Nube builds a strong relationship between both parties while having a positive social and environmental impact. Traditional lp Gas distribution can be dangerous and inefficient if there’s no structure or order in the delivery process, generating traffic on the streets, pollution and general danger for the population. For these reasons, Nube’s main motivation is to fight and ultimately eradicate these negative effects. With the participation and validation of one of their first customer, Oligas, a Guadalajara based gas company, Nube is working on a growth strategy that includes full operations spanning across Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Canada and United States in 2018.




Nube - Smart Living



National Pride

Pounce Lightning Mexico with innovation

p. 24


magine being on the streets at night under an urban lamp that in addition of lightning you and keeping you safe under its luminescence, also provides internet and is eco-friendly. This is already possible thanks to LUMINA 2018, the new device of Pounce, who opts for innovation with the help of the cleverness of Mexicans.


Auge de MĂŠxico Innovation, Technology and Design

A new achievement in Mexican technology development is the creation of lumina 2018, high-efficiency dimmer led streetlights that will provide the necessary lightning amount to cities and will allow greater energy savings to municipalities, in addition to other benefits.

The luminaires meet the requirements of a smart city since each of them have the capacity of transmitting information via the internet. After many years and tests, Pounce has finally been able to launch a product of great quality, made by young Mexican minds.

Roger Viera, Pounce’s ceo, stated that this product arose from the thought of lack of light or the lousy quality of electric supply in Mexico. Due to the special needs of this product, Viera adds that lumina 2018 is capable of competing in the global market thanks to its quality, price, and features.

lumina 2018 is a watershed in the Mexican technology since it has a never before seen level of intelligence and Internet of Things. Moreover, the objective is not only to provide light but to change the urban environment by removing wiring, big antennas and provide free internet to society.

Some of the qualities that make the product unique are:

Therefore, Pounce becomes a lamp genie for betting for electricity through new products that spend low energy and that provide social benefits in addition to competing in the international market, and, mainly, proving that Mexico is capable of producing high-quality technology.

- Modernization of public streetlights with dimmer lightning with self-sustainable technology - Twenty minimum years of useful life - Reduction of energy consumption from 40% to 60% - Smart system controlled through Wi-Fi - Resistant to vibrations and weather - Low maintenance





+52 (33) 3942 2500


Luisa GarcĂ­a Mexico: it is time to take your leadership back

p. 26


Auge de MĂŠxico Special article

p. 27


I am not a fan of judging a country’s situation, but I do share an objective opinion about actions that allow the development of a nation. What would I say to Mexico? That it is time to take back its position as leader of Latin America. How? Making its communication more effective. I wouldn’t look to the past or to negative aspects, I would look to the future, to opportunities. The earthquakes that struck our country were horrible, but the reaction of Mexicans was amazing. Solidarity, entrepreneurial spirit, the strength and the ability to overcome obstacles are a strength of the Mexican identity that has a lot of potentials to be communicated, reinforced and, to become a promoter of other valuable things for our people and for the world.”

Luisa García, partner and coo of Llorente y Cuenca for Latin America is one of the most influential businesswomen, this is why we reached to ask her about her experience in objective communication among nations. Born in Spain, she considers Latin America to be her home, this is why she has contributed to its development, just like she did by being accountable for the communication strategy for the negotiations of the fta between Panama and the United States.

p. 28

A great part of my career has been in Llorente y Cuenca since I have been part of the firm since 1999. I am thankful for being part of a group that focuses on exploiting opportunities to evolve in different markets. Moreover, it has given me great opportunities of personal and professional growth, which has granted me international awards. My career began in Madrid and I worked mainly as a corporate communications consultant. But the opportunity of moving to Panama and be part of the first expansion steps soon arrived. The region had many obstacles, but we did a good job with the business leaders and achieved a great development of the area.


Auge de MĂŠxico Special article

In 2007, I had the opportunity of being in charge of the operation in Lima, and later, I was director of the Andean region, which included Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. I am currently the director of operations in Latin America, from Mexico and Brazil to Argentina. In this new chapter, my objective is to be an ally in the expansion of the companies of the area, so they can reach better economic opportunities, thanks to an effective corporate communication. By your experience in the negotiation between Panama and the United States, what is your opinion on the current panorama of the relationship between the members of nafta?

Times have changed and the weight that the United States has over Mexico is very significant. I would like to emphasize the opportunity that Mexicans have to strengthen the society in this context because on one side, they show a resilience in an environment that was thought to be hostile and with a significant impact on the Mexican economy. In spite of the uncertainty, Mexico proves that it has the ability to negotiate with a balanced position and to enjoy the results of a greater diversification of its economy. Mexico has the challenge of defining its relationship with u.s.a in the following years and become the leader of the region, but this does not mean a drastic commercial change with Americans. Without a doubt, Mexico is the

most important economy along with Brazil, but its recent issues, compromise this leadership. What would be necessary to establish Mexico as the leader in Latin America? It should be a gradual process. Not long ago, the world, Mexico in particular, was very alert of the elections in the United States with the elected president, Trump. This action was criticized, but it was the logical thing to do since we all have to be alert of the protectionist political scenario in the world since it has not been present for a long time and is hard to predict. Mexican leaders must develop a more incisive and ambitious view towards Latin p. 29


p. 30


Auge de MĂŠxico Special article

America; aspiring to the opportunity/challenge of becoming the leader of the region. I don’t think that it is one thing or the other, I don’t think that the country needs to stop looking at the United States to look at Latin America. It is vital to find the adequate forms to solve the situation of the commercial and migratory exchange with u.s.a, to obtain the best result possible to Mexico, protecting its own interests without stop developing the interests with countries of the center and South America. Does Mexico have a communication problem? I think that communication problems reflect the issues in management. I would not dare to assure that Mexico has a communication issue, I would rather say that there are management decisions that the country has to take, and communicate in an ideal way. There are several things in which Mexico has been a great example of communication, for example, the capability to establish as one of the main touristic destinations of the world. Circumstance change and forced to move from one direction to another. Mexico is going through a time of adaptation and is beginning to open up to the world of opportunities. It must take advantage of every opportunity so its business and political leaders can appreciate each opportunity and value them, especially to communicate and establish as a world reference of what it means to be Mexican. Even though Mexican has many undeniable issues, these are not great obstacles to prevent the exaltation of the country, and mainly, the high value of its people. Mexico has many stories to tell; the citizens and companies have a lot to share. Thus, if the private initiative along with public institutions put into practice the way of telling who they are and what they bring to the table, they would contribute to the boom and recognition of Mexico to the world.

p. 31

National Pride

Portalia Plus Digital evolution

p. 32


ddressed to entrepreneurs whose companies require a greater impact in digital ecosystems, Portalia Plus has an offer: insert them to market with the use of advertising and strategic actions to obtain better results.


Auge de México Innovation, Technology and Design

Portalia Plus is an industrial portal with the goal of helping a business to grow with the use digital media like social networks, multimedia, websites and other elements that are part of the associated environment of industry 4.0. There will be better connections with clients through the potential of digital media to increase the scope of a business. Moreover, new business relationships and distributors will be established, reaching thousands of people not only in Mexico but in the world. Francisco Morán Mendoza, marketing director of the company, states that Portalia Plus arose from the need that entrepreneurs have to find a friendly digital media that offers advantages like marketing with the use of technology, and to support more added values. Morán also states that to have better results, a company must join the digital

50.1% of the population has made online trade operations, at least once 61% of companies hopes to incorporate new business strategies in the online world Internet communication tools get an attention of 52% of their market.

era, especially if the company wants a better projection through marketing. In order to accomplish this, Portalia has three pillars in its strategy: digital marketing with positioning, marketing justification –which will attract business opportunities- and be facilitators in the transition to the digital environment. The benefits that a company will have by being part of Portalia Plus go from the creation a virtuous organic circle in which companies and local and national industries will interact, to the positioning of web pages in the top of searches, as well as the projection of companies in social networks. Without a doubt, Portalia Plus is a friendly, updated and reliable means that guarantee the safety of the investment and offers its tools to be the ally that attains opportunities in a world immersed in the digital era.



333104 4203

+52 (33) 4770 0504

National Pride

Ranger’s Eva Muñoz: the firm of Mexican western design

p. 34


ehind the creation of each charro and cowboy shirt, is a history that speaks of a woman’s creativity, a woman that fell in love of art and design in her youth; this passion resulted in the creation of Ranger’s. A design line based in Tecolotlán, Jalisco, that exports to more than 15 countries, and that many important figures of the entertainment world wear.


Auge de México Innovation, Technology and Design

Throughout its long history, Ranger’s has stood out by offering an exceptional design by mixing the traditional western design with the Mexican style. Thanks to this mixture, the brand has found acceptance in national and international levels, hence, it is now possible to find Ranger’s in every prestigious warehouse, specialized in charro and cowboy products. The mastermind behind Ranger’s authentic style is designer Eva Muñoz, who, since 1985 designs the forms, textures and complex figures that are embroidered with different fabrics like cotton and different mixtures. Her inspiration is based mainly on nature and baroque decorations. Since she was a child, her parents taught her creativity and skills for crafts. Her passion for drawing allowed her to create different forms and designs; designs that soon after, will be part of the Ranger’s couture, present in more than 15 countries. Each garment and embroidery are masterly made to obtain a high-quality product. The success of this proudly Mexican company has led its competitors to imitate the style and forms, therefore, to prevent plagiarism, each design, catalog, collection, and garment are registered by the competent body. The protection of the products made in Mexico is essential to our country so we can all benefit with the contributions of Ranger’s to the Mexican economy and society.


Camisas Ranger’s


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Opinion Leader

Infrastructure / Development

Erick Guerrero Economic and Political Analyst

The promising future that Mexico deserves

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n spite of the fear that Donald Trump imposes, it is estimated that the United States won’t be retiring from nafta due to their energetic interests, which will boost Mexico in the next years. this is the forecast of the economist Erick Guerrero, guest in the XXVI Real Estate Forum of ampi Guadalajara.


Opinion Leader

What is the future of our economy in the next months and years? Even though the turbulence of the dollar has passed, the exit of the United States from the North America Trade Agreement (nafta) is still pending. Although it might be uncertain, I predict a positive scenario for Mexico. The hostile attitude of president Donald Trump towards our country is just a business strategy. He has expressed this in his books and he assures that his weapon against his adversaries is fear, he likes to create trouble. If they show weakness, he crushes them and if they show strength, he deals with them in other terms. This is what he is doing with Mexico and nafta. But in my vision and experience as economist, United States won’t retire from it because of its interests in the energetic sector. American oil entrepreneurs need a reliable supply of petroleum and gas. It is expected that the production in the Gulf of Mexico will be between 8 and 10 million oil barrels per day. Mexico is the third country in the world with greatest reserves of oil and natural gas, therefore, both countries, United States and Mexico are interested in the investments that there may be. It is no surprise that since last July, different foreign oil companies turn their eyes on us due to great resources that our wells have, which can go up to 200 million barrels. The Mexican government has this strong card, which will be used in exchange of obtaining other benefits, for example that the automotive and the farm sectors won’t be prejudiced. Once the treaty is renegotiated, Mexico will have an historical amount of investments in oil, natural gas, in the petrochemical industry and alternative energies that will grow in the next decade. In conclusion, despite the upcoming turbulences, the national economy will take off in the following years for its attractive to invest in energetic and real estate sectors. Our geographic position, the willingness of the trade agreements, the development of infrastructure for a better connectivity and other virtues, will promote the Auge de México.

The hostile attitude of president Donald Trump towards our country is no more than a business strategy.”

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Infrastructure / Development

Line 3 of Tren Ligero in Guadalajara Innovation in urban infrastructure

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With a progress of 80%, this landmark in the infrastructure of Jalisco that will connect Guadalajara, Zapopan and Tlaquepaque in an efficient and fast way, will also be pioneer by having a different paying system for transportation in the area.


Infrastructure / Development

The progress of Line 3 of Tren Ligero after three years of starting the project, is of eighty percent. It was expected to be functioning by the last trimester of 2017, however, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (sct by its Spanish acronym), reported that the system that will meet the demand of transportation in Guadalajara’s Metropolitan Area will be running next March. The works of the tunnel where the train will run from La Normal to Plaza de la Bandera has a drilling progress of 70%. La Tapatía, the nickname of the tunneling machine, is just a few meters away to see the light, since it is missing less than a kilometer to drill. There is also a 100% progress in viaducts, and in December, the placement of the rails and the electrification of circuits. Innovation in urban transportation Line 3 will have a Multimodal Transference Center (cetram by its Spanish acronym), in the Ávila Camacho station. Located 30 meters deep, it will connect the station with the routes of Alcalde and Ávila Camacho’s avenues, and with this, users will not have the need to go out of the station to board the train. In addition, the director of siteur, Rodolfo Guadalajara, announced the creation of InnovarCard, a prepaid scheme for all the public transportation in the Metropolitan Area. He stated with this card, transfers will be half the price than regular price and Jalisco will be the pioneer state in the country to have this kind of electronic payment. With these progress, Aristóteles Sandoval, governor of Jalisco, assured that the avenues that were closed for the construction of the train will be opened. Also, the civil engineering works will end and the interior details in each station will begin in order to begin the train trials in March.

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National Pride

GP Logistics ISO standard: evolution and innovation

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o offer a better quality service and continue as one of the most renown enterprises in logistics, gp logistics takes a step ahead by obtaining the iso certification 9001:2015, as part of a constant evolution to adapt to the needs of a global market.


Auge de MĂŠxico Infrastructure and Development

Nowadays, it is important for a company to obtain this certification since it applies to every sector that is oriented to production and services. iso is promoted by the International Organization for Standardization and the objective is to manage the quality that a company must have to manage and improve the quality of procedures, products and services. Used in hundreds of countries, iso also seeks the satisfaction of clients and the efficiency in the concession of products and services inside and outside the company. Although these norms apply on a voluntary basis, they are important to have for a company to have a greater reputation and competitiveness. The iso certification 9001:2015 that gp logistics received, is an upgrade of the standard created in the XX century. The certification’s concern also comprises quality management systems, in addition of aspects like leadership, team work, knowledge and proficiency of employees, as well as risks and opportunities of the company, performance and improvement of procedures. The Mexican company strengthens its achievements throughout its 30 years of existence with this distinction. Because of its infrastructure and high technology, it has a great acceptance in the international market, offering the following services: - Special storage with temperature control - Distribution network with national coverage - Inversed logistics - Cross dock or immediate product delivery - Support to logistic operations in 4PL modality - Production or relabeling services, reconditioning and material management in the place where inventory takes place. With all these characteristics and achievements, gp logistics innovates to provide world-class logistic solutions with the use of 100% Mexican talent.




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Services / Trade

JOSÉ LUIS REYES Founder and CEO of Estrenón

Professional entrepreneur


eing an entrepreneur is the greatest thing. Today, definitely, being 29 years old, I feel successful and happy with my company, Estrenón; a Mexican project of preowned clothes selling stores in Mexico that has 28 stores in 4 states. These stores empower and improve the quality of life of 556,000 Mexican families with low incomes, fighting social inequity and extreme poverty. I started this project 6 years ago, and it has filled me with blessing and a great satisfaction with international achievements, such as obtaining the first place –out of 67- in the Young Leaders of the Americas (YLAI) 2017; being the first and only Latin American winner of the MassChallenge competition U.S.A. 2016 –out of 35 countries-, receiving the Fernando Aranguren Award to Socially Responsible Young Entrepreneurs 2014, and the Youth State Award

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Opinion Leader

2017 of the government of Jalisco. I can count every award in my career but the true price is to know that I am reaching my full potential as a person and that I can always reach for more. My life motto is a phrase from R. Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.” I think that the achievements obtained in these 6 years, probably represent a record in awards, acknowledgments, and trips; but what I am really sure of is that they represent a record of discipline, study, focus, perseverance, and motivation. Every time I have a problem, a difficult situation or a setback, I wonder, why continue? Why fighting for what I want? But then I wonder, why not? Why stop fighting for my dreams? And the truth is that there aren’t enough reasons to stop chasing my dreams. But what is my true motivation? I know that the challenge is not to undertake, starting is easy, anyone can start anything, but eventually, reality comes and only a few people remain. What is interesting –difficult not- is to continue, persevere and stay on track. The real question is not “what do I want to have?” but what am I willing to lay aside or stop being every day of my life in order to be that person that I am capable of being. I later realized that being “the best” is my reason and sufficient motivation to continue, persevere and move on every day until I reach my full potential, which I will discover until the very last day of my life. In my experience, the biggest element to career is to surround myself with successful people. With my family, friends, and mentors, I have the best teachers for “my life as a professional entrepreneur”, which I define in five scopes: mental, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. Surround myself with this kind of people, that reminds me that I can always be more and that I still haven’t reached my life goal; all these requires focus, strength, perseverance and a lot of discipline.

The challenge is not undertaking, starting is easy and anyone can do it, but eventually, reality comes and only a few remain. The interesting part is continuing, persevere and stay on track.”

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Services / Trade

Technology and human capital for the Auge of companies

What is the secret to reaching success in a company? As part of the 7th Summit of Entrepreneurs amcham, the president and general director of ampm, Pablo Rafael Moreno Valenzuela shared his perspective about the two elements that, according to his career, are the ideal model to reach corporate goals.

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Services / Trade

What makes a company successful? Many entrepreneurs ask this and I can tell you a clear and simple answer: technology and human capital. My company worries about innovation and the growth of its employees in order to provide a quality service. From my experience as head of ampm, a company that started 27 years ago and that has faced several threats like the disappearance of mail thanks to technology. But if we are still here it is because we found ways to innovate and make an ally out of a threat. Ten years ago we bet for technology by acquiring a geolocation system that we discovered in Europe. Its features adapted to the needs of ampm but the software that we implemented, was created in Mexico. In 2007, this innovation, that at that time not even the Mexican Postal Service had it, awarded us a prize in the World Mail Awards for innovation in the sector thanks to our new tracking system. With this distinction, among others, we remain on top of the mail and logistics sector. We are still delivering documents and cards, and, we are even allies of an international company to deliver orders made through the Internet. But, to have great results, it is important to consider your employees.

Employees represent us, therefore a good wage is vital to see good results. If they are underpaid, the company and the quality of the services will be bad. If you want to compete on a global scale with first world companies, you must take responsibility for your people, value them and work side by side with them. One of the main values of a company is to take care of the people that work there. If you don’t think about them, the company will collapse. Take care of them, make feedbacks, work with them and give them incentives, since sometimes they spend 14 hours working. Think about the technological needs that your company requires to adapt to the current demands, as well as the value that employees have and encourage them to have better results, there are the key elements for the Auge of your company. p. 47

National Pride

AP&ALZATI Financial and legal prevention: the basis of business success


he Mexican business world is strengthening thanks to the value of companies that day by day, transform their habits in accordance with the legal framework and adopt the prevention culture as strategy to reach the flow The Mexican business world is strengthening thanks to the value of companies that day by day, transform their habits in accordance with the legal framework and adopt the prevention culture as a strategy to reach the flow and guarantee of their actives. ap&alzati takes the leadership in this sector, by becoming the perfect ally of the entrepreneur that wants to transcend and contribute to the Auge of Mexico.

Alfredo Pimentel and Juan JosÊ Ramírez, Partner ceo’s of the firm, have the goal of offering comfort and endorsement to the entrepreneur by handling every legal and fiscal matter, this way, they armor companies against attacks and frauds, but mainly, they provide the trust and support to entrepreneurs so they can continue on the development of ideas and innovation for their businesses. p. 50


Auge de México Services y Trade

ap&alzati specialists design unique strategies

through a diagnosis to fully understand a company’s situation and create a plan to protect the company’s assets and determine action plans to achieve the established goals and objectives of the company. On the other hand, the handling of information is a matter of major relevance to avoid frauds and thefts in creative and industrial matters. Each client that is part

of ap&alzati has the certainty that their strategies and tactical schemes will be safe and will never be compromised or exposed, causing the vulnerability of their products among their rivals or delinquency. The company’s personal mark lies in the ethic, moral and legal values, which are also part of ap&alzati’s mission, always observing the law and following the right processes.



Moreover, they promote the increase of flow and economic development of the nation by fostering commercial actions that provide support to the entrepreneur that seeks to extend the company’s frontiers and export to other countries.


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Services / Trade

For more information about Empower your People Summit 2017, please contact: American Chamber Capítulo Guadalajara Julio Villegas - jvillegas@amcham.org.mx + 52 (33) 3634 6606

Carlos Arteseros Pisón The importance of human talent Without human talent, a company would not have results or evolution. Carlos Arteseros Pisón, Spaniard entrepreneur shared with us his perspective on corporate responsibility and his participation in Empower Your People Summit 2017 on October 19. “A company’s human talent is the driving force of its development, its capacity is not limited or obsolete by the fast evolution of technology. The horizon of human capital is incomprehensible, thus, there will be a greater performance and opportunities in economic and productive aspects.”

p. 52


Services / Trade

This is the opinion of Carlos Arteseros Pisón, managing partner of intedya, an international company focused on consulting, formation and audit with the goal of transforming companies. Part of this is the management and evaluation related to employees since it is thanks to them that a company will work properly and will have better results. To Arteseros, companies must consider human talent as their greatest active, since each member of the team offers a utility or benefit thanks to the skills they offer. Regarding the technologic field, it does not guarantee a company’s prevalence since a machine is not capable of dreaming or making the necessary innovation as a person’s intelligence can. “Business must understand that they are not hiring employees, much less labour force considered to be robots, that in the theory, they have a greater performance, but what a company must look for is effectiveness, dreams that can contribute to the organization and, as far as I know, only a person can do that.” A rebellion that innovates Another aspect that Arteseros emphasized is the freedom that companies should grant to their collaborators, since most of the times, the directors and statutes point only one route to reach goals. However, it is important to find shortcuts and deviations that provide better results, and he mentioned the creation of Viagra, which was initially conceived as a heart medication. Along with freedom, the new generations that join the labor market like millennials, don’t imply risks to companies, but the opportu8nity to evolve in the relationships employees-executives. He added that if fear exists, it is because humans have always feared changes, which have transformed the world for good.

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Opinion Leader

Education / Culture

Alejandro Loccoco Artist and entrepreneur of Jalisco

Synonym of success with a scent of art and creativity


t is said that life is about moments, and without a doubt, this is Alejandro Loccoco’s moment, who is now seeing the results of over 30 years of hard work and effort. His dreams come true through acknowledges and opportunities that continue to leave a trace thanks to his creativity and talent. In addition of his consolidation as one the most renown image designers of Jalisco, and a successful entrepreneur and visionary, he is also known in the world of plastic arts. Recently, he received the Iberoamerican Medal of the Doctorate Honoris Causa in the Senate, and was elected by the Hispanic Community Council, with headquarters in Chicago and New York, to create a monumental mural in the United States. With great pleasure, we had a talk with the plastic artist, who shared his creativity through his experiences and emotions.

p. 56


Opinion Leader

In your career as entrepreneur and artist, what has been the greatest challenge you have faced? To overcome my own fears. Realize that we aren’t good at everything. At the beginning, being stylist and image designer was really easy, so much that I didn’t even think when I did it. on the other hand, numbers and accounting was really difficult for me, so I reached out to specialists on the matter to manage my business and obtain good results. In business matters, I believe that starting a business in mexico is a simple task, but the challenges come when you want to keep and consolidate the company. Whether it is a small, medium or great project, a business always requires the attention of the dreamer. What has been your experience as plastic artist? Art is a great responsibility. It must convey an emotion, any emotion, but it must make you feel something. In my case, I am constantly looking to expose and tear social concepts apart; my newest collection “Migrant Mexico: a wanderer soul” is an example of this. The idea developed when I had the fortune of winning the Cinco de Mayo award by the Hispanic Community Council of Unites States. To me, it was a shocking experience and, mainly, it ignited the possibility of raising awareness about the situation of migrants through my work.

How do you combine your entrepreneur and plastic artist sides? Currently, the administrative part has allowed me to build a new business model throughout my works. I have a clear view of my project, now, I only have to be patient, have faith and be persistent. What is missing in the career of Alejandro Loccoco? I am really happy today because I breathe, because I realize that I have a lot to learn and because I see my weaknesses as an opportunity area. When I thought that I had everything, I realized that I had nothing, and right now I don’t really have much, but I can say that I have plenty. I am thankful to God and life, my family, my siblings and friends. Specially with Ignacio, who is so close to me, that you may think that we are the same. What is the Heart of America? It is a mural that I am making in United States. Currently, protectionist governments, specially with Donald Trump’s administration, that a Mexican has the opportunity to make a mural in the public library of Illinois state’s is a great challenge and an achievement that is about to consolidate in the next weeks. This could not have been achieved without the precious help of the representatives of the Hispanic Community Council in United States. To all of them, as well as to every teacher in my life, I would like to express my infinite gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

p. 57

Education / Culture

Building education to pursuit innovation Learn while playing is possible. To Jorge Sรกnchez, Trade Manager Lego Mexico, the combination of innovation and education is essential to guarantee growth opportunities in the next generations. His perspective was part of the program of the 7th Summit of Entrepreneurs amcham.

p. 58


Education / Culture

Lego promotes innovation to support the education of children in a time where technology and creativity are necessary in the labor field.

“Our purpose in the education sphere is to understand the new learning trends of developing skills of the 21st century�.

Our commitment with childhood is linked to education, since in the game, we can find several contributions to the cognitive development of a child, and even an adult. Joining blocks to create a figure is pure creativity, it is innovation, since you are exploring dozens or hundreds of options to shape an object that is drawn in your mind. Creative capacity is one of the values that we motivate in our workers since the building of a figure and its conclusion is a goal, which, most of the times is achieved through team work. Something very similar is developed within our education programs. The intention to make Lego a tool for learning is a goal supported by unicef. The goal is that children use the blocks to make an entire series of solutions to build an answer. This methodology focuses mainly in the field of exact sciences. Teachers are a key piece in this learning system because they support the students to reach these experiences, motivate them and inspire them to reach success. This is learning through games. Our purpose in the education sphere is to understand the new trends of learning that seek to develop skills of the 21st century. Depending on the school level, we have built blocks to cover the needs of the student. For example, we have products to create robots and complex mechanisms. In Lego Education, we are committed to provide experiences that transcend, that incentivize children to make their dreams come true and prepare them to enter the labor market with solid and strong fundaments. Our intention is that future generations can contribute with a block to build the Auge of Mexico.

p. 59

Education / Culture


p. 60


Education / Culture

From a historical perspective, the university is a proposal of the Catholic church, which consolidated over the years and transformed towards different organization, rationales, and theology models, this is how the Napoleonic or state model arose, or the German model, oriented to research. Also, the departmental model, which runs in England and the United States, addressed to the training of university students to solve urban and rural problems form the different perspective of professional and scientific fields. Nowadays, the university is on the crossroad of answering the social, economic and political demands defined by different international or state organisms or defining its own style and vocation towards the direction that the students want. Without a doubt, any of those two visions will take them to cohabit and maintain the current status quo or define new courses; some might be uncertain and some other might lead to the expectation of ameliorating the current situation of the country. In light of this, some universities in Mexico are reconsidering their mission and institutional purposes with the goal of defining their course; on one side, lobbied by the demands imposed by other institutional entities, and, on the other side, to follow their vocation and institutional identity. In this context, since last year, Universidad del Valle de Atemajac (univa) has come up with the creation and application of a new vision that will provide a direction, consistency and identity to face the context of change and declining of nature, fragility in the human conceptions and a lack of convincing utopias. The current mission of univa is to “have an impact in the social transformation of the view of Catholicism and educate honest people in the human, scientific, technologic and professional aspects to prepare them to be leaders with a spirit of service, committed to the common good and sustainable development. Our impact on social transformation is seen as a perspective of growth and development of the members of the institution and the communities where we are present.

Presbyter Francisco Ramírez Yañez Rector of univa, Universidad del Valle de Atemajac President of oducal, Organización de Universidades Católicas de América Latina y El Caribe

The identity that we propose, both in university and society, translates from a Catholic view, understood as an interpretation of reality, the human being, nature, and society as a whole, summoned to the peak of life, from the revealed truth, transmitted by the Church. Overall, our purpose as a Catholic university establishes the human being in the core of institutional activity and

is conceived as the union of spirit and matter from where it is born and is built in a person; therefore, our students are trained in every aspect: professional, social, spiritual and physical. We want that our graduates have transcendent and positive goals through a leadership with a helpful spirit, that can captivate the others and engage with the common good and a fervor spirit to the others.

www.univa.mx /UnivaGuadalajara @SistemaUNIVA

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Education / Culture

Robomath Challenge MATHEMATICS AND ROBOTICS AS ENTERTAINMENT Students from the Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Jalisco (cobaej), high schools from Universidad de Guadalajara and regional high schools, as well as technical middle schools, were the champions of the first Robomath Challenge State Tournament, an event that promotes the importance of mathematics and logic thinking in diverse areas of life.

p. 62


Education / Culture

Organized by the Ministry of Education (sej by its Spanish acronym), the event held more than 450 students, finalists from elementary, middle schools and high schools of Jalisco. In its final stage, the contestants faced different challenges where their skills and teamwork were very significant.

The hard work of the winners was rewarded with computers, mobile devices and robots, such as trips to nasa, to different universities in the United States and workshops with outstanding of Silicon Valley’s scientist.

The students created multifunctional robots, mine detector gears, and small solutions related to development and innovation according to the different education level and categories. On the other hand, the mathematicians solved logical and mathematics problems in areas like algebra, geometry, number and combinatorial theories.

A fundamental part of Robomath Challenge was the positive response to the first tournament, and beyond granting prices to the winners, the main thing is to give them a life experience. This event is only the beginning to motivate children and young people to think about their futures, which is dominated by technology and the progress of industry 4.0. Fear of mathematics or robotics? To the winners of the First State Tournament Robomath Challenge, this is a concept that doesn’t exist. A group of students from Jalisco reached the victory in the challenges made in the event, with the main goal of promoting exact sciences in basic education.

p. 63

Education / Culture


p. 64

What is the result of the union of the vision of a plastic artist and an entrepreneur with a concern for the awareness of art and culture? Simรณn Cruz and Leticia Casillas Fenton have the answer. They are launching 26+1 to support and guide the artistic talent of Mexico.


Education / Culture

26+1 has a mission: allow the artist

to create more art. Through esthetic, social and artistic experiences, the new art promoter will develop expositions, curaduría, diffusion, residences and spaces dedicated to support the diffusion of the works of experienced and new artists with the goal of taking art to everyone, from collectors to museum spectators.

The union between Casillas, a successful entrepreneur and Cruz, an artist known by his creative versatility, is product of the passion that they share for art, as well as supporting emerging talents or professionals that can’t find the right places to make themselves known. The name of the initiative is the sum of the numbers, which results in 9. For the creators, this number is magic, since it relates with coincidence by living in altered

states from the proper self and even from divinity. Furthermore, the purpose of 26+1 is the interaction of consciousness with esthetic languages. As an expert in business, Casillas assures that the objective is not money-earning and prosper, but to obtain artistic experiences, since love is the motor of creativity and art. Jessica Gadga, Claudia Huizar, Simón Cruz, José Fors, Jonás Gutiérrez, Jacob Flores and Checa Barragán are the first artists of

This option will allow the management of an art project and to guide people to avoid mistakes that might affect their job. Moreover, the goal is that their art will go beyond our country with residences or exhibitions in other countries.

this formula, which make 26+1 a meeting place filled of creative freedom, a place that feels like home, and a creative task that will be inclusive with the goal of growing in a national level. The launching of the project will be in the following months and will begin with the presentation of pieces from the artists and collaboration with Simón Cruz.

p. 65

Education / Culture



“Innovate or die” applies to art too, the painter transforms and evolves. One of the most remarkable artists of the artistic scene of Jalisco showed us his feelings and presented us his new artistic side, which conveys emotions in a fresh and bold way.

This personal innovation is born out of his desire of finding a new meaning in the messages that he wants to convey to the audience.

“I didn’t feel satisfied anymore, everything I was doing was repetitive and my works seemed cheap copies of my own work. It came to a point where I didn’t know if I should continue painting or change my occupation. Even though the audience liked my job, I was satisfied and thought of it as sterile art.” To the artist, a painting must not chase money because it will be a common product with the absence of true feelings. On the contrary, it must convey and offer an experience to the spectator, touch every sense.

His artistic evolution will not only comprise painting, which he considers to be his first language, but it will also include sculpture and even sewing, specifically the creation of cloth toys.

“A work of art is completed when the spectator is touched and feels alive, and sometimes, art also changes the way of being. This is my opinion, and this is the goal I want to pursue in my work.”

p. 66

His innovation process corresponds to the common sense of survival, to save his profile as an artist and his work. To motivate this change, he finds inspiration in the famous British painter Francis Bacon. Innovating has not been easy, however, he advises other artists that are also going through a crisis, to let everything flow and don’t resist to changes, to stop thinking about having and start thinking about wanting and being.


Education / Culture

Opinion Leader

Tourism / Gastronomy

Luis Jiménez de Santiago Corporate chef and partner of Talento restaurant

Recipes for life


he life of a chef is not easy since the path to success is long and you have to start from the bottom; this is what Luis Jiménez thinks. He shared his perspective on the Mexican gastronomy and his experience with millennials in his book “Pero querías ser chef” (You wanted to be a chef).

p. 68


Opinion Leader

Changing a pan for a pen is a quite radical step, which I never thought I would take. Honestly, I am really pleased that I did because I can now share the passionate but complex life of a chef because the cuisine is a hard lover. “Pero querías ser chef” is a literary adventure of my 25 years of experience, first in a coffee shop, and then as an intern in several restaurants of Guadalajara and foreign countries. I have also worked and studies in countries like Thailand, China, France, Vietnam, and the United States, among others, where I learned new flavors. After a very complicated work in Cancun and gained the trust of my current partners and came back to Guadalajara, and together, we started the adventure of Talento. We began with a small store, but thanks to the support and acceptance of the people, we were slowly growing until becoming what we are now, a great restaurant located in the most exclusive areas of the city.

repetitive tasks, that, without a doubt, make us more qualified and develop our feelings towards food. This will make us good cooks and eventually, great chefs or head chefs. My book is a collection of short essays where I tell a little bit of what can’t be seen in this profession. Sometimes, my essays are rough but the intention is not to discourage, on the contrary, the intention is to let people know that this is a profession that requires sacrifice and commitment, something that media and gastronomy schools don’t tell us. I encourage young people interested in this profession to be enthusiasts and energetics in spite of knowing that they will have to invest time and effort. On the other hand, I also talk about the great opportunity that this career gives us, an opportunity to travel, learn, show the delicious Mexican cuisine to the world and share our culture.

Talento’s rise lies in its beginnings, being a different and innovating proposal that caught people’s attention in a positive way, but eventually adapted to the taste of the people and became a consolidated and appreciated restaurant by locals and tourists. Nonetheless, I felt responsible for transmitting to the millennial generation, a message where I clearly explain that this is a profession that requires many time, sacrifice, commitment, and passion in order to reach success. In the book, I talk about subjects beyond gastronomy, such as work ethics, which is what will make us succeed in any profession. However, I mainly focused on conveying the message to people that will make an incursion in cuisine. Gastronomy is a long and tortuous path that always begins with studies, but it also implies years of basic tasks like peeling potatoes, shrimps, washing vegetables and many other

Mexican gastronomy has a high level of influence and an endless capacity of opening doors anywhere in the world.”

p. 69

Turismo / GastronomĂ­a Education / Culture

The symbol of the Mexican fauna On October 4th we celebrate the World Animal Day, this is why we remember the significance of the species that are part of our ecosystems and the concern for the endangered. Mexico is one of the countries with greatest biodiversity in the world. Thanks to geographic and climate factors, we can flaunt to have the first places when it comes to number of animal species.

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Education / Culture

The wealthy biodiversity of Mexico is because we are in a biogeographic region that connects the Nearctic (North America) and Neotropical (South America) areas. Since our country is a bridge between these regions, there are a variety of ecosystems like coasts, forests, jungles, deserts and even tundra, which allow the existence of endemic fauna and the adaptation of others. The country is home to wonderful creatures that, throughout the centuries, have been associated with pre-Hispanic like jaguar, quetzal and snakes. According to researchers, 50% of the total classified vertebrate animals are endemic. The National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (conabio by its Spanish acronym) is one of the institutions with significant registers of the endemic fauna. Reports show that there are around 2,962 fishes, 361 amphibians, 864 reptiles, 1096 birds and 535 mammals. Our flag is protected with a legend represented in its shield, a pure symbol of the wealth and value of the Mexican flora and fauna. Among these species, we highlight the most emblematic. Amphibians: Axolotl, Oaxacan cecilia, large-crested toad. Reptiles: desert turtle, Mexican spiny-tailed iguana, Bothrops asper, coral snake and Mexican Pygmy Rattlesnake. Birds: mountain parrot, collared trogon, Tamaulipas pygmy owl and dwarf jay. Mammals: Tehuantepec Jackrabbit, volcano rabbit, pygmy spotted skunk and the Cozumel raccoon. Several laws have been created to protect these species, to defend them from human threats like hunting and pollution. Nonetheless, some of them are at risk of extinction or about to disappear, such as the scarlet macaw, Mexican grey wolf, ocelot, jaguar, puma, loggerhead sea turtle, Caribbean manatee, Mexican prairie dog, Central American tapir and the Vaquita.

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Opinion Leader

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Librado de la Torre Campos Medical director of the Medical Center of Kidney Diseases (cemerÂŽ), nephrologist

Chronic kidney disease: 21st-century epidemic


hronic kidney disease is considered a public health problem in Mexico, mainly due to its high prevalence and incidence, to the chronic or permanent behavior and the increase in mortality. It also represents a high cost for the health system, since it requires a high technical complexity to operate it.

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Nearly 10% of Mexicans have an extent of kidney disease, from which 2% present chronic kidney failure (ckd), and need a proper treatment to substitute the kidney function, such as peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis or, in the best scenarios, a kidney transplant. According to the register of kidney disease of U.S.A., Jalisco has one of the highest rates of ckd in the world, just below Taiwan. Each year, there are 421 new cases per 1 million inhabitants, moreover, we have the third place in the world with the highest ckd rate associated to Diabetes Mellitus, 58% of these patients have diabetes as the main cause of kidney damage. Kidney diseases can be prevented, but, unfortunately, there is no cure for it and it can be progressive, silent and symptomless until very advanced stages, once the treatment like dialysis and transplant are highly invasive and expensive. Many countries like ours, lack of enough resources to cover the treatments for everyone, adding that there aren’t enough nephrologists in the country. Is it possible to solve the problem of chronic kidney failure? The answer is yes, with prevention. It is possible to prevent this disease if a true cultural impact in the people and the medical personnel is reached, generating actions to promote health care and kidney care to avoid the evolution of precursory diseases such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, overweight, and obesity, which together, lead to more than 80% of the cases of this terrible disease. It is really important to recognize risk factors in order to detect people that already have the disease and to avoid its evolution to a chronic failure. Thus, the recommendation is that every person with diabetes, arterial hypertension, obesity and overweight, with a chronic consumption of painkillers, and with family history, is assessed in order to discard any kidney damage. If the disease is early diagnosed, the evolution or complications can be prevented.


It is possible to prevent chronic kidney failure if a true cultural impact in the community and medical personnel is achieved, generating actions to promote health care and kidney care.�

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COACHING CORPORATE STRATEGY FOR UNPRECEDENT RESULTS New labels to tag things or actions constantly come up in our society. For a while now, the word “coaching” is regularly used and it has also been used in a generalized form in organizations. Coaching is a discipline that eases processes for the establishment of goals, which can be applied to any kind of communication problem, both entrepreneur or personal. Coaching is an accompaniment that transports people from one place to another; from the current state to the desired one. Coaching works with people’s mind, the meanings, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and actions, to reach fixed objectives by using the client’s own resources and skills –which are supported in motivation, responsibility, and creativity.

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Origins of the word coach The word comes from the name of Kocs, a Hungarian town 62 miles north-west of Budapest that effectively managed to move people from one place to another. The coaching that we currently know appeared in the mid-seventies when Timothy Gallwey realized that an athlete’s worst enemy was his or her own mind, thus, he wrote a series of books about it; the first edition called “The Inner Game of Tennis” sets the basis of the paradigm of coaching.

Sir John Whitmore successfully adjusted the proceeding to the British business environment and it became what we now know as corporate coaching.

Since the beginning, the method showed amazing results to help people overcome mental blocks and obtain a greater performance. After some time,

In order to have work teams that achieve goals and objectives, there must be highly-trained and motivated people and a management system with high levels of

equilibrium in every stage of life, not only in the professional aspects.

EXECUTIVE COACHING Type of coaching aimed to reach objectives and development of executives and directors of business organizations.

There are three types of coaching: CORPORATE COACHING It is a result-oriented coaching that can be achieved by helping the entrepreneur and executives to reach the company’s objectives and to improve professional goals.

PERSONAL COACHING Known also as life coaching, based on working with the “being” and “doing”, it is focused on specific personal projects.

Ma. Teresa Gómez Maldonado International certification on Coaching with nlp (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Intern and Master’s degree in NeuroLinguistic Programming Diploma course on Focus by d.e.i. Desarrollo estratégico Integral & Quantum Leap, Inc. (John Grinder, co-creator of nlp) www.teregomez.com

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National Pride


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The Medical Center for Kidney Diseases (cemerÂŽ by its Spanish acronym) is an organization with the objective of guaranteeing a quality medical treatment to patients that live with a kidney disease.


Auge de México Health and Lifestyle

Formed by a highly-qualified team and headed by the prestigious medical doctors Librado de la Torre Campos and Juan Luis Contreras Rodríguez, they provide its services in Jalisco, Mexico. The center offers comprehensive attention that covers every multiple dimension of kidneyrelated diseases, from the initial diagnosis, general evaluation, handling of individual strategies for the protection, care and monitoring of the patient in any stage of the disease; to alternative treatments of the kidney function, such as hemodialysis, intensive care therapies (with the PrismaFlex system) and organ replacement through a transplant. The Medical Center for Kidney Diseases branches its activities to optimize and facilities the patient’s process of dealing with the disease. It has hemodialysis units (Dialicare) located at different strategic points in Jalisco. Focused on alternative treatments of the kidney function, using leading-edge medical equipment, under the care of specialized nursing personnel and the monitoring of certified nephrologists. In addition, its services include nutrition, psychology, urology and lab studies. The center works along with the Highspecialty Transplant Unit (unitae by its Spanish acronym), which has stood out in Jalisco by being one of the private surgical medical teams to perform more kidney transplants. Its activities are carried out inside the renown Puerta de Hierro Sur Medical Center. cemer®, a center committed to health, has developed personalized medicine strategies with the goal of improving health conditions and life expectancy of each patient. Its physicians work tirelessly to become the best alternative for people that suffer any kidney condition.

www.cemer.mx www.unitae.mx

@CEMERJalisco @TrasplanteRenal

+52 (33) 1522 0000 +52 (33) 1655 8014

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Bestground Organic 100% Mexican honey

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n addition of providing products that contribute the health of the family, Bestground also offers the ancient benefits of organic honey, produced in the Mayan region of Calakmul.

Honey is a food with incredible qualities for health. Its benefits are known since the beginning of times, and, were even the most important tribute in the Mayan region for the Aztec empire. Obtaining this quintessential sweetener is not easy, it requires time and effort, both for apiculture and producers; the bees.


Auge de MĂŠxico Health and Lifestyle

There are different qualities of honey; some of them are differentiated by the handling of the beekeeper and the production areas: this is where conventional honey separates from the organic. The honey that Bestground offers, in addition to being organic, is produced in one of the most amazing regions of the country, in Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, located in Campeche, with a surface of 7,231,000 m2. The second biggest jungle in the continent is declared as World Heritage Property by unesco since it has a Mayan archaeological site. Thanks to these factors, since 2012, Bestground works along with Mayan apiculture communities to provide a quality service which will be the perfect ally to have a healthy lifestyle. Taking this honey home with you, you are contributing to the development and welfare of the people involved in the process of honey making, people from Mayan communities.



+52 (33) 3648 9901

National Pride

Charros de Jalisco Benchmark of the comprehensive development of Mexican society.


alisco’s representing team recognizes that fans are the reason that drives the team to win inside and outside the country. Therefore, with solidarity with Mexicans, the team used the stadium as a collection center to help the people that were affected by the earthquakes in the center and south of the country.

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Auge de México Health and Lifestyle

One of the most significant and beloved baseball teams in the country is Charros de Jalisco, who has made history in Guadalajara thanks to its victories in national and international series, and, mainly, by the great love and support that the team receives from the audience. Just a few days away from the beginning of the season 2017-2018, the team is anxiously waiting for the audience, from children to the elders –which have been followers of the team since 1946, when their name was “Pozoleros”. According to official data, last year, the stadium received more than 3 million people, which meant a 5.5% increase in attendees, whereof 50% were families. For this reason, each game is filled with a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. Due to the increase of fans and the growth in social networks, the team adapts to the needs of the audience with its social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Spotify. Thanks to this innovation, Charros is the leader in the Pacific Mexican League (LMP by its Spanish acronym), both in results and reach in social media. Charros de Jalisco is formed by a team of talented players, some of them have been awarded by the LMP and by the Major League Baseball with the Gold Glove, such as Agustín Murillo “El Guty”, Amadeo Zazueta and Carlos Figueroa. Solidarity with Mexico Social responsibility is part of the team, this is why after the earthquakes that struck the country in September, the team enabled a collection center in the stadium, open every day. With this contribution, Charros de Jalisco gives affection back to the people that have been with them for over 71 years. If Mexico is fine, Charros will find a driving force to obtain more victories.


Charros de Jalisco Béisbol



+52 (33) 3656 2902

Medal to Industrial Achievement 2017

The Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco awarded Rosario Mendoza, creator or Takasami, with the Medal to the Industrial Achievement. Also, the career of distinguished industrial entrepreneurs was recognized and different authorities and entrepreneurs were present in the event.

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mind’s third anniversary

mind (Mexico, Innovation, and Design) celebrated its third anniversary as a promoter of innovation and creativity of the Mexican talent. During an event in MIND’s facilities, Manuel Herrera passed the direction of the company to Daniel Curiel, Coordinator of the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (concamin).

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Seventh Summit of Entrepreneurs amcham

National and international leaders gathered in the Seventh Summit of Entrepreneurs amcham, where they discussed subjects of labor and technology innovation, with the goal of sharing their experiences with businessmen and women of Jalisco.

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xxvi Foro Inmobiliario ampi

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (ampi) celebrated its xxvi Real Estate Forum with the topic “Reinventing the property activities�, which gathered experts, entrepreneurs, and analysts to debate the current situation of this sector in Mexico.

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Opera Gala by José Cuervo Foundation

The magical town of Tequila lightened his night with the magnificent voice of the soprano Bárbara Padilla in an opera gala hosted by José Cuervo Foundation. The event was held in the Great hall of Hacienda Centenario where the audience enjoyed the rhythm of popular Mexican songs.

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