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Agave syrup is one the sugar substitutes with highest demand in the beverage and food industry in developed countries.

The legacy of agave in the retail market Agave is 100% Mexican and it is mostly known by the production of tequila, however, great benefits coming from the plant have been recently found. Among these benefits are its great percentage of fiber and its utility as natural sweetener, which helps diminishing the obesity rate in population, as well as increasing life quality by preventing diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer and other gastro-intestinal issues. The concept of Natura BioFoods started in 2009. Under the strategic leadership of Julio CĂŠsar Carelli, the company found its own niche by exporting its products to European and Asian countries. However, its expansion managed to conquer the retail market with a line of products for the common consumer, as well as its gourmet line for cocktails, coffee shops and for cuisine lovers.

Premium agave syrup

Standard agave syrup

Organic bee honey

Fruit jelly with agave syrup, agave inulin and chia

Dehydrated powdered nopal

Currently, Natura BioFoods has a production plant of 160 tons and another packing plant with a range of 40 bottles per minute. Its high quality level in manufacture and bottling process has granted the company different international certifications, which places the food sector of the country in the international glance. Moreover, in 2017 Natura BioFoods will be present in practically every supermarket chain in the country, additionally, it is currently conquering American territories beginning with Texas to then continue with its expansion throughout the country.


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