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Gardhí Vila’s professional career is well known for being a strategic partner of companies and institutions that are listed in Fortune 500. Its contribution to the Mexican economy lies in a sense of international reach that is justified with the great number of Free Trade Agreements (fta’s) t hat t he c o unt r y has. Moral values are the basis of the practice of the professionalism that distinguishes Gardhí Vila. Its association with national and international firms diversify its service offer, which is committed to the needs of its people and country while it joins efforts to provide value within their possibilities. With the opening of foreign trade practice, Gardhí Vila wants to be established in the leadership of legal firms to satisfy the needs of its clients through the constant contact, open communication, warm treatment and constant update of its team professionals. Regarding the foreign trade, the firm promotes the economic and business development of the country, and offers different types of consulting; from proceedings to obtain exportation and importation permits, verification of the classification of merchandise according to finance and customs laws, preventive audit in foreign trade, litigation against resolutions where tax credits are determined, consulting for the

presentation of the annual report of companies with the program immex, to the training of personnel from the customs department of those enterprises with foreign trade operations. Gardhí Vila is an international benchmark of endorsement and safety in international matters that offers trust in proceedings of the export sector, vigorously contributing to the Auge of transnational commercial relationships.



Gardhí Vila is formed by specialized lawyers in Foreign Trade, Administrative Law, Acquisitions and Merging, Urban, Fiscal, Corporate and Criminal Development.

(+52) (33) 1204 0477

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Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes

Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes