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The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (ampi by its Spanish acronym) is aware that the professionalization of the real estate sector is a key element to make the spaces more efficient and to confront the challenges these spaces represent; such as the investors’ expected performance of 7% to 8%, the growth, in just a decade, of 163% in the so called “real zone” of Guadalajara, and the growing acceptance of vertical products in the premium zones of the city. This context is constantly encouraging the work of ampi in the process of understanding and attending the nature of investors, searching for opportunity areas and developing actions that approach the regional real estate sector to give adequate solutions to each investor. This way, they stay at the forefront in the new niches of the market and employ new technologies to protect the heritage of society. ampi Guadalajara carries out real estate forums,

the biggest in the country, with the goal of training association and to present them the most qualified experts in the area so they can share their knowledge and experience with the group. Different professionals also take part in these forums, such as developers, real estate professionals and local and national strategic allies so the experience in the dynamics of networking among them becomes real in an atmosphere of culture, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The xxv Forum ampi Guadalajara:

Vanguard and Real estate Technology was carried out on September 2.

Rosa Celina Ruiz Velasco Franco, President of ampi Guadalajara received José Palacios Jiménez, Minister of Economic Development of Jalisco; Octavio Dominguez, Director of the Housing Institute of Jalisco (ijalvi) and the President of ampi Mexico, Gustavo Solares.

With these actions, ampi not only reunites people that work in the real estate industry, but it also dignifies that practice of the field, protects the rights of private property and grants security, trust and representation to their associates. This allows them to connect and explore new markets at national and international level.



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Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes

Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes