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The opening was carried out in the commercial area of Guadalajara with the Secretary of Economic Development of Jalisco, José Palacios Jiménez as special guest. Palacios pointed out the great work and commitment of Adriana Corona with the society of Jalisco; a society that dreams on starting a new business.

“The goal of these encounters is to encourage the youth to know the business opportunities available and to have a social responsibility in order to achieve projects that benefit society and to leave a mark.” José Palacios Jiménez The conference was held for two days, and just as the previous seven editions, the importance of the development, innovation and undertaking as foundations of an active and financially stable society. Business leadership: conferences with a great scope How to innovate a company regardless of its size. “An idea is innovative only if it is introduced to a market and if it survives.” Edgar Ramírez and Verónica Baños.

The conferences were given by experts in the commercial area. The subjects focused on the businessmen as leader and on the company as a far-reaching project.

The secrets of money. Francisco González shared the magic formula to reach financial success, covering concepts such as savings, income and investment.

High-impact leadership. Adriana Corona shared with the assistants the characteristics of a leader that is capable of outlining a vision and making other people fulfill it.

How the personal wellbeing influences in the greatness of a business. Eduardo Masse emphasized the role of science in the personal wellness as the basis of productivity. How to find the distinctive feature of your business. “Any product that wants to survive in the current market must offer at least one distinctive feature to guarantee sales.” Jorge Meza Ahumada.

A high-impact leader must be capable of living according to his or her values. How to negotiate to be achieve success. “The way to move forward and achieve your goals is the negotiation”, said Pedro Carvajal. Neurotic companies and their consequences. According to Joaquín Marban, the extinction or success of a company is highly related to the intern attitudes and actions of the leaders and employees. Neurotic or dysfunctional companies do not allow the free and horizontal communication.

Optimize the service in your business. “The new marketing of business is done through a mix of elements that make the clients feel special and important”, stated Miguel Uribe.

Making strong teams through positivity. Leonel Nogueda highlighted the influence of a positive leader as a promoter of the personal and commercial success of each person.

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Emotional intelligence as the principle of high performance. Marisela Velazco listed the benefits of emotional intelligence in a business environment, among which are: improvement on the work environment, increase on productivity, improvement in communication and strengthen of leadership.

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Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes

Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes