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Advantages of the register and protection of patents and intellectual property: - Granting of exclusive rights of a certain innovation or design

- Exclusive use of a name (brand) - Legal certainty

- Patent of inventions and register of industrial designs - Cost reduction and investment refund

- Incomes through concession of their brand’s licenses - Efficiency in government procedures

The correct management of the intellectual and industrial resources create a high added value to products and services that are offered, while it endorses the companies in their internal processes to establish their position in the international markets. ap & alzati has experts and highly trained professionals with the ideal experiences to provide consultancy as well as sincere, creative and innovating solutions according to the needs and impacts of its clients, focused not only to the protection of intangible assets of its companies, but directing its efforts towards the search of the most adequate protection in relation to the medium and long term projection.

For this, ap & alzati is immersed in a network of collaborators and partners throughout the world so the interference of its clients in the different markets can be expanded to different countries, since it recognizes that the promotion of intellectual property and creative activity is a great opportunity of social and cultural progress, since the transformation of knowledge and development creates more knowledge and development.

“The granting of industrial property rights is rules by the territorial principle. Therefore, the register of patents must be a priority in the protection of intangible assets in Mexico and the countries that receive our exportations.�


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Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes

Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes