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AMPI - GDL. Culture and constant professionalization for the real estate sector. P. 54

People in Auge. Business events of great importance. P. 94

Ghardí Vila. Endorsement and security in global consultancy and international trials. P. 72

Editorial letter. P. 10


Corporate evolution. One step further in the conquer of the international market. By César de Anda P. 12 From the orbiters of nasa to the colonization of Mars. By Rodolfo Neri Vela P. 14 Healthy life. Knowledge and order for a balanced health. By Ignacio Regla P. 16


APRO. IPromoting Mexico with innovation in human talent. P. 30 AMCHAM: Trade&Invest Center. New business opportunities for the bilateral relationship of Mexico and The United States. P. 30 AP & ALZATI. Trust and protection of the industrial and intellectual heritage of Mexico. P. 34 REVKO. Strengthening the Mexican production of technology accessories. P. 38 VIII Business Development Conference. Activate the greatness of your business. P. 42 Santo Coyote. The best host. P. 48 GP Logistics. Conquering the management of logistics at international level. P. 52

Hospital Lomas Providencia. Leader in comprehensive gynecology and short stay surgeries. P. 78 BambúOrganik. The power of turning an idea to a company for the benefit of the mexican family. P. 84 Fit as Well - Healthy ecosystems. Solutions for a healthy life style based on information and communication technology (ict). P. 86 Natura Bio Foods. Conquering the retail market with high nutritional value processed foods. P. 92


ConAgra. Investments on shared lands. P. 40


Yelapa. Inspiration and delight. P. 56


CECUT: 34 years promoting culture in Tijuana. P. 64 Alvaro Cuevas. Creating an art industry in Mexico. P. 68


Personalized Medicine. A reality in prevention. P. 82 Peace, hope and healing. The spiritual health in the comprehensive well-being. P. 88

editorial board

María Eugenia Jiménez Zaragoza president grupo auge

Alejandro de León Jiménez

general director

Raúl Padilla López

president of fundación universidad de guadalajara a. c.

Juan Rafael Mejorada Flores

general coordinator of business competitiveness, secretaría de desarrollo económico de jalisco

Dr. Héctor Enrique Salgado Rodríguez general director of the instituto tecnológico superior de zapopan

Dr. Bernardino Castillo Toledo

director of cinvestav campus guadalajara

José García Macías

general director of corporative macías dueñas

Patricia Flores Ozuna journalist

Profile for Auge de México

Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes

Adriana Corona  

Activating the greatness of your businnes