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Marisa Lazo:

Undertaking in the gastronomic sector DIGITAL DOWNLOAD



Letter from the President

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Letter from the Editor María Eugenia Jiménez Zaragoza

president grupo Auge


Alejandro de León Jiménez general director

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By: María Eugenia Jiménez Zaragoza, President of Grupo Auge.

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n each edition of Auge de México, my favorite part is to search and find projects that show an innovating and talented country that is passionate about moving forward. We are starting a year that can be difficult because of the uncertainty caused by the world’s political and economic reorder. However, it is our responsibility to keep going, and it is our duty to maintain a union that protects us, provides us and drives us.

Each page of this issue has been conceived as an opportunity to talk about the talent and opportunities that we can take to make Mexico, a country in Auge. Each subject, each leader, each article represent an unstoppable strength that distinguishes us. It is time to go out and raise our voice for a productive nation, filled of entrepreneurs and business people with sustainable projects and innovating ideas. As it is mentioned in one of our pages, “there is talent, resources, support, but there is a lack of motivation”.

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Get involved and act. Support social institutions, get to know the Mexican art, immerse yourself in the industry and inspire the entrepreneur. Mexico has the opportunity of showing its value; in Auge de México, we join the collective desire of strengthening the role of the country as an autonomous, sustainable and beautiful nation.

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Editor´s Choice In moments of great

To reach success in the

state of Jalisco chooses

must detect the needs of

changes in the world, the to be the protagonist in

the economic environment of 2017.


Mexican undertaking, we the market and provide an

extra service and a product of high quality.

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Opinion Leader p.12 José Palacios

Jalisco stronger than ever

p.24 Raúl Martin Porcel The new technologic generation

p.36 Roger Viera Driving Talent

p.48 José Medina Mora

Positive leadership for the growth of Mexico

p.60 Mario Vargas Llosa The identity of the Latin American literature

p.72 Marisa Lazo

Undertaking in the gastronomic sector

p.82 Alberto González

Innovation and ecology, synonyms of undertaking

p.8 Rigoberta Menchú

Peace crusade for Latin America

Literature, in addition of being an exceptional entertainment and of giving us a great pleasure, contributes to the diminish of violence. It also contributes to the civic, politic, social and cultural development, but mainly, literature awakens the critical spirit in the citizens. The progress of humanity, although hard to demonstrate, is due, mainly, to the influence that the fictitious expression has on the reader. Mario Vargas Llosa


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industry and manufacture


tourism and gastronomy




gp logistics. Reliable logistic solutions.



The boom of the automotive industry in Mexico.


Siembra Capitales. Work to transcend.

Sayulita and Tequila. The most visited destinations in Mexico.




sanmina méxico. Consolidating the

manufacturing and export industry of Mexico.


The Industrial Park San Jorge. The challenge in mexican productivity.


Cotton Republic. Evolution and textile vanguard.

innovation, technology and design p.26

The impact of technology in your company.


Pounce. Designing the present and future.


CompuSoluciones. Valuable wholesaler that incorporates solutions and services.


cobrafilms. Freedom under its own rules.


Karla Aparicio. Conceptual design.

infrastructure and development p.40

The first airplane made in Mexico.

Grupo Casgo. Searching for excellence to reach transcendence.

services and trade p.50

The new allies of Mexico.


Bestground. Conquering the Middle East from Mexico.


Gardhí Vila®. Renowned experience in a global level.


Yelapa. Inspiration and delight.

health and lifestyle p.84

The promise of dying in style.


Takasami. Design without borders.


Prentis. Discover a sport filled with emotions.


People in Auge. editorial board

ap & alzati. Intellectual property for the

María Eugenia Jiménez Zaragoza

Mexican entrepreneur.

president grupo auge

education and culture

general director

Alejandro de León Jiménez

Raúl Padilla López


The best kept secret of Kukulkán.


Alejandro Loccoco. The message of an art work.


president of fundación universidad de guadalajara a. c.

Juan Rafael Mejorada Flores general coordinator of business competitiveness, secretaría de desarrollo económico de jalisco

Dr. Héctor Enrique Salgado Rodríguez general director of the instituto tecnológico superior de zapopan

José García Macías

Checa. Awakening the mind of the spectator.

director general corporativo macías dueñas



Patricia Flores Ozuna

Simón Cruz. The brilliance of the painter, sculptor and designer.

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Rigoberta Menchú Peace crusade for Latin America

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1992) and Príncipe de Asturias Price on International Cooperation (1998) is a woman that represents a constant struggle in the defense of human rights, the rights of indigenous peoples and the rights of women.

Rigoberta Menchú Tum. January 9, 1959. Guatemala. Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1992, in recognition of her work for social justice and ethno-cultural reconciliation based on respect for the rights of indigenous peoples.

Born in January 9, 1959 in the roots of the quiche Mayan group, her fight for the defense of the native people in Guatemala was an influence factor in the internationalization of the alarming situation in which the Guatemalan population was living as a result of the civil war. After several years of conflict, through the mediation and negotiation between the government and organizations of the guerrilla, a peace agreement was signed in 1996. Since then, Rigoberta Menchú has been an Ambassador of the United Nations for indigenous people in the world.

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Auge de México Special Article

In 1992, during the celebration of the 500 anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival to America, Rigoberta Menchú was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, thanks to the nomination made by indigenous organizations, with the goal of raising an international awareness that the discovering of America, by the hands of the European, ended in the extermination and suppression of indigenous populations. In the framework of the 30th anniversary of the International Book Fair, Rigoberta Menchú visited Guadalajara and expressed her opinion about the global situation that worries the common citizen. She also gave a conference focused on equity, justice and human rights in Latin America, along with the social activist Eduardo Verástegui. “Twenty five years ago, a new page in the Central and Latin American history was created, a page in the history of the indigenous peoples. The world embraced the slogan of Freedom for the indigenous peoples wherever in the world they are, in their lands. In Guatemala, the Nobel Prize came to endorse the visibility and global attention towards the cruelty done to the indigenous populations. For over 200,000 Guatemalans, a new journey of return was beginning. The return of refugees to Guatemala began.” “You have to believe in your values and principles. If you don’t believe in what you do, you can’t do it right, you have to believe. I believe in talking, in the mediation and negotiation; in everything we can to before turning to violence. When you think about the many things that you can do before fighting, your attitude changes.” “As external agents, we must be informed and know about the subjects. If we don’t know about an issue, we can’t get involved. If we join to the conflict without understanding the background, we end up fighting or become a fighter.” p. 9


Among kidnappings, tortures and de-humanization, Latin America has to turn around and see its own self-esteem, see what makes it unique. Only with this can we achieve an improvement in society.”

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“Our population has an amazing dream and wants a fantastic development, but this fantasy never comes, and we remain in a fictional world. Nonetheless, social realities surpass the real fiction because people have a lack of companionship. It is essential that we build a route of imagination; of how we want our society, of how we want our education and what are our goals. Corruption and racism are a global epidemic that in order to fight it, we need a social dimension, cooperation and love for one another.”


Auge de México Special Article

“ ”

Both in the United States, and in other American countries, exists an upheaval that creates expectations and social depression because people believe that they can lose many things. However, a message of optimism against fear is needed, because no matter who is in charge of a country, there are rules, agreements and treaties that provide guarantee and certainty.

Photography: © Courtesy by FIL Guadalajara / Gonzalo García

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Opinion Leader

Industry / Manufacture

JosÊ Palacios JimÊnez Secretary of Jalisco’s Economic Development

Jalisco stronger than ever


n times of great changes in the world, Jalisco chooses to be the protagonist and not just a spectator. Far from settling with the good results of 2016, the state is willing to face challenges and to take advantage of the opportunities to continue to drive the economic development in benefit of society.

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Opinion Leader

Beyond the cloudy panorama of the economic situation of 2017, Jalisco has what it takes to move forward and overcome its own records, with the strength of its human capital. In general terms, the numbers of last year’s close reflect the dynamism of the entity in several areas. The income of productive investment through strategies promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development (sedeco by its Spanish acronym) stand out, as well as the creation of a historical figure of jobs and the growth in exportations. These factors are the result of the joint work. Throughout the year, we welcomed significant projects like the new plant of child nutrition of Nestlé in Ocotlán, the newest of the Swiss corporation in the world. In the line of regional development, Jalisco assured an important industrial park in Parques de Lagos, in Lagos de Moreno, which is recognized as the “star” of the manufacture corridor of the Bajío because of the service that it provides to the vehicle assembly plants in the area.

The best behavior of Jalisco’s economy, compared with the national average in several areas, also contributed to the growth of the goal of job creation in 2016, above the labor market’s demands to fulfill the demographic bonus, which is the amount of jobs required to employ the graduates that join the labor activity each year. In 2016, 88,982 new formal jobs were created, a figure that represents the highest historical creation of jobs in the state. This creation of jobs places Jalisco as the second state with greater job creations for the second year in a row. This way, Jalisco closes the year with a growth rhythm of employment of 5.8%, surpassing the national average of 4.1% and contributing with 12 out of each 100 jobs in the country. The challenges of 2017 are big and Jalisco is prepared to pass the obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities.

The sum of great projects that decided to stablish in Jalisco allowed the foreign direct investment (fdi) to surpass the annual goal of one thousand one hundred million dollars three months before the end of the year. In the third trimester of 2016, the foreign direct investment achieved 1,639.6 billion dollars, but the investments didn’t come only from United States, they also came from Israel, Germany, Japan, China and The Netherlands. Countries that ratified our state as a significant destination for investments.

Beyond the cloudy panorama of the economic situation of 2017, Jalisco has what it takes to move forward and overcome its own records.”

p. 13

Industry / Manufacture

The boom of the

automotive industry in Mexico 2017 begins with changes, daring decisions and uncertainty, however, the industries remain strong considering this circumstances. Industries that have highly surpass the expectations in foreign investment, economic development and impetus on innovation and talent. The automotive industry closed 2016 with historic numbers in production, export and sell of vehicles that at the same time, managed to incorporate the manufacture of high quality and luxury unities, as well as the massive sale of unities.


ccording to speakers from the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (amia by its Spanish acronym), Mexico is the 7th producer in the world of vehicles, the 4th in exportation of vehicles and the 5th in exportation of vehicle parts. These positions make this sector one of the greatest contributors in the creation of currencies, as well as strengthening the economy of the country. However, there are some opportunities that might bring a greater growth. Speaking of the commercialization of light vehicles, the reactivation of the intern market is considered as one of the key points to bring economic income and the creation of jobs. From January to November of last year, 1,411,105 new cars were sold, which in relation to the same lapse of 2015 marks an improvement of 18.5%.

p. 14

The introduction of used cars from other countries, mainly from United States, to our country, decreases the development of the industry; therefore, there are certain actions that are done to revert this effect and to promote the acquisition of recent models. These actions will not only activate the national economy, but is a factor of direct change in the environmental condition of the cities. By the end of 2016, the president of the Special Commission for the Automotive Industry of the Chamber of Deputies, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, suggested a tax incentive that favors the renovation of fleet for business vehicles through a rise to the annual deductible rate. The newer the automobiles, the lesser the pollution and greater the protection of highways and streets.


Industry / Manufacture

By the end of October of the past year, 835,748 vehicles cero kilometers were acquired through the diverse financing plans that exist in the market. This digit represents a rise of 26.5% –which is expected to increase in this year. In total, 66.5% of the cars bought in this period were commercialized through credit. The automotive industry is set to be one of the bases of the Mexican economy. Even with the recent changes in the world’s trade dynamic, Mexico continues its expansion offering an environment of investment that is extremely attractive to the world. According to the Dialogue of the Automotive Industry of the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors, the companies that this sector encompasses have a significant presence in the country; with 18 productive buildings distributed in 11 states and 1.8 million employees. The boom of this sector will continue is growth throughout the years with the incorporation of new technologies and the adoption of new fuel alternatives. The industry creates an impact in 157 economic activities of the country, in addition of being the driving force of the development for the exportation and globalization of Mexico.

Even with the recent changes in the world’s trade dynamic, Mexico continues its expansion offering an environment of investment that is extremely attractive to the world.

p. 15

National Company

SANMINA MEXICO Consolidating the manufacturing and export industry of Mexico


anmina Mexico is an inclusive company of the highest international profile that is directed by Mexicans and has offices in 5 states in Mexico, 15,000 collaborators and 11 plants. It provides high technology products and Mexican mental labor to the markets of world consumption.

p. 16


Auge de MĂŠxico Industry and Manufacture

sanmina is part of the industrial exportation sector; it addresses its efforts to create an adequate business environment in Mexico for capital attraction and the consolidation of a platform of opportunities for the national labor force. It also contributes in the favor and development of creativity and social talent, creating a productivity culture, competitiveness and social responsibility in every community where they have industrial plants.

It is the first contract manufacturing industry in Jalisco, and it has relations with Mexico since almost 30 years. It serves, mainly, the automotive, aerospace, medical and telecommunication sectors. Furthermore, the company acknowledges its positioning in a challenging industry that follows trends. For this reason, it looks for the constant innovation to be at the forefront in the new advanced manufacturing and automation processes, as well as the creation of projects of postmanufacturing generation of added value and the design of environment friendly products. This is how the company has taken advantage of the demographic bonus to attract people with the necessary skills to industry. This will generate a competitive legal framework in terms of fiscal, foreign trade and competitiveness; thus, assisting in the reinforcement of the industry as the main economic motor of the country. sanmina has offices in Jalisco, Chihuahua, Nuevo LeĂłn, Tamaulipas and Mexico City. This is legitimized by various quality certifications, environmental care and social responsibility, among which the National Exportation Award, National Logistics Award, National Work Award, Socially and Family Responsible Company Award, and the National Quality Award stand out. Moreover, the company has a wide scope of certifications in international systems and standards. To this day, sanmina continues growing in the power industry by producing consumables and tools for the companies that work in the fuel extraction in the world. It is also in constant training and preparation to face the manufacturing generation 4.0, which will revolutionize the current conception of the industry.




(+52) (33) 3668 9800

National Company

The Industrial Park San Jorge The productivity challenge in mexican infrastructure


he Industrial Park San Jorge has consolidated itself as a valuable asset of Jalisco’s economic promotion in the development of spaces, infrastructure, plots and industrial units. They contribute to the state’s improvement by the generation of ideas. They are a company committed to job creation and business opportunities, thus improving the productivity within the national market.

p. 18


Auge de MĂŠxico Industry and Manufacture

Their first level infrastructure services are sustained with the Certification ampip, generating favorable conditions for the development of each present company in their industrial park. Thanks to their Certification of the Mexican Norm nmx-r-046-scfi-2011, they grow in a dynamic form in real estate business matters for the generation of urban order, economic income and taxes for the state. They are part of Jalisco’s business center coparmex, reason why they have developed a strategic vision developing a place with an excellent geographic location and infrastructure of global competition for companies that require of a strategic place to install their productivity plant. The character of the Industrial Park San Jorge is oriented to a leadership with vision to future, reason why they have anticipated to the challenges that the private initiative faces, which are a result of the demand’s development. In the Industrial Park San Jorge, the investors have a place with legal certainty to develop their expansion projects and to generate wealth in the community, thus being an economic model of the state of Jalisco.



(+52) (33) 3613 6604 (+52) (33) 3614 9684


p. 21

National Company

Cotton Republic Evolution and textile vanguard


ctive, dedicated and influential professionals need complementary clothes for their work style that can provide distinction, comfort and security to them. Cotton Republic is a worldwide model of quality in uniforms for specialized professions that offers a distinctive appearance to its clients while protecting them in any risk situation in the work area.

p. 22


Auge de México Industry and Manufacture

Its line of design, related to the technology used in its production and present in its raw material, has made of Cotton Republic a factor of growth and evolution in the clothing industry. Its presence in Mexico, mostly in Jalisco, has extended to such point that it is estimated that the company will soon reach the American, Canadian and European market.

Cotton Republic: Confidence, formality, quality and safety in executive, industrial, school, medical, and tactical uniforms as well as equipment for industrial safety.

There is no better certification or award than the one offered by your own clients. Cotton Republic is a company specialized in the complete satisfaction of its clients, thanks to its creative and exponential product catalogue that offers uniforms and industrial safety equipment, with garments that are resistant to chlorine, because its color lasts up to more than 100 washing cycles with hypochlorite without displaying some kind of deterioration. Vanguard in the evolution of dressmaking Standardizing the world with vanguard textile technology, each garment designed in Cotton Republic has exclusive characteristics that guarantee quality, comfort and durability. Cotton Republic is a first level company with an integral and experienced vision that is aware of the industrial safety and commercial appearance needs of its clients. Thanks to the undertaking of new businesses lines and production techniques, nowadays it works to make their products accessible to any professional through retail stores and distribution in self-service establishments on a national level. Influencing in a positive way in the country’s economic growth, Cotton Republic carries with honor its recognition of Mexico’s Pride Company.



(+52) (33) 3612 2727 (+52) (33) 3612 2828 (+52) (33) 3612 2929

Opinion Leader

Innovation / Technology / Design

RaĂşl Martin Porcel ceo Campus Party MĂŠxico

The new technologic generation


n the last twenty years we have witnessed how technology has broke into every industry. The first industry to suffer a great evolution and disruption was the music industry, buying a record is something that almost no one thinks anymore. Other industries like taxi or hotels are in a current transformation thanks to the applied technology of projects like Uber or airbnb.

p. 24


Opinion Leader

The next big revolutions will be in the automotive industry, where humans will stop driving vehicles with the greatest consequences that this will bring to job positions and economy that currently depend on transportation.

the Mexican tradition of handling the costs of parties like XV años among friends and family, I am sure that there is place for a project that can make this task easier with the use of smart phones; this would make the life of millions of Mexicans easier.

The transformation of current factories into “smart factories” it is already known as the Forth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, where robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things join to many other technologies to achieve more efficient and eco-friendly processes, but without too much participation of humans.

In Mexico, the new generation of entrepreneurs is getting stronger than ever and the supports to regions like Jalisco, which is known as the capital of innovation or the Silicon Valley of Latin America, along with the significant national efforts developed by inadem, are setting the bases for a promising future for Mexico and its economy. We must continue to support the Mexican talent because that is the future.

For the last 5 years, the use of smart phones has rise because the cost of low range terminals has diminished, allowing an access to connectivity and use of apps to millions of persons. Social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instragram or Twitter are accessible to almost every current terminal in the market, which, also bear the installation of any app that can be developed. In light of this panorama, the new generations live in an environment that is completely linked to the development of services and undertaking, which can easily reach millions of people. This development provides more reachable technologies with models like the free software, which democratize technology and erases many barriers. The key is the adaptation of new technologies to the needs of people, since each society has particularities and cultures that can be digitalized and present great opportunities. Let’s think for a moment in

In light of this panorama, the new generations live in an environment that is completely linked to the development of services and undertaking, which can easily reach millions of people.”

p. 25

Innovation / Technology / Design

The impact of

technology in your company In a reality that is mainly digital, the human being has passed from a mechanic stage to an existence where words like cloud, network, connection and social, have expanded their meaning to adapt into an environment that 30 years ago seemed fiction. Technology can be considered as a tool for the development and progress of society because of its positive impact in sectors like economy, medicine, education and entertainment.


ith the unstoppable advance of technology, the main world powers have adapted an infrastructure and a development strategy for its inclusion in daily life. However, there is a delay that is called “digital gap”, and that, more than describing it as a problem; it is an opportunity for the growing economies to incorporate an archetype that allows the growth in business models. All of this is done to benefit the global community. No one can deny that we live in a world transformation characterized by the combination of digital, physical and biologic technology, which changes methodically our daily life and modifies our own perception of what it means to be human. This change presents as something really big and makes up what is now known as “Forth Industrial Revolution”, which characterizes mainly but the implementation of new systems that are based in a digital structure that alters extremely

p. 26

significant aspects, such as the way in which we produce, consume, transport, communicate and relate to each other. For this reason, digital technologies actively contribute to the economic and comprehensive grow of society due to its innovation impact. But, how does adapting and growing parallel to this technologic revolution changes actively the commercial panorama and business in the world? There isn’t a magic formula that guarantees a direct pass of your company to the technologic train, however, there are several premises that will give a different perspective and will allow a better opening of the market in your next business strategies. Big Data The access to massive data allows the localization of consumption, habits and route patterns, which among other significant references; allow an


Innovation / Technology / Design

establishment of a relevant guide about the daily activity of the user. This will open a range of options that you will be able to consider in your next planning of sells, marketing, engagement and more. Social Network The creation of social network has been a great help for the fast use of new information technologies. Added to the growing accessibility of smart phones, the great majority of young people are in a constant exposition to the biggest marketing display ever created. Generation Z It is true that the use of technology does not know any age limits, however, there is

a backwardness in its related use, directly in the years lived. This means that while a person older than 60 years old, has little or no contact with digital technologies, while those who were born after 2000, have had almost immediate access to innovation products, becoming one of the main markets for the sector. Access to internet The current population has at the reach of their hands a great quantity of information that will be impossible to assimilate. Therefore, people has found a display and catalogue of products in the web that allow them to compare, analyze and even buy without going out of their homes.

Free software The free access to source programs allows a better assimilation of digital technologies, in which you can avoid barriers regarding acquisition payments, memberships or rents. In conclusion, the advantages that technology provides us allow the people to define and transform their surroundings, make better and faster decisions. Technology provides us endless opportunities that if a company doesn’t make the most of them, it is going to be forgotten and displaced.

p. 27

National Pride


Designing the present and future

p. 28


he Mexican firm of design and innovation of high technology, Pounce, presents one of its projects with greater ecologic, economic and social impact: autonomous smart lighting, all in one street lamp. As part of its goals in the creation of innovating projects, the company, directed by the renowned entrepreneur, Roger Viera, has created an ideal solution for long-lasting and autonomous urban furniture with sustainable technology.


Auge de MĂŠxico Innovation, Technology and Design

This is lighting for street lighting which combines a smart system, ready to be used (plug and play). Among its more outstanding characteristics, stands out its power mode, which automatically turns off during the day, to turn on in the nights. Thanks to its autonomy, its installation doesn’t require connection to public lighting of the Federal Electricity Commission (cfe by its Spanish acronym), by not using any kind of cables, it reduces visual pollution and the risks of accidents by weather or human factors. Built with aluminum that resists high weather conditions, all in one street lamp can be used in any region without modifying or affecting the designated habitat, which makes it ideal for rural areas or areas with poor access. If this wasn’t enough, it has a self-sustaining system, which guarantees a 100% saving of electric energy thanks to the Battery ni-mh, which is used in self-driving automobiles Tesla. Its led lights work with a low voltage, offering a greater grade of luminescence without creating heat.



The uses of this urban lighting, designed, developed and produced by Mexican talent, are endless. It can be used in different environments because its structure is resistant to drastic temperature and vibration changes, in addition of not requiring maintenance. All in one street lamp is the ideal solution for municipalities and cities that are looking to be eco-friendly, optimize resources, reducing costs and make the urban image more beautiful. From the public lighting to farms and indigenous communities, smart lighting all in one street lamp is a project that will benefit the general society by producing light in an easy, simple and sustainable way. In this way, Pounce establishes its position as one of the greatest technological companies in the world by offering technological solutions that change the paradigm of lighting and improve the life quality and promote development.



+52 (33) 3648 9901

National Company

COMPUSOLUCIONES Valuable wholesaler that incorporates solutions and services


he development of the industry of Information and Communication Technologies has been a keystone in Jalisco in the electric manufacture, software development and professional services. This market is in constant evolution, for this reason, for 30 years, compusoluciones has established as a specialized company that provides timely responses to the lively sphere of technological systems.

p. 30


Auge de México Innovation, Tecnology y Design

The demand of solutions, plans and systems for the optimal functioning of every sector increase up to four each year. compusoluciones sells international brands like hp, ibm, Lenovo, Apple,

Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk, Amazon, Red Hat, Capella, Citrix, Vmware, sap, Veeam, McAfee, Symantec, Tripplite and Shoretel, among others. The company offers its clients security, mobility, network and collaboration, Big Data, business management, cloud and virtualization. For the 6th consecutive year, it received the recognition and has been certified as one of “The Best Mexican Companies”, in addition of being “Socially Responsible”.



With more than 500 collaborators, its corporate offices are in Guadalajara, Mexico City and Nuevo León, with operations to the rest of the country. Its excellent customer service, financial strength, professional and business development, as well as its work philosophy based on values is what characterizes the company. compusoluciones is, without a doubt, a

company worthy of representing Mexico.


(+52) (33) 5000 7777

Innovation / Technology / Design

Cobrafilms Freedom under its own rules


vรกn Lรณpez Barba is an audiovisual artist that bets for the Mexican talent. Its cinematographic producer of content, cobrafilms tells stories for any format, from the immensity of a show room, to the small screen of a smart phone.

p. 32


Innovation / Technology / Design

His experience and great creativity have allowed Iván López Barba to work with different artists, such as Vicente and Alejandro Fernández, Maná, Los Ángeles Azules and Jesse y Joy, among others. He has also collaborated with institutions and renowned brands, like Cirque du Soleil, Chivas TV, Vans, Red Bull and Vogue. Since 3 years ago, and in collaboration with Rubén R. Bañuelos, he founded cobrafilms, a company dedicated to the making of documentaries, shorts, series, commercials, videos and fiction films. Cinematographic power and focus With an outstanding career that includes a direct job with Boris Goldenblank in the renowned documentary Voces del subterráneo, Iván López Barba states that movies are one the most powerful tools that the world has to raise awareness and improve the situation of every people on earth. The vision of the Mexican filmmaker is to understand reality of the evolution of the artistic sector and adapt to changes. Currently, the filmmaking industry dedicates its entire effort to format and length, completely forgetting that the core of any production is history and the way you tell it. For this reason, it is essential to resume this original sense of the movies and find an echo in the distribution channels to share messages of value that can create a positive spark in the spectator’s mind. Iván López Barba is a director and producer that creates unique under his own rules. Thanks to his commitment, perseverance and honesty, he has represented our country in renowned movie festivals around the world, awarded with the Latin Grammy and the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.

www.cobrafilms.mx (52) 331 411 5426 info@cobrafilms.mx /Cobrafilms

p. 33

Photograph by : Yatzini De la Torre

Innovation / Technology / Design

Karla Aparicio Conceptual design


hat feelings do you experience when you enter a place perfectly design for your welfare? What do you feel when you get yourself into surprising places with extraordinary pieces that give so much to talk about? How does a product that is specially designed for you make you feel?

p. 34


Innovation / Technology / Design

The work of Karla Aparicio is a fusion of art and dreams; it is an idea that becomes alive. In her studio and with the help of a creative team, she dedicates her talent and knowledge to the creation of products and superior services that contribute to a better society. Her designs and concepts will allow you to transform your room into an environment that is specially created to meet your needs, so you can be inspired and encouraged to keep going. Karla Aparicio is a well-known brand in the world of design, with the goal of transmitting sensations and experiences by creating amazing, attractive and functional products. Throughout her 21 years of career, she has developed innovating ideas that are applied to branding, corporate image, architecture, interior design and marketing. Her creative nature has leaded her to combine different disciplines to create powerful concepts. Karla Aparicio converts design into an investment, as she says: “To be, you have to appear.” The combination of design and art to create unique spaces that enriches people’s lives is what distinguishes her work. Her ideas make commercial places vibrate and distinguish from the competition; the purpose is to create a feeling of union and fidelity with her clients. Design increases a company’s value and represents a return of investment. “Anyone that decides to invest and undertake in the world of art and design, enjoys a vital experience that changes his or her vision of the world, in addition of getting every investment back, from money, to time and knowledge” Karla Aparicio.

www.karlaparicio.com (33) 3686 3081 karla@karlaparicio.com.mx /KarlaAparicioEstudio

p. 35

Opinion Leader

Infrastructure / Development

Roger Viera CEO of Pounce Consulting

Driving talent


hen you combine your talent with hard work, there is no obstacle that stops your way to success. When you are determined to reach a goal, there is no border or nationality that can stop you. It was my commitment and vision what allowed me to expand the horizons of a company that seem modest at the beginning, to become what it currently is: one the most important technological firms in the world.

p. 36


Opinion Leader

As ceo of Pounce, it is a joy, but also a duty, to share my vision in the world of business and undertaking. There are many times when the entrepreneur stops for the lack of confidence, for the fear of not having a level of global competitiveness. However, it is necessary to face this way of thinking, which has spread for a long time in our country. There is Mexican talent, and it is as equal as or more competitive than any other country. Mexican companies are searching for its production in countries like China and India, among others, without taking into account the high prices of this. Then, why not producing in a close place, with a great level of mind labor?

The path of Pounce has its origin as a company of software that has always bet for new technologies, and, mainly, for talent in order to become a global company that sets a trend in the creation of products and technological solutions to many sectors. In Pounce we want to be sure that each entrepreneur has an opportunity. In the beginning, we started with sales of 80,000 mexican pesos, and now we have reached 115 million dollars. From our earnings, a percentage is destined to motivate and encourage the entrepreneur spirit of the world. Approach to us, prepare to work on your project and consolidate the vision of contributing to the world with your idea.

Jalisco is a city with two world renowned products: tequila and technology. Known as the Mexican Silicon Valley, at least 25 global companies are established here, which create approximately 2 million jobs, examples of these companies are: ibm, Oracle, Tata Consultancy, Flextronics and Jabil, among others. Having a clear identity as Mexican entrepreneur, will allow you to build a company that, in addition of generating money, will contribute to the development and growth of an entire region. Since our beginning, in Pounce we have had the will to grow and constantly evolve, with the goal of being the main collaborator of our clients through a comprehensive model of business, which is developed and implemented with continuous success.


Having a clear identity as Mexican entrepreneur, will allow you to build a company that, in addition of generating money, will contribute to the development and growth of an entire region.�

p. 37

Infrastructure / Development

THE FIRST AIRPLANE MADE IN MEXICO Our country is the world’s forth receptor of direct investment in the aerospace industry, establishing as an attractive destination for this sector, which continues to grow in 2 digits. For this reason, it is time for Mexico to produce and assemble entire airplanes. This initiative could make us part of the 500 billion dollars that the global income of this industry represents.

The aerospace industry is expected to register a sustainable development that will be able to reach a greater income than the one of the automotive sector.

p. 40


Infrastructure / Development

The aerospace sector encompasses the design, manufacture, commercialization, maintenance and the parts of the aircrafts, such as airplanes or commercial and combat helicopters.

The main cities that have strengthen this area in Mexico are: Chihuahua, Mexicali, San Luis Potosí, Hermosillo and Querétaro. Since 1999, Querétaro has received 52% of the total aerospace investment in our country. During the event of Boeing’s centenary anniversary, Miguel Peláez, general director of Civil Aviation (dgac for its Spanish acronym), addressed a few words to Donna Hrinak, president of Boeing in Latin America. He expressed the intention of Mexico to visualize the possibility of the company’s manufacture of airplanes in our country. The strategy of the Mexican government is to make our country a global logistic platform and to continue the growth of the space industry –which doubles the growth of the general manufacture sector. The fast development of this industry has placed our country in a relevant position within the world’s aerospace sector. According to estimates from the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industry (femia by its Spanish acronym) in 2020, twelve billion dollars are expected to be exported, in addition of the creation of 110,000 direct jobs. Regarding the human talent, since the exponential growth of this industry requires more qualified personnel, this project poses one of the main challenges, since it will imply the strengthening of the current educational structure to educate engineers that will be committed to aerospace. The industries of Telecommunications and the Information and Communication Technologies (ict’s), join to form a perfect triage, which is expected to be the guide for the economic transformation of Mexico in the digital era. Mexican airplanes There are 2 projects that stand out in our country beyond Boeing. Projects that have already produced airplanes in Mexico. The first project is a sport, 2-seater airplane with an autonomy of 6 hours, made completely out of certified wood for its aeronautic use. It truly is a handmade, luxury article, produced only by special request. The creators are the enterprises Horizontec and Pirwi. The second project is by Oaxaca Aerospace. Its prototype Pegasus pe-210A was made with their own technology, supervised by Techba Montreal. It is a faster and agile plane, with low cost in operation and a canard design, two seat tandem cabin with hand controls in each seat and a possibility of vision of 300 vertical degrees and 240 horizontal degrees. p. 41

National Pride

GP LOGISTICS Reliable logistic solutions


ith more than 30 years of experience, gp logistics is the vital solution for the achievement of the objectives of Mexican companies. Its role as strategist in logistics enables companies to reach an increase in participation in the market, increasing its rivalry and development. The transparency in its operations, the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ict), in addition to its certifications with the highest quality standards, have accomplished a great variety of services that work as a motor for the expansion and exportation of products.

p. 42


Auge de MĂŠxico Infrastructure and Development

Storage Through its infrastructure and capacity, it offers multiple options of storage for any supply chain: different types of temperature, like low, controlled and freeze. It also offers the control of raw material, point of sale and specialized material for the chemicalagribusiness sector. Distribution Its wide network of ground transport with highly qualified personnel, guarantee the punctuality and safety in the shipping of products with unity control to the final destination. Inversed logistics Its expertise in planning and implementation of inversed logistics maximizes profitability and satisfaction goals. The networks of distribution, management and technology provide a total control of management with the needed visibility and communication for each company. Cross Docking Its logistic platform of Cross Dock makes any selling channel reachable thanks to the establishment of multi accounts, coverage and the frequency of delivers. Assembling Committed to the goals of its clients, gp logistics enables the elimination of stages in the chain of supply such as storage and transportation, reducing costs of answer and providing an added value to the final customer. Strategic management The narrow involvement of gp logistics with its clients, enables the development and personalized design of an effective management of logistics; finding a balance between the logistic cost and the level of service. Consultancy With a strong experience in logistics, its multidisciplinary team offers personal consultancy in the optimization of the management of the supply chain through the design, implementation and operation processes.





(+52) (33) 3283 4800

National Company

Siembra Capitales Work to transcend


iembra Capitales (sc) is in charge of the consolidation and diversification of Grupo Empresarial G and it is also developing projects of national importance in the sectors of energy, infrastructure and trade. Something that distinguishes sc is that in its business model vision, it looks for the strengthening of new generations of entrepreneurs, providing resources and experience to achieve their growth and success.

p. 44


Auge de México Infrastructure and Development

The enterprise specializes in identifying opportunities in the market and providing smart capital in different companies and sectors, by adding value, innovation and experience. Another value is that sc has the support of Grupo Empresarial G, which has more than 45 years of experience; it operates as a holding company for companies like Minsa, Dina, Almer, gig and Mercader Financial. So far, sc participates in various sectors with companies like High Tech, Helados LaLoo’s, Minkab, Delisource, and Cerveza Ruda, among others. sc stands out because not only do they identify opportunities, they also create them. The dynamism and future approach that the second generation of entrepreneurs in has done to business lead to a quick expansion and growth that reflects in more companies and jobs, as our economy requires. Siembra Capitales partners are successful action-oriented entrepreneurs, able to make a decision in the right moment, willing to make strategic alliances in different business models.

Siembra Capitales is defined as the work aimed to produce results and benefits in the future.

Now, its expansion project leads them to search the creation and to issue the first successful Capital Development Certificate of a group from Jalisco. This will be a great opportunity for companies that have a proven business model and require a smart capital, with a clear chance of climbing and that are opened to a new society with a major investment.


SC proposal’s is to impel the development of young people in the business environment as a necessary condition in Jalisco’s economic development.




(+52) (33) 3678 0300

National Company

Grupo Casgo Searching for excellence to reach transcendence


leader builds his own path to success, a privileged place to which only those that day to day make the effort to obtain the excellence and transcendence. As in the case of Grupo Casgo, there has been construction work of monumental magnitude in all the Mexican territory and Latin-American countries for 23 years.

p. 46


Auge de México Infrastructure and Development

Airports, university centers, convention centers, tourist resorts, housing developments and public projects of great economic and social impact are proof that Grupo Casgo has transformed the construction sector in Mexico, positioning itself as a leader in the construction process with the optimization of procedures, highly qualified staff, edge technology and multifunctional infrastructure. Projects of value: world-wide prestigious works in Jalisco Committed to Jalisco and representing Mexico through its works, Grupo Casgo is part of the country’s evolution and is portrayed as the main character in the consolidation of projects with great advancements in buildings that meet all the characteristics of quality and prestige, establishing the company’s logo through effort, commitment and professionalism. Within works of remarkable reach in which Grupo Casgo currently participates is the construction of the Hotel Hacienda Tequila Patrón in Atotonilco El Alto, a building that will put Jalisco on the map, that proudly promotes the values of the Mexican culture. The first Cirque du Soleil theater in Riviera Maya has been developed thanks to Grupo Casgo’s process of extraordinary quality and resource optimization. Based on its experience and certifications in Lean Construction and iso 9001:2000, it has transformed a magnificent idea into a real project for the world to enjoy, with the most important entertainment and circus act. Grupo Casgo has a story filled with works of transcendence where everything is built with our best foot forward. The continuous improvement in its procedures has led them to corporate evolution and technological advance. Grupo Casgo is a leading company in construction, comprised with great team members. Grupo Casgo is classified as one of Mexico’s Pride Companies

www.grupocasgo.com 1

GRUPO CASGO’S PRIMARY CONSTRUCTION: - Hotel Hacienda Tequila Patrón, Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco - Theater Cirque du Soleil, Cancún, Quintana Roo - Santuario de los Mártires de Cristo, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco - Palace of the Culture and Communication, Zapopan, Jalisco - Federal highway Guadalajara – Barra de Navidad in the state of Jalisco - Down Town Playa, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo - Commercial center the Gran Sur, Mexico, Distrito Federal - Villas Panamericanas, Zapopan, Jalisco - Airport Cozumel, Quintana Roo - Airport Tijuana, Baja California - Extension Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco - UVM Vallarta, Zapopan, Jalisco GRUPO CASGO BUILDS: - Educative and university centers - Centers for congresses and conventions - Horizontal condominiums - Airports - Automotive agencies - Apartment towers - Commercial centers - Hotels - Cultural and recreation spaces - Institutional buildings and offices - Highways and roads - Road works - Urbanization


(+52) (33) 3836 0700

Opinion Leader

Services / Trade

JosĂŠ Medina Mora Icaza President of coparmex President of CompuSoluciones

Positive leadership for the growth of Mexico


n 2017, Mexico faces a difficult international panorama, one that is surrounded by uncertainty and crisis due to globalization. Our main commercial partner keeps us on our toes with the threats to protectionist measures that, without a doubt, represent changes in the relationship Mexico – US, which will affect our economy.

p. 48


Opinion Leader

Since we live in a globalized world, we aren’t safe of what happens in other nations, therefore, it is important to be aware. But also, this year had a rough beginning in our country, due to the increase in the price of gasoline, governability crisis and insecurity. Faced to these scenarios, the most important thing is that Mexico has a unique chance to improve our internal situation. Our country has multiple strengths: natural wealth, diverse economy, a prominent entrepreneurial ecosystem, a valuable human capital, and more projection to other places in the world. In order to take advantage of our potential, we must face the problems that decrease the life quality and competitiveness. The biggest problem is, without a doubt, corruption, which is immerse in the problems that affect us the most and keep us from growing, like poverty, inequality, insecurity and unemployment.

Let’s assume the responsibility of being agents of change. Let’s practice the culture of social responsibility in our surroundings, let’s take of our personnel and professional growth in harmony with nature, while we promote a better community, a community with ethics and values. Let’s be social responsible people that impel the socially responsible companies. Let’s participate in the public matters of our country and recover the thrust in ourselves. It is possible to make the most out of the global economic circumstances, grouping a strengthening the efforts of the people that lead the 4 helices of society. Let’s build together a better country with better opportunities and life conditions for everyone.

Corruption, increased by impunity has created such a strong index of distrust in our society, both in citizens towards institutions and among ourselves. For this reason, it is time that we, as Mexicans, take as our flag, the fight against corruption and that we demonstrate with action, that the eradication of corruption is possible, that we can have a better country for our families and for ourselves. To make the change that Mexico needs, we need the participation and commitment of each one of us; we must face corruption and commit ourselves to don’t act in any corruptive way, don’t allow corruption in our lives and denounce any act of corruption.

To make the change that Mexico needs, we need the participation and commitment of each one of us.”

p. 49

Services / Trade

The new allies of Mexico

In the face of the challenges that the relationship of MexicoUnited States faces with the recent presidential change in The U.S., countries such as China, Canada and Panama strengthen their relationships with our country to promote treaties that favor the economy, trade and development of the implied societies. In this panorama, Mexico must analyze and take precise decisions towards a commercial alternative that grants our country a prevailing role in a possible association with the Asian Pacific, where China seems to take the lead and show a great interest in the possibility of offering a greater potential growth that our neighbor of the North. China is considered as one of the world’s main economic powers and the second commercial partner of Mexico, just after the United States. Its aspiration of investment

p. 50

in America is based in the financing of corporations of the manufacture, energy, infrastructure and telecommunications sectors. Mexico could find in the Chinese market, endless opportunities and begin to generate significant capital, where investment will play a key role. On the other hand, Panama has shared its interest with the Mexican government of promoting background changes that allow the boost of education, development and care of the environment in both countries.

As Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, president of Panama said, the connectivity among both nations, in addition of logistics, will be based in values and democratic principles to work together in the development of both countries and to establish social peace in the countries. Mexico is Panama’s third commercial partner of Latina America and the Caribbean, and the sixth in the world. Our country is the eight user of the Panama Channel, the main logistic center in America that establishes Panama as a key piece of the world’s trade, where 5% of the global exchange happens.


Services / Trade

And in the north, the relationship of Mexico and Canada begins to show rewards. This alliance, which arose in 2016, brought along a bilateral agenda of close collaboration between the representatives of both countries, with the goal of promoting North America as a competitive and prosperous region. As a main result of this collaboration, the elimination of the Canadian visa for Mexican visitors was eliminated. Uncertainty created by the change of the political posture of the United States, has created an environment of doubts in international treaties in matters of foreign trade, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (nafta), the TransPacific Partnership (ttp) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (rcep). The Mexican economy will have to restructure its foreign trade policies with the world to face all the global challenges. And, if the binational relationship with The U.S. is affected by protectionist decisions, then it will be time for Mexico to diversify its commercial options in the rest of the world, and to constitute its opening to promising markets, such as the Asia-Pacific region.

p. 51

National Pride

Bestground Conquering the Middle East from Mexico

p. 52


aced to the new world’s economic panorama, the commercial relations of the country are diversifying, and new opportunities are arising in the international market, which should be taken advantage of by Mexican companies in order to promote the development of their economies. Bestground is currently a benchmark of exportations and fair trade by being one the national companies with more presence in the world, as well as a fundamental part of the commercial relationship between Mexico and the Middle East.


Auge de MĂŠxico Services and Trade

Its clear export vocation has allowed Bestground to use its distribution center to access the markets of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt, as well as other less explored countries in Africa.

Arab countries represent billionaire figures in the market of importations, therefore they are a highly attractive region for the companies that are looking for an alternative of expansion due to the decrease of the economic relationship with the United States. The corporative keeps an active transnational relationship with the Middle East and impels Mexican companies to make an incursion in exportations to this market, with its distribution center located in Dubai, which has the services of stock, distribution, packing and market studies. Its export character has made of Bestground one of the most important network of collaborators in the food industry in Mexico, since the company participates with 58% of the agave syrup in 18 countries.

vocation has allowed it to use its distribution center to access the markets of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypt, as well as other less explored countries in Africa. The importance of agave syrup in the Middle East lies in the production of the traditional Arab sweet: baklava. Since this is a population with a large tradition in the consumption of this foods, the rates of diabetes started to grow, reason why the alternative of sweeten food with natural sugar has been widely accepted and valued. In addition of the agave syrup, Bestground exports products from other national companies to complement its retail catalog, and by doing this, it contributes to the Auge of the Mexican exportations and establishes a new phase in the country’s foreign trade.

Created in 2007, the company based in Zapopan, produces agave honey with organic certification. Its clear export





+52 (33) 3648 9901

National Company

Gardhí Vila® Renowned experience in a global level


ardhí Vila® is a legal firm in Mexico, with a special focus in business and added value. Its professional career has been acknowledged by its clients of Fortune 500, as well as significant international publications such as Chambers & Partners, iam Patent 1000, Managing ip Handbook and Corporate intl.

p. 56


Auge de México Services and Trade

Its success is based in its team and human talent, an interesting combination between experience and youth, aimed to face the challenges of their clients like they were their own, in order to protect their interests. Located in Guadalajara and with a network of associated firms in the country and in the world, in addition of its relationship and agreement with two Public Notaries and one Public Broker, each one of its services distinguishes by its commitment. Its team of specialized lawyers makes them a significant instrument for the achievement of its clients´ objectives. Rivalry based on experience and knowledge. Administrative Legal advice inside the public law field in its different modalities, such as Administrative law and Public Administration with consultancies for the three levels of the government, as well as for companies. Acquisitions, fusions and co-investments Gardhí Vila® provides the necessary legal advice for the negotiation and preparation of contracts and agreements related to the acquisition and sales of companies, fusions and co-investments. Foreign trade Mexico is currently in the top of the countries with more trade treaties, reason why a correct consultancy in the field will bring great benefits for the entrepreneur.

Sports and entertainment With multilingual lawyer, Gardhí Vila® is constantly giving advice to clients immersed in the world of soccer, box and acting. Fiscal A correct interpretation of the tax laws in order to achieve in a correct way the fiscal obligations, obtaining the greatest possible benefit. Litigation Active participation in legal disputes with the goal of solving conflicts between people and companies. Mediation and arbitration mascs Alternative methods of conflict resolutions to prevent and solve conflicts on different matters, such as family, civil, commercial, criminal and school mediation, among others. Intellectual property Specialized lawyer in the implementation of strategies of administration, register, defense of actives of intellectual property, such as brands, patents, designs, copyrights, domain names and know-how, among others. The lawyers of Gardhí Vila® have a wide experience in disputes related to this specialty. Regulatory Guarantee the commercial operation through assessment, management of permit, licenses and authorizations between federal, state and municipal authorities.

Corporate The focus of this consultancy lies in the development of a better handling of a corporation in its effective and efficient operation in accordance with the current laws. Urban development Legal consultancy in real estate projects, joint ventures, fusions and acquisitions, patrimonial trusts of investments, regulation and permits of land use, among others.






(+52) (33) 1204 0477

National Pride

AP & Alzati Intellectual property for the Mexican entrepreneur


exico is one of the main cradles of entrepreneurs in America, reason why it has to allocate resources for the administration, protection and adequate management of intellectual rights. These actions are currently the investments with more advantage that a business person can make in order to give an added value and place the company’s products in any market, regional or international.

p. 58


Auge de MĂŠxico Services and Trade

In recent years and until 50 years ago, in almost every negotiation of international trade treaties, exists a special chapter for intellectual property. For this reason, ap & alzati has developed a plan of services and solutions focused on consultancy and protection of intangible goods of the Mexican entrepreneur. Its long career and knowledge in this field, has established it as one of the law firms with more experience in the protection of brands, patents, designs and industrial secrets, as well as litigious proceedings, among others. The firm also specializes in copyrights for works of literature, sculpture, photography, music, drama, software and applied art. The intangible character of intellectual property influences directly in territorial and customs’ restrictions, this is why it is important for the entrepreneur to seek advice from a specialist in the matter in order to protect the products and commercial brand. To avoid further problems that can result into transnational legal conflicts, the consultancy has to be done before making any operation or negotiation in borders. ap & alzati has a strong network of

collaborators and partners in the world, which allow it to have interference and presence to meet the needs of its entrepreneur clients that are trying to get in the Mexican and international market.

The coverage of its services focuses on providing satisfaction and tranquility to entrepreneurs regarding the quality and knowledge, which endorses its work. ap & alzati offers a complete transparency in the way that processes are done, as well as in the way that the company takes care of the rights that originate from its intellectual property.




(+52) (33) 3611 1261 (+52) (33) 3611 1262

Opinion Leader

Education / Culture

Mario Vargas Llosa Peruvian novelist. Nobel Prize of Literature 2010

The identity of the Latin American literature


iterature, in addition of being an exceptional entertainment and of giving us a great pleasure, contributes to the diminish of violence. It also contributes to the civic, politic, social and cultural development, but mainly, literature awakens the critical spirit in the citizens. The progress of humanity, although hard to demonstrate, is due, mainly, to the influence that the fictitious expression has on the reader.

p. 60


Opinion Leader

Things have come to a point where it isn’t certain anymore if in the future, literature and books will represent what they have represented to our civilization until now. However, when people attend big events such as The International Book Fair in Guadalajara, the doubts and uncertainty disappear, because just by stepping on the great scenarios dedicated to the written expression, a person has the feeling that literature and books are alive, and, that the future is guaranteed. Literature in Latin America doesn’t start with the famous “Latin American boom”, it begins way back, with the arrival of the European conquerors to the New World. Latin Americans had a significant role in the Spaniard literature of the time, which is now referred to as The Golden Age. Great poets and essayists were present during the three centuries that lasted the colony, but the novelists were always absent due to the prohibition of the novel as gender; a rule imposed by The Inquisition in the Spaniard colonies. This, however, is a mysterious incident that hasn’t been completely clarified. What was so unsettling that supposed a threat to what was already established? Inquisitors had correctly warned about the latent dangers that novels represented to their authority. Literature might seem harmless, but each writing contains ideas that produce in the citizen a certain discomfort to face reality, and, somehow, conspire against institutions and the government. In the novels, although it is through complex metaphors, there is a questioning towards what exists, what it is, the name of something that does not exists, that it is not and that seduces the readers. This fiction, which couldn’t be expressed for 300 years, influenced disciplines that were distant from literature and society got steeped in fantasy, imagination and unreality. This is the great contribution of the Latin American novel to progress, even before it existed. Literature represents an atmosphere that is always better than the one in which

we live. There, we have perfection, beauty and a clear understanding of the reasons that drive human conducts and their consequences. In addition, when we go back to the reality from a well-achieved fiction, we discover the poverty of the real world compared to the worlds that we are capable of dreaming. This creates a discomfort in the readers, a dissatisfaction with the established life that produces a critical attitude towards what it is and a profound desire of wanting a change that will brings us closer to the histories of a great book. When you look back and discover the phenomenon of Latin American literature, you realize that everything is possible; what looked as incredible, was credible in a certain time; what seemed fantastic, was true and real. If this is how years have always been, why wouldn’t it be the same in the future? And maybe not only in literature and culture, but also in society, economy, politics and education. Dreaming is free.

When you look back and discover the phenomenon of Latin American literature, you realize that everything is possible; what looked as incredible, was credible in a certain time; what seemed fantastic, was true and real.”

p. 61

Education / Culture

THE BEST KEPT SECRET OF KUKULKÁN For its beauty and uniqueness, Chichén Itza is a symbol of national identity that radiates power and strength. Its architectural and cultural value has made it to be considered as one of the must see touristic destinations for humanity. Currently, after nearly 1500 years of its foundation, and 300 years after its discovering, the biggest capital of the Mayan world continues to amaze us by reveling a second structure in the inside of the Pyramid Kukulkán.


cientifics of the Institute of Geophysics (igf) and the Faculty of Engineering (fi) of unam, along with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (inah), discovered that inside “El Castillo”, exists a second substructure, which is beneath the interior pyramid, discovered in 1930. This means that there are two pyramid structures built one above the other inside the solemn building, dedicated to the Mayan god Kukulkán (feathered snake). The finding was made with a new, noninvasive technology, unique in the world, which was developed by unam: the nonconventional method of Three-dimensional Tomography of Electrical Resistivity. It looks and enlightens the pyramid’s interior, without making operations or modifications that might affect the structure’s integrity. A continuous electric current was injected throughout the structure through electrodes

p. 62

Daily, around 6,000 and 10,000 people visit the archeological site of Chichén Itzá in Yucatán, which is considered as Cultural Heritage of Mexico, and declared and registered in unesco World Heritage List.

that act as issuers and detectors in order to measure its variations inside the pyramid. These variations are called “differences of electric potential”, which in combination with the injected current, provide information on resistivity that allows us to know the different materials that make the pyramid, resulting in a tomography that revealed the second substructure. This discovering was part of the second and last phase of fieldwork directed by René Chávez Segura, Gerardo Cifuentes Nava and Esteban Hernández Quintero from igf; Andrés Tejero Andrade from FI and Denisse Argote from inah. The discovering determined the presence of an ancient cenote under the temple, whose discovering was announced in 2015. The analysis of data shows that the second substructure was built between 550 and 800 a.d., with a dimension of 42.6 feet tall, 39.6 feet in the south-north direction and 59 to the east-west.


Education / Culture

Even when this finding brings an ocean of new and interesting questions, the answers must be considered from an archeological perspective, which currently explains that in the Mesoamerican cultures, these construction phases were due to multiple factors, from the renewal of power groups, to the natural decline of buildings. However, constructor limited to fill and cover ancient temples due to is sacred value, which prohibited its destruction in order to assure the contact with their spiritual worlds. Through studies of thermo luminescence and absolute dates, it was determined that the most important living period of Chichen Itzรก is divided in three stages: Pure Mayans (550-800 a.d.), Period of the Mayan-Toltec transition (800-1000), and lastly, the decade of settlings (1050-1300).

The geophysical confirmation of the totality of discovering will allow the guidance for future archeological works to locate the access to the main worship room of the area. In addition of setting a relevant fact in the development of national research, which was carried out mainly by foreigners. The pyramid of Kukulkรกn revealed one of its best kept secrets, and it our responsibility as country to spread the knowledge and wisdom of one of the most influential Central American cultures in the modern world, which inspires a national identity that sets the Auge and Mexican power.

The structure, discovered in the past century, corresponds to the transition period, and the most recent discovering is from the Pure Mayan style.

Discovered structure in 2016

Discovered structure in 1931

Discovered cenote in 2015

p. 63

Education / Culture

Alejandro Loccoco The message of an art work


The painter chases lines and colors, but his destiny is poetry�, words from Rembrandt that beat in the heart of Alejandro Loccoco, an artist that beyond the technique, seeks to transfer a live message in each of his works.

p. 64


Education / Culture

Not always can poetry be achieved, and neither can a defined message be achieve when expressing an idea. However, when this is achieved, we call it “work of art”, where poetry, technique, color, line and the message, along with emotion are completely in balance. These types of works are never planed, they just happen, without search or preparation. Each painter seeks their own schemes of inspiration. Almost everyone can make a painting, but making a work of art, is just for possible for those that see through it and find every expression and emotion. This is a special moment that lasts an eternity in just a few artistic expressions. A work of art has to reflect the feeling of the artist in order to be alive. Alejandro Loccoco flows and gives everything of him in each painting. He immerses in the feeling until reaching the bottom, only by doing this, is he possible of achieving a message. The message of his works appears when you see them, by looking at each detail and each brush-stroke. It is a direct impact in the emotion with which Alejandro made his art, and sometimes, it transforms in feelings of the observer, those that the artist didn’t even think of transmitting.

Alejandro Loccoco begins with a message as the axis, which matures when he advances, and it joins to new concepts of communication. This message lasts and remains in a place that will always be a delight to the eyes. If you, as spectator, are able to find this message, you will feel more alive, you will experience self-love and you will see it in other people too. For Alejandro, each work transmits a message that, deep down, has an emotional environment, a human one. To capture and transmit a message, you don’t need techniques or studies; you just need an opportunity and the will to take the risks to make a project. The most recent collection of Alejandro Loccoco is in Jalisco, lodge in Casa de la Cultura (ceart), and as of March 7, it will be transfer to the Municipal Palace of Zapopan. The collection honors the value and dignity of Latin American immigrants and is endorsed by the Hispanic Community Council in the United States.

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Name: Michoacรกn Author: Alejandro Loccoco Technique: Mixed / acrylic Measures: 1.70 x 1.20

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Alejandro Loccoco

Name: El triunfo. Author: Alejandro Loccoco Technique: Mixed / acrylic on canvas Measures: 2 x 2 mt www.alejandroloccoco.com

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Awakening the mind of the spectator

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s an artist, checa wishes to train the society, he wants to make people think because without knowing it, the spectator deprived from the beautiful experience of feeling and talking with art. The artist, native to Jalisco, stands against the bad habit of wanting everything served in a silver platter and never question anything. In his most recent artistic line, he proposes a series of portraits that can come alive in the soul of those who see it, provoke a thrill in the human being and inspire a change in that person.


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www.checaart.com (33) 3333617118 checa@checaart.com /checaart checa_art

checa’s art is a mirror where spectators can’t help but notice the parts of their lives that they

don’t want to recognize. Each painting is an awakening of human fiber, captured in people and daily scenes. The use of color and texture in the skin of his characters seem to come alive and take something out of you; it is a unique encounter between the painting and the spectator.

Paintings must remain, they must leave a trace of the painter in the spectator’s mind. Each work is created in the middle of work, sweat, fights and achievements. Besides being hang in the walls of collators and in the rooms of museums, the art of checa turns the hearts on in a way that people can wake up and leave their comfort zone to achieve a change in their realities. If art is part of your life, you shouldn’t miss the delight of admiring the paintings of checa. And, if art is part of you, approach to art and start to work in your own creations, hand in hand with this talented artist from Jalisco.

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Simón Cruz The brilliance of the painter, sculptor and designer

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he works of Simón Cruz are events and emotional findings filled of memories, moments and instants. His identity as artist expressed in paintings, sculptures and jewelry is a reflection of him. When you see the work of the tapatío artist, you can appreciate his fun, mysterious and irreverent language with a unique personality, created by his own experiences and path. His universal essence is a translation of everything that we see and feel.


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For the artist, a muse is the divine brilliance that lives in each person. His inspirations are love, indifference, literature and urban and rural landscapes, but mainly, the observation of the human being. Icons, symbols and characters are captured in canvas in a free and full way, unconsciously taken there to convey an emotion, a questioning, a taste or a discomfort. As an artist, Simรณn Cruz highlights his freedom to express himself and he makes a few recommendations for those that want to acquire his works and pieces of art: - Do not buy art just because, neither for investment. A collector must always have a special bond with the piece. - Acquire original art. There are many talented Mexican artist that are looking for showrooms to display their work. - Visit museums and exhibitions. By involving with art, you create tangible culture in the development of the country.

www.simoncruz.mx simoneto123@gmail.com simoncruz8

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Opinion Leader

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Marisa Lazo Founder of Pastelerías Marisa

Undertaking in the gastronomic sector


eveloping with passion is the activity that you enjoy the most, and to be able to do a business out of your passion is the perfect definition of “undertaking”. A positive thinking is vital to achieve this, since your thoughts guide your actions and your actions modify your reality. I do not open a branch or launch a new product thinking that it won’t be successful; on the contrary, each time that I do it, I think that my clients will love it.

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Opinion Leader

To reach success In the Mexican undertaking, it is necessary to detect a need in the market and to have a product of quality. In my personal experience, when I decided to open my business, I knew that, in spite of the existence of other bakeries in the city, no other bakery offered homemade cakes, or a wide variety of cookies or a cute presentation. Starting is, generally, the most difficult part; this is due to the risk of investment. My main advice for all those that have a passion and the wish to undertake, is to move step by step in the development of a business, with steady steps and without acquiring great debts. I started working in my garage with just a few ovens but with a great passion and determination. After 5 years of working on my own, in 1992, I opened my first branch, and currently, we have a corporation of 53 branches. A slow beginning allows you to learn without a great risk, since your errors and loses are smaller. Also, you will learn to know the consumer and to surprise your customers. In my case, if I would have opened 5 stores at the same time, it would have been harder to know the market and to know what the customers really wanted. Sometimes, growing and expanding too soon can be a big mistake that can lead your project to end before it even started. Although many entrepreneurs achieve success by detecting business opportunities that meet the needs or shortages in the market, there are also big global companies that have made opportunities based on an added value to an existing product. This can be a smile, the specialized attention or an added service to the one already provided; it is to give something that the others don´t. Since people like to try new things, the market becomes more demanding. For this reason, the entrepreneur must act and offer a product of great quality; he or she must offer a service that distinguishes from the others.


To reach success in the Mexican undertaking, you must detect a need in the market and have a product of quality.�

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THE MOST VISITED DESTINATIONS IN MEXICO 2016 was a significant year for the development of the touristic sector. The interest for national destinations had a significant increase and the magic towns like Sayulita and Tequila registered the greatest growth in reservations and arrivals.

Thanks to federal initiatives promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, regional destinations increased the income from national tourists. Mexicans began to know their country by travelling throughout the country in an encounter with their own culture and beautiful landscapes. The movement “Viajemos todos por Mexico” (Let’s All Travel through Mexico) and the designation of “Pueblos Mágicos” (Magic Towns), played a significant role in the trend of local tourism. According to the web platform Despegar.com, Sayulita in Nayarit registered a tourism growth of 123%, while Tequila in Jalisco had a growth of 74%.

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According to estimated predictions by sectur , this trend will rise and allow the consolidation of the so called “chain of value”, which integrates the regional economies, through the design of new touristic products that create opportunities to local companies to make a touristic market that could even create a significant income in low seasons. The touristic boost that represents some destinations that weren’t popular before will mean a significant awakening in the way that Mexicans see their land and recognizes their landscapes. Localities designed as magic towns have seen its lodging growing at two digits, hence, creating a greater amount of jobs, an improvement in services and an increase in the life quality of their inhabitants.


Tourism / Gastronomy

Sayulita, surf capital of the pacific coast. Magic town with a cosmopolitan environment.

The five national destinations with greater growth in 2016: 1. Sayulita, Nayarit. 123% 2. Tequila, Jalisco. 74% 3. Tijuana, Baja California. 51% 4. Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. 47% 5. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. 42%

Tequila, capital of tequila in the world. Its landscape of agaves is registered in unesco’s World Heritage List.

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INSPIRATION AND DELIGHT In the municipality of Cabo Corrientes, 40 minutes to the south of Puerto Vallarta by the sea; between the jungle and the waves of Bahía de Banderas, hides “a place where the waters come together.” Yelapa is the perfect shelter for inspiration and creativity. The tranquility and privacy of the place becomes the perfect spot to escape from the urban routine and to immerse in an atmosphere of peace and adventure. The colorful town and the beauty that surrounds it are irresistible. It is a place where inspiration comes from the sea, the jungle and the mountains.

Art in Yelapa Its first settlements date back from the pre-Hispanic times. Proof of this are the discoveries found in a hill of the locality, such as ceramic objects –characteristic of the cultures that flourished in the West– such as arrowheads, knives made of obsidian and petroglyphs with the shape of humans. Moreover, when the researches were digging, they found a well-preserved ancient axe carved in stone. Yelapa has a population of approximately 1000 inhabitants, among which live different professionals such as artists, painters, sculptors, writers and filmmakers that appreciate the direct contact with nature and the peace of a simple and rural life.

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Visitors leave with an impression that lasts forever in their minds. New visions and dreams seem to show up after their visit. It is weird to find such an ancient beach with a tradition that gives a warm welcome to its tourists, making them part of their community. Life is the same as it was 100 years ago, with a few exceptions. Peace can be easily found in this place where cars have no access. Yelapa is full nature. Yelapa is definitely a must in your next visit to the Mexican Pacific. You will be surprised by its magic atmosphere and by the opportunities that it has to offer, with its wonderful beach and jungle. The Lagunita Hotel is one of the establishments with a large tradition that has promoted tourism in the region for over three generations.


Tourism / Gastronomy

Want to know more? www.hotel-lagunita.com

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Opinion Leader

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Alberto GonzĂĄlez GarcĂ­a Founder of Greencode

Innovation and ecology, synonyms of undertaking


hen I talked face to face with entrepreneurs, business people, academics and opinion leaders of the industrial sector, I came to the conclusion that there is talent in Mexico, as well as resources and support, but there is lack of motivation.

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Opinion Leader

What do we have to do with an innovating idea? Develop it. There are three things you need to design and produce eco-friendly products for your consumer: an ecologic process, an ecologic product and a ecologic lifestyle. Urban gc1 was born with the goal of being a the most ecologic bicycle that could ever exist. The idea came when I was a student and it has been growing until it became what it is now, a promising and comprehensive project name Greencode. The project is currently under the international gaze with projects in the development of patents, design center and research. In addition of offering a unique experience by biking and contributing to the diminish of the emission of pollutants by vehicles, the structure of the bike Urban gc1 is completely made by recycled and reused materials. Its manufacture process makes the most of the employed resources and it raw materials are mainly recycled paper, rubber, metal and plastic bottles. If this wasn’t enough, its wheels can’t broke because they don’t use air. As Mexican you have to set your eyes on ecology and innovation. If the entrepreneur starts using products, processes and sustainable methods of manufacture, the industry will optimize resources, costs will be reduced and there will be more profits. However, as consumers we need to keep in mind that the resources that the world offers aren’t unlimited. It is a not about buying because is cheap, or because it is affordable, it is about being conscious that if you don’t need something, you must not buy it. If you can just repair it, do it. If you can help, do it. If you have a problem, find a solution.

For an entrepreneur, the biggest support you can get is the support of people that decides to buy or use products that are designed or manufactured in Mexico. As a country, ecology represents a great opportunity of development. Sustainability stopped being a matter of capital gain or social status, and became a need. We are currently using more resources than what we produce, the levels of pollution affect physically and psicologically to the population. Therefore, it is time to create sustainable products and take advantage of this moment to convert our country into a leader of the ecological sector, highlighting the talent and innovation skills of the people that has not yet given up and that keeps fighting to make the world a better place.


If the entrepreneur starts using products, processes and sustainable methods of manufacture, the industry will optimize resources, costs will be reduced and there will be more profits.”

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THE PROMISE OF DYING IN STYLE There are many beliefs and postures about life after death, however in the world of glamour and luxury, there is an attractive way of saying goodbye and leaving a legacy that will increase its value throughout the years: turn our ashes in diamonds.

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lowers, tears and goodbyes will now have a new element for the grief of one of the most difficult moments that we must face in our lives: the loss of a loved one. There is an innovating way of honoring life in the market of luxury products and services, it is a chemical process that puts the organic carbon of human ashes to a pressure of approximately 50 atmospheres at a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius. This process makes a replica of the natural conditions in which diamonds are produced in the world, however, it has the particularity that each produced gem is different because of the diverse natural components of a person’s body, which make their own formation character and manifest in multiple tonalities of color.

In a country where almost its entire population is catholic, it is precise to emphasize that according to the instruction Ad resurgendum cum Christo issued by the Vatican regarding the burial and conservation of ashes, the conversion of the ashes in souvenir, jewelry or other articles, is prohibited.

The main company to offer the service of paying tribute to the loved ones has its main base in Switzerland, where the ashes are taken and the process of transformation is done with high quality technology. The costs vary from 20,000 to 300,000 Mexican pesos, depending on the carat and the cut of the gemstone. Starting on removing the particles that aren’t made of carbon, the process is characterized by the extraction of graphite with a high degree of purity by subjecting the ashes to a high heat. After this process is done, the following is a method that simulates the natural conditions in which diamonds are formed, obtaining unique gemstones that will be the union of monetary and sentimental values. The process of purchase, transformation and deliver has an estimated time of 6 to 12 months. This innovation process, beyond an investment, imposes an elegant alternative to face mourning and culturally, it influences in the perception and acceptance of death as a naturally, daily event, that, as Benedetti said: “After all, death is just a symptom that there was life”.

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National Company

Takasami Design without borders


akasami is a 100% Mexican company, established 38 years ago in Guadalajara, Jalisco, engaged in the design and manufacture of clothes, where natural fibers like blankets of linen and cotton blankets are combined with artistic elements that are inspired in the cultural roots of Mexico, creating a clothes and accessories line with its own style. In some of their garments, you can appreciate craft details in its design and embroideries. Many of these garments are elaborated by indigenous hands, which when applied to modern style garments; create a link of rescue between the ancestral and the current era.

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Auge de México Health and Lifestyle

In the beginning, Takasami developed a line for women, accessories, bride dresses and fancy dresses. Then, it added a line for men, with shirts and modern guayaberas with amazing embroideries; these have had an enormous acceptance among the youth, thanks to the variety of trend colors, as well as its modern cuts that are easy to wear. The brand has also diversified the design of guayaberas with an elegant style, which makes them ideal for etiquette events such as conferences and ceremonies, becoming a piece of Mexican design used by great personalities of the artistic, cultural, business and political world.

motives of Jalisco, such as charrería, mariachi, agaves, and the towers of Guadalajara’s Cathedral, Hospicio Cabañas and the Minerva, among others. In the words of its founder and main designer: “Takasami has given an international brand that speaks about its traditions and passion for our culture to Jalisco… It is the creation of a unique style, where in my way, I have knitted the threads of fashion, culture and art; creating garments with soul, garments that talk about a glorious past and a rich culture, one that I am really proud of”. María Rosario Mendoza.

In addition of its season collections, Takasami added a line for hotels, spas, restaurants and golf clubs, with corporate uniforms, specially created for hotel concept, as well as decoration elements, tablecloths, cushions and bottom sheets; where its colors and fabrics of its handmade textile with contemporary designs. Thanks to its line for the touristic sector, Takasami expands its frontiers in countries of Central America, The Caribbean and South America in the top 10 best hotels of the world, which are also considered in the 100 hotels not to miss. This originality and added value has allow the brand to establish its exporter vocation, this because since 1992, Takasami sends its designs to countries like the United States, Canada, Spain, France and the United Arab Emirates, to mention a few. Also, in 2012 the brand received an EMMY, granted by the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the American Television for the wardrobe design for the ceremonies of inauguration and closure of the PanAmerican Games Guadalajara 2011. The firm Takasami, proudly Mexican, created an exclusive line of ties and silk scarves with exclusive fabrics and different





(+52) (33) 3810 4191 (+52) (33) 3811 8476

National Company



he Mobile Academy Prentis Golf Discovery is born in Guadalajara with the purpose of being a seedbed of future golfers that wish to get involved in an enterprise, familiar and friendly environment. The door to the sport of success. The Mobile Academy Prentis Golf Discovery gives lessons with a unique and exclusive methodology for the basic teaching of this sport through effective tools that allow the students to properly develop themselves in the golf courts.

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Auge de México Health and Lifestyle

The program is based on the “Manual of Theoretical and Practical Golf for Beginners”, which has been successfully published in Guadalajara’s main bookstores. Mastering the techniques of this sport involves a self-discovery of each player’s personal character, reason why the golf course is an excellent place to do business, since you will get to know the qualities of those you plan to be professionally involved with. With great talent and excellent treatment, Blanca Laura Vázquez Aguilera shows her spontaneous temper and her visionary character by undertaking the golf specialized education. An unmet task in the country in spite of being a sport included in the Olympic Games Río 2016. Thus, it is the first professional golf academy in Mexico. Blanca Laura explains that the proposal has had a great acceptance because its objective is to simplify the access to this sportive circle of new golf lovers that wish to be part of a golf fraternity, where the culture of competitiveness is shared in an enterprise environment. The course is comprised of 11 golf clinics that can be taken personally or in group. “This is the most important innovation in golf, where the main thing is to evoke the excitement of a country and that people can practice golf and receive the benefits that this sport offers globally.” Prentis Academy Discovery Golf also has the goal of promoting Jalisco’s economy through the businesses that are carried out in the golf course; a trend that has spread successful around the world.

“A place to discover golf but mainly to discover yourself.” -Prentis

It is time for your better swing; it is the moment to contact the Mobile Academy Prentis Golf Discovery, your access ticket to the most successful emotions in the world of business. It improves the psychological and physical condition of those who practice it. Stress control, team work and the ability to keep calm in difficult situations.





(+52) (33) 1267 2741

amcham 51 Annual Assembly of Partners Guadalajara

The 51 Annual Assembly of Partners of the American Chamber, chapter Guadalajara was carried out with a welcome cocktail, networking session, work panel, dinner, show and a list of distinguished guests. The event was organized to recognized the commercial leaders in the city, in addition of being a meeting point of different chambers, such as amcham, coparmex, canaco and comce.

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AKRON Carlos Ortiz Experience III

The Mexican golfer from the pga Tour, Carlos Ortiz, finished 2016 with the third edition of the tournament sponsored by akron in benefit of the associations Fundaciรณn de Hospitales Civiles de Guadalajara a. c. and Una Oportunidad de Vida a. c. The nascar pilot, Rogelio Lรณpez was with him, in the facilities of El Cielo Country Club in the event that was covered by tvc Sports.

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Guanajuato makes history in the 13th edition of the Price of the unwto to Excellence and Innovation in Tourism.

For the first time, a Mexican city obtained the greatest award in the category of Public Policies and Government, granted by the World Tourism Organization unwto. The ceremony was held in January in Madrid, Spain and the secretary of tourism of Guanajuato, Fernando Olivera Rocha, received the award, thanking Miguel Mรกrquez Mรกrquez for his support as governor of Guanajuato.

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The most important international platform of fashion industry in Latin America, had its 66th edition with 1500 stands, almost 1000 exhibitors and 24000 consumers. Designers, speakers, entrepreneurs and leaders gathered to celebrate the Mexican fashion and to promote it to the world.

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Profile for Auge de México

Marisa Lazo  

Undertaking in the gastronomic sector

Marisa Lazo  

Undertaking in the gastronomic sector