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Walking Trails in Hammock Dunes One community on the northeast coast of Florida created a sustainability-themed demonstration project that weaves together wildlife viewing and active living. The Audubon Trails to Fitness at Hammock Dunes was a vision implemented by the residents to enhance their walking trails with information highlighting local birds and wildlife and places to stop and sit along the way. Five trails appropriate for biking or walking wind through the community. Each trail is now marked with a color that corresponds to a map that shows the distance of each trail.

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The project committee chairs pose with the trail map at Hammock Dunes.

To enhance the trails, the committee placed eight benches throughout the trail system. Near the benches, they developed a series of interpretive signs that describe various wildlife native to the area. The Hammock Dunes Owners Association funded the project. “What started as a fitness program developed into an environmental educational opportunity!� Marjorie Rooyakers, board member and Audubon Committee chair, revealed. For their efforts in completing a comprehensive sustainability assessment and this education project, Hammock Dunes has received the Green Community Award. These types of projects can be done in any community that wants to live in closer harmony with nature. The Riverwood project is an example of a demonstration site that highlights practical environmental management strategies—in their case, for managing human/bat conflicts. And at Hammock Dunes, the demonstration site provides educational information about sustainability themes including native wildlife and healthy activity, to increase resident awareness while walking through the community. Adding a responsible purchasing component to a project, as was done at South Passage, can further enhance your sustainability project. If your community is pursuing certification and wants to establish a demonstration site, contact us for additional ideas or assistance in choosing projects or project locations.

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Stewardship News | Volume 17, Issue 4 | Fall 2014  

Stewardship News | Volume 17, Issue 4 | Fall 2014