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Audubon Center of the North Woods

Fall/Winter 2016

News from the North Woods

Volume 42, Issue 2

Experience Your Environment

Children and Nature by Bryan Wood, Executive Director Less than 30 minutes a day. That is the average amount of time a child in the U.S. spends outside. This represents less than half the time kids spent outside just a generation ago. During this drop-off, screen time has exploded and now exceeds more than 7 hours daily. While the advances in technology are remarkable and make our world more efficient, connected and better in many ways, the loss of time outside is not without consequences. The last few decades of decreased outdoor time has coincided with spikes in childhood obesity, behavioral disorders and a fundamental change in the way kids communicate - through screens rather than in person. We are living in extraordinary times where the world is literally at our fingertips, but we are also living in challenging times. 2014 and 2015 both set records for the warmest years in history, and the first half of 2016 is on pace to break them both. In fact, this July marked the 14th consecutive warmest month on record. Let that sink in for a moment. We are seeing the effects of climate change in Minnesota as we become not only warmer, but also wetter with increasingly frequent extreme rain storms. There are myriad effects we are only beginning to understand and address with climate change. The Earth needs our help and the children of today will be the decision makers of tomorrow. That is why it is so critical to get them outside and help them learn

about the environment, understand what is around them and develop a connection to it.

Photo by Lonnie Duberstein

For many of the 4,000+ K-12 students that visit the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW) annually, this is the first time they have had any direct experience in nature. While here, they learn about natural systems and the incredible diversity, beauty and ingenuity of life on this planet, and realize they are a part of it and have a role to play. With ACNW’s ability to provide lodging and meals along with educational programs, students have a truly immersive and impactful experience. The magic of a residential experience is that for a few days, they are living, breathing, eating and sleeping in their classroom. That classroom is the 535-acre campus of ACNW. Studies show that the more time a child spends in nature, the more powerful the experience is. As a residential environmental learning center, ACNW can reach children on a deeper level than day-use nature centers can. We can not only fill

their minds, but more importantly, we can touch their hearts. We can leave them with an experience that they’ll carry with them and will impact their decisions and actions for years to come. If you have a connection to a school as a faculty or staff member, or as a parent or grandparent to a student, please consider talking to your school about an ACNW residential experience. We have scholarships, first year discounts, and fundraising options to help finance your trip. We also have a terrific staff that will work with you to make your school’s visit incredible. I am extremely pleased to introduce our new Program Director, Connie Haugen, and Education Manager, Jaime Souza. They both bring great energy and passion to ACNW and you will meet them on page 5. Your support allows us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children each year, and for that we are incredibly grateful. We each choose who we are by what we do, and we thank you for choosing to make the Audubon Center of the North Woods part of your life. In This Issue Children and Nature ................ 1

Meet New Team Members ...... 5

Gift Annuities/ANCA ................ 2

2017 Events ............................. 6

Thank You ................................ 3

Environmental Justice............. 7

Importance of Outreach .......... 4

Wish Lists................................. 7

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News from the North Woods

Fall/Winter 2016

Help the Audubon Center of the North Woods While Helping Yourself by Walt Seibert, Development Coordinator

Want to make a sizeable donation to the Audubon Center of the North Woods (ACNW), get a tax deduction, and receive some guaranteed income (some of it tax-free) for life? If yes, explore a charitable gift annuity which offers all these benefits. It’s very easy to create—ACNW will be pleased to help you.

How It Works A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and ACNW. You donate* to ACNW, and in return ACNW makes regular fi xed payments to you or you and your spouse for your lifetime(s). The goal is for ACNW to receive about half of your donation at the end of your life or lives.

You receive an immediate tax deduction when you make your initial gift. A portion of the payments you receive will be tax-free, until you reach your statistical life expectancy.

Payments The annuity pays you a set rate on your donation annually. The older you are, the higher the payout rate. The American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) sets the rates based on statistical life expectancies and tries to calculate the rate necessary to have 50% of the initial donation go to ACNW. * ACNW’s minimum donation amount for a charitable gift annuity is $10,000.

Gift Annuity rates Here are the current recommended rates by the American Council on Gift Annuities: AGE (years) SINGLE RATE 60 65 70 75 80 85 90+

4.4% 4.7% 5.1% 5.8% 6.8% 7.8% 9.0%

Two-life charitable gift annuities are also available.

For more information on other ways you can help ACNW, visit the support page on our website at audubon-center.org/aboutus/support or call 888-404-7743.

Contact Walt Seibert at 952-200-9867 or seibert@audubon-center.org for more information about charitable gift annuities.

Mark your calendars -Support Minnesota non-profits on

Give to the Max Day  November 17, 2016

National Recognition for ACNW This year ACNW plays host to not one but two national events. From August 17-21, ACNW organized and hosted the Association of Nature Center Administrators (ANCA) 22nd Annual Summit. ACNW was the first Minnesota center to host the ANCA Summit, and we had a great turnout of over 130 nature center directors from across the U.S. The event was a huge success and our staff enjoyed the opportunity to showcase and put ACNW on the map to nature center leaders from across the country. This fall, ACNW hosts the Smithsonian Museum’s Water/Ways exhibit Nov. 19 – Jan. 1. ACNW is one of 6 Minnesota sites to have the honor of hosting the travelling exhibit. Jessie Bunkley, Summit Assistant; Jen Levy, The exhibit is free and open to the public ANCA Executive Director; and Ann Rilling, ANCA Marketing & Communications Director during the six-week period it is here. It will generally be open during normal business from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday, as well as weekends and some weeknights, but please be sure to check our website for exhibit hours or call in advance to make sure the exhibit is open. Minnesota is home to tremendous water resources, and this exhibit highlights how important water is to our lives, and how we can ensure clean and sustainable water for future generations. The Grand Opening is Nov. 19 at 3:00 pm. Join us as we celebrate water through this amazing exhibit! www.audubon-center.org


Fall/Winter 2016

Thank You!

News from the North Woods

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We would like to acknowledge and thank all those individuals and companies who have contributed to the Audubon Center of the North Woods (since our last newsletter) as well as the schools who visited us this academic year. Through your support and patronage, we are able to provide impactful environmental education opportunities for people of all ages.

Donations & Memorials Legacy Society

yy Krista Currie yy Paulette Huddle yy Ron & Pam Iverson yy Brian Larson yy Becky Lourey yy Elizabeth Pomper yy Gene & Nancy Pugh yy Walt Seibert yy Mary Ellen Vetter yy Tim Whitfeld yy Bryan Wood

yy Deborah & Ronald McCabe yy Stan & Susanne Meyer yy Charles & Diana Moore yy William & Naomi Pomper yy Sam & Diana Rankin yy Ross Reholt yy Roberta Reilly yy Sebald Motor Sales, Inc yy Jim Simkins yy Jim & Mary Kay Sloan yy Robert & Elaine Smith yy William Smith & Kathleen Jacobson yy Swan River PTO yy John & Patricia Telfer yy Ruby & Rodger Trapp/AEM Trust yy Sue & Don VanGorden yy Paul Vartanian & Joanne Smyth yy Christine & Ross Velure-Roholt yy Don & Mary Verbick yy Zach Verbick yy Maxine Wallin yy Robert & Lynn Widger yy John Zakelj & Bonnie Watkins



yy Don & Meg Arnosti yy Kathy Aust yy Richard and Connie Glattly yy Paulette Huddle yy Don Janes & Marilyn Thompson yy Jim and Wilda Obey yy Sam and Diana Rankin yy Mary Ellen Vetter yy Pauline Wahlquist


yy Allen Family yy Connie Glattly yy Walter McCarthy & Clara Ueland/ Greystone Foundation yy Donald Janes yy Minneapolis Audubon Society yy Richard & Joan Newmark yy Marilyn Thompson

$750-$999 yy Richard & Carol Flint

$500-$749 yy Mary & John Bachhuber yy Fond du Lac Reservation yy Julie Holly yy LHB Corporation - Duluth yy Lois Norrgard

$250-$499 yy Susan & Mark Behrends yy Nate Bennett yy Lily-Beth Frentz yy French Meadow Café yy Barbara Mauzy yy Northview Bank yy Stan & Bev Peterson yy Mick & Nancy Sommer yy Sprado, Charles & Loretta

$100-$249 yy Constance Arnosti yy Jerry & Donna Bahls yy Best Rentals, Inc. yy Les & Sharon Boeckman yy Dorothy Bradford yy Cascade Lodge yy Lois Gernbacher yy Anne Hanley & George Skinner yy Patricia & Richard Hapke yy Diane Kiley yy Rex Lindberg yy Linda Marcotte

yy Helen Balcome yy Mary Beck yy Loren & Rosemary Brabec yy Neil Clark yy Kathleen & Michael Cruz yy Larry & Nancy Dolphin yy Barbara Dunn yy Bruce & Marlene Ehresman yy Marilyn & Ronald Fortin yy Susan Grill & Don Otwell yy Dale E. Hammerschmidt & Mary Arneson yy Bonnie L Hanley yy Larry & Pam Hylton yy Sherry Jester & Harry Cloft yy Myles & Judy Johnson yy Patricia & Robert Johnson yy Roger R Johnson yy Kent & Elizabeth Jones yy Mary Kaul yy Emily Lagace yy Jon & Laurel Larson yy Robert Lininger & Susan Blom yy Matt’s Sanitation yy Beverly & Larry McComb yy Steven & Valarie Palmer yy Carole J Pederson yy Patricia & Jay Powell yy Richard Hamilton Smith Photography yy Patrick Schifferdecker yy Dorene & Mark Scriven yy Kathleen & Ron Spong yy Gary & Bonnie Van Erp

Friends yy Ross Anderson yy Dianne Brisingamen yy Jim & Mary Butcher yy Kathryn & Mike Carroll yy William & Helen Friend yy Judy & Ron George yy Craig & Yvette Hewitt

yy George & Dorothy Jamison yy Dee & Greg Koivisto yy Paul & Karen Larson yy Carol Nordeen yy Jerry Noreen yy Joanne M Novak yy Donald Owens yy Daniel Penny & Sara Neumann yy Ann Phillipi yy Nicholas Plante yy Don & Sue Rogers yy Beverly & J.S. Sowers yy Lydia Steensen yy Nancy Jo Tubbs yy Billie Tucker yy Terry Wilton

In Memory of: In Memory of Patt Adair yy Tim & Joyce Tabor In Memory of Imogen J. Berchin yy Berchin’s A&W Restaurant In Memory of Lorraine Larson yy Linda Marcotte yy Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Gunborg Lovgren yy John & Patricia Getchman yy Gary Getchman yy Maureen & Marlin Hanson In Memory of Jack Olson yy Daniel & Maxine Almquist In Memory of Lawrence Mans yy Laverne Mans In Memory of Dorothy Rostberg yy Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of Dick Prue yy Sylvia Marcotte In Memory of JoAnn Ruhr yy Carol Vanderhorck In Memory of Carl John Wiberg yy George & Marge Brandel

Honorary In Honor of Lyndsey & Chris Cumberlands Wedding yy Sharon Lewandowski In Honor of George Jamison yy Shaun Jamison In Honor of Minelva Nanton yy Rachel Blackman yy Kathryn Justesen

Program Sponsorship yy Linden Hills Coop yy Mississippi Market Natural Foods Coop yy Organic Valley yy Seward Community Coop yy Whole Foods Coop

Thrivent “Choice Dollar” Grant Funds yy Lu Ann Alleman yy Angie Gangelhoff yy Leonard Gangelhoff yy Mitchell Haber yy Gary Kraetzner yy Lois Kunze yy Antoinette Liebelt yy John Liebelt yy Nancy Liebelt yy George Skinner yy Mary Thorvig

Wildlife Support/Sponsor a Wild Critter yy AmazonSmile Foundation yy Benjamin Baker yy Dawn Bjerkelund yy Ms. Booman’s Holy Trinity 2nd Grade Class yy Jennie Carlin yy Christa & Paul Ernst yy Lisa Jeanette yy Robert & Donna Mertesdorf yy Mounds Park Academy 5/6 Grade Student Council yy Danika Socwell

In-Kind Donations yy Bill & Sherry Bixby yy Susan & Del Clark yy Richard & Connie Glattly yy Liz Hicks yy Mick & Nancy Sommer yy Sid & Gail Stivland

ACNW Governing Board Members

Employer Volunteer Matching

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yy 3M / Don Janes

* also Legacy Society members

Youth Scholarships yy Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis yy Chet & Miriam Meyers yy Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter

Grants yy Ecolab Foundation yy ECE-Operation Round-Up yy Mille Lacs Corporation yy Minnesota Community Foundation yy Minnesota Humanities Center yy Onan Family Foundation yy United Way of Carlton County yy Caroline Vernon & Bruce Holcomb

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Fall/Winter 2016

The Importance of Wildlife Outreach Programs by Jeff Tyson, Wildlife Coordinator

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” The above quote is from Nelson Mandela and it exemplifies what we are trying to accomplish at ACNW. This past summer I spent a lot of time on the road traveling with our animals to state parks, county fairs, and city festivals. My favorite interactions with people are the ones where people leave inspired to take action for the benefit of wildlife. “Spike” our resident education North American Porcupine always elicits a strong reaction in visitors. Most often it is a sense of awe, but some people have strong negative reactions to porcupines and view them as pest animals. They are viewed as pest animals by some who have had porcupines chew on their cabins, deer stands, and hand tools. Their normal diet lacks salt so they seek it out in these unusual places. Plywood adhesive has the high salt content porcupines crave, as does our sweat that rubs off on wooden tool handles. Knowing that salt is an important part of the porcupine diet helps us understand this behavior that has them labeled as pests. After meeting “Spike” and developing a sense of empathy through education, a porcupine that would have been shot in the past is simply excluded with fencing, distracted with a salt lick, or, if necessary, live trapped. Our non-releasable American Kestrels always elicit exclaimationss about how cute they are followed by surprise that

birds of prey can be so small. Many people claim to have never seen a Kestrel before but it is more likely that they didn’t recognize what they saw since Kestrels frequent the power lines on the road sides. Once they are excited about the possibility of seeing a Kestrel in the wild, we share how Kestrels are still a common species but are in decline. Many people feel energized to go out and buy or build a Kestrel nest box to register with the American Kestrel Partnership through The Peregrine Fund. This organization collects nesting information from citizen scientists across the country to find the cause of the decline so we can work to reverse it. “Dakota”, our nonreleasable resident Redtailed Hawk, always inspires awe and surprise in visitors as they didn’t realize Red-tailed Hawks were that big. Like porcupines, they are sometimes labeled as pest animals, especially in agricultural areas. They have been given the nickname “Chicken Hawk” for their propensity for eating chickens. We share that it is true that Red-tailed Hawks will eat chickens if available, but the chicken isn’t the only thing attracting them to agricultural areas. When the fields are plowed, rodent burrows are destroyed, forcing the small mammals to the surface where they are prey for raptors like Red-tailed Hawks. This is actually a service for the farmer, and may save them agricultural losses from the rodents. We share Dakota’s story

with visitors; that she was shot in the shoulder by a poacher, possibly someone who did not understand the benefit that Red-tailed Hawks bring to farmers. The sense of empathy from meeting Dakota, and hearing her story, inspires especially our younger visitors to share the benefit of hawks with their families. ACNW is a non-profit and needs your help in making our wildlife education programs available to an even larger audience. To help us reach more people you can help by: Sponsoring a program for your local school or organization, donating to a general scholarship fund for audiences that need help paying for a program, donating to our Sponsor a Wild Critter program to support the care of education animals.

If you are interested in booking one of our on or offsite live animal programs, visit our website or email wildlife@audubon-center.org

Sponsor a Wild Critter Help support the care of any of our resident education birds and animals through our “Sponsor a Wild Critter” program. Your donation goes towards housing, medical care, food and enrichment items, to help encourage natural behavior in our non-releasable birds and mammals. There are a number of different levels of sponsorship you may choose - $15, $30, $50, $100 or $200 - each with different fulfillment items, ranging from a photo and personal and natural history of the animal you sponsor ($15 level) all the way up to a watercolor print, jess bracelet, personal barn tour, 8x10 photo, and meet & greet with the animal you sponsor ($200 level), For more information, please visit our website at audubon-center.org/wildlife, call us at 888-404-7743 or email wildlife@ audubon-center.org

www.audubon-center.org 888-404-7743

Fall/Winter 2016

News from the North Woods

Page 5

A New Season with Many New Faces! Introducing ACNW’s New.. Program Director

Naturalist Intern Staff

Connie Haugen has returned to ACNW nearly 10 years after she left her position as assistant office manager/naturalist in 2007. After having spent six years at the Center, her return this year was very much like a homecoming. Connie’s new position as our Program Director puts her in an oversight role for the Center’s multitude of educational programs for schools, youth, families and the general public.

ACNW has a full team of eight interns who will primarily serve as educators for the K-12 Residential Environmental Education program. We are excited to welcome back Jessica McCarthy (MN) and Will Baker (TX) as second year interns, who will serve in advanced leadership roles. Jessica will be ACNW’s Wildlife Apprentice, and Will is going to take on an Advanced Naturalist Leadership title.

Connie hails from Iowa, graduating from Iowa State University with a BS in Sociology and Environmental Studies. Graduate school brought her and her husband to Minnesota where she earned her M.Ed in Environmental Education from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. After her initial departure from the Center, Connie went on to acquire a great deal of experience in a wide variety of areas including higher education marketing and public relations, business development, sales and customer service, building airplanes and professional Lollygagging. However, her professional passions and academic background kept her focussed on coming back to the field of environmental education. The opportunity to return to ACNW presented itself at a great time for her and for the Center. Connie and her husband, Ben, have two active and bright boys; Cale (age 12), Sam (age 10), and one crazy dog, Keno.

Education Manager Jaime Souza is another familiar face to the ACNW family. She was ACNW’s 2007/08 Science and Curriculum Coordinator and Summer Camp Director and is returning to serve as our Education Manager. In her new role, Jaime will train, supervise and mentor the Naturalist Intern staff. She will also help to enhance our environmental education curriculum and oversee the day to day operations of the K-12 Residential Environmental Education program. Jaime brings over a decade in non-profit environmental education program management experience to the ACNW. She holds a MS Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin River Falls and a Graduate Certificate in Natural Science and Environmental Education from Hamline University. She looks forward to being back at the ACNW, inspiring visitors young and old to adopt an ethic of care for our air, land, water and wildlife. Jaime is married to a wonderful man named Jon. They have two children, David (age 7) and Ramona (5 months), and they love to make memories and go on adventures in the great outdoors together!

Charter School Division Staff

Rhianon Sargent, CS Authorizing Specialist - has a passion for education and comes to ACNW with several years of experience working in school administration, in both district and charter schools.

Maggie Kane, CS Intern - is sponsored through our partnership with the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) and the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the U of MN. www.audubon-center.org






ACNW welcomes new interns Amanda Eckart (IL), Mary Dombrowski (WI), Savannah Maiers (IL), Jasmine Paron (MN), Kelly Peterson (MN), and Anthony Vorwald (IA). Our new interns bring a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and positive energy to the ACNW Team. Collectively, they have strong backgrounds in biology, environmental science and teaching in informal environmental education settings. They enjoyed putting their skills to the test with the first school of the season which arrived on Wed. Sept. 14th.

Jasmine Kelly


Kitchen, Housekeeping & Admin Staff Jen Fisher, Food Service Manager - joined us earlier this year to oversee our kitchen. With over 15 years experience , she has a passion for food service. She enjoys the outdoors, gardening, picking agates and wildlife... her favorite being cardinals. Ralph Flesher, Prep Cook - has over 20 years experience in the food service industry. He is enjoying semi-retirement, working part-time as a prep cook in our kitchen and having more time for gardening and being outdoors. Amy Smyser, Cook - has been in the food service industry for her entire working life. She says “I love the earth and the fact that ACNW respects and does everything in their power to honor it.” Amanda Gebhart, Housekeeper - works part-tine in our housekeeping department. She keeps very busy being mom to her 2-year old daughter and has another on the way. Janette Nash, Front Desk/Receptionist - joins us from England, by way of Tuscany and Iowa. She has extensive Executive Assistant and Customer Service experience in a variety of fields. 888-404-7743

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News from the North Woods

Fall/Winter 2016


2017 Calendar of Events at ACNW TENTATIVE - dates are subject to change ebrochure October 5-7, 2016 ............................................ Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend October 15, 2016 .............................................. Dinner at the Lake , Voyageur’s National Park October 21-23, 2016 ......................................... Montessori & Nature Conference October 22, 2016 ............................................. Girl Scout Badge Day November 19-December 31, 2016 ................... Smithsonian ‘Water/Ways’ exhibit December 31, 2016 .......................................... New Year’s Eve at the Lake January 3-21, 2017 ............................................ January Interim: Wolves & Northwoods Carnivores February 17-20, 2017 ........................................ Winter Family Weekend February 25, 2017 ............................................ Dinner at the Lake March 18, 2017 ................................................ Maple Syrup Day/Brunch April 15, 2017 .................................................... Dinner at the Lake April 21-23, 2017 ............................................... Food & Farms Weekend May 5-7, 2017 ................................................... Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend May-September............................................... Summer Road Scholar programs June 17, 2017 ..................................................... Dinner at the Lake June 25-30, 2017 ............................................... Rock, Ropes & Rafting youth camp July 9-14, 2017 .................................................. Outdoor Explorations youth camp July 30-Aug. 4, 2017 ......................................... Ways of Wildlife youth camp September 23, 2017.......................................... ‘Autumn at the Audubon’ Open House September 23, 2017.......................................... Renewable Trail Run/Walk October 6-8, 2017............................................ Women’s Wellness & Adventure Weekend October 21, 2017 .............................................. Dinner at the Lake December 31, 2017. .......................................... New Year’s Eve at the Lake

Visit our Calendar of Events for details - audubon-center.org/calendar

Winter Family Weekend February 17-20, 2017

Grow it, Raise it, Preserve it, Prepare it

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AudubonCenter www.audubon-center.org


Fall/Winter 2016

News from the North Woods

Environmental Justice Focus by David Greenberg, Director of Charter School Authorizing

This August, ACNW hosted 53 teachers from our authorized charter schools for an environmental education teacher workshop. This workshop, in its second year, focused on environmental justice. According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, environmental justice means that all people — regardless of their race, color, national origin or income — benefit from equal levels of environmental protection and have opportunities to participate in decisions that may affect their environment or health. The principles of environmental justice are especially important for the Audubon Center. ACNW is the largest charter school authorizer in the state by number of schools, serving more than 8,000 students in 34 schools. According to data from the 2015-2016 school year, 67% are students of color and 69% are low-income. Environmental justice is particularly important to these students because they are disproportionately impacted by environmental health threats, not only in the Twin Cities, but also across the state. Teachers learned about phenology, nature journaling, environmental issues, climate change, and more from experts and advocates in the fields of environmental and social justice. As a result of the teacher workshop, teachers are better able to discuss issues of environmental justice with their students, identify instances of environmental injustice in their communities, and increase students’ capacity to work toward solutions.


“Museum on Main Street” comes to ACNW!!

Water/Ways November 19, 2016 through January 1, 2017 Free and open to the public, this travelling Smithsonian exhibit, as well as companion exhibits contributed by MN Pollution Control and a story-telling kiosk assembled by the MN Humanities Center, will be on display in our Crosby Lounge and Dining Hall. Check out our website for hours and corresponding/companion events and activities.

From our Kitchen Three Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies These simple, flourless cookies just couldn’t get any easier and are really delicious!

1 cup peanut butter 1 cup sugar 1 egg yy Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. yy Combine peanut butter, sugar and egg. Mix until smooth. yy Drop spoonfuls onto prepared baking sheet and bake for 6-8 minutes. Do not overbake these are best when still soft and barely brown.

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Many of our ‘wished for’ items can be found on our smile.Amazon.com wish list – search “Audubon Center of the North Woods” under wish lists to see other needed items.

General Wish List We are in need of the items below. Remember, your ‘inkind’ donations are tax-deductible.

n utility trailer n reliable, fuel-efficient car for interns n wide-track snowmobile for trail grooming n balls (soccer, volleyball, football, etc.) n canoe trailer n cordless and electric tools (saws, drills, etc.) n industrial-size washer & dryer n pressure sprayer n firewood n topsoil for lawn rehab n cross country skis & snowshoes for very small kids n backpacking stoves (MSR) n 4-person tents n ice machine n large mixing bowls and platters n table lamps n spade shovels n bobcat/skidster n ATV n rubbermaid bins with lids n lawn sweeper n wheelbarrows n Montreal Voyageur Canoe n Voyageur costume items

Wildlife Barn Wish List To assist us in the care of our educational animals. Rope comes on 100’ or 600’ spools, donations should be in whole spools. Raptor food is special ordered; the cash donation will go towards food purchases.

n ¼” , ½”, and ¾” Manila Rope (Available from Amazon.com wish list)

n Raptor food for a month $150 n Parrot/dog toys (new or gently used) n Potted evergreen trees (less than 3’ tall) n Gift cards to Petco or Petsmart

Support the Audubon Center of the North Woods with your holiday shopping purchases! If you are an Amazon.com shopper, your purchases can help support non-profits of your choice. Simply make your purchases at smile.amazon.com (not www.amazon.com or the mobile app) and a portion of your purchase price be donated (at no additional cost to you) to the non-profit you choose when you first visit that page.

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•Your You are in control - you can your payments Giving Simpli ed:change Makeora stop Recurring Gift! at any time. • We You will arenot in control - youfor can change or stop youryour payments • solicit you annual giving during at any time.period. However, to keep you informed sustaining • about We willwhat’s not solicit you for at annual giving during happening ACNW, we will sendyour you our sustaining period. However, to keep you informed Newsletter - via email or US mail. happening at ACNW, willatsend you our • about You getwhat’s an annual summary of yourwe gifts tax time. Newsletter via email or US mail. and secure withdrawals Simple and-easy with convenient

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Fall/Winter 2016 newsletter  

Online version of our twice-yearly print newsletter

Fall/Winter 2016 newsletter  

Online version of our twice-yearly print newsletter


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