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EXCITEMENT. Dedication. Passion. WELCOME TO THE 2011-2012 SERVICE YEAR.

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Division 20

April/May Volume 1 : Issue 1

Audrey's Announcements April/May Newsletter


Lieutenant Governor’s Page and Introduction Hello Key Clubbers!

In this Issue... A new service year has begun, and I am truly honored to be your Division 20 LTG for the upcoming year. I am currently a junior at Morris Hills High School, and Key Club is both my pas- LTG’s Page................................2 sion and my life. I hope all of you are as excited to get started on a new year of service activites as I am! Through close communica- DCON Recap...........................3 tion, we can, together, bring this division in new directions and New District Board...................4 reach new goals and new heights. I will soon start visiting club meetings and getting to know each of you better at PCM’s and OTC’s (don’t know what those are? Check page 5 of the newsletter!) . To all clubs who have not sent me your roster yet, please email it to me as soon as possible. The forms were all emailed to your advisors on April 13th. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even want to have a quick chat, please feel free to contact me through Facebook, email, text, etc. I am honestly excited to meet all of you. Together, with enthusiasm and motivation, we can make this division and service year truly amazing!


Acronyms..................................5 What’s Coming Up..................6 District Project..........................7 International Convention.......8

Yours in Caring and Service,

Audrey Lee Lieutenant Governor Division 20 Email: NJ District of KCI Cell Phone: (973) 978-3638 Home Phone: (973) 884-3460

Me with Immediate Past Division 20 LTG, Brian Cheung

Audrey's Announcements April/May Newsletter


District Convention Recap by Audrey Lee LTG Division 20

This year, over 500 dedicated Key Clubbers congregated together at Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, from April 8th to April 10, to usher out the old service year and welcome the new one in with enthusiasm and excitement. The weekend was filled with fun and informative workshops, as well as interesting and hilarious guest speakers, like the Keynote Speaker, Steve Meade, a famous hypnotist. District Executive Board candidates also campaigned vigorously, disseminating their platforms and ideas through caucuses and speeches. On Sunday morning, the District Board Key Clubbers have come to know and love the past year stepped down, and a new Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, and 22 Lieutenant Governors were installed in their new positions. The weekend was an incredible and unforgettable experience, filled with laughter, tears, intensity, and above all, an uniting love for Key Club.

The Immediate Past District Board on Saturday Evening

Audrey's Announcements April/May Newsletter


The 2011-2012 NJ Key Club District Board! District Governor Nicole Darrah

District Secretary Jiayun Fang

District Treasurer Kimberly Lu

District Editor Andre Rosario

District Webmaster Matt Swulinski

The 22 Lieutenant Governors Division 1: Cecilia Kang Division 2: Paige Cresci Division 3A: Ami Shah Division 3B: Ravi Chauhan Division 4: Sarah Diefenbach Division 5: Olivia Shanley Division 6: Rachel Gardner Division 7: Amanda Lutick Division 8: Nicole Ventrone Division 9: Vani Ranganath Division 10: Revathi Mekala

Division 11: Katie Bryden Division 12: Zachariah DeGiulio Division 13: Nidhi Gurjar Division 14: Celina Baquiran Division 15: Ashley Joseph Division 16: Diana Lee Hirst Division 17: Jenn Braun Division 18: Joseph Toumanios Division 19: Jerry Zhang Division 20: Audrey Lee Division 21: Ryan Clarkin

Audrey's Announcements April/May Newsletter


The Acronyms of Key Club

PCM An Officer’s Training Conferenceis a meeting that takes place in the beginning of the service year so all club officers can be properly trained. At the meeting, club officers will receive valuable training manuals and be personally trained by me. EACH CLUB OFFICER MUST ATTEND AT LEAST ONE OTC. The 1st OTC date will be emailed soon.

CMRF The Regional Training Center is where Key Clubbers from a certain region in the state get together for a day of fun and informative workshops, as well as training, and getting to know and make new friends. There are a total of 2 RTC’s: one in the Spring, and one in the Fall.

ALL CLUB OFFICERS MUST ATTEND ONE. The North RTC will be on May 22nd, at Millburn High School. More information will be emailed shortly.

A President’s Council Meeting is a meeting of club presidents in the division, organized by their Lieutenant Governor, in which they share their club progress, as well as discuss district and divisional information. All Presidents are required to attend every PCM. The 1st PCM date is coming up soon! I will email all presidents a few weeks beforehand.

OTC A Club Monthly Report Form must be submitted by each club secretary by the 10th of every month. These forms let the district see how the club is doing in terms of activities and progress. The CMRF form can be downloaded at or filled out directly on the website at


Audrey's Announcements April/May Newsletter


Upcoming Events and Important Dates!

IMPORTANT -All clubs, please send me your officers’ rosters by April 20th. The sheets were sent to the club advisors on April 13th. -Please make sure your club has filled out the end-of-year surveys

May May 10th:

CMRFs due, sent out to District Secretary Jiayun Fang, your Kiwanis advisor, your Zone Administrator* and myself

May 16th:

First International Convention payment due; see your club advisor/ president for more information

May 22nd:

Regional Training Center (North) at Millburn High School. REMINDER: all executive officers must attend at least one RTC. The approximate time will be from 9AM - 1PM. Email reminder containing more information and exact times will be sent out soon.

Audrey's Announcements April/May Newsletter


The 2011-2012 District Project by Audrey Lee LTG Division 20

After five successful years of partnering with Children’s Specialized Hospital, the New Jersey District this year has decided to split its efforts between two truly meaningful causes: one to concentrate fundraising efforts towards, and one to concentrate service efforts towards. All fundraising efforts will now be directed towards the ELIMINATE Project, a joint project between Kiwanis International and UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Almost 66,000 babies are victim to this deadly disease annually. But, this disease can be prevented. With only 3 doses of $0.60 vaccines, mothers can give birth to babies who will not have to suffer from this terrible and excruciatingly painful disease. More information can be found on: Service efforts will still remain directed towards Children’s Specialized Hospital, the largest hospital and rehabilitation center for children afflicted by brain injury, spinal cord injury, premature birth, autisim, and other life-changing illnesses. A list of locations and contacts can be found on its website:

A volunteer at Children’s Specialized Hospital Image courtesy of Children’s Specialized Hospital

Audrey's Announcements April/May Newsletter


International Convention 2011 Poster courtesy of Andre Rosario, District Editor

April/May Newsletter  

Volume 1: Issue 1 Divison 20 Newsletter